Off the Marquis

Phil Hellmuth can breathe a little easier. Craig Marquis, one of two players who were in the running to break Hellmuth’s record for youngest ever Main Event champion was eliminated in ninth place at the hands of Scott Montgomery.

Marquis moved all-in with pocket sevens and was called by Montgomery holding A-Q. The flop delivered good news for both with Marquis making a set and Montgomery catching his ace. But the turn and river delivered a nasty dose of fate for Marquis as Montgomery caught a jack and a king to make a runner-runner straight.

“When you flop a set, you expect to win the hand,” said Marquis afterwards. “That was certainly unfortunate for me, but that’s why we play this game.”

The elimination sent Kelly Kim’s supporters into a frenzy as the desperately short-stacked Kim moved one spot up the payscale. It also sent Marquis back to Texas with nothing to show for the 117-day long delay.