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In 1983, organizers of the World Series of Poker decided to offer "satellites" (or poker tournaments which had much more affordable buy-ins), where the award for winning such a tournament would be an entry into a higher buy-in World Series of Poker event.

Satellites are now a standard offering at WSOP poker tournaments worldwide.

Today, with the plethora of gaming establishments around the world, the advent of the internet for playing poker in some jurisdictions and an abundance of charities looking for unique events, awarding a seat into an official World Series of Poker event will raise the bar on your local event.

However, there are indeed a few rules that must be adhered to if you would like to officially partner with us to award a WSOP seat(s).

Please read below and follow the instructions in order to start the process to become an Official WSOP Satellite Location.

In order to qualify as an official World Series of Poker Satellite Location, your organization must meet preliminary suitability criteria and agree to purchase a seat(s) to the WSOP in Las Vegas.

If you can answer YES to all three of the following questions, then proceed to the next steps outlined below to begin the process of qualifying as a WSOP Satellite Location!

  1. Is a sanctioned poker event legal in your jurisdiction?
  2. Is the location where you would host this event at least 75-miles outside of a Caesars Entertainment Casino property? (See attached list for property locations).
  3. Are you willing to pay the required $500 non-refundable deposit to guarantee the seat?

If you are indeed sure you can meet the above criteria, the next step is to review and fill out the appropriate form to begin the process of officially becoming a WSOP Satellite Location.

The PDF forms can be downloaded below, but be careful to choose the right form.

  • If you are a charity, please use the "2019 WSOP Prize Agreement" form.
  • If you are a Brick & Mortar organization hosting the event in a commercial location, please use "2019 WSOP Satellite Agreement Land" form (Important note: Anyone wishing to run a land-based satellite to the WSOP, must commit to awarding 5 WSOP Main Event seats to be eligible. 5 seats x $10,000 = $50,000. We no longer allow "one-offs")

Please follow all the instructions on the form and return it as instructed. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified regarding our decision to allow you to host a WSOP Satellite Tournament. Please allow 10 business days for response. Thank you.

For more information on hosting a WSOP Satellite Event, please contact Simone Ricci at


2019 WSOP Prize Agreement (Charitable Organizations)

2019 WSOP Satellite Agreement Land (Brick & Mortar Organizations)