2016 47th Annual World Series of Poker

Saturday, June 04, 2016 to Monday, June 06, 2016

Event #3: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $817,800
  • Entries: 87
  • Remaining: 0


Monday, June 6, 2016 8:23 PM Local Time
Matt Grapenthien Retakes the Chip Lead


Matt Grapenthien:     /      /  
Robert Mizrachi:     /      /  

Matt Grapenthien has won a handful of small but meaningful pots over the past few minutes, and he's within reach of Robert Mizrachi as this hand begins.

Grapenthien brings it in with the  . Mizrachi completes with the  , and Grapenthien calls.

Mizrachi bets his lead on fourth street, and Grapenthien calls. When he bets again on fifth, Grapenthien raises, and Mizrachi calls the extra bet. Grapenthien shows four to a straight on sixth street, and Mizrachi check-calls a bet. That action repeats on seventh street, with Mizrachi check-calling one last bet.

Grapenthien shows    , winning the pot with a ten-high straight. He's now pulled into the chip lead, essentially swapping stack sizes with Mizrachi since the heads-up match began.

Matt Grapenthien - 2,475,000 (25 BB)
Robert Mizrachi - 1,875,000 (19 BB)

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