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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - HARRAH'S CHEROKEE (North Carolina)

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 to Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 Global Casino Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,090,000
  • Entries: 124
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:38 PM Local Time

Josh Reichard raises to 9,000 in late position and Brad Albrinck calls in the big blind. The flop comes     and Albrinck checks. Reichard continues for 8,500 and Albrinck calls. 

On the   turn, both players check and the river is the  . Albrinck leads out 20,000 and after a long pause, Reichard raises to 64,000. Albrinck thinks for a little while and folds, and Reichard takes down the pot. 

Josh Reichard - 303,000
Brad Albrinck - 216,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:35 PM Local Time

With the board reading      and more than 20,000 in the pot, Dylan Linde bets 14,000 from the big blind. His lone opponent, Brad Albrinck, calls in early position.

The river is the   and Linde bets 38,000. Albrinck calls again and Linde shows him    for the ace-high flush. That is good and Linde picks up the pot. 

Dylan Linde - 214,000
Brad Albrinck - 260,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:29 PM Local Time

On the turn with the board reading     , Alexander Lakhov checks from under the gun and Brad Albrinck bets 24,000 from late position. Lakhov calls and the river is the  .

Lakhov checks again and Albrinck announces a bet of 50,000. Lakhov beats him in the pot. Albrinck shows    and Lakhov mucks his hand.

Brad Albrinck - 320,000
Alexander Lakhov - 306,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:18 PM Local Time

Cody Pack goes all in for 18,500 on the button and Will Berry calls in the big blind. 


The board runs out       and Pack doubles up to stay alive. 

Cody Pack - 42,000
Will Berry - 220,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:12 PM Local Time
The remaining 20 players are now hand-for-hand on the money bubble. 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:10 PM Local Time

Jason Mercier opens to 8,000 in middle position and Marco Palacios goes all in for 27,000 in the next position. Brett Bader then re-shoves from the big blind, and Mercier gets out of the way. 


Bader's aces are well in the lead, and the board comes      . Palacios flops a gutshot straight draw and turns a flush draw, but he doesn't get there and he is eliminated. 

Brett Bader - 113,000
Marco Palacios - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:06 PM Local Time

Dylan Wilkerson 

Sohale Khalili opens to 9,000 under the gun and Dylan Wilkerson goes all in from the next position for 1,000. Jesse Cohen calls in the big blind and the flop comes    . Cohen checks, Khalili bets 10,000, and Cohen calls. 

They both check the   turn and the   river and the hands are tabled. 


Khalili's tens are best and Wilkerson is out. 

Sohale Khalili - 230,000
Jesse Cohen - 102,000
Dylan Wilkerson - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:02 PM Local Time

Dylan Wilkerson opens to 9,000 in late position and Will Berry makes it 28,500 on the button. The blinds fold and Wilkerson announces all in. Berry quickly calls and their stacks are close. 


The board runs out      , giving Berry the ace-high flush to double up. Their stacks are counted down and Wilkerson has just 1,500 after the hand. 

Will Berry - 285,500
Dylan Wilkerson - 1,500

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:58 PM Local Time

Ben Keeline

Ben Keeline moves all in from the hijack for 46,500 and Sean Yu calls on the button. Alexander Lakhov thinks for a few moments in the big blind and then folds. Keeline shows    and is in trouble against Yu's   .

Lakhov reveals to the table that he folded pocket threes, indicating to Keeline that he would need a bunch of clubs or find a way to make a straight. Keeline immediately gets up from the table and wishes everybody good luck.

The flop is     and Keeline has some backdoor straight possibilities, but the   comes on the turn to leave him drawing dead. The river is the   and Keeline hits the rail.

Sean Yu - 335,000
Ben Keeline - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:54 PM Local Time

Marco Palacios raises to 11,000 from under the gun and Charlie Nguyen moves all in from the hijack for 78,000. Action folds back to Palacios, who calls.

Nguyen shows    and is in great shape against Palacios'   .

The board runs out       and Nguyen's cowboys fade the ace to double up. Palacios loses the pot and becomes one of the shortest stacks remaining.

Charlie Nguyen - 164,000
Marco Palacios - 25,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:41 PM Local Time
Level: 15
Blinds: 2,000/4,000
Ante: 500
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:26 PM Local Time
The remaining 23 players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:23 PM Local Time

Andrew Heckman opens to 7,500, Josh Reichard calls in the cutoff, and so does Ryan Jones in the big blind. The flop comes     and Jones checks. Heckman continues for 9,000, Reichard calls, and Jones check-raises to 27,000. Heckman folds and Reichard calls. 

