Event #5: No-Limit Hold 'em
Location: Las Vegas
Buy-in: $1,500 (+70)
Number of Entries: 203
Total Prize Money: $295,365

On Day One, 194 players were eliminated. Places 10 through 18 paid prize money in amounts ranging from $2,955 up to $4,135. On Day Two, 10 players returned for the final table and the last nine were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place: David Plastik, $5,905
On his last hand, Plastik was dealt Q-Q and was all-in against J.C. Tran's A-A. A Queen appeared on the flop, and Plastik looked like the winner. But an Ace fell on the turn, giving Tran a higher set -- trip Aces to Plastik's trip Queens.
8th Place: Brian "Bones" Bonacci, $8,860
Bonacci was dealt A-A and took a horrible beat. Lonnie Alexander, holding 8-8, faded Bonacci's all-in move after the flop came 7=6=5. Alexander had an overpair and an open-ended straight draw. A blank fell on the turn and a Nine came on the river, cracking Bones' pocket Aces.
7th Place: Lonnie Alexander, $11,815
Alexander, fresh off his stinging defeat of Bonacci, was dealt J-J a short time later and found himself all-in against JC Tran's A-6 of hearts after two hearts flopped. On the turn, the board showed 10-7-5-10 and it looked like Alexander might double up. Then, an Ace came and Alexander's hand wasn't so great. In fact, it was toast.
6th Place: Steve Crockett, $14,770
Crockett suffered a bad run in his last half-hour at the final table and tried to stop the bleeding by moving all-in in a draw with A-8 of clubs. Dustin Sitar held 7-7 and his pocket pair held up.
5th Place: Brain Ahern, $17,720
On his final hand of the night, Ahern was short-stacked and was dealt 10-9 suited, which was dominated by Tran's J-9. Neither player made a pair, and Ahern was bounced off the final table.
4th Place: Scott Epstein, $23,630
Epstein's dreams of victory were dashed when he moved all-in on a heart draw with A-8 of hearts after two hearts flopped. Tran had a pair of Sixes and the small pocket pair held up. The key hand put Tran back into the chip lead.
3rd Place: Jeff King, $29,535
Hillel looked to be in a good spot to extend the evening's play when he was dealt A-7 versus Bloch's A-5. But Bloch spiked a Five on the turn and knocked out Hillel.
Runner up: Dustin Sitar, $53,755
1st Place: J.C. Tran, $97,470
The heads-up duel between Tran and Sitar began with Tran holding a 3-2 chip advantage. On the final hand, both players flopped top pair and all the money went into the final pot of the night. Sitar was dealt Q-6 versus Tran's K-Q. The flop came Q=9=2. Sitar moved in and Tran called. Two blanks gave Tran the ring.

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