Ylon? He Gone.

The chess player from New York that made his way to the final table of poker biggest tournament is on his way back to NYC.

Ylon Schwartz, who started the day in fifth place with 12.525 million, was eliminated by Peter Eastgate in fourth place, earning $3,774,974. After seeing a flop of Kh-8h-2s both players checked. The Kd on the turn enticed a bet from Eastgate and a call from Schwartz. The 5d on the turn saw Schwartz check-raise all-in. After some time Eastgate made the call and showed pocket fives for a rivered full house.

When the tournament went on break in July, the 38-year-old had threatened to simply run away and hide. He did just that after busting out and completing his ESPN interview, leaving a number of poker media without a chance to speak to the man many of them had picked to win it all.

The elimination of Schwartz left Peter Eastgate, Ivan Demidov and fan favorite Dennis Phillips all vying for the $9 million first place prize and WSOP gold bracelet.