Event #11
Seven-Card Stud World Championship
Buy-In: $5,000
Number of Entries: 180
Total Prize Money: $846,000
Date of Tournament: June 6-9, 2007


  • The winner of the “Seven-Card Stud World Championship” at the 2007 World Series of Poker is Chris Reslock. He is originally from Chicago, IL. Reslock, now 58, lives and plays poker for a living in Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Before turning to poker as a career, Reslock was a licensed taxi driver. When casino poker was first legalized in Atlantic City in 1993, Reslock started playing $10-20 hold’em games. He started making more money at the poker table than as a driver. So, with confidence he could make it as a pro, he quit driving and started to play poker full-time.
  • The longer story of how Reslock changed careers is near-legendary. Unsure as to whether he could make it as a pro poker player, Reslock planted his taxi in the parking garage at one of the big casinos – a sort of insurance policy that in case things did not work out, the cab was always there to pay the bills. The taxi sat in the garage for a week. Then, a month passed. Then, several months passed. Reslock never even bothered to go back to the casino to see if the car had been towed. Given that he has won over a million dollars in tournaments, and acquired a fair sum from cash games as well, don’t expect Reslock to be behind the wheel of anything other than a luxury car from now on.
  • Reslock’s breakthrough tournament win was in 2003 at the “Showdown at the Sands” in Atlantic City. In 2005, he won the WSOP Circuit championship at the Atlantic City Showboat (good for $335K). That event was televised by ESPN. With the win, he qualified to play in the 2006 Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas. He took fourth place in that tournament (netting $150,000), which was filled with former champions. Reslock won his first WSOP gold bracelet after finishing in the money four times. First place paid $258,453.
  • The runner-up was poker superstar and five-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Ivey. David Oppenheim finished in third place. He is noted for playing in the highest cash games in the world. Considering the stiff competition Reslock faced in this event, his victory is all the more impressive.