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2014 45th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, June 05, 2014 to Saturday, June 07, 2014

Event #16: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $469,800
  • Entries: 348
  • Remaining: 0
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06/07/14 02:50:12 PM PST
Shchemelev Short

David Bell has just taken down two moderate sized pots against Vladimir Shchemelev to get the former $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. runner up perilously close to elimination. The most recent hand saw Shchemelev check-call bets on all three streets, drawing one each time. Bell was pat after the first draw and showed       and Shchemelev mucked.

Tom Franklin625,00075,000
David Bell500,00075,000
Todd Bui365,0005,000
Vladimir Shchemelev70,000-121,000
06/07/14 02:44:44 PM PST
Aaron Steury Eliminated in 5th Place ($22,935)

Aaron Steury - 5th Place

Vladimir Shchemelev opened on the button and Aaron Steury raised from the big blind. David Bell folded the big blind, Shchemelev three-bet to put Steury all in, and Steury made the call. Steury drew two, one, and one on his three draws. Shchemelev swapped one on the first draw and stood pat the rest of the way. Shchemelev tabled       and Steury could not improve on his final draw.

Vladimir Shchemelev191,00051,000
Aaron Steury0-50,000
06/07/14 02:44:00 PM PST
2-7 Triple Draw Strategy with Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo

Limit 2-7 triple draw is one of those games that's hard to find in a low-limit format, as it's often played in some of the high-stakes mixed games around the world. Nonetheless, the game's popularity has been increasing over the recent years, and definitely at the World Series of Poker.

With interest in the game on the rise, many players are beginning to learn limit 2-7 triple draw, while others are looking to expand on their knowledge. Justin Bonomo is certainly someone worth listening to when it comes to 2-7 triple draw strategy, and PokerNews recently interviewed him about the topic.

You check out Bonomo's strategy discussion by clicking here.

06/07/14 02:33:34 PM PST
Steury Hits Draw to Chop and Stay Alive

Tom Franklin won a good sized pot against David Bell with a       and on the next hand would get Aaron Steury all in drawing to a five or six as Franklin had       and Steury was drawing one with     . He squeezed his card and said proudly "chop" as he turned over a  . He joked afterwards about how he should have tripled up but given the circumstances is happy to still be alive.

Tom Franklin550,00084,000
David Bell425,000-71,000
Vladimir Shchemelev140,000-60,000
Aaron Steury50,000-25,000
06/07/14 02:27:28 PM PST
David Gee Eliminated in 6th Place ($16,170)

David Gee - 6th Place

Todd Bui opened from late position, Captain Tom Franklin called from the button, and David Gee called from the big blind. Gee drew two, Bui drew one, and Captian Tom swapped two. Gee lead out, Bui raised, Captain Tom called, and Gee called putting himself all in.

Gee stood pat and both Bui and Franklin drew one. Bui and Franklin checked, Gee stood pat, and Bui and Franklin again drew one each. Bui lead out, Franklin called, and Bui announced "number three" turning over      . Franklin and Gee both mucked and Gee was knocked out in sixth place.

Todd Bui360,00093,000
David Gee0-111,000
06/07/14 02:15:27 PM PST
Level 22 started
Level: 22 Blinds: 12000/24000 Ante: 0
06/07/14 02:13:04 PM PST
Steury Getting Short

Aaron Steury finds himself in the danger zone after losing a pot to Vladimir Shchemelev where Shchemelev raised first to act and then bet all three streets. Steury called the first two streets but would fold to the last bet.

Vladimir Shchemelev200,00058,000
Aaron Steury75,000-70,000
06/07/14 02:05:25 PM PST
Shchemelev Ships a Pot

Vladimir Shchemelev

Vladimir Shchemelev opened from the button and David Gee called in the small blind. Gee swapped two and Shchemelev stood pat. Gee check-called bets from Shchemelev on the next two draws, taking one card each time. Both players checked down the final draw and Shchemelev showed       to take the pot.

Vladimir Shchemelev142,00060,000
06/07/14 01:53:53 PM PST
Cards Back in the Air

After a brief break to do chip counts and player introductions for the official final table, cards are now back in the air.

