Event #2: Limit Hold 'em
Location: Bally's/Paris Las Vegas
Buy-in: $500 (+50)
Number of Entries: 154
Total Prize Money: $74,690

9th Place: Harvey Vandeven, $1,494
Within 10 minutes of final table play, we had our first casualty. Harvey Vandeven was 'all in' before the flop with 10-5 against John's A-3. A flop of J=8=7 gave Harvey some hope for a gutshot straight, but a queen on the turn and a river 6 were no help as Harvey finished 9th earning $1,494.
8th Place: Yenushalaim Yenuda, $2,241
After surviving one 'all in' as the short stack coming in to the final table, Yenushalaim Yenuda faced elimination once again with Kc-4c against John's Ah-Jh. The 9h=10c=7s flop was no help, although the Ac on the turn gave him some hope of making the nut flush. It was not meant to be though as the 2d on the river left Yenushalaim with an 8th place finish for $2,241.
7th Place: David Kutcher, $2,241
At the 2000-4000 level, David Kutcher saw a flop of 2=3=4 heads up against John. David's A-4 gave him the top pair and straight possibility with a 5. However, Mark held two of the fives in the deck. This left Mark needing only a four to stay alive. A 10 on the turn and river three left David with a 7th place finish earning $2,241.
6th Place: John Harris, $3,735
John got all of his chips into the pot after a flop of 6=6=A. John's pocket 9's gave him two pair, but Nick's A-7 gave him the better two pair. John could not find a nine on the turn or the river, and he left the event with a 6th place finish and $3,735.
5th Place: Christian Rasmussen, $4,481
Christian was the next victim as he got it 'all in' with K-9 up against the wall as Pablo held K-9. The flop of 7=4=6 was no help to Christian. A ten on the turn gave outs with the gut-shot, but the ace on the river did not fill his straight. Christian left the event with the 5th place honors and $4,481.
4th Place: Nick Helm, $5,975
As the big blind and short stack, Nick Helm called two raises before him. The flop of Q=6=3 gave him the top pair, but he was still behind Keith, who had flopped a set of sixes. Betting continued with Pablo on the side, who eventually folded his pocket kings. Nick took home 4th place and $5,975.
3rd Place: Pablo Gonzalez, $7,469
Pablo was the short stack of the remaining three and got it 'all in' with 8-2 of spades against Keith's J-10 of clubs. After the flop brought 3 clubs (giving Keith the flush), there was no question that Pablo would be taking home 3rd place with a payday of $7,469.
Runner up: Keith Barrett, $13,594
1st Place: Mark Hight, $24,646
On the final hand, Keith Barrett had big slick and the lead against Mark's 8-4. Mark took the lead on the flop of 8=6=2. A jack on the turn left Keith needing an ace or a king, but the river 4 gave Mark two pair and the victory in event #2. Keith's second place finish was worth $13,594, and Mark Hight of Tulsa, OK, took home the ring and a cool $24,646.

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Tournament reporting by Nolan Dalla / worldseriesofpoker.com