Sometimes the later days of action in the World Series of Poker Main Event can turn into a blur.  Players get so focused on making the November Nine that they fail to savor the moment of making it to Day 5, Day 6, or, in the case of tonight's new episodes, Day 7.
When Day 7 began, it is entirely possible that start of day chip leader Anton Morgenstern was already thinking ahead to November, but one hand where Mark Newhouse doubled thru him proved to be Morgenstern's undoing.  When the coverage resumes tonight, it is Canadian Marc-Etienne McLaughlin on the top of the counts, but he could meet a similar fate any time as well.
One player who certainly seems to be savoring every minute of Day 7 is amateur James Alexander.  The Texas resident who owns a bar called The Flying Walrus is unsurprisingly the life of the party on Day 7, making jokes, chatting up his opponent, and taking the time to savor what will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Alexander and Jay Farber are just two of the dwindling pool of amateurs left in the field, but being a pro doesn't mean that you can't joke at the tables.  Two-time bracelet winner Rep Porter is proving to be a nice foil to Alexander's hijinks and is always willing to strike up conversation at the tables.  
However, most of the pros left in this field tend to fall into the category of "silent but deadly".  European players like Morgenstern and Sergio Casteluccio let their chips do the talking, as do American pros Carlos Mortensen and JC Tran.  Which is why the presence of the jovial Alexander is so welcome to poker fans and players who just want a break in the tension as we near the final two tables of action.
You'll see plenty of Alexander on tonight's episode, but for now, check out this sneak peek and tell us what your reaction would be if you were ate Alexander's table on Day 7 of the Main Event. Also be sure to tune into tonight's coverage and tell us what you think on Twitter of this week's #WSOPonESPN.