WSOP | 2019 | WSOP First Fifty Honors International Vote
WSOP First Fifty Honors
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This year marks the 50th Annual World Series of Poker, and to help celebrate this milestone, we will be honoring players that have helped make the World Series of Poker the longest-running and most prestigious poker tournament it is today.

The WSOP First Fifty Honors celebration includes seven categories that the public, and the players themselves, can vote on. Voting is now open!

The categories for the First Fifty Honors are as follows:

1. Most Memorable WSOP TV Hand

2. Best Overall WSOP Performance (Single Year)

3. Most Likely to Succeed (Player currently 35 or Under to Win the Most Gold Bracelets between 2020-2070)

4. Fan Favorite Player

5. WSOP’s Favorite Bad Boy

6. Most Impressive Main Event Win

7. Four Most Important Players in WSOP History 

Voting is open through June 15. To cast your vote, visit the following link and submit your vote through the form on the webpage.