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2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker

Saturday, July 07, 2012 to Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Event #61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,031,385
  • Entries: 6,598
  • Remaining: 0
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07/14/12 06:03:26 PM PDT
Updated Chip Counts at the Dinner Break
Kyle Keranen5,662,0000
Robert Salaburu5,401,0000
Elisabeth Hille4,075,000675,000
Gaelle Baumann4,034,0000
Charles Coultas3,925,000525,000
Erik Hellman3,910,000-1,000
Paul Volpe3,866,0000
David Kluchman3,436,0001,336,000
Jesse Sylvia3,300,000100,000
Daniel Strelitz3,125,0001,175,000
Eric Buchman3,100,000900,000
Fabrizio Gonzalez3,049,00049,000
Joseph Cheong3,030,000-70,000
Dung Nguyen2,870,000920,000
Nicco Maag2,810,000710,000
Michael Esposito2,739,000239,000
Jean Malherbe2,710,000310,000
Jacob Balsiger2,700,000-100,000
Wilfried Haerig2,620,000-540,000
Marcia Topp2,590,00010,000
Lawrie Gibson2,580,000430,000
Roman Valerstein2,520,000470,000
Alban Juen2,460,000500,000
Taylor Paur2,440,000660,000
Manos Foudoulakis2,382,0001,039,000
Scott Anderson2,320,0001,595,000
David Peters (CA)2,314,000134,000
Leo Wolpert2,236,000336,000
Tristan Clemencon2,220,000530,000
Amit Zulkowitz2,200,0000
Vanessa Selbst2,097,0000
Andras Koroknai1,952,000172,000
Michael Gable1,920,0001,220,000
Erik Cajelais1,895,000-305,000
Mazin Khoury1,841,000-459,000
Timothy Adams1,840,000540,000
Mohammad Siddiqui1,780,0001,035,000
Percy Mahatan1,760,0001,332,000
Jan Heitmann1,728,000278,000
Jamie Robbins1,710,00010,000
David Warady1,668,0001,217,000
Kyle Bowker1,651,0000
Omar Saeed1,633,000-119,000
Scott Abrams1,540,000100,000
Tomas Samol1,520,00080,000
David Funkhouser1,500,000300,000
David ODB Baker1,487,000-563,000
Felipe Quijano1,480,000-100,000
Webber Kang1,460,000-240,000
Jordi Martinezalonso1,440,000310,000
Balint Barta1,426,0001,173,000
Isaac Baron1,385,00015,000
Shahriar Assareh1,350,000-350,000
Kirill Rabtsov1,341,0000
Stephane Bisson1,304,000-196,000
Tony Lay1,254,000-396,000
Andrew Flaherty1,211,000-29,000
Fabio Sousa1,190,000140,000
Russell Thomas1,187,000637,000
Amit Makhija1,170,000170,000
Gwennael Grandmougin1,164,00024,000
Eric Pratt1,145,000170,000
Sam Soverel1,130,000-130,000
Josh Neufeld1,120,000180,000
Nicholas Cushman1,113,000146,000
Helge Stjernvang1,110,000435,000
Mesbah Guerfi1,107,000-13,000
Yuval Bronshtein1,100,000250,000
Marc Ladouceur1,080,000-45,000
John Beauprez1,076,000758,000
Amnon Filippi1,075,00050,000
Marcel Luske1,020,00060,000
Jonathan Schoder987,000187,000
Francois Safieddine955,000-595,000
Richard Pyne940,000-635,000
Paul Siem937,000-98,000
Mihai Manole884,000254,000
Max Ovseyevitz883,000-52,000
Zsolt Vizsnyiczai865,000-1,185,000
Steve Merrifield860,000230,000
Casey Yontz858,000390,000
Jason Somerville854,000-1,000
Nicolau Villa Lobos848,000148,000
Ben Greenberg830,000-670,000
Alfred Firova825,000279,000
Gregory Milliron820,000-410,000
Susie Zhao816,000-44,000
David Balkin810,000-105,000
Jordan Batt809,000-71,000
Takashi Ogura792,000172,000
Steven Gee775,000-115,000
Timothy Chang759,000424,000
Lasell King758,00013,000
Ricky Markowitz728,00043,000
Frederick Vogt708,000168,000
David Randall689,000-791,000
Jeremy Ausmus687,00048,000
Gavin Smith685,000-645,000
Jonathan Seelbach643,000-2,000
Andrew Dean634,000111,000
Niels van Alphen627,000-403,000
Bobby Law623,00073,000
John Roh623,000213,000
Daniel Deveau613,000392,000
Sam Holden595,000-50,000
Dave D'Alesandro587,000-913,000
Eric Legoff574,000-626,000
Michael Moreno573,000-42,000
Chanracy Khun573,000173,000
Frank Calo573,000-73,000
Bobby Poe565,000336,000
Mark Clement557,00097,000
Francis Witek542,000-55,000
Kevin Pollak540,000-78,000
Lasse Soerensen538,000-142,000
Danny Wong536,000351,000
Mark Cole510,000182,000
Antonio Garcia493,000233,000
A.J. Jejelowo485,000-715,000
Vladimir Mefodichev483,000-167,000
Aaron Kaiser465,000165,000
Klaus Pautrot455,000-190,000
Robert Buckenmayer450,000-177,000
Bruno Kawauti437,000184,000
Sachin Modi430,000-20,000
William Hefflefinger400,000-209,000
Michael Swimelar398,000-320,000
Raphael Ayani379,000-401,000
Timothy Kilpatrick334,00026,000
Adel Jo308,000-57,000
Roland Israelashvili307,000-458,000
John Duley293,000-10,000
Rodrick Kennedy234,000-394,000
Nico Behling206,000-169,000
Greg Merson108,0008,000
07/14/12 04:45:42 PM PDT
Ding Ding Dinner Time

