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2012/13 WSOP Circuit - PALM BEACH KENNEL CLUB (Florida)

Saturday, February 23, 2013 to Monday, February 25, 2013

Event #11A: No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,000,500
  • Entries: 670
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, February 25, 2013 7:07 PM Local Time

Mark Rose raised to 50,000 on the button, David Grandieri three-bet to 136,000 on his direct left, and Jonathan Tamayo folded in the big blind. Rose moved all in for 625,000, and Grandieri quickly called.


Rose hid his face in his arms, and when he came up for air, he saw that he doubled on a board of      .

He now sits with around 1.27 million chips, while Grandieri still commands the largest stack in the room with 2.5 million.

David Grandieri2,500,000-485,000
Mark Rose1,270,000890,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 6:58 PM Local Time

On a flop of    , William Looper led for 131,000. Clint Tolbert took a moment before moving two handfuls of chips into the middle for a raise to 290,000.

Action was back on Looper and after about fifteen seconds he announced that he was all in for roughly 990,000 total. Tolbert went into the tank.

"You're repping a lot of hands here," said Tolbert with a smile.

Tolbert released after about ninety seconds and Looper was awarded the pot. Looper currently has about 1.35 million in chips.

Clint Tolbert1,700,000-85,000
William Looper1,350,000255,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 6:48 PM Local Time

David Grandieri raised to 50,000 from the hijack seat, and four players called, including Jonathan Tamayo (cutoff), Luke Graham (button), Ryan Carter (small blind), and Chris Hyden (big blind).

The flop fell    , and all five players checked.

The turn brought the  , the action checked to Grandieri, who fired 87,000, and only Graham called.

The river brought the  , and Grandieri led out for 67,000. Graham quickly called, then mucked when Grandieri showed    for a pair of aces.

David Grandieri2,985,000355,000
Luke Graham505,000-305,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 6:42 PM Local Time

David Grandieri opened to 50,000 in middle position, Jonathan Tamayo called on his direct left, and the other players folded. The dealer spread    , and Grandieri led out for 57,000. Tamayo called.

The turn was the  , Grandieri led out again - this time for 89,000 - and Tamayo made the call.

The   completed the board, and for the first time, Grandieri checked.

"Three-hundred," Tamayo announced, pushing 300,000 forward.

Grandieri tanked for a bit, then made the call. Tamayo ripped over   , and Grandieri mucked his hand.

David Grandieri2,630,000-270,000
Jonathan Tamayo1,950,000300,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 6:24 PM Local Time

Luke Graham made it 55,00 from early position and it folded around to Mark Rose who called from the small blind. David Grandieri tagged along from the big blind and the dealer fanned    . Two checks to Graham prompted a 100,000-chip bet. Rose mucked and Grandieri stuck around.

The   turned and Grandieri took this opportunity to take charge with 145,000. Graham flat called and the   rivered.

"Two sixty-five," announced Grandieri.

At that Graham instantly threw his hand to the muck and Grandieri scooped the pot. He's currently sitting on a monster stack of about 2.9 million.

David Grandieri2,900,000245,000
Luke Graham810,000-615,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 6:16 PM Local Time

Nancy Birnbaum raised to 54,000 on the button, Tom Gleason defended his big blind, and the dealer spread    . Gleason checked, Birnbaum continued for 80,000, and Gleason called.

The turn was the  , Gleason checked again, and Birnbaum quickly fired 160,000. Gleason quickly called.

The   fell on the river, and both players checked.

"King," Gleason said, showing   .

"I had you on the flop," Birnbaum said, then sent her cards spinning into the muck.

Tom Gleason1,425,000220,000
Nancy Birnbaum620,000-385,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:47 PM Local Time
David Grandieri2,655,000355,000
Clint Tolbert1,785,000235,000
Jonathan Tamayo1,760,000-140,000
Luke Graham1,425,000-175,000
Tom Gleason1,205,0005,000
Chris Hyden1,100,00030,000
William Looper1,095,000200,000
Nancy Birnbaum1,005,000-270,000
Timothy Harrell675,000-5,000
Ryan Carter652,000-98,000
Mark Rose380,000-205,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:39 PM Local Time

Players are taking a 5-minute break. The plan is to return in five minutes, play until the final nine and follow that up with the dinner break.

