2023/24 WSOP Circuit - Grand Victoria Casino (Chicago, IL)

Thursday, April 11, 2024 to Saturday, April 13, 2024

WSOPC Event #11: $1,700 MAIN EVENT

  • Buy-in: $1,700
  • Prizepool: $918,090
  • Entries: 606
  • Remaining: 5


Saturday, February 28, 2015 11:26 PM Local Time
Greg Wood Eliminated by Herbie Montalbano

Action folds to Herbie Montalbano in the small blind, and he raises to 6,500. Greg Wood calls from the big blind.

The flop comes    , and Montalbano announces he's all in. He has Wood covered, and a call would put Wood's tournament life at risk. Wood thinks for a minute, then tosses out chips to call.


Wood is ahead with his pair of aces, but Montalbano has a pair of kings, a flush draw, and a straight draw. Montalbano completes his flush on the turn, and Wood is eliminated.

Herbie Montalbano - 210,000
Greg Wood - Eliminated

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