Several dozen poker fans are particularly Hungary for a poker victory, this evening.

Andras Koroknai, from Debrecen, Hungary is the lone non-American among the famed October Nine.  He may have traveled more than 12,000 miles to get to Las Vegas, but Koroknai is hardly alone on this side of the ocean.

About two dozen fellow Hungarians made the trip from Debrecen, which is Hungary's second-largest city after Budapest.  Most were seated on and around the final table stage, cheering their favorite poker player with a mix of native chants and songs, orchestrated by several waving Hungarian flags of green, red, and white.

“It does not matter to us if he wins or not because we are still going to be proud of our son,” Andras Sr. said.  “Our main goal is to see our son happy.  That is all that matters to us.”

The Koroknai family owns a small shop in the city center which sells bedding, curtains, and fabrics.  Given his upbringing, the Koroknai family never could have dreamed their son's passion and success in poker would provide the chance to board a plane and fly for the first time to Las Vegas to watch one of the world's most eccentric competitions.

“This is a very special place,” Koroknai's mother stated.  (Sister) A'gota was here last summer and she came to support him.  So, she was here.  We heard about what it would be like but never could have imagined it to be like this.”

Not only has son Andras life changed, but the entire Koroknai family has suddenly found themselves to be local celebrities.

“Wherever we go, people come up to us on the street and they say they know about Andras,” mother Irenke said.  “They all come up and say congratulations and they want to know about our son and how he did it.”

Even Koroknai's grandmother got caught up in the final table excitement.

“It's wonderful.  It is really impressive,” Irenke said.  “I have never seen anything like this before.”

When asked if she was inspired by her grandson and might take up poker, perhaps coming to next year's Main Event as a first time player Irenke was customarily direct and to the point.

“There is no chance of that!” she snapped.  “But I will come back next year and watch Andras win it all again!”