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2012/13 WSOP Circuit - FOXWOODS (Connecticut)

Saturday, April 06, 2013 to Monday, April 08, 2013

Event #10: No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $924,652
  • Entries: 615
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:35 PM Local Time

Aryeh Cohen

A tale of two chip stacks tell us that Aryeh Cohen entered the day as the chip leader with 180,00 and Kurt Jewell was a re-entry that began with a measly 20,000. Now the two are even in chips. Needless to say, it's been a good Day 2 for Jewell, and it got a little better after he took a decent pot off Cohen.

We caught the action with three players in the hand and around 20,000 in the pot on a board reading     . A player in middle position had checked to Jewell, and he bet 11,500. Cohen called from the cutoff, the other player folded, and it was heads-up action to the   river.

Jewell immediately slid out a big bet of 28,300 and Cohen hit the tank. Several minutes passed in which Cohen counted out chips and looked back at his cards, but ultimately he decided that folding was the thing to do.

"Did I give you too much credit?" Cohen asked after he sent his cards to the muck. There was no response.

Kurt Jewell155,00059,000
Aryeh Cohen155,000-25,000
Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:35 PM Local Time

Mark Dube has just eliminated Brent Johnson in a large-pot hand that saw Dube use    to better Johnson's    after the board came      .

Mark Dube152,00056,000
Brent Johnson0-69,700
Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:30 PM Local Time

A big hand just went down over at Table 14 that resulted in Ben Reason knocking out two players and taking over the chip lead here at Foxwoods.

It happened when Chris Tryba, who re-entered at the start of the day, shoved with the    and Kevin McColgan moved all in over the top with the   . Reason woke up with    in the big blind, made the call, and was pushed the hefty pot after the board ran out jack high.

Both Tryba and McColgan were eliminated on the hand while Reaso chipped up to nearly 280,000!

Ben Reason280,000129,700
Kevin McColgan0-72,700
Chris Tryba0-20,000
Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:21 PM Local Time

The conversation is lively over at Table 11, where another round of antes — currently 200 per player — prompted some conversation about that old WSOP story regarding Prahlad Friedman and Jeff Lisandro from late in the 2006 Main Event.

Many recall how Friedman had mistakenly accused Lisandro of not contributing an ante before a hand, which led to a lengthy, tense exchange between the pair. A younger player at the table wasn't familiar with the story's details, and so Raymer and Paredes were offering to explain.

"He said 'I'll knock your block off'" said Paredes with a wide grin, paraphrasing Lisandro's answer to having been wrongly accused, and his listener laughed in response.

Everyone's contributing their antes in orderly fashion at Table 7, and so far both Paredes and Raymer have been collecting a few more back as they've both improved upon their starting day stacks.

Greg Raymer138,00048,500
David Paredes92,00010,300
Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:05 PM Local Time

It appeared a short-stacked Ross Santos attempted to steal the blinds with the    by shoving after action folded to him in the cutoff. Unfortunately for him, Christopher Manning made the call with the    and ended up winning after the board ran out      .

Ross Santos0-34,300
Sunday, April 7, 2013 1:03 PM Local Time

Kurt Jewell and Ronnie Bardah are sitting at the same table, both having bought in at the start of play today in an effort to double up quickly with relative short stacks and get back into contention. And both are off to positive starts here in the first hour of play.

Jewell had already added chips before recently knocking out David To to push his stack up close to 100,000.

In that hand flop action saw To all in and ahead with    on a     board versus Jewell's   . But the turn brought the   to improve Jewell's pair to a flush, and the   added a cherry on top by completing a straight flush.

"The man, the legend," said Bardah afterwards as he snapped a picture of Jewell with his phone.

Soon thereafter it was Bardah picking up pocket aces and doubling himself.

"35-ball... back in action!" said Bardah, referring to his newly-bolstered stack.

Kurt Jewell96,00076,000
Ronnie Bardah35,00015,000
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:56 PM Local Time

"Whaddya gonna do?"

So asked Don Rosenberg of no one in particular following his last hand of the WSOP Circuit Foxwoods Main Event.

We missed the action prior to the turn, but by then Rosenberg was all in with    versus the    of John Yale and the first three community cards were    .

