Name: Felix Stephensen
Age: 24
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Occupation: Poker Pro
Employer/Company Name: Self-employed
Education: University de Sherbrooke
Marital Status: Single
Years entered Main Event: 2
WSOP Earnings: $0
WSOP Cashes: 0
WSOP Final Tables: 0
Best Main Event Finish: None

WSOP: Is this your first event this year?

Stephensen: Yes, this is my first event this year, second all-time.

WSOP: What made you decide to come out and play the Main Event?

Stephensen: It’s actually kind of a funny story. I have been stuck in London for a while now and me and a friend bet about $1,000 each on the Netherlands to beat Australia 3-2 and we got 60-1. They beat them 3 to 2 and we made a lot of money there. So, I just decided let’s go, let’s get out of town, let’s do something fun and the Main Event was right around the corner and here I am.

WSOP: How long have you been playing poker?

Stephensen: About three or four years professionally.

WSOP: Do you mainly play online?

Stephensen: Yes, I have two live cashes, this is my third.

WSOP: Day 7 was pretty crazy for you as far as chips go. How were you feeling?

Stephensen: I started out a pretty short stack, then I got up to about half average. Then I got doubled up with Ace-King vs. Ace-Nine, got up to 15 million. No, I wasn’t short stacked? That was yesterday I was short stacked. I was pretty average a good part of today. I got in a good spot where I 3-bet Ace-King from the big blind and doubled. I grinded away a little bit, then I got a pretty good squeeze spot with Ace-King suited and a guy was sort of steaming and re-raised and it was a pretty committing size with King-Queen. I went with it and nailed the flop.

WSOP: How big of a sweat is it for you when the chips are in and the cards are flipped over?

Stephensen: It is pretty intense, there is a lot of equity there. It is pretty stressful. With the Ace-King, I flopped top pair with the nut flush draw and was feeling pretty good at the time. After that, I was playing small ball and nothing major. Winning a little bit here and there. Now I’m back in November, I guess.

WSOP: How did you get your start in poker?

Stephensen: I am not really sure. It’s been a while. I guess it was through friends, random home games. I kind of enjoyed it more than everybody else and when I get in to things, I really put my head and heart into it and try to become the best I can be.

WSOP: What would you do with $10 million?

Stephensen: Probably piss away half of it and try to be smart with the rest of it. Give some to my family, maybe someone else who needs it, I don’t know. We will see. It’s a long way to go to $10 million. It’s obviously life changing money. Try to divide some to people close that need it and stuff like that. Try to be smart with some of it and have some fun with the other part.

WSOP: What’s in store for you the next three months before the November Nine?

Stephensen: I guess I have to get good at playing live tournaments because I am virtually inexperienced. I guess I’ll hire a coach or something like that and try to figure out what to jam under the gun with 10 big blinds.