Monday, February 25, 2013 5:38 PM Local Time

Arshin Gamini - 12th Place

Arshin Gamini shipped his short-stack all in before the flop and was called by Timothy Harrell. The cards were tabled to find Harrell in a dominating position.


The board fell       and Gamini was sent home in 12th place. He collected $15,497 for his efforts.

Timothy Harrell680,000400,000
Arshin Gamini0-205,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:34 PM Local Time

Jon Godwin - 13th Place

Jon Godwin open-shoved his last 230,000 or so on the button, and David Grandieri instantly called in the big blind.


The     took away two of Godwin's outs, and the   on the turn gave Grandieri a flush. Godwin could still survive with a five or a seven on the river, but the   completed the board.

Godwin is off to the cage to collect his winnings, while Grandieri now has 2.3 million chips.

David Grandieri2,300,000200,000
Jon Godwin0-265,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:31 PM Local Time

Anthony Lombard - 14th Place

William Looper opened to 43,000 from under the gun, and Anthony Lombard three-bet jammed for around 200,000 from the cutoff seat. The action folded back to Looper, who instantly called.


The nines held as the board ran out      , and Lombard was eliminated.

William Looper895,000200,000
Anthony Lombard0-415,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:25 PM Local Time

Mark Rose opened to 50,000 from the hijack and David Grandieri flat called from the cutoff. It folded to Luke Graham who made it 150,000 to go from the small blind and both players called.

The trio saw a flop of     and Graham tanked for over a minute before checking. Rose moved 307,000 into the middle and Grandieri responded by moving all in for about 848,000 total. Graham once again tanked before releasing and it was back on Rose.

Rose thought for almost two minutes before finally dropping in a call only to find that he was behind.


"Runner-runner, please," pleaded Rose.

It looked as if his wish may come true when the   rolled off on the turn. The river, however, was the   and Rose was forced to ship a massive pile of chips to Grandieri. Grandieri is now sitting on about 2.1 million while Rose has fallen to 585,000.

David Grandieri2,100,0001,125,000
Mark Rose585,000-935,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:15 PM Local Time

David Grandieri raised to 43,000 from middle position, and received three callers, including Luke Graham (cutoff seat), Ryan Carter (button), and Chris Hyden (small blind).

The dealer fanned    , and Hyden tanked before leading out for 93,000. Both Grandieri and Graham called.

The turn was the  , and Hyden sat quietly for over a minute.

"All in," Hyden announced, committing the rest of his 606,000-chip stack.

Grandieri went deep into the tank, and while he was thinking, Graham asked the dealer if he could leave the table for a second. The dealer said no, because he's still in the hand. It appeared as if Graham spilled something on his shirt, and needed a napkin to wipe it off. A server went to retrieve one for him, and when she returned, Graham got up from the table and met her half way.

Grandieri was upset with this, and the dealer said that he would call the floor after the hand. Graham got back into his seat, Grandieri folded, and Graham instantly folded.

Tournament Director Bill Bruce had been observing the later part of the hand, and explained to Graham why leaving the table with action still pending is bad etiquette.

"If you do it again, you're going to get a two-round penalty," Bruce warned him.

Graham sincerely apologized to the table.

Luke Graham1,600,000-100,000
Chris Hyden1,070,000445,000
David Grandieri975,000-225,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 5:04 PM Local Time

Peter Drager

Action folded to Peter Drager's button and he moved all in for his last 281,000. Tom Gleason tanked from the big blind for well over a minute before finally announcing a call.


Gleason jumped out into the lead when he paired up on the    . Drager was now hunting for an ace but did not find it as the   turned and the   rivered. Drager will take over $12,613 for his efforts while Gleason has increased his stack to about 1.2 million.