An unenviable spot no doubt for Rosenberg, and the   turn card — inspiring calls for a fourth heart from him — added further to the disappointment as the river came the  . Asking his questions, Rosenberg headed railward.

John Yale108,00056,000
Don Rosenberg0-29,500
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:53 PM Local Time

On a board reading     , Terry Grimes checked from the small blind and Bobby Corcione took the opportunity to bet 7,200. Grimes, who has flanked by a beautiful woman the entire tournament, made the call and then checked the   river. Corcione fired out 8,200 and Grimes snap-called.

"You win," Corcione sheepishly said. Grimes then tabled the    for two pair with an ace kicker. Corcione simply mucked and took stock of his remaining chips.

Terry Grimes140,00053,800
Bobby Corcione80,000-31,400
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:40 PM Local Time
Natale Kuey0-38,600
Frank Callucci0-25,100
Joe Cote0-44,400
Nicholas Ricciardi0-42,500
Mike Nye0-50,300
Richard Bourgoin0-16,100
James Kramer0-23,100
Leonard Anderson0-18,500
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:40 PM Local Time

Following a middle-position limp, a short-stacked James Campbell pushed all in from the button for 19,700 total. Mike Massri, sitting to Campbell's left in the small blind, leaned forward to examine the amount of the raise, then said he was calling. Allen Kessler folded the big blind, as did the limper.


An ace was the first visible card as the dealer spread the flop to the right    , causing Massri to sit up slightly in his seat while Campbell remained stoic. The turn was the   and river the  , and Campbell took his leave.

James Campbell0-32,500
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:38 PM Local Time

With 9,000 in the pot and a flop of    , John Dibella checked from the big blind and Brian Phelon bet 5,200 from the button. Dibella responded by moving all in for 18,800 more, Phelon called, and the cards were turned up.


"Smooth call pre?" someone asked of Dibella, who had apparently flatted from the big blind. It would prove a wise decision if he could avoid a Phelon's flush draw. He did so on the   turn, and managed to fade the river when the harmless   rolled off.

John Dibella52,00021,600
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:30 PM Local Time

We saw a disgusted Stephen Kendra exiting the tournament area and quickly made our way over to Table 10. All we know is that Kendra had gotten his stack all in prior to the river holding    on a      board, and he was out in front of John Yale's   . Unfortunately for him, the   spiked on the river to give Yale a bigger full house and the win.

Meanwhile, Jia Liu, Joel Silverwatch, Anthony Casagrande and Tyler Noyes have all been eliminated from the tournament.

Tyler Noyes0-23,500
Anthony Casagrande0-24,800
Joel Silverwatch0-35,300
Jia Liu0-70,100
Stephen Kenda0-16,000
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:29 PM Local Time

Arkadiy Tsinis won Event #6 earlier this week at Foxwoods, topping a field of 212 to win the ring in the $580 no-limit hold'em event. But Tsinis was near the bottom of the counts to start today's second day of the Main Event, with about as many people ahead of him than he topped earlier in the week.

Tsinis lasted about an orbit today, then a hand arose in which he pushed his short stack of 15,200 all in from the cutoff seat and found himself up against Bob Ricciuti playing from the blinds.

Tsinis had    and Ricciuti   . The flop came    , then the   fell meaning Tsinis was drawing dead.

Arkadiy Tsinis0-14,500
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:19 PM Local Time

Players were able to re-enter up until the start of play today, and numerous pros took advantage. Ronnie Bardah, Victor Ramdin and Will "The Thrill" Failla have opted to fire another bullet, as did Micah Raskin, who lasted less than three minutes.

We didn't see the hand but overheard Raskin explain to a friend what had happened. According to him, the player on the button opened for 4,500 and Raskin looked down at    in the big blind. He shipped his stack of 20,000 and the button called with   . It was a flip, and one that did not come down in Raskin's favor. On to the next one.

Ronnie Bardah20,00020,000
Victor Ramdin20,00020,000
Will Failla20,00020,000
Micah Raskin00
Sunday, April 7, 2013 12:12 PM Local Time

After about a 10-minute delay, cards are in the air for Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Foxwoods Main Event.

