2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, October 15, 2021 to Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Event #30: MONSTER STACK No-Limit Hold'em (freezeout)

EVENT IN PROGRESS:Level: 21 | Blinds: 10,000/25,000 | Ante: 25,000
  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $3,126,570
  • Entries: 2,342
  • Remaining: 148


Friday, June 19, 2015 10:49 PM Local Time
Eric Spencer Doubles Through Robert Varkonyi

Eric Spencer limps into the pot from middle position and action folds around to Robert Varkonyi in the big blind.

The 2002 Main Event champion raises to 1,050 and Spencer calls to see the flop fall    .

Varkonyi leads out for 1,000 and Spencer calls, with the turn coming  . Another lead out bet from Varkonyi, this time for 2,000, and Spencer comes over the top for his last 2,825.

Varkonyi tanks for a minute or two and asks Spencer "do you have anything yet?" but the latter offers no response.

Eventually Varkonyi flicks in the calling chips, but he winces when he sees Spencer show down    for trip fives. That's because Varkonyi is drawing dead with   , and but the time the river brings the   to the board he is already paying off the bet.

Eric Spencer - 12,400
Robert Varkonyi - 7,400

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