In 2009, spoke with Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City Poker and Tournament Director, John Arthur about his poker room,  the WSOP Circuit Events at Harrah's Resort AC and shared a bit about himself. Would you care to tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from originally? Married? Kids?

Arthur: I am originally from South Philly. I’ve been married now 24 years and we have two kids both in college So, how did you get your start in the gaming industry?

Arthur: I started dealing in 1984. Do you play a lot of poker?

Arthur: So far each year one of my vacations has been a poker trip. How good of a player do you consider yourself?

Arthur: Let's just say I am not about to quit my day job. What is one of the biggest changes, if any, that you have seen in poker rooms over the past decade?

Arthur: The growth of No-Limit Hold’em What's it like running a poker room in Atlantic City?

Arthur: AC is still a drive-in market with a large amount of people within a few hours drive, so it is sometimes fun to watch a slow day grow into a jumping room in a few hours. For those not sure whether they have the chops to play in a WSOP Circuit Event, what do you have to say to them?

Arthur: We have tournaments for all budgets and I believe some of the best structures in the business, so our events are the perfect place to get your feet wet in a big tournament. Every year there are new faces and brand new players, so you would not be alone if it was your first event. What would you say to online players in the region who have yet to step inside a live poker room?

Arthur: I believe there is room for both types of poker, but personally prefer the live version for the nuances of face to face competition. The online player should experience the thrill of stacking chips after taking down a nice pot. (even better if it was a huge bluff) Do you have any funny stories to share?

Arthur: In the 2005 WSOP 10K event here at Harrah’s AC a reporter is telling me they flew in just to cover one pro player from their country, as he is talking to me that player gets knocked out (First level of the event). The reporter thought I was joking when I said you might want to catch him before he leaves the room. Let’s just say that reporter was not a happy camper.