Sunday, April 7, 2013 9:09 AM Local Time

Welcome to Day 2 of the first ever World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods Casino Main Event. The 578 total entries who came out for Saturday's Day 1 exceeded the expectations of many, with 196 players managing to survive one of the two first-day flights. Of that group it was Aryeh Cohen emerging with the most chips of anyone after turning a starting stack of 20,000 into an even 180,000 during yesterday's action.

Cohen had made it up over 100,000 within the first eight of the 12 40-minute levels played yesterday, then not long after that won a huge ace-king versus pocket tens hand to push into the chip lead. The Brooklyn-based player then bolstered his stack even further before play concluded to claim first position heading into today's second day.

The earlier flight saw a larger turnout with 350 players taking a shot during the Day 1a session. From that group just 123 made it through, with Eric Rando ending the afternoon with the biggest stack of 143,100. Erek Gaines had been flirting with the 200,000-chip mark near the end of the flight, but lost a couple of pots during the final level to end in second position among the afternoon players with 133,600.

The evening flight then saw 228 entries, with a number of the Day 1a bustouts among that group. From that latter collection of players 73 survived, four of whom would end the night with bigger stacks than Rando's — Cohen, Igor Borukhov (163,300), Buck Ramsay (158,600), and holder of one WSOP Circuit ring Benjamin Reason (150,300). Like Cohen, the others all similarly scored big knockout hands during the final levels of play to end the night bagging their large stacks.

Other big stacks to start today include Luke Vrabel, David Singer (not the New York-based WSOP bracelet holder, by the way), Bobby Corcione (who took 21st at last summer's WSOP Main Event), and two-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Nancy Birnbaum. And there are a number of other notables with above-average chips still in the field, too, including two-time WSOP bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger, 2004 WSOP Main Event champion Greg Raymer, one-time WSOP bracelet winner Ylon Schwartz, and two-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Allen Kessler.

Late registration remains open up until the first hands are dealt at noon today, meaning we may well see a few more take seats and the total field size sneak back up over 200 players when play resumes. The schedule calls for three more 40-minute levels (through Level 16), then hour-long levels after that.

Meanwhile, come back at noon ET to join our full coverage of Day 2 of the 2012-13 WSOP Circuit Main Event at Foxwoods here at PokerNews.

