June 4, 2017 (Las Vegas, NV) - Joseph Mitchell earned his third World Series of Poker cash in the early hours of Sunday morning and won his first bracelet. Mitchell, playing under the handle 'ul_gg,' defeated a field of 2,509 entries in the $333 "Little Grind" Online event to earn $122,313.75. 

This is the first of three online events offered this summer on and is the smallest of the three buy-ins offered for online events.

This is only Mitchell's third WSOP cash, but it's his first cash in a no-limit hold'em event. The Oregon native has two cashes in Omaha hi-lo events from 2014 - a final table appearance and ninth place finish for $22,793 in the $3,000 Omaha hi-lo event and a 25th place finish in the pot-limit Omaha hi-lo event for $8,187.

The event kicked off at 3:33 p.m. and there was 3 hours and 45 minutes worth of time for players to late register and re-enter. The money bubble burst around 9:00 p.m. with the top 333 finishers getting paid and the final table was reached around 12:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.

William ‘nomoneyloser’ Pan was the first to hit the rail at the final table. He was left very short after getting into a preflop confrontation with Bobby ‘bcmclawh’ McLawhorn preflop. They got all in with McLawhorn’s pocket tens needing help against Pan’s pocket queens. McLawhorn hit a 10 on the flop to double through Pan, leaving him very short.

Pan was eliminated shortly after when he got all in with    against Michael ‘ooookillthem’ Addamo’s   . Pan flopped a queen, but Addamo flopped the nut flush to officially send Pan home. Pan took home $9,709.83 and the final eight players were all guaranteed at least a five-figure score.

Casey ‘rhin0’ Long was the next to be sent home. He raised preflop from the small blind and Michael ‘TonyPerkis1’ Jacoby called from the big blind. They got all in on a flop of     with Long at risk against Jacoby.

Jacoby showed    and had Long’s    outkicked. The turn was the   and the river was the   to secure the pot for Jacoby and eliminate Long.

With seven players remaining, several players were jockeying back and forth for the chip lead Hao ‘sandongcpa’ Sun was the first player to crack the million-chip mark, but Mitchell took it back after winning a series of hands and eliminating Kevin ‘SEQUENCE’ Sheetz in seventh place.

Mitchell min-raised from under the gun and Sheetz moved all in for just over 10 big blinds from early position. Mitchell called with    and had the best of it against Sheetz’s   . Sheetz flopped a king, but Mitchell turned an ace to win the pot and eliminate Sheetz. Sheetz earned $16,559.40 for his finish.

Mitchell didn’t stop there. He knocked out Jacoby shortly after to distance himself further from the pack. Mitchell raised from middle position and Jacoby moved all in on the button. Mitchell called and was in the lead with    against Jacoby’s   .

The board ran out       and Mitchell moved over 16 million chips. Jacoby was eliminated in sixth place, earning $21,828.30 and leaving the table five-handed. Mitchell was beginning to run away with the tournament as the next closest stack was McLawhorn with just under 8 million chips.

Mitchell hit a snag in his heater at the outset of five-handed play. Sun won a flip to double up through Mitchell with his pocket eights against Mitchell’s ace-king. Sun doubled up to over 6 million and left Mitchell with about 12 million.

McLawhorn was second in chips at the start of five-handed play, but found himself bleeding chips and quickly became the short stack. He got moved all in under the gun for just over 10 big blinds and was called by Mitchell on the button. Mitchell showed    and was in great shape against McLawhorn’s   .

The board ran out clean for McLawhorn as it came       and Mitchell’s aces held up to win the pot and knock out the top ranked online player in Nevada in fifth place. McLawhorn earned $29,204.76 for his finish.  

While McLawhorn was losing chips five-handed, Addamo was accumulating them. Addamo and Mitchell were battling for the chip lead four-handed.

Sun was eliminated in fourth place by Mark ‘PLODonkey17’ Scacewater, which left all three stacks somewhat even when three-handed play began.

Sun got all in with    against Scacewater’s   . Sun was safe on the flop and the turn, but the ace on the river sent Sun to the rail in fourth place for $39,592.02.

Mitchell got back to where he left off during three-handed play when he won the biggest pot of the tournament by doubling through Addamo. After heavy action on a flop of    , the   came on the turn and Addamo got the rest of his stack in against Mitchell.

It was a pot worth over 26 million chips with Mitchell showing    against Addamo’s   . Addamo needed a queen or a heart on the river to eliminate Mitchell in third, but it bricked off and Addamo was left with less than a big blind.  

Mitchell was the massive chip leader after the hand. Addamo managed to double up several times, but eventually after getting up to a couple blinds, his    was up able to top Mithcell’s pocket fours. Addamo was eliminated in third place for $54.538.79, leaving Scacewater heads-up with Mitchell.

Mitchell’s rungood continued during heads-up. Scacewater apparently ran into some technical difficulties and sat out at the beginning of heads-up play. Mitchell was able to raise and take blinds from Scacewater’s stack until he returned to the table.

Scacewater, already the shorter stack when heads-up play began, was down to about 1.5 million when he returned. With blinds of 160,000/320,000 and a 40,000 ante, they got all in preflop with Scacewater’s    in the lead against Mitchell’s   .

The board ran out       and Mitchell turned a queen to take the pot, eliminate Scacewater in second and give Mitchell the win. Scacewater earned $73,538.79 for his runner-up finish.

The top 333 finishers earned a min-cash of at least $602.16, but the full results will take a little extra time to procure as the online names are matched to the proper official profile.

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Final Table Results:

1st: Joseph 'ul_gg' Mitchell - $122,313.75
2nd: Mark 'PLODonkey17' Scacewater - $73,538.79
3rd: Michael 'ooookillthem' Addamo - $54,043.86
4th: Hao 'Sandongcpa' Sun - $39,592.02
5th: Bobby 'bcmclawh' McLawhorn - $29,204.76
6th: Michael 'TonyPerkis1' Jacoby - $21,828.30
7th: Kevin 'SEQUENCE' Sheetz - $16,559
8th: Casey 'rhin0' Long - $12,645
9th: William 'nomoneyloser' Pan - $9,710