Bad beats are a part of poker. Sometimes you win them; sometimes you get to dish them out. For David “Chino” Rheem today was not his day to dish them out.

After moving all-in with ace-king and inducing a call from Darus Suharto with ace-queen, Rheem had to watch in horror as a queen hit the flop. When the turn and river came out with blanks Rheem’s dream of becoming World Champion was dead. Understandably, he wasn’t in the best of moods as he left the Penn & Teller theatre.

“How do you think I feel right now? Seriously, not to be rude, I put my heart into it,” Rheem said when asked to describe his mood. “My heart is broken right now. I feel like shit. You can quote me on that. I feel like shit.”

When he wakes up in the morning he’ll discover he’s got $1.7 million to console himself with. Given the number of poker pros in attendance to support Rheem, he’ll probably be using some of that to throw a party.