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  • Buy-in: $0
  • Prizepool: $1,000,000
  • Entries: 559
  • Remaining: 0


Tuesday, January 17, 2017 3:29 PM Local Time
Charlie Adkins Wins Choctaw $365 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry Event
EV28 Ring2 Champion Charlie Adkins  -EWB_1604


Family Man Charlie Adkins Wins First Ring in Record-Breaking Re-Entry Event

Durant, Oklahoma (January 17, 2017) – It appears to be a theme of the World Series of Poker Re-Entry event at Choctaw casino: each year the field size increases, and each season, a new record is broken. This year has been no exception. After an epic, nearly three hour heads-up battle, Charlie ‘Tuna’ Adkins is the newest champion of Event #2 at Choctaw casino. Adkins bested a record-breaking field of 5,280 to win $237,622 and his first Circuit gold ring.  

The $365 re-entry event broke the Circuit record last season with 4,249 entries, and this time around, it was even bigger. Over 1,000 entries were added this season, likely due in part to the two additional starting flights (six in total), and the $1 million guaranteed prizepool. Here is a look at the total entries this year, broken down by individual flight:

Flight A: 584 entries
Flight B: 432 entries
Flight C: 930 entries
Flight D: 618 entries
Flight E: 1,538 entries
Flight F: 1,178 entries

Charlie Adkins, the newest champion, is a business man that owns his own landscaping company, as well as a black-lights miniature golf course that he started 12 years ago. While he is obviously a very hard worker both in life and in poker, he has made it clear that family always comes first in everything that he does.

“This will be life changing for me. The most I’ve ever cashed for was $6,000. I don’t play a whole lot. But financially this will help us out. I have a very supportive wife and family so I…” Adkins trails off with a tear forming in his eye, “My wife text me on the break after we made the money that I should just go and have fun, that it’s all just a bonus from here on out….So I had fun!,” Adkins concludes with a big smile and a slight laugh.

Adkins said his three children Bret (25), Ansley (20), and Kade (16) were following the action closely yesterday. His youngest, Kade, said that he really wanted his dad to win so that he would get a new pair of Jordan shoes. That was why during the very last hand of the tournament Adkins said, “Baby needs some new shoes.”

Adkins not only credits the support of his immediate family over the course of the tournament, but also thanks his late grandmother for introducing him to poker.

“If there’s anyone I want to give credit to for this win, it’s my late grandmother who taught me how to play cards when I was four years old. She would pay me for doing chores for her, then play me in cards and win it back. She would always give it back to me at the end of the day but we would play for hours and hours when I would go visit her. I would not be talking to you if it weren’t for her. She was the best,” Adkins explained.

Adkins almost didn’t come play this tournament series. After a bad run of cards in November he hadn’t played a single hand of poker in a casino since, but ultimately changed his mind.

“I have played this Circuit almost every year since they started coming here. It’s just the closest WSOP Circuit to Amarillo. I decided it was a new year. I thought maybe my luck might be a little better…It was a lot better,” Adkins explained.

Midway through Day 2 of this event, he was down to less than ten big blinds but doubled up almost three hands in a row. He ended the day with one of the top ten stacks heading into Day 3, and never looked back.

When asked if this win will change the amount of poker that Adkins players he had this to say:

“I don’t want to say that I am going to play more because I just really want to be a good dad, and I don’t want this to take away from my kids and family. My family will always come first above poker and everything else. Of course, after winning a ring I’ll probably have an itch to play more, but family first. That’s how it’s gonna be,” Adkins concluded with a tear in his eye and a big smile on his face.

Below are the results of the final table. Full results from this event are available in the Results tab above

1 – Charles Adkins – $237,622
2 – Adeeb Al-Nazer – $146,789
3 – Jose Anaya – $105,605
4 – Marquis Mccain – $78,281
5 – John Reynolds – $58,497
6 – Melvin Lyon – $44,083
7 – Joshua Vizcarra – $33,486
8 – Schuyler Thornton – $25,645
9 – Carlos Manuel Requena – $19,800


At the conclusion of this event, Jorge Nieto, Wesley Cooper, Andrew Telfer, and Charles Adkins are now tied with 50 points each in the Casino Champion race. The player who accumulates the most overall points in the twelve gold ring tournaments at Choctaw Casino earns the title of Casino Champion, and receives an automatic entry into the $1 million 2017 WSOP Global Casino Championship (valued at $10,000). The winner of the Choctaw Main Event earns an automatic entry to the Global Casino Championship as well. All players who cash in ring events will receive points that apply to both the Casino Champion race and the season-long race to claim one of the 50 at-large Global Casino Championship bids awarded to the top point earners throughout the season. More information on the points system is available on

Here is the list of gold ring winners from Choctaw so far:

EVENT #1: Jorge Nieto defeated 1,096 entries ($365 No-Limit Hold’em Monster Stack) for $60,005.

EVENT #2: Charles Adkins defeated 5,280 entries ($365 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry) for $237,622

EVENT #3: Wesley Cooper defeated 377 entries ($365 Congress 5-Card Omaha High Low) for $24,882.

EVENT #4: Andrew Telfer defeated 506 entries ($365 No-Limit Hold’em One Day) for $32,636

With this tournament now wrapped up, there are still 8 more gold ring events before the WSOP Circuit at Choctaw concludes on January 23, 2017.

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