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Sit and Go poker Tournaments Rules

Sit and Go tournaments (a.k.a SnG's, Sit & Go's, Single Table Tournaments, STT's) are an exciting format of poker than has become very popular. Sit and Go's offer the thrill of a regular multi-table tournament but every game is like you've reached the final table.

One of the other attractive features of Sit and Go's, and where the name originates, is that they can be offered 24 hours a day with no set schedule. As soon as enough players have registered, the tournament begins.

Time is another factor. While many multi-table tournaments can last many hours, even a 9-handed Sit and Go will normally be finished in less than an hour making it easy for players to get in the action without a long time commitment.

Sit and Go's Payouts

On we primarily offer either 6-handed or 9-handed Sit and Go's. As soon as enough players sit down, cards go in the air and the action begins.

In 9-handed Sit and Go's the final three players get paid. First place gets paid 50% of the prize pool, second place 30%, and third place 20%.*

Six-handed Sit and Go's only pay the final two players with first place taking 65% of the prize pool and second place winning the remaining 35%.*

Payout percentages are approximate. Examples on this page are rounded to the nearest whole number percentage.

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