Sunday, April 7, 2013 7:51 AM Local Time
Aryeh Cohen180,0000
Igor Borukhov163,3000
Buck Ramsay158,6000
Ben Reason150,3000
Eric Rando143,1000
Erek Gaines133,6000
Tom Cope126,5000
Cory Waaland126,3000
John Pito124,9000
Luke Vrabel116,2000
Jonathan Lewis116,1000
David Singer115,0000
Ramy Ibrahim112,2000
Bobby Corcione111,4000
Nancy Birnbaum109,5000
Ethan Foulkes109,2000
Stephen Hesse107,8000
Brian Phelon107,1000
Thomas Mitchell107,1000
Steven Minsaas105,5000
Matthew Silberzweig104,0000
Kevin Saul103,3000
Nithin Eapen94,7000
Joshua Leventhal94,0000
Andy Frankenberger94,0000
Michael Newman93,7000
Patrick Chan93,0000
Joseph Matos92,7000
Thomas Walsh91,1000
Christopher Manning89,9000
Greg Raymer89,5000
Nesrine Kourdourli87,0000
Bob Ricciuti86,9000
Fred Paradis86,8000
Mark Aridgides86,7000
Terry Grimes86,2000
Chris Schonbach86,1000
Steven Brackesy86,0000
David Carleton85,2000
David To85,0000
Kleovoulos Kamais84,9000
Andrew Higgins83,9000
L.J. Sande82,7000
Haralambos Saridis82,4000
David Paredes81,7000
She Wong80,5000
Alexander Wilson80,3000
Jonathan Gray79,4000
Eric Blair78,0000
Shaun Suller77,8000
Mark Dube77,3000
Doug Mandeville77,2000
Anthony Bruno76,4000
Bill Rothstein76,2000
Alex Ortiz76,1000
Kammar Andries74,8000
Ylon Schwartz73,9000
Larry Samet73,1000
Julio Martini72,7000
Kevin McColgan72,7000
Allen Kessler72,3000
Frederick Kammerer72,3000
Jamie Galioto71,5000
Muamar Asad70,6000
Jia Liu70,1000
Kyle Bowker70,0000
Brent Johnson69,7000
John McNabola69,2000
Bharat Lall69,0000
Tarun Gulati68,7000
Lawrence Greenberg66,4000
Andrew Badecker65,8000
Luke Allain65,5000
Thomas Hand65,0000
Mohd Eid64,3000
Z Stein63,9000
Chris DiBiase63,3000
Chris Meyers63,0000
Albert Smith61,1000
Dmitriy Shiluikov60,4000
Nick Petrangelo60,0000
Christopher Mintchev59,4000
Mazen Nesheiwat57,6000
Jimmy Seaver57,4000
David Moyer57,4000
Paul Snead57,3000
Charbel Azzi57,0000
Paul Applebaum56,6000
Yury Parad55,7000
Daniel Burke55,5000
Jason Payne55,3000
Ray Hicks55,3000
David Coppersmith55,0000
Tanya Kirk54,9000
Joseph Tieri54,3000
Rob Garrett53,4000
Milton Thomas53,2000
Rory Anderson52,3000
John Yale52,0000
Art Pappas51,6000
Stephen Dare51,5000
Daniel Marino51,2000
Ted Spencer51,0000
Mike Massri50,8000
Mike Nye50,3000
Ken Hoey50,0000
Justin Pechie49,3000
Marc Zelina48,9000
John Weiss48,5000
Alexander Queen48,4000
Matthew Lombardi48,1000
Dennis Chorny48,0000
Alex Rocha45,3000
Joe Cote44,4000
Richard Zisk44,1000
Bryan Leskowitz43,9000
John Cicerani43,6000
Sherwin Agard43,6000
Adam Bitker43,2000
Glen Minxolli42,7000
Nicholas Ricciardi42,5000
David Walton42,4000
Aditya Prasetyo41,2000
David Difilippo40,7000
Jonathan Davis40,6000
Robert Hover40,0000
Mark Alves39,3000
Natale Kuey38,6000
Kurt Prondecki38,4000
Gary Boulay37,6000
Hassan Babajane37,6000
Zhang Jiacong37,2000
Chris Vogel36,9000
Rob Rosen36,5000
Josh Quint36,5000
James Gateson36,3000
Kyle Loman36,2000
Allie Prescott35,6000
Peter Campo35,5000
Joel Silverwatch35,3000
Spencer Champlin34,8000
Paul Garcia34,4000
Ross Santos34,3000
Derrick Perry33,9000
Ari Engel33,3000
Alex Rago32,8000
Nikola Curanovic32,5000
James Campbell32,5000
Rick Allison32,2000
Tim Lahey31,6000
John Smith31,4000
Antonio Bueti31,1000
John Dibella30,4000
James Frangoulidis30,1000
Dave DiBiasio30,0000
Don Rosenberg29,5000
Alan Becker29,5000
John Shortell29,4000
Gregory Folchetti29,1000
Fabio D'Agata29,1000
David Hickman29,0000
Je Oh28,8000
Christopher Renaudette28,7000
Daniel Chan28,6000
James Paras28,0000
Michael Hodgdon28,0000
Jonathan Sorscher27,0000
Domenick Cutola27,0000
Shawn Driscoll26,9000
Julie Bae25,3000
Frank Callucci25,1000
Dominick Pelli24,8000
Anthony Casagrande24,8000
Charles Beshwati24,2000
Matt Solitro24,0000
Tyler Noyes23,5000
James Kramer23,1000
John Ingemi23,0000
David Grandieri23,0000
Rita Davison23,0000
Lila West22,3000
James Burgio22,0000
Elzear Bouffard21,5000
Jon McFarland21,0000
Jorge Confesor20,7000
Jason Ruotolo20,0000
Kyle Sparks19,7000
David Sapery19,7000
Jose Alicea19,3000
Jeff Saunders18,6000
Fred Carlson18,5000
Leonard Anderson18,5000
Richard Bourgoin16,1000
Stephen Kenda16,0000
Arkadiy Tsinis14,5000
Brandon Mandy12,3000
Tony Mandia9,0200