The turn is the   and both players check. On the   river, both players check again and they show down. 


Both players have two pair, queens and fours, but Reichard is best with the king kicker. He takes down the pot just before the break. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:20 PM Local Time

Dylan Linde moves all in for just under 60,000 in early position and is called by Ryan Jones in middle position. 


The board runs out       and Linde's eights hold up.

Dylan Linde - 125,000
Ryan Jones - 304,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:18 PM Local Time

Kenny Nguyen

Just after the redraw, action folds to Kenny Nguyen in the small blind and he asks Sean Yu in the big blind, "You gonna be nice to me?"

"It depends" was Yu's response. 

After a few more seconds, Nguyen says, "I'm all in, with the best hand." 

Yu looks at his cards and says, "I have to call."


Nguyen is not ahead. The board comes       and Nguyen is eliminated. 

Sean Yu - 345,000
Kenny Nguyen - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:17 PM Local Time

Action folds to Charlie Nguyen in the small blind and he puts forward enough to put Brett Bader to an all-in decision in the big blind. Bader thinks it over for a while and eventually calls. 


The board runs out      , giving Bader the nut flush on the river to double up.

Brett Bader - 98,400
Charlie Nguyen - 80,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:16 PM Local Time

Here is a look at the seating arrangement and chip counts for the final 24 players:

Table 1

Seat 1: Ryan Jones - 364,000
Seat 2: Ben Keeline - 50,500
Seat 3: Andrew Heckman - 128,000
Seat 4: Kenny Nguyen - 13,000
Seat 5: Sean Yu - 313,000
Seat 6: Joshua Reichard - 222,000
Seat 7: Alexander Lakhov - 340,000
Seat 8: Dylan Linde - 58,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Roland Israelashvili - 120,000
Seat 2: Charlie Nguyen - 103,000
Seat 3: Brett Bader - 42,000
Seat 4: Cody Pack - 47,000
Seat 5: Douglas Carli - 101,000
Seat 6: Jason Mercier - 207,000
Seat 7: Marcos Palacios - 115,000
Seat 8: Caufman Talley - 98,000

Table 3

Seat 1: Jesse Cohen - 183,000
Seat 2: Sohale Khalili - 215,000
Seat 3: Dylan Wilkerson - 106,000
Seat 4: Arron Fletcher - 195,000
Seat 5: Will Berry - 117,000
Seat 6: Nikhil Gera - 102,000
Seat 7: Brad Albrinck - 190,000
Seat 8: Roman Schafer - 136,000

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:12 PM Local Time

Jesse Yaginuma

Marcos Palacios raises to 7,000 from the cutoff and Sean Yu three-bets to 20,000 on the button. The small blind folds and Jesse Yaginuma moves all in out of the big blind for 63,500. Palacios quickly folds and Yu thinks for a little bit before calling the additional 43,500.

Yu shows    and needs to improve against Yaginuma's   .

Yaginuma kept the lead on the     flop, but the   came on the turn to give Yu the lead. The river was the   and Yu won the pot with sevens and sixes, eliminating Yaginuma. With 24 players remaining, there is a slight break in the action, while they redraw for seats at the final three tables.

Sean Yu - 313,000
Jesse Yaginuma - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:00 PM Local Time

Michael Hahn

Michael Hahn is in the hijack and gets into a preflop battle with Ryan Jones on the button. After several raises, Hahn gets all in for about 145,000 and gets action from Jones.

Hahn shows   , but is on the wrong end of a cooler against Jones'   . The board runs out       and Hahn can't hit a queen to stay alive. Jones' aces hold up to win the pot and take the chip lead. With one more elimination, the final 24 players will redraw for seats at the final three tables.

Ryan Jones - 330,000
Michael Hahn - Eliminated

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 4:48 PM Local Time

With the board reading     and more than 30,000 in the middle already, Jesse Yaginuma checks under the gun and Jason Mercier bets 17,000. Yaginuma calls and the turn brings the  

Yaginuma checks again and this time, Mercier moves all in. The shove is for 63,600. Yaginuma thinks for a little while and calls. 


Yaginuma's pair of queens is behind the aces of Mercier. The   does not change that and Mercier gets another double up. 

Jason Mercier - 200,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 53,000