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Multi Table Poker Tournament Rules

MTTs, or multi-table tournaments, are popular poker tournaments and are played all across the globe. These tournaments are known for their huge payouts and exhilarating poker action. MTTs are comprised of many different tables, each with 9 to 10 players who are all competing for a seat at the final table. Many different poker variants are enjoyed at MTTs but Texas Hold'em is the most played variant at these tournaments. Amateur poker enthusiasts and experienced professionals alike will benefit from learning the rules of MTTs. There are a variety of MTTs that players can join, including turbos, freerolls, freezeouts, short-handed pot limit Omaha and more. Before playing in an MTT, players need to decide which poker variant they prefer.

An Explanation of MTT Rules

The first aspect of MTTs that players need to know is that there are many different games with many different opponents with varying degrees of experience. MTTs are not once-off tournaments. Patience, discipline and perseverance should be the main focus. In the first stages of an MTT, the pots and blinds are small and many players are generally aggressive and loose. The reason for this is that at this point in the tournament, there are many beginner poker players with a wide variety of playing styles. One of the benefits of MTTs in the early stages is that players can learn a lot about their opponents as well as their own playing style. This allows more experienced players to take advantage as the later stages of the tournament require large bankrolls, skill and experience.

MTT Playing Styles

Players will see many unique playing styles in MTTs. These playing styles are designed both for the individual poker player as well as the stage of the MTT. Many players will be labeled as a specific type of player because of their playing style. This puts those players at a disadvantage as their opponents will be able to predict their moves. This is not what players want to experience when playing in an MTT. Loose and aggressive playing styles are dominant in the early stages of the tournament. However, players should focus on avoiding confrontation unless they have a premium hand which means they should play tight and aggressive. When playing in a big money multi-table poker tournament, like a $50,000 guaranteed, players want to try to finish at least in the top 10% as this will give them a significant payout. The ultimate goal is to play at the final table, then make it to the top 3 and then move to the pole position.

Important MTT Rules

  • These tournaments begin at pre-determined times and seat assignment is random
  • The button is determined by the high card and 1 up-card is dealt to players
  • The tournament is complete when a single player has won all the chips that are in play
  • Players who lose all of their chips are out of the tournament unless re-buys are allowed
  • If two or more players are defeated in the same hand then the player with the larger amount of chips will be at a higher standing
  • When there are 2 players remaining, the button will open with the small blind and be the first to act. There are unlimited permissible raises.
  • Players may be moved from one table to another in order to balance the MTT
  • Players and observers cannot discuss the hands until they are over
  • Standard rules of poker tournaments also apply to MTTs
  • If there is a chat function, players must use it respectfully
  • Players must follow all online poker room regulations and rules when playing MTTs
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