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2014 45th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, June 04, 2014 to Friday, June 06, 2014

Event #14: $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $1,398,600
  • Entries: 1,036
  • Remaining: 0
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06/07/14 06:23:43 PM PST
Series of Big Hands

We had a series of big hands go down in back-to-back-to-back hands. In the first hand, Greg Raymer would get crippled down to 120,000 when he would call Calen McNeil's pre-flop four-bet and then fold on the river on a       board.

The next hand would see McNeil crippled Steve Chanthabouasy when he would hit a wheel on a       board with his      to scoop the pot. Chanthabouasy would show     .

Chanthabouasy would double up the next hand against Alex Luneau with      against Lunea's      on a       board to give him a Broadway straight.

Calen McNeil1,375,000380,000
Alex Luneau725,000-125,000
Steve Chanthabouasy240,000-130,000
Greg Raymer120,000-155,000
06/07/14 06:17:44 PM PST
McNeil Scoops Kost in Three-Bet Pot

Nick Kost opened for a raise in the cutoff and got three-bet by Calen McNeil on the button. Kost check-called the first two streets before it went check-check on the river as the board read      .


McNeil took high with two pair and low with a live six.

Calen McNeil995,000195,000
Nick Kost600,000-115,000
06/07/14 06:03:05 PM PST
Lunea Scoops Coats

Adam Coats limped from early position, Alex Luneau raised and it was folded back to Coats who made the call. The flop came     and Coats check-called a bet from Luneau. He would do the same on the   turn and the   river and would muck his hand when Luneau turned over      for two pair, kings and fours, and the nut low.

Alex Luneau850,000145,000
Adam Coats290,000-267,000
06/07/14 05:58:48 PM PST
Konstantin Puchkov Eliminated in 9th Place ($20,181)

Konstantin Puchkov - 9th Place

Greg Raymer raised on the button, and Konstantin Puchkov defended his big blind. Puchkov check-raised the     flop, and Raymer called. The   turned, and Puchkov bet 32,000, everything he had. Raymer called off for 2,000 less.


Raymer's two pair was ahead, and the   river gave him better aces up than his opponent. Nobody had a low.

The next hand Puchkov was all in from the small blind. Calen McNeil and Kal Raichura saw the     flop for three bets, and McNeil check-called. McNeil check-raised the   turn, forcing Raichura to fold.

He showed      for a bluff to take the side pot, and Puchkov was a favorite to survive with     . The   river gave McNeil broadway though, and Puchkov was the first to exit the official final table.

Kal Raichura1,200,000-100,000
Calen McNeil800,000130,000
Greg Raymer275,000130,000
Konstantin Puchkov0-130,000
06/07/14 05:46:17 PM PST
Chanthabouasy Doubles Through Puchkov

Konstantin Puchkov raised pre-flop and Steve Chanthabouasy made the call. The flop came     and Puchkov bet. Chanthabouasy made the call. The turn was the   and Puchkov would check-call Chanthabouasy's bet. The river was the   and Puchkov would check-call Chanthabouasy's all in bet of 43,000.

Chanthabouasy      for aces up with a live four was good enough to take the entire pot as Puchkow had     .

Steve Chanthabouasy370,000130,000
Konstantin Puchkov130,000-170,000
06/07/14 05:39:12 PM PST
Another Sweeper for Raichura

Kal Raichura raised and got three-bet by Konstantin Puchkov. He called, then check-raised the     flop. Puchkov called, and he also called the   turn and   river.

Raichura showed      for a turned full house.

Kal Raichura1,300,000375,000
Konstantin Puchkov300,000-109,000
06/07/14 05:35:35 PM PST
Kost Scoops a Big One

Nick Kost limped in as did Greg Raymer and Jim Bucci. Alex Luneau checked his option in the big blind. The flop came     and Luneau bet and was called by Kost and Raymer. The turn was the   and the action was the same with Luneau betting and Kost and Raymer calling. The river was the   putting three spades on the board and this time Luneau checked. Kost bet, Raymer folded, and Luneau made the call.

Kost turned over      for the nut spade flush. Luneau showed a king high flush which was 2nd best. Kost moves above the 700,000 chip mark while Raymer is now riding the short stack with less than 150,000.

Nick Kost715,000415,000
Alex Luneau705,000-207,000
Greg Raymer145,000-95,000
06/07/14 05:22:57 PM PST
Bucci Rivers "Only Card"

Jim Bucci bet a     flop against Greg Raymer, who made the call. On the   turn, Bucci check-called, and both players checked the  .

Bucci showed      for trips.

"That was literally the only card in the deck where you get the high," Raymer said as he mucked his hand.

Jim Bucci400,000123,000
Greg Raymer240,000-220,000
06/07/14 05:20:33 PM PST
Nick Kost Doubles Through Kal Raichura

Kal Raichura opened the action for a raise and Nick Kost three-bet. Ralchura called and led out on the     flop. Kost raised, leaving himself with 13,000 and Ralchura called. The turn was the   and Ralchura bet out. Kost called and was all in for his tournament life with      against Ralchura's     . The river was the   and with no low hitting, Kost's pair of tens was enough to scoop the entire pot.

Kal Raichura925,000-275,000
Nick Kost300,000107,000
06/07/14 05:04:35 PM PST
Raichura Scoops Chanthabouasy

Four players saw a     for the minimum, and Kal Raichura check-raised a bet from Steve Chanthabouasy. Everyone else was out, and Chanthabouasy called. Raichura kept betting the   and  , and Chanthabouasy looked him up.

Raichura showed      for the nut low and a small flush, and Chanthabouasy mucked.

