2015 World Series of Poker Europe

Friday, October 09, 2015 to Monday, October 12, 2015

Event #2: The Oktoberfest - €550 No-Limit Hold’em

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  • Buy-in: €550
  • Prizepool: €1,039,000
  • Entries: 2,144
  • Remaining: 0


Tuesday, October 13, 2015 1:29 AM Local Time
John Gale still in the Lead

Hand 50 brings Dietrich Fast's stack down to 2,000,000.

Gale raises to 240,000. Fast calls and the flop comes    . Both players check, and the turn is the  . Both check again, and river brings the  . Here, Fast bets 235,000 and Gale shoves quickly. Fast folds.

Gale is up to 8,700,000 at that point.

Fast manages to take down hand 51 for a bit more than 500,000 on a     flop, and he also wins hand 52 by shoving on the     flop after Gale bets 240,000 into a half million-pot.

Hand 53 goes to Gale again but Fast regains chips and is back up to almost 3,000,000 after hand 54. Gale raises to 270,000 preflop and gets a call to see a     flop. Both check and the turn brings the  . Fast bets 240,000. Gale calls.

The river is the  , and Fast fires 620,000 inducing a fold by Gale and grinding his way up to 2,800,000.

Gale: 7,900,000

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