Level 22 is in the books, and the 139 remaining players are now on a 90-minute dinner break.

During the last two levels, we lost Daniel Negreanu, Andrew Moreno, Perry Green, and Jarrett Nash's stack finally blinded out.

Kyle Keranen leads the way thanks to a couple of massive pots, but Paul Volpe, Gaelle Baumann, and Erik Hellman are on biting at his heels.

We're off to count the stacks, grab some grub and we'll see you back here in 90 minutes!

07/14/12 04:44:47 PM PDT
Salaburu Hits About Five Million

Picking up the action after a     flop, Brian Lamanna got his stack of about 540,000 into the middle with    against the    of Robert Salaburu. The   turn changed nothing, but the   hit the river to give Salaburu a nine-high straight to score the elimination.

Robert Salaburu5,300,000800,000
Brian Lamanna0-750,000
07/14/12 04:44:04 PM PDT
Rabtsov Doubles Through Bowker...Again

Just thirty minutes ago, Kirill Rabtsov doubled through Kyle Bowker when he caught a pair of aces on the turn to best Bowker's flopped queens. Well he has just doubled through Bowker again to double up to over 1.3 million.

Action started with Bowker raising to 45,000 in the cutoff. Rabtsov made it 125,000 to go from the small blind, and it got back around to Bowker. He moved all in for 660,000 effective, and Rabtsov made the call.


Rabtsov was in the lead, but he would need to win a race to double up. The board stayed true for him, as it ran out      . Rabtsov doubled up to 1.341 million, while Bowker, drops down to 1.651 million on the last hand before dinner.

Kyle Bowker1,651,000-697,000
Kirill Rabtsov1,341,000650,000
07/14/12 04:42:41 PM PDT
Keranen Keeping On

Kyle Keranen

Tony Lay opened with a raise to 75,000 and it folded around to Kyle Keranen in the small blind who called. The big blind folded, and the flop came    . Keranen plucked 130,000 from his mountainous stack and tossed the chips forward. and Lay quickly called.

The turn brought the   and another bet from Keranen, this time for 180,000. Lay thought a moment, then let his hand go.