Kal Raichura1,200,000171,000
Steve Chanthabouasy240,000-167,000
06/07/14 05:01:39 PM PST
Raymer Continues to Roll

Greg Raymer raised from early position and Jim Bucci called from middle position. Calen McNeil raised from the big blind and Raymer and Bucci both called.

The flop came     and McNeil led out with a bet and was called by Raymer and Bucci. The turn was the   and McNeil checked. Raymer bet, Bucci folded, and McNeil called.

The river was the   and McNeil led out. Raymer called and McNeil said "good call, I was bluffing." Raymer turned over      for five and deuces with a seven low. McNeil mucked and Raymer said "that was a crying call." Raymer has gone from under 100,000 to near half a million in the first ten minutes of the final table.

Calen McNeil670,000-129,000
Greg Raymer460,000245,000
06/07/14 05:01:03 PM PST
One Hour Until Tonight's WSOP.com Online Championship Series Event Begins!

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Tuesday, June 37 p.m.Pot-Limit Omaha Freezeout$109$10,000
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Thursday, June 55 p.m.No-Limit Hold 'Em Freezeout$109$10,000
Friday, June 67 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$55$5,000
Saturday, June 73 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em — 6-Max Rebuy & Add On$109$20,000
Sunday, June 83 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy & Add On$530$100,000
Monday, June 97 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy & Add On$55$10,000
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Friday, June 137 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em — 6-Max Reentry$109$20,000
Saturday, June 143 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy & Add On$215$50,000
Sunday, June 153 p.m.No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Reentry$215$200,000

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06/07/14 04:53:46 PM PST
Raymer Quarters Puchkov

Greg Raymer raised and got calls from Konstantin Puchkov (late position), Jim Bucci (button), and Alex Luneau (big blind). Action checked to Puchkov on the     flop, and he bet. Raymer was the only caller, and a   prompted two checks. On the   river, Raymer moved in for 37,000 and was called.

Raymer showed      for a straight and the nut low, good for three-quarters against Puchkov's     .

Greg Raymer215,000133,000
06/07/14 04:42:49 PM PST
Back in Action

Introductions have been made and play has resumed. There are 13 minutes left in this level.

06/07/14 04:34:59 PM PST
Big Wheel McNeil Rolls Back to $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi-Low Final Table

Calen McNeil

On the one hand, it seemed unlikely. Down to less than four big bets to start Day 2 of this event, it didn't appear as though Calen "Big Wheel" McNeil would be around for long yesterday, let alone make it to today's final table with one of the bigger stacks among the final nine. But he's made it, and thus the defense of his $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi-Low title from a year ago continues.

Then again, knowing McNeil's even-keeled approach to the game, the comeback perhaps seems less surprising.

A few months back McNeil sat down with Josh Cahlik for an extended interview for Learn.PokerNews in which McNeil focused on the topic of keeping one's ego in check at the tables. In the interview McNeil conveys some worthwhile advice about being confident without letting ego get the best of you at the table. He also has some good things to say about conveying respect to others at the table, including sharing a wonderful story about a World Series of Poker Circuit event he played this year in which he finished runner-up to a recreational player — and couldn't have been happier for the fellow who won.

Check out what McNeil had to say in "Professional Opinions: Checking Ego at the Door with Calen McNeil."

06/07/14 04:29:16 PM PST
Official Final Table
1Jim Bucci277,000
2Adam Coats557,000
3Alex Luneau912,000
4Nick Kost193,000
5Calen McNeil799,000
6Greg Raymer82,000
7Kal Raichura1,029,000
8Konstantin Puchkov409,000
9Steve Chanthabouasy407,000
Kal Raichura1,029,000329,000
Alex Luneau912,000-3,000
Calen McNeil799,00039,000
Adam Coats557,000-23,000
Konstantin Puchkov409,000-1,000
Steve Chanthabouasy407,000-24,000
Jim Bucci277,00047,000
Nick Kost193,000-7,000
Greg Raymer82,000-23,000
06/07/14 04:25:19 PM PST
Michael Stewart Eliminated in 10th Place ($15,972)

Michael Stewart

Jim Bucci limped in early position, Michael Stewart raised leaving himself 13,000 behind. Steve Chanthabouasy called and then Bucci three-bet it. Stewart called and was all in and Chanthabouasy called as well.

The flop came     and Chanthabouasy check-called a bet from Bucci. He did the same on the   turn. On the   river he would check-raise Bucci's bet and Bucci would call. The hands were turned over as Stewart started to sing "some guys have all the luck":

Chanthabouasy:      — a six-high straight
Bucci:      — the nut low

Stewart's      caught neither end of the pot and he was eliminated. He smiled and said to the rest of the table "I know you all enjoyed playing with me. Old man gone."

Michael Stewart0-225,000
06/07/14 04:17:14 PM PST
Puchkov Scoops Luneau

Konstantin Puchkov defended his big blind from an Alex Luneau raise, and he check-called the     flop. On the   turn, both players checked, and the   hit the river. Puchkov bet, and Luneau thought briefly before calling.

Puchkov showed      for the nut low with aces, and that was a scooper.

Alex Luneau915,000125,000
Konstantin Puchkov410,000163,000
06/07/14 04:09:09 PM PST
PokerNews Podcast Episode #222: National Doughnut Day feat. Bryan Campanello

Bryan Campanello

Jason, Donnie, and Rich celebrate National Doughnut Day and talk about final table railing, vuvuzelas, the recent bracelet winners, and more. They are then joined by RunGood Team Pro and WSOP bracelet winner Bryan Campanello to talk Texas high school football, grinding the live circuit, and more.

You can subscribe to the entire iBus Media Network on iTunes here, or you can access the RSS feed here. The PokerNews family of podcasts is now available on Stitcher.

06/07/14 03:59:37 PM PST

With the elimination of Joe Phaphon, players are redrawing for the unofficial final table.

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