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2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 to Friday, June 22, 2012

Event #38: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $3,420,900
  • Entries: 2,534
  • Remaining: 0
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06/22/12 05:17:41 PM PST
Five-Handed Counts
Dung Nguyen6,400,000150,000
Blair Hinkle1,900,000400,000
Bahman Jahanguiri1,200,000200,000
Theo Tran1,200,000-700,000
David Pham550,0000
06/22/12 05:12:17 PM PST
Hinkle Takes Small One

Blair Hinkle opened it up to 100,000 from under the gun and only Theo tran would call out of the big blind. Both players would check on the     flop and the   turn would land on the felt.

Hinkle fired back up here, betting 110,000 when Tran checked to him. That was too strong for Tran as he sent the pot to Hinkle.

06/22/12 05:06:51 PM PST
Level 27 started
Level: 27 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000
06/22/12 04:59:38 PM PST
Nguyen Marching Ahead

Dung Nguyen now has more than half the chips in play here at the final table. He recently eliminated Kristijonas Andrulis in 7th place and has now taken down another nice pot.

The hand in question started when Daivd Pham opened to 85,000. Nguyen then called and it was on Blair Hinkle in the big blind. He opted to three-bet to 280,000 and Pham got out of the way. Nguyen opted to call and the dealer would ready three cards.


On the flop, Hinkle led for 240,000 and Nguyen quickly popped it to 700,000. That was too much for Hinkle as Nguyen raked in the chips.

Dung Nguyen6,250,000750,000
06/22/12 04:54:29 PM PST
Kristijonas Andrulis Eliminated in 6th Place ($103,995)

Kristijonas Andrulis - 6th Place

Folded to Dung Nguyen on the button, he would flick in a raise to 100,000. Kristijonas then three-bet shoved his small stack and it was back on Nguyen. He made a quick call and the two players turned their hands over.


The cards one the board needed to change something or we would be losing our sixth-place finisher. Unfortunately for Kristijonas, the       board was of no help and was eliminated with a $103,995 payday.

Kristijonas Andrulis0-400,000
06/22/12 04:46:26 PM PST
Slow Times

Three of the last few hands haven't seen any flop action, with a raise taking down the blinds and antes. Bahman Jahanguiri was recently all-in preflop, but got no competition and took down some chips to stay alive.

06/22/12 04:41:56 PM PST
Hinkle's Rail

Blair Hinkle's rail is getting pretty excited. And when we say "rail", we really mean one rowdy friend. Every time Hinkle rakes in a pot, no matter how small, his rail of one screams, "Oh yeah!" and does a weird little dance. We can't even imagine what will happen if Hinkle manages to win this event.

06/22/12 04:33:51 PM PST
Zachary Korik Eliminated in 7th Place ($77,791)

Zachary Korik - 7th Place

Zachary Korik had his short stack all-in preflop holding    against the    of Blair Hinkle. By the time the queen on the turn of a       board had been dealt, it was all over for Korik in seventh place.

With that, we are down to six players and each remaining player is guaranteed a six-figure payday.

Blair Hinkle1,500,000300,000
Zachary Korik0-400,000
06/22/12 04:26:29 PM PST
Count Update
Dung Nguyen5,500,000500,000
Theo Tran1,900,000-10,000
Blair Hinkle1,200,000150,000
Bahman Jahanguiri1,000,000130,000
David Pham550,000-550,000
Zachary Korik400,000-180,000
Kristijonas Andrulis400,000-895,000
06/22/12 04:18:51 PM PST
Hinkle Snags a Double

Blair Hinkle just got his remaining chips in the middle of the felt during a hand with Dung Nguyen.

In the hand, Nguyen and Hinkle took to a     felt and it was at this point that Hinkle got his stack all in. Henklie held    and Nguyen held   . Hinkle was already in front, but the   turn sealed the deal as the meaningless river changed nothing and Hinkle took down the double.

Blair Hinkle1,050,000725,000
06/22/12 04:12:29 PM PST
Back From Break

The players are back from their break and ready to play some more poker. Six more eliminations and we will have our champion.

06/22/12 04:11:21 PM PST
Level 26 started
Level: 26 Blinds: 20000/40000 Ante: 5000
06/22/12 03:50:07 PM PST
Break Time

The remaining seven players have been sent on a 20-minute break.

06/22/12 03:46:55 PM PST
Jeffrey Manza Eliminated in 8th Place ($58,874)

Jeffrey Manza - 8th Place

The last hand of Jeffrey Manza's tournament played out over several minutes and this is how it went down. Dung Nguyen opened it up to 70,000 preflop and Jeffrey Manza three-bet in the small blind. Nguyen contemplated the call as Manza said, "You know, folding is an option." Not for Nguyen though, as he made the call and the dealer readied three cards.


Manza led for 150,000 here and Nguyen raised it to 350,000. Manza then made it 550,000 to go. As Nguyen thought what to do, Manza said, "Are you going to double me up?" Nguyen then moved all-in, putting Manza to a decision.

"If you weren't so bad i wouldn't even be thinking about calling," said Manza as he thought hard. Eventually he decided to make the call and was at risk with his    behind Nguyen's   . The turn and river changed nothing and it was all over in eighth place for Manza.

Jeffrey Manza0-1,735,000
06/22/12 03:34:54 PM PST
Tran and Pham

David Pham was under the gun when he opened up the pot to 75,000. Theo Tran called in the hijack and a     flop was dealt. Both players checked here and a   was dealt on the turn. Pham bet 90,000 and Tran called. The   river would see both players check Tran would table his   , enough to rake in the pot.

06/22/12 03:27:43 PM PST
Tyler Patterson Eliminated in 9th Place ($45,087)

Tyler Patterson - 9th Place

Tyler Patterson has become our ninth-place finisher, courtesy of David Pham. It was all-in preflop in the big blind for Patterson, with his three-bet shove getting a call from Pham in early position.

Patterson's    was in front of Pham's   , but it didn't stay that way as a       board was spread across the felt.

For his efforts, Patterson goes home with $45,087 and a second World Series of Poker final table on his resume.

David Pham1,100,00065,000
Tyler Patterson0-400,000
06/22/12 03:22:22 PM PST
Nguyen Staying Active

Dung Nguyen has just taken down his third pot in the first ten minutes of this final table, recently rumbling with David Pham yet again.

In this hand, Pham opened the pot to 76,000. Dung Nguyen called on the button and Theo Tran in the big blind also called. The     flop would see Tran check and Pham bet 125,000. Nguyen made the call and Tran got out of the way as a   landed on the turn. This time Pham would check and then fold to a bet of 155,000 from Nguyen.

06/22/12 03:17:16 PM PST
Dung Can't Be Stopped

Dung Nguyen has just raked in another pot. This time it was against Daivd Pham. The hand in question saw Pham open the cutoff to 75,000. Nguyen called in the small blind and a     flop was dealt.

Nguyen check-called a bet of 85,000 here and then both players checked the   turn. When the   completed the board on the river, Nguyen led for 115,000 and Pham folded, sending the pot to Nguyen.

Dung Nguyen3,700,000430,000
06/22/12 03:12:22 PM PST
Nguyen Takes First One

Dung Nguyen has just taken down the first hand of the official final table to see his chip lead increase ever so slightly. The hand was against Kristijonas Andrulis.

06/22/12 03:09:30 PM PST
Go Time

The players have been introduced and the cards are back in the air.

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