Keranen continues to pressure his table, playing most hands (from all positions) and accumulating chips to increase his currently leading stack.

Kyle Keranen5,575,000535,000
07/14/12 04:40:41 PM PDT
Pre-Dinner Eliminations

For exact places of finish, please refer to our payouts page.

Chance Kornuth00
Ruggeri Marco0-245,000
Christopher Andler0-540,000
Daniel Negreanu0-252,000
Patrick Halter00
Matt Marafioti0-772,000
Sorel Mizzi00
Perry Green00
Stephane Blouin0-780,000
Niall Farrell00
07/14/12 04:35:04 PM PDT
Gonzalez Doubles; Merson Crippled

We didn't catch all the action but we just saw Fabrizio Gonzalez being pushed a huge pot courtesy of Greg Merson. The former had    laid out in front of him on a       board, while the latter held   . It was an action flop, so we're guessing that's when the chip went in.

After all was said and done, Gonzalez had doubled to 3 million while Meson was left with just 50,000. Merson went on to double the very next hand, but he is still on an extremely short stack.

Fabrizio Gonzalez3,000,0001,550,000
Greg Merson100,000-1,500,000
07/14/12 04:34:41 PM PDT
Ayani Finds a Double

Raphael Ayani was all in for 219,000 holding two red jacks, and Casey Yontz had him at risk holding   .

The board ran out      , and Ayani doubled to 468,000.

Raphael Ayani780,000316,000
Casey Yontz468,000-202,000
07/14/12 04:31:22 PM PDT
Updated Chip Counts
Amit Makhija1,000,000-200,000
Marcel Luske960,000368,000
Brian Lamanna750,000-230,000
Sam Holden645,000-295,000
07/14/12 04:26:53 PM PDT
Robbins Busts Phan

We caught up to see a short-stacked John Phan all in for his last 31,000. Phan held    against Jamie Robbins'   .

The flop brought     and the turn the  .

"One time, queen of hearts!" said Phan while looking at the board.

Unfortunately for Phan, the deck refused to oblige, and the   dropped down on fifth street. Phan was forced to hit the rail while Robbins increased his stack to about 1,700,000.

Jamie Robbins1,700,000400,000
John Phan0-1,250,000
07/14/12 04:26:40 PM PDT
Updated Featured Table Counts
Kyle Bowker2,348,000-52,000
Omar Saeed1,752,000-31,000
Gwennael Grandmougin1,140,000-180,000
Susie Zhao860,000-60,000
Kirill Rabtsov691,000185,000
Ricky Markowitz685,00097,000
Jeremy Ausmus639,000-226,000
Kevin Pollak618,00096,000
07/14/12 04:26:07 PM PDT
Green Makes His Exit

Perry Green

Perry Green has just been eliminated.

In what would be Green's last hand, Danny Wong raised to 44,000 from the button and Green flatted from the small blind. Jacob Balsiger also called from the big blind for a three-way pot.

All three players checked the     flop, however, Green pushed all in for his last 300,000 when the   landed on the turn. Balsiger announced, "Call," to put Green at risk and Wong got out of the way.

Green:    for a pair of jacks.
Balsiger:    for two-pair.

Green was drawing live, however, the   river bricked out for him and he was sent to the rail.

The 76-year-old, who has three World Series of Poker hold bracelets and is famously known for losing out to Stu Ungar heads-up in the 1981 Main Event, will take home $52,718 for his efforts.

Balsiger is up to 2.8 million.

Jacob Balsiger2,800,000640,000
Perry Green0-400,000
07/14/12 04:25:46 PM PDT
Coultas Crosses 3 Million

When we reached Table 416, the board was      . Charles Coultas was first to act, and he slid out 280,000. Mathias Maasberg, tanked for a very long time, then called.

Coultas tabled    for a flush, Maasberg mucked, and Coultas is over 3 million chips.

Charles Coultas3,400,000450,000
Mathias Maasberg140,000-750,000
07/14/12 04:21:14 PM PDT
Kluchman Over Three Million

After a sizable pot, David Kluchman has become the next player to increase his stack over three million in chips.