06/07/14 01:52:22 PM PST
Official Final Table Chip Counts
SeatNameChip Count
1David Bell496,000
2Todd Bui267,000
3Tom Franklin466,000
4Vladimir Shchemelev82,000
5David Gee111,000
6Aaron Steury145,000
David Bell496,000-154,000
Tom Franklin466,000111,000
Todd Bui267,000107,000
Aaron Steury145,00065,000
David Gee111,000-15,000
Vladimir Shchemelev82,000-35,000
06/07/14 01:45:47 PM PST
Kevin Iacofano Eliminated in 7th Place ($11,698)

Kevin Iacofano

Todd Bui raised and Kevin Iacofano three-bet it. Bui called. Iacofano drew one and Bui two. Iacofano bet and Bui raised. Iacofano made it three bets and Bui called. Both players stood pat and Iacofano bet and got a call from Bui. They against stood pat and Iacofano bet his last 10,000 and Bui called.

Iacofano turned over a monster with       but Bui had him beat with his      . An understandably frustrated Iacofano stormed off, slamming his backpack down onto the ground. We're now at our official final table of six. Chip counts will be posted shortly.

Kevin Iacofano0-264,000
06/07/14 01:36:18 PM PST
Bell Versus Bui

David Bell

David Bell opened from early position and Todd Bui called from the cutoff. Both players drew two, Bell bet, and Bui called. Bell drew one this round and Bui swapped two again. Bell lead out again and Bui called. Bell stood pat on the final draw and Bui drew one. Both players checked it down and Bell turned over       and Bui mucked.

David Bell650,000224,000
Todd Bui160,000-145,000
06/07/14 01:19:24 PM PST
Bui Chipping Up

Todd Bui raised from the small blind and Tom Franklin called. Bui drew two, and Franklin three. Bui bet and was called by Franklin. They both drew one and Bui bet again. Franklin called. Bui tapped the table, standing pat and Frankin drew one. Bui bet a third time and Franklin mucked face up showing a queen. Bui slid his cards to the dealer and dragged in the pot.

Tom Franklin355,000-81,000
Todd Bui305,000201,000
06/07/14 01:15:15 PM PST
Final Table Redraw
1Kevin Iacofano
2David Bell
3Todd Bui
4Tom Franklin
5Vladimir Shchemelev
6David Gee
7Aaron Steury
06/07/14 01:11:54 PM PST
Ismael Bojang Eliminated in 8th Place ($11,698)

Ismael Bojang

Ismael Bojang came into play today with less than one big bet. In the second hand of the day, Bojang was in the big blind, Todd Bui raised from under the gun, and Bojang called to put his tournament life on the line.

In the first draw, both players drew two cards. In the second draw, Bojang drew two and Bui swapped one. In the third draw both players drew one. Bui tabled       to give Bojang a sweat, and Bojang flipped over his four held cards,     . Bojang needed an eight, but the   he received on his last draw was no help and he exited in 8th place.

Ismael Bojang0-14,000
06/07/14 01:00:20 PM PST
Level 21 started
Level: 21 Blinds: 10000/20000 Ante: 0
06/07/14 12:30:51 PM PST
Final Eight Set to Resume Play in Event #16

Tom Franklin

Captain Tom Franklin and seven others are set to get back into action here at the 2014 WSOP in Event #16: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball. Franklin, a WSOP bracelet winner, will enter action with the chip lead after bagging 436,000 in chips. David Bell is not far behind with 426,000.

Others in the hunt for the bracelet are Vladimir Shchemelev (117,000), Todd Bui (104,000), Kevin Iacofano(264,000), Aaron Steury (80,000), and David Gee (126,000). Ismael Bojan will come in with only 14,000 which is less than the limits and will need to do some work if he's going to not be the first player eliminated

Play will start in approximately thirty minutes. PokerNews will be here until a winner is crowned. Follow along for continual updates on all the action.Join us on Saturday for Day 3 action where we will crown a champion.

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