Tom Gleason1,200,000300,000
Peter Drager0-365,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 4:49 PM Local Time

Mark Rose limped in from the small blind, David Grandieri checked his option in the big blind, and the dealer spread    . Rose checked, Grandieri fired 22,000, and Rose check-raised to 61,000. Grandieri tank-called.

The turn was the  , and Rose led out for 133,000. Grandieri called.

The   completed the board, and both players knuckled.

"Jack," Rose announced.

Grandieri snapped over    for a pair of threes, and Rose unhappily mucked his hand.

Mark Rose1,520,000-330,000
David Grandieri1,200,000250,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 4:45 PM Local Time

Nancy Birnbaum opened to 76,000 from under the gun, Timothy Harrell called in middle position, and the rest of the action folded.

The dealer fanned    , and Birnbaum led out for 130,000. Harrell tanked, then assembled to stacks of chips, raising to 305,000. The second Harrell released his chips, Birnbaum announced, "All in."

Harrell went into the tank, then finally asked for a count after two minutes or so. The dealer cut out Birnbaum's stack, and the all-in bet was for 557,000. Once he knew the amount, Harrell immediately called.


Birnbaum's kings held as the turn and river came  ,   respectively, doubling her to around 1.275 million chips. Harrell is left with 280,000.

Nancy Birnbaum1,275,000505,000
Timothy Harrell280,000-1,000,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 4:33 PM Local Time

Picking up with the action on a board of     , Clint Tolbert checked to Arshin Gamini who fired out a bet of 130,000. Tolbert dipped into his stack and came out with a call, prompting the dealer to finish off the board with the  .

Tolbert rapped the table once more and Gamini slowly and deliberately counted out a bet of 250,000. Tolbert went into the tank for about a minute before finally slinging out a single chip, declaring a call. Gamini instantly threw his hand into the muck and Tolbert tabled    for a pair of kings. He took down the pot and is now sitting on about 1.55 million. Gamini has been crippled and sports only about 205,000.

Clint Tolbert1,550,000525,000
Arshin Gamini205,000-460,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 4:25 PM Local Time

Bryan Campanello - 16th Place

Chris Hyden raised in the hijack seat, Bryan Campanello three-bet shoved for 270,000 on his direct left, and the action folded back to Hyden, who called.


The two were off to the races, but Hyden's tens "outran" Campanello's overcards as the board came      . Campanello will collect a little over ten grand for his efforts, while Hyden now sits with 625,000 chips.

Chris Hyden625,000310,000
Bryan Campanello0-326,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 4:20 PM Local Time

After an early position raise to 33,000, Luke Graham made it 75,000 to go. It folded to Chris Hyden who four-bet to 188,000 from the small blind. The original raiser folded and Graham called.

The flop was     and Hyden continued for 115,000. Graham tank-called and the   dropped down on fourth street. Hyden decided to slow down with a check and Graham bet enough to put him all in. Hyden let go and Graham was pushed the pot.

Luke Graham1,300,000615,000
Chris Hyden315,000-455,000
Monday, February 25, 2013 3:57 PM Local Time

It all started when Mark Rose min-raised to 32,000 from early position. Luke Graham min-three-bet to 48,000 in the cutoff seat, and Bryan Campanello cold four-bet to 112,000 from the big blind. Rose tanked for the better part of two minutes, assembled a rainbow stack of chips, the pushed it forward, five-betting to 278,000.

Graham let out a long sigh, checked his cards one more time, and folded. Campanello asked the dealer to cut out the bet, and once he did, Campanello announced that he was all in.

Rose snapped it off, calling the 891,000-chip bet, and the hands were opened.


There were 1.85 million chips in the middle when the dealer fanned     - no help to Campanello.

The   on the turn was a brick, leaving Campanello just two outs to win the pot.

Only a queen would do it, but the   completed the board, and Rose shipped the massive double up. He now sits in second chip position, while Campanello is left with 326,000.

Mark Rose1,850,0001,080,000
Bryan Campanello326,000-874,000