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Vince Vaughn vs. The Champions
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Vince Vaughn vs. The Champions

Think you know who won?

Vince Vaughn went head-to-head with Phil Hellmuth, Koray Aldemir, and Joe Cada. Think you know who won? Check the schedule below to see when to cast your vote in your state and make a deposit with code VINCE or code CHAMP to choose your winner. If you’re right, we’ll enter you into a that awards the winner with a 2023 $10,000 Main Event Seat! 

Here’s How it Works: 
  • DEPOSIT: During the week specified for your state, you’ll have one week to make a deposit with code VINCE if you think Vince Vaughn won or code CHAMP if you think the WSOP Champ won. (Plus, we’re giving you 100% up to $400 reload bonus on your deposit.)
  • WATCH: On the full play reveal day, check your email,, or to watch them go head to head. 
  • WIN: After the full play is released revealing the winner, we will run a 2023 $10,000 Main Event Seat Freeroll the next day for the players who chose the correct winner.  

  • Vince Vaughn vs Phil Hellmuth
    • Pennsylvania only
    • Deposit Dates: November 15-22 
    • Full Play Reveal: November 22 at 5:00pm ET
    • Freeroll: November 23 at 5:30pm ET 
  • Vince Vaughn vs Koray Aldemir 
    • Nevada/ New Jersey only 
    • Deposit Dates: November 29-December 6
    • Full Play Reveal: December 6 at 5:00pm PT/ 8:00pm ET 
    • Freeroll: December 7 at 5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET 
  • Vince Vaughn vs Joe Cada 
    • Michigan only
    • Deposit Dates: December 13-20
    • Full Play Reveal: December 20 at 5:00pm ET
    • Freeroll: December 21 at 5:30pm ET 

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NOTE: Reporting for promotions is calculated in GMT timezone. Tournaments are subject to cancellation or changes to player eligibility at any time prior to the beginning of play. If the tournament becomes unavailable or is cancelled, players will be refunded the amount used to enter the tournament. If players are deemed ineligible to participate in the tournament, they will be refunded the amount used to enter the tournament.

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