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2009 40th Annual World Series of Poker

Friday, July 03, 2009 to Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $61,043,600
  • Entries: 6,494
  • Remaining: 0
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11/09/09 06:44:16 PM PDT
The kid has done it folks! That's right, Joe "The Kid" Cada is your 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion! After 87 hands after heads-up play, Cada flipped his way over Darvin Moon to become victorious. Last year, Peter Eastgate beat Phil Hellmuth's record of 19 years as the youngest Main Event champion. This year, Cada becomes the youngest winner ever just eight days shy of his 22nd birthday, surpassing Eastgate. Cada came into the final table right in the middle of the pack, sitting fifth in chips. He slipped early on, but found some timely double ups to bring him right back into contention. After eliminating Antoine Saout in third place, Cada set the stage for an epic heads-up battle between himself and Moon. The chip lead would change hands numerous times during heads-up play, but it was Cada who won the two most important all-in pots of the night. First, he dodged Moon's straight draw when he put himself at risk calling off with second pair. After Moon failed to connect on the river, Cada not only survived, but regained the chip lead. A few hands later, Moon and Cada found themselves all in preflop with Moon the player at risk. Cada held the slight lead with pocket nines to Moon's    . Those nines will forever hold a place in the youngster's heart as they held true till the end, giving Cada the victory. Upon being presented with the bracelet, Cada thanked all of his fans, many of whom took off from work and school to come support him. He also made sure to congratulate all of the members of the final table and asked the crowd to give a round of applause for all of them, especially Moon. Congratulations to Joe Cada for winning the 2009 WSOP Main Event! Everyone at would like to thank all of you that stayed with us for every flop, turn, and river from the 2009 World Series of Poker! Be sure to check out all of our coverage from upcoming events. Until then, goodnight from Las Vegas!
11/09/09 06:29:32 PM PDT
Hand #364 - Joe Cada has the button. It's 3 million again, and Moon is looking like a re-raise this time. Indeed, he does three-bet it up to 8 million, and Cada double-checks his cards before announcing an all in. Moon double-checks his own cards and quickly makes the call for his tournament life! Just like that we've got an enormous pot! With just under 150 million chips up for grabs, the cards are turned over: Cada -     Moon -     It's pandemonium inside the theater. The crowd is jumping up and down in the balconies as everyone screams their orders at the stage. The spectators on stage lean in towards the players, jockeying for position to catch a glimpse of this monumental board. With the eyes of the poker world staring intently at the table, the dealer burns a card and runs the flop:       That's clean and safe for Cada, now two cards away from poker glory. Moon is standing up behind his chair with a blank stare, and Cada can't bear to watch. He's over in the stands, clutched in the arms of Cliff Josephy. The tension mounts again as the turn card falls:   That's an awfully scary paint card, but it's safe for Cada. Moon will need to catch a queen or a jack to prevent Joe Cada from wining every last chip in play. The drama is too great for words. There's one more card to come. With the tension coming to an absolute climax, here comes your river card:   A deafening roar echoes through the rafters as Joe Cada is swarmed by his friends and family in the crowd. Darvin Moon shakes his head and paces slowly away from the table. Cada comes over to shake his hand, and the two men exchange pleasantries before Moon's exit. After a truly legendary run for Darvin Moon, his Main Event is done.
11/09/09 06:19:10 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He gives Joe Cada another walk and we're on to the next hand.
11/09/09 06:19:03 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. There's another raise to 3 million, and Moon doesn't want to play this one. From the stage: "You got this, Joe. This is your game." From the balcony: "Get those chips, Joe!"
11/09/09 06:17:59 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. Joe Cada gets a walk.
11/09/09 06:17:39 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. Darvin Moon gets a walk.
11/09/09 06:17:23 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He raises to 3.0 million and gets a call from Joe Cada. The flop comes down      and Cada checks. Moon fires 5.0 million. Cada calls. The turn brings the  . Cada checks again. Moon fires 10.0 million and is met with a call from Cada. The river completes the board with the   and Cada checks. Moon double checks his cards before checking behind. Cada shows two pair with the     and Moon mucks. Cada is up to 120.1 million and Moon is down to 74.7 million.
11/09/09 06:13:40 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He raises to 3 million, and Moon quickly calls. The flop comes out      . Both players check, and as the   comes on the turn, Moon is already reaching for chips. He slides out a stack of beige chips worth 5 million and takes down the pot.
11/09/09 06:12:16 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button with Joe Cada fresh off his double up. Moon raises to 3.0 million and Joe Cada calls. The flop is       and both players check. The turn is the   and both check again. The river is the   and Cada checks. Moon fires 11.0 million and Cada quickly folds.
11/09/09 06:09:26 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He raises to 3 million and Moon makes the call. It comes      , and the action goes check-check. The turn comes the   and Moon checks once again. Cada can't resist betting 3 million, and Moon quickly announces an all in check-raise! Cada takes a sip from his water bottle as he pauses to consider his options for a few moments. He sinks deep into his chair and practically lays his head on the rail, cradled in his elbow. The decision is clearly an agonizing one. Finally, and quietly, Cada says, "I call." With that, he is now at risk, and Moon is potentially one card from the bracelet. With the entire theater on their feet, the cards are turned over: Moon -     Cada -     Cada is ahead with his two pair, but Moon is drawing to his open-ender, and he sure does run good. After a long, suspenseful delay, the river comes:   That's safe for Cada, and he gives the ol' double fist pump as he heads off into the arms of his cheering section. With that good call, Cada has earned himself a massive double up and the chip lead once again! Moon - 86,500,000 Cada - 108,300,000
11/09/09 06:01:45 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He raises to 3 million and wins the pot right there.
11/09/09 06:01:15 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He gives Darvin Moon a walk.
11/09/09 06:00:27 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He raises to 3.0 million and wins the pot.
11/09/09 05:59:36 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He gives the walk right back to Moon.
11/09/09 05:59:08 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He gives another walk to his opponent.
11/09/09 05:58:00 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. It shouldn't surprise you to hear that he raises it up to 3 million. Moon calls this time, and the flop brings      . Moon leads into Cada with 5 million chips, and he wins the pot right there.
11/09/09 05:57:14 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He gives a walk to Joe Cada.
11/09/09 05:56:39 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He raises to 3 million, and Moon passes his cards back to the dealer.
11/09/09 05:55:42 PM PDT
Darvin Moon has the button. He raises to 3.0 million and Joe Cada calls. The flop comes      . Cada checks and Moon fires 5.0 million. Cada makes the call and the   hits the felt on the turn. Cada checks again and Moon moves in a bet of 15 million. Cada takes some time, but eventually mucks his hand.
11/09/09 05:53:29 PM PDT
Joe Cada has the button. He sticks out 3 million again, and Moon has three-betting on his mind. Eight million is his standard three-bet, and that's what he makes it this time too. We haven't seen a four-bet from Cada in this spot yet, but he appears to be contemplating something this time. Indeed, after 30 seconds or so, Effel announces, "Joe's gonna re-raise all in." The dealer stands to break down Cada's stack, and Moon learns it's another 50,550,000 to make the call. Moon counts down his own stack to see what the damage is before re-affirming the total with the dealer. He eventually stands from his chair, and a hushed reaction courses through the crowd. Players who stand usually call, and Moon looks to have the bracelet in his vision. But not this time. He folds after another minute or so, and Cada drags the chips. Moon - 127,850,000 Cada - 66,950,000