We missed the amounts on the the flop, but can confirm that on a flop of    , Kluchman checked and Farrell bet out. Kluchman raised and Farrell flat called.

The   dropped on the turn and Kluchman led out. Farrell shipped all in for about 1,360,000 and Kluchman called. Farrell showed    for a pair of eights and was behind Kluchman's two pair with   . The river bricked out for Farrell with the   and he was sent to the rail.

Kluchman is now sitting on 3,600,000.

David Kluchman3,600,000900,000
Niall Farrell0-1,020,000
07/14/12 04:19:30 PM PDT
River Put Topp on Top

Patrick Halter was all in preflop for 250,000 with    and behind the    of Marcia Topp. The     flop was kind to Halter as it paired his ten to give him the lead, while the   turn kept him there.

Unfortunately for him, there was one card to come and the   spiked on the river to give Topp Broadway. With that, Halter was eliminated from the tournament.

Marcia Topp2,580,000680,000
Patrick Halter0-235,000
07/14/12 04:15:30 PM PDT
Rabtsov Doubles Through Bowker

Action started with Kyle Bowker raising to 40,000 from the button. It folded to Kirill Rabtsov in the big blind, and he moved all in for 202,000. Bowker made the call, and the cards were tabled.


Bowker hit the flop hard, as it came down    . This gave Bowker top pair with a straight draw, and Rabtsov would need to catch an ace to survive. He did just that when the   hit the turn, and now Bowker was looking for a queen, ten, or nine to take the lead again. He didn't catch it though, as the   rolled off on the river.

Bowker is doing fine at 2.4 million, while Rabtsov doubles to 506,000.

Kyle Bowker2,400,00037,000
Kirill Rabtsov506,000217,000
07/14/12 04:14:31 PM PDT
De la Racing

Julio de la Rosa was all in for his last 156,000 chips holding   . Mihai Manole had him at risk with   , and after a brief pause for the camera crew, the flop fell    . De la Rosa remained ahead as the turn and river came  ,  , doubling him to over 300,000 chips.

Mihai Manole630,000-170,000
Julio de la Rosa320,000120,000
07/14/12 04:10:34 PM PDT
Ovseyevitz Doubles Through Quijano

Marc Ladouceur raised to 42,000 from under the gun and Felipe Quijano called from one seat over. It folded all of the way around to Max Ovseyevitz in the big blind who pushed all in for 453,000 total. Ladouceur quickly folded, and after about a minute of thought Quijano called.

Ovseyevitz turned over his   , and Quijano shook his head at the sight of his opponents cards as he showed his   . The flop came    , extending Ovseyevitz's lead even further, and by the   turn the hand had been decided.

Felipe Quijano1,580,000-340,000
Max Ovseyevitz935,000485,000
07/14/12 04:06:20 PM PDT
Kornuth KOed

Just a few hands after losing Daniel Negreanu, we have lost another notable at the table: Chance Kornuth. He moved all in for 250,000, and it folded to Ricky Markowitz, who moved all in for a little more, 287,000 total. Everyone else folded, and we had a classic race on our hands.


The flop brought little help for Kornuth, coming down    . He was still looking for a king or a queen, and while he didn't get it on the turn, the   did bring him straight outs. Kornuth would need an ace, king, queen, or nine on the river, but the   came instead.

Kornuth heads to the rail, while Markowitz is up to 588,000.

Ricky Markowitz588,00086,000
Chance Kornuth0-224,000
07/14/12 04:02:48 PM PDT
Keep Diggin' Watson

When we reached the table,    was laying in front of Cylus Watson, and the board read      . Watson was raking in a massive pot after a three-way all in, where Steve Merrifield had ace-king, and John O'Shea, who had already left, evidently had   .

Watson increased his stack to 1.65 million, while Merrifield sunk to 630,000, and O'Shea is out.

Cylus Watson1,650,000275,000
Steve Merrifield630,000-188,000
John O'Shea0-312,000

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