2022/23 WSOP Circuit - Harrah’s Cherokee (North Carolina)

Friday, August 12, 2022 to Monday, August 15, 2022

WSOPC Event #12: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em

EVENT IN PROGRESS:Level: 30 | Blinds: 60,000/120,000 | Ante: 120,000
  • Buy-in: $1,700
  • Prizepool: $2,360,370
  • Entries: 1,558
  • Remaining: 9


Monday, June 27, 2016 11:32 PM Local Time
George Danzer and Esther Taylor-Brady Chop An Action Pot

Esther Taylor-Brady Happy With The Chop

Esther Taylor-Brady:     /      /  
George Danzer:     /      /  
Justin Bonomo:     /     (folds)
Todd Brunson:     /      /  

Esther Taylor-Brady is the bring-in with the  . George Danzer completes with the  , Justin Bonomo calls with the  , and Todd Brunson calls with the  . Taylor-Brady makes it two bets from the bring-in, and the other players call.

Danzer is first to act on fourth street and checks. Bonomo checks, Brunson bets, Taylor-Brady raises, Danzer calls, Bonomo calls, Brunson three-bets, Taylor-Brady calls 20,000 extra and is all-in, Danzer calls, and Bonomo calls.

Bonomo pairs up on fifth street, giving him first action. He checks, Brunson bets, Danzer raises, Bonomo folds, Brunson makes it three bets again, and Danzer takes a while before calling.

On sixth street, Brunson bets, and Danzer takes about thirty seconds before he calls. Both remaining active players check on seventh street.

Immediately, Danzer slams     open for an ace-high flush. Brunson mucks his hand, and Taylor-Brady tables     for a six-five low. She chops the pot with Danzer.

George Danzer - 2,645,000 (33 BB)
Todd Brunson - 580,000 (7 BB)
Esther Taylor-Brady - 425,000 (5 BB)

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