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2011 42nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, July 07, 2011 to Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Event #58: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $64,540,858
  • Entries: 6,865
  • Remaining: 0
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07/09/11 03:41:16 PM PDT
"You're All Playing for Second"

91 years young. Ellen Deeb

Jack Effel just took a moment to introduce a special player in the Main Event, who happens to be the oldest player registered in the 2011 Main Event. We're taking about 91-year old Ellen "Gram" Deeb. You might recognize