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2008 39th Annual World Series of Poker

Wednesday, June 04, 2008 to Friday, June 06, 2008

Event #8: $10,000 8-Game Mix Championship

  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,804,000
  • Entries: 192
  • Remaining: 0
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06/06/08 07:04:32 PM PST
Congratulations to Anthony Rivera, Event # 8 Champion!
In a field as star-studded and heavy-hitting as this one, you'd think a name pro would be a shoo-in to take down the bracelet. But in the end, a 22-year-old cash game pro with only two recorded tournament cashes before today overcame a field of the world's best in an event that required players to excel not only at one game, but eight different limit, no-limit and pot-limit poker variants. Anthony Rivera outlasted a final table where four of his opponents had won six WSOP bracelets between them. He never lost his cool or looked intimidated by his opponents, and had a rail full of support from his roommates and friends all evening. In his post-victory interview, an elated Rivera said that he doesn't play a lot of tournaments, preferring to concentrate on the mixed cash game action at Bellagio and at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. All those hours grinding it out at the tables paid off for this talented young man tonight. When asked about his plans for the rest of the series, Rivera smiled and said, "I don't know, I might take a week off!" as he gazed down at his shiny new piece of jewelry. Congratulations to Anthony Rivera on his first WSOP bracelet!
06/06/08 07:04:27 PM PST
Anthony Rivera Wins Event #8, $10,000 World Championship Mixed Event ($483,688), James Mackey Eliminated in 2nd Place ($297,792)
No-limit hold'em: On the first hand of heads-up play, James Mackey raised to 87,000. Anthony Rivera looked down and then said, "Make it 287," and raised. Mackey moved all in. Rivera was stunned. "What? You're all in? I call!" And turned over    . Mackey tossed over    . The flop was       and left Mackey still behind. The turn and the river didn't help either. First the   and then the   came. When the river card blanked, Rivera's crew along the rail erupted, as did Rivera. The Tournament Director counted down the chip stacks and when the dust settled, Rivera had Mackey covered. James Mackey was eliminated in second place and will take home just under $300,000 for his efforts.
06/06/08 06:58:19 PM PST
The bracelet is on the table and we're now heads-up between James Mackey and Anthony Rivera.
06/06/08 06:56:50 PM PST
Matt Glantz Eliminated in 3rd Place ($184,992)
No-limit hold'em: On a flop of      , James Mackey bet 125,000, Matt Glantz moved all in and Mackey called. Glantz:     Mackey:     The turn was the  , the river was the  . The Tournament Director counted down the stacks; Mackey had Glantz covered, and he hit the rail in third place. He'll take home $184,992.
06/06/08 06:48:30 PM PST
Mackey Doubles Up
No-limit hold'em: Matt Glantz raised to 75,000 and then James Mackey moved all in for 425,000 total. Glantz stood up and thought and then made the call. Glantz:     Mackey:     Mackey was able to double up when the board ran out          . He is now close to 900,000. Glantz is down to 650,000.
06/06/08 06:46:08 PM PST
River Raise Won't Work on Rivera
No-limit hold'em: Anthony Rivera raised to 75,000 from the small blind and James Mackey called from the big blind. The flop was      . Rivera fired out a continuation bet and Mackey called. The turn was the   and both players checked. The river was the  . Rivera bet 200,000, Mackey raised to 500,000 and Rivera insta-called. Rivera rolled over     for trips and Mackey mucked in disgust. He's down to 475,000 while Rivera is up to 2 million.
06/06/08 06:43:39 PM PST
Glantz Trips Up Mackey
Stud-8: Mackey (x-x)         (x) Glantz (x-x)         (x) Glantz had the bring-in, Mackey completed and Glantz called. On fourth and fifth Mackey led out and Glantz called. On sixth Mackey checked, Glantz bet and Mackey called. On seventh Mackey called another bet from Glantz. Glantz showed trip fours, neither player made a low, and he scooped the pot. He and Mackey are now about even with 1.1 million each.
06/06/08 06:37:47 PM PST
Glantz Gets Some Back
Stud-8: Matt Glantz had been faced with decisions to call James Mackey's bets on every street. Mackey: (x-x)         Glantz: (x-x)         On their last card, both players checked and Glantz turned up two pair, jacks and eights. Mackey missed a flush draw and ended up with just a pair of kings. Neither player had a qualifying low and Glantz scooped the pot.
