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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - FOXWOODS (Connecticut)

Friday, August 25, 2017 to Monday, August 28, 2017

Event #10A/B: $1,675 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $729,000
  • Entries: 486
  • Remaining: 0
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08/28/17 10:11:10 AM PST (about 84 days and 19 hours ago)
Jeremy Meacham Shoves on Thomson

Action folds around to the cutoff where Jeremy Meacham opens with a raise to 90,000. Next to act is Sean Thomson and he puts in a three bet, making it 215,000. 

Back on Meacham and he asks for a count, takes a couple looks at his stack, then moves all in for roughly 1,600,000. Thomson shakes his head, checks his cards, then pitches them into the muck allowing Meacham to take down the pot. 

Jeremy Meacham - 1,850,000 (46 bb)
Sean Thomson - 1,435,000 (36 bb)

08/28/17 10:09:33 AM PST (about 84 days and 19 hours ago)
Level 27 Started
Level:27  Blinds:20,000/40,000  Ante:5,000
08/28/17 09:59:54 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Both Cards or One Nipple?

Galen Hall opens from the button to 65,000. Larry Greenberg three bets from the small blind, making it 165,000. Action is back on Hall and he shoves all in for right around 650,000 total. 

As Greenberg is in the tank, Hall begins to unbutton his shirt. 

"Do you want to see the left one or the right one?" Hall asks, referencing Greenberg showing one of his nipples last night. The entire table lets out a laugh, including Greenberg. 

"I'll let you choose, both cards, or one nipple," Hall says. 

"Do I get to choose which nipple?" Greenberg asks. Eventually Greenberg folds and Hall tables his   

"Middle aged guys got some tricks too, Hall says laughing. 

Galen Hall - 850,000 (28 bb) 
Larry Greenberg - 1,450,000 (48 bb)

08/28/17 09:45:55 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Ralph Massey Eliminated in 8th Place ($18,225)

Action folds around to the blinds, where Sean Thomson raises to 80,000 in the small. Ralph Massey three-bet shoves for what looks like 855,000 in the big, and Thomson calls to put him at risk.


The board runs out blanks for Massey, coming      . He's eliminated in eighth place, while Thomson moves into second place on the leaderboard.

Sean Thomson - 1,935,000 (65 bb)
Ralph Massey - Eliminated

08/28/17 09:36:04 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Fabio Dagata Eliminated in 9th Place ($14,602)

Action folds around to Fabio Dagata on the button who moves all in for 195,000. Galen Hall asks for a count then puts in the chips to call. 


The board runs out       not improving Dagata at all, so with king high, Hall is awarded the pot while Dagata walks away with $14,602 for 9th place. 

Hall - 845,000 (28 bb)
Dagata - Eliminated

08/28/17 09:29:32 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Phil Stavrakis Doubles Through Galen Hall

Galen Hall opens to 65,000 in middle position, and Phil Stavrakis three-bet shoves for 160,000 in the small blind. Hall calls, putting Stavrakis at risk.


The board runs out clean for Stavrakis, coming       to keep him afloat. He doubles up.

Phil Stavrakis - 395,000 (13 bb)
Galen Hall - 650,000 (22 bb)

08/28/17 09:23:13 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Larry Greenberg Gets Some Value From Bob Ricciuti

Larry Greenberg opend from middle position with a raise to 65,000. Bob Ricciuti calls him from the small blind. 

The flop is     and both players check to see the   on the turn. Ricciuti checks again but Greenberg fires, putting out a little bet of 50,000. Ricciuti calls. 

The river is the   and Ricciuti checks for a third time. Greenberg bets 50,000 again and Ricciuti calls. Greenberg shows    for a rivered top pair and that's good for him to take down the pot. 

Larry Greenberg - 1,600,000 (53 bb)
Bob Ricciuti - 660,000 (22 bb)

08/28/17 09:10:02 AM PST (about 84 days and 20 hours ago)
Sean Thomson Takes the First Two

On the first hand of the day, Sean Thomson opens to 65,000 in middle position, and Mike Azzaro defends his big blind. The flop is    , and Azzaro check-folds to a bet of 40,000 from Thomson.

The next hand, Bob Ricciuti opens to 65,000 under the gum, and Thomson three-bets to what looks like 145,000 two seats over. Everyone folds, including Ricciuti, and Thomson claims the day's second pot, too.

Neither pot was substantial by itself, but the net result is an increase of almost 200,000 chips for Thomson — about 20 percent of his Day 3 starting stack.

Sean Thomson - 1,205,000 (40 bb)

08/28/17 09:02:13 AM PST (about 84 days and 21 hours ago)
Level 26 Started
Level:26  Blinds:15,000/30,000  Ante:5,000
08/28/17 09:01:46 AM PST (about 84 days and 21 hours ago)
Shuffle Up and Deal
Cards are now in the air and play is underway for Day 3 of the WSOP Circuit Foxwoods Main Event.
08/28/17 07:28:26 AM PST (about 84 days and 22 hours ago)
Mike Azzaro Leads the Final Nine Down the Stretch

This edition of the WSOP Circuit Foxwoods Main Event drew 486 entries, and now just nine players remain.

Mike Azzaro (pictured) rides a long-standing chip lead into today's finale. His stack of 2.7 million chips is worth 90 big blinds at the starting level, and the pack in chase is far in his rear-view mirror.

Jeremy Meacham represents the most immediate threat to Azzaro's position, and Meacham knows his way around this final table well. He's sitting at it for the second-consecutive year, having finished in third place the last time around. Meacham enters this final table with a 50-big-blind stack.

Here's the lineup for today's finale:

Seat 1: Fabio Dagata - 280,000 (9 bb)
Seat 2: Ralph Massey - 700,000 (23 bb)
Seat 3: Galen Hall - 1,000,000 (33 bb)
Seat 4: Larry Greenberg - 1,440,000 (48 bb)
Seat 5: Mike Azzaro - 2,690,000 (90 bb)
Seat 6: Phil Stavrakis - 205,000 (7 bb)
Seat 7: Bob Ricciuti - 970,000 (32 bb)
Seat 8: Jeremy Meacham - 1,500,000 (50 bb)
Seat 9: Sean Thomson - 935,000 (31 bb)

Ralph Massey, Galen Hall, and Meacham have all had their hands on the chip lead at one point or another, but everyone is looking up at Azzaro for the time being.

Here are the remaining payouts up for grabs today:

1st: $156,735
2nd: $96,957
3rd: $70,713
4th: $52,488
5th: $39,366
6th: $30,035
7th: $23,328
8th: $18,225
9th: $14,602

In addition to the cash, the winner will also collect the gold ring and a seat to the season-ending Championship event.

Play resumes at 12 p.m. with 15,000/30,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante.

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