July 2, 2017 (Las Vegas, NV) - Thomas ‘FLOATZ’ Cannuli is most well-known for his sixth place finish in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing sixth for over $1.4 million, but in the early hours of Sunday morning, the New Jersey native added a bracelet win to his name in the $3,333 ‘Big Grind’ Online High Roller Event.

Cannuli defeated a field of 424 entries and defeated a very tough final table to win $322,814, along with his first WSOP title.

In what was the highest buy-in online bracelet event ever held, it’s no surprise that Cannuli was up against many of the game’s best players.

Six-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Vincent ‘AllinVin138’ Moscati came into the final table as the short stack, but he also generated the final table’s first knockout. Moscati earned a double up early on with bottom set against the top pair of Darren ‘LegionofBoom’ Rabinowitz, to move him out of the bottom of the counts and into the middle of the pack.

Then, Moscati moved all in on the button and Millard ‘Undisputed23’ Hale called out of the big blind. It was a race with Moscati’s ace-queen up against Hale’s pocket tens, but the flop brought an ace and Moscati sent Hale to the virtual rail.

Cannuli came into the final table in the middle of the pack, but made his move to the top after winning a huge pot against Ryan ‘holdnfold’ Jones. Just a few hands earlier, Jones scored a massive double up, winning a flip with ace-queen against Blake ‘bk1048’ Kelso’s pocket sevens, but then he took a bad beat at the hands of Cannuli.

Jones raised from early position and Cannuli three-bet on the button. With blinds of 30,000/60,000 and a 6,000 ante, Jones moved all in for just shy of 1.6 million chips and Cannuli called. Jones was in great shape to take the chip lead with pocket kings against Cunnuli’s pocket queens, but the flop came     and Jones was in bad shape.

Cannuli’s middle set held up and Jones hit the rail in eighth place.

Cannuli added to his massive chip lead by sending the next two players home in the same level shortly after eliminating Jones. Cannuli sent Moscati packing in seventh place and won a flip to end Kelso’s run at a bracelet.

Kelso and Cannuli got all in preflop with Cannuli showing    and Kelso tabling   . The flop was    , which gave each player a huge piece of the board. Cannuli flopped a royal flush draw, but Kelso flopped the nuts with top set.

The turn was the  , however, and it was Cannuli who turned the nuts to take the lead. The   came on the river and Cannuli’s nut flush sent him even more chips.  

Tara ‘BeatrixKiddo’ Cain came into the final table as one of the bigger stacks, but was relatively quiet throughout the final table until she eliminated Rabinowitz during the following level in fifth place. They got all in preflop with Cain tabling pocket jacks against Rabinowitz’s pocket tens.

Cain turned a jack to leave Rabinowitz drawing dead to the river. He took home $66,112 for his efforts.

Cain regained the chip lead in the next level after putting a bad beat on Daniel ‘Pepperprince’ Zack. Zack and Cain got all the chips in the middle preflop with Cain’s    in bad shape against Zack’s   . Cain was all in for about 24 big blinds, but a 10 came on the flop to secure her double up into the chip lead.

Cannuli regained the chip lead for good during four-handed play when pocket queens once again came up big for him. It was a three-way all in preflop with Zack on the button showing pocket kings, Cannuli all in from the small blind with pocket queens and Adam ‘HLEDERERER’ Owen all in from the big blind with pocket tens.

Owen was the biggest of the stacks involved and Zack was covered by Cannuli. The board came       and once again Cannuli made a set of queens to crack kings and stay alive.

Zack was eliminated in fourth place for $97,232, Owen was left with about seven big blinds and Cannuli took a massive chip lead into three-handed play.

Cannuli didn’t have a need to beat anybody heads-up as he eliminated Cain and Owen in the same hand. Owen got all in on the button and Cain moved all in out of the small blind. Cannuli called out of the big blind with the biggest stack and the best hand.

Cannuli tabled    and both of his opponent’s showed ace-three. The board ran out       and Cannuli eliminated both opponents in one hand to take down the bracelet and first place money.

Owen was the shortest of the three stacks, taking home $136,231, while Cain netted $201,408 for her runner-up finish.

Full results for this event will be updated when the names are matched with the screen names of all the players who cashed.
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Final Table Results:

1st: Thomas ‘FLOATZ’ Cannuli - $322,815
2nd: Tara ‘BeatrixKiddo’ Cain - $201,408
3rd: Adam ‘HLEDERER’ Owen - $136,231
4th: Daniel ‘Pepperprince’ Zack - $97,232
5th: Darren ‘LegionofBoom’ Rabinowitz - $66,112
6th: Blake ‘bk1048’ Kelso - $47,547
7th: Vincent ‘AllinVin138’ Moscati - $34,859
8th: Ryan ‘holdNfold’ Jones - $26,178
9th: Millard ‘Undisputed23’ Hale - $20,168