06/06/08 06:31:42 PM PST
Welcome to Splitsville
Stud-8: Glantz: (x-x)       Rivera: (x-x)         (x) Mackey: (x-x)         (x) Glantz had the bring-in, Rivera made a full raise, Mackey called and Glantz called. On fourth street Rivera checked, Glantz bet, and both Mackey and Rivera called. FIfth street. Rivera bet his open pair of aces, Mackey called and Glantz folded. Sixth street. Rivera check-called a bet from Mackey. Both players checked on seventh. Rivera revealed       for tens full of aces. Mackey showed     for an 8-7 low. They split the pot.
06/06/08 06:19:36 PM PST
Mackey Goes Lower Than Rivera
Razz: Anthony Rivera completed with an ace showing. James Mackey raised showing a three. The two players bet back and forth for the next three streets. Mackey: (x-x) 3-K-6-4 Rivera: (x-x) A-10-A-6 After they received their last card each, Mackey bet and Rivera called. Mackey showed him an eight low, 8-7-6-4-3, for the best hand.
06/06/08 06:10:30 PM PST
Mackey Takes One Off Rivera
Razz: Rivera: (x-x)         (x) Mackey: (x-x)         (x) Rivera led out on fourth and fifth streets and was called by Mackey. On sixth and seventh streets, Mackey bet and Rivera called. Mackey turned up       in the hole for an 8-5 low, Rivera mucked and Mackey won the pot.
06/06/08 06:07:47 PM PST
Glantz Chips Back Up
Omaha-8: Matt Glantz raised on the button, James Mackey three-bet from the big blind and Glantz called. The flop was      . Mackey led out and Glantz called. The turn was the  . Mackey bet, Glantz raised and Mackey called. The river was the  . Mackey checked, Glantz bet and Mackey folded. Glantz took it down without a showdown and chipped back up to 860,000, Mackey is down to 655,000.
06/06/08 06:03:32 PM PST
Glantz Sliding
Omaha-8: Matt Glantz raised from the small blind and Anthony Rivera called. The flop came       and Glantz bet out. Rivera called. Turn was the   and Glantz bet again. Rivera raised and Glantz let off a look of disgust. He then made then call after thinking for a minute. The river was the   and Glantz check-called Rivera's bet. Rivera turned over         to scoop the entire pot. Glantz is now down to 540,000.
06/06/08 05:59:58 PM PST
Another One for Rivera
Omaha-8: Matt Glantz completed the small blind, Anthony Rivera raised from the big blind and Glantz called. The flop was      . Glantz checked, Rivera bet and Glantz called. The turn was the  . Glantz check-called another bet from Rivera. The river was the  . Check-bet-call again. Rivera turned over         for the nut flush and the nut low. Glantz mucked and Rivera added more chips to his growing stack.
06/06/08 05:57:23 PM PST
Rivera Takes the First Post-Dinner Pot
Limit hold'em: Anthony Rivera raised from the small blind and James Mackey called from the big blind. The flop was      . Rivera checked, Mackey bet and Rivera called. The turn was the   and both players checked. The river was the  . Rivera bet and Mackey called. Rivera turned over     for third pair, Mackey mucked and Rivera won the pot.
06/06/08 05:40:53 PM PST
Players Return from Dinner Break
Cards are back in the air.
06/06/08 04:49:00 PM PST
Chip Counts at Dinner Break
Anthony Rivera 1,891,000 Matt Glantz 1,015,000 James "mig.com" Mackey 926,000
06/06/08 04:44:02 PM PST
Players Take a 60-Minute Dinner Break
Action will resume at 8:40 p.m. PDT.
06/06/08 04:43:13 PM PST
Reversal of Fortune
Anthony Rivera and Matt Glantz capped the betting before the first draw. Rivera drew one and Glantz rapped pat. Glantz bet and Rivera called. On the second draw Rivera drew one and Glantz rapped pat. Again Glantz led out and Rivera called. On the third draw both players stayed pat and checked it down. Glantz turned up 9-7-6-5-4, just out-pipped by Rivera's 9-7-6-5-3. As we break for dinner, Rivera has seized the chip lead with 1,896,000 while Glantz is down to 1,015,000.
06/06/08 04:40:07 PM PST
Michael DeMichele Eliminated in 4th Place ($139,872)
2-7 Triple Draw: Michael DeMichele was all in predraw for his last 40,000. Anthony Rivera called and James Mackey called. Rivera and Mackey drew three while DeMichele drew two. Rivera led out and Mackey called. On the second draw all three players drew one. Rivera bet and Mackey called. On the third draw, Rivera and Mackey rapped pat and DeMichele drew one. Rivera and Mackey both checked. Rivera turned up 8-7-6-4-2, Mackey mucked, and DeMichele showed a 10 before mucking his cards and hitting the rail in fourth place. He earned $139,872 for his finish.
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