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The all new WSOP Online is coming soon to Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey!

There are a lot of changes coming for Nevada and New Jersey players. You can expect a larger player pool, new software, and a revamped loyalty program. Players in Nevada and New Jersey will need to download the new software and create a new account in order to experience the new WSOP Online.  With a new look and feel, and exciting game play updates like the popular Mystery Bounty tournament, we can’t wait to welcome you to the new WSOP Online experience.

In order to have a smooth transition from the old WSOP software to the new WSOP software we highly encourage all players to pre-register prior to the launch of the new WSOP Online. All existing players must create a new WSOP Online account in order to play on the new software. 

What To Expect

  • The current WSOP Online client will close on May 27 at around 3:55pm PT and the new client will be available once we upload the software and stabilize the platform. To access WSOP Online moving forward, you will need to download the new client.
    • Prior to the launch of the new client, all tournaments will be concluded. 
    • Players still seated at cash games will be disconnected at around 3:55pm PT. 
  • Players who have pre-registered will have access to the following perks: bankroll and tournament ticket transfer, WSOP Point transfer, a Main Event Seat Freeroll ticket, and first access to choose a username on the new software. 
  • Players who do not preregister before May 27, will still be able to register and make new deposits after launch. However, it may take up to seven-business days for bankroll, tournament ticket, and loyalty point transfers.
  • Players who do not register before July 31, 2024 will not have access to transfer. Their old account will be closed and cashed out to the address of file.
  • Every player will be required to create a new account. You will not be guaranteed your previous username. Please chose your name wisely as requests to change your username in the future may not be permitted.
  • Welcome Week Freeroll Tournament Tickets will not be transferred over and will be void on May 28. These tournament tickets have no cash value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Update May 27, 2024
Withdrawals from the Nevada and New Jersey client will not be available today, Monday, May 27. Withdrawals will be available tomorrow. 
What is shared liquidity? +
Shared liquidity means that players in Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey will be able to play against each other in one player pool.
How do you register for a new account? +
Registering for a new account should be quick and easy. Simply complete the registration form and submit your required documents here.
Deposits and Withdrawals+
During the pre-registration period, you will not be able to make any deposits into your new account or withdrawals from your old account. You will be able to access your existing account until August 1, 2024 to make any withdrawals.
Why Do I Have to Create a New Account in Nevada? +
As part of combining the systems between Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan that will allow players in each state to play together, a new software is necessary.
Why Can’t I Have My Old Username? +
With the new app, every player will be required to create a new account and a new username. We cannot guarantee that your previous username will be available. It is important that you pre-register so that you can try to get your desired username. Please choose your name wisely as requests to change your username in the future may not be permitted.
Will I Get a New Account Bonus? +
Yes. Currently the WSOP Online deposit bonus is a 100% up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus, a WSOP Main Event Seat Drawing entry, and seven Free Spins.
What Will Happen to My Account if I Don’t Create a New Account? +
We will maintain the Nevada database in a ready state for a TBD time period. You can request a withdrawal from that account at any time. When we eventually archive that database, all balances will be sent to players and the accounts will be permanently closed. Of course, you are free to create a new account at any time before or after that time.
Can I transfer my Bankroll Balance from My Old Account to My New Account? +
If you sign up during the pre-registration period, your bankroll will automatically transfer over to the new WSOP Online. There is nothing else you need to do. If you sign up after the pre-registration period, your bankroll can be moved over on a case-by-case basis and can take 24 – 48 hours to process.
Will My Bonuses Transfer? +
Yes, if you pre-register your immediate bonuses will automatically transfer to your new account on the first day the new software is live. If you don’t pre-register, but register before July 31, 2024, your immediate bonuses will be transferred over in seven business days. Additionally, players will also be eligible for the current reload bonus.
Will My Tournament Tickets Transfer? +
Yes, your tournament tickets will be transferred to your new account. To ensure that this happens as smoothly and quickly as possible, we highly recommend that you pre-register for a new account. If you don’t pre-register, but register before July 31, 2024, your tournament tickets will be transferred over in seven business days.
Will My Player Notes Transfer Over? +
Unfortunately, no, you will not be able to transfer your player notes. Because player notes are based on usernames and all WSOP Nevada players will have new accounts there is no reliable way for your player notes to distinguish between the old username and any new username.
Caesars Rewards+
Once you have linked your accounts, you will earn 1 Tier Credit for every 50 Points you earn playing your favorite cash games and tournaments online. All Tier Credits earned from online play at WSOP Online in a given month will be credited to your Caesars Rewards Account by the second week of the following month. These Tier Credits will count towards your overall Tier Score for the year. Caesars Rewards "Reward Credits" are not earned from playing on WSOP Online. But not to worry, through Poker Rewards you earn Online Caesars Rewards which you can choose to convert to Caesars Reward credits which can be used at any Caesars Entertainment property.
Will My Poker Rewards Status Transfer? +
No. As a part of merging the player pools from WSOP Online Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan, we needed to create a loyalty program that would be common to all markets. Now, your status will reset every month. You can learn more about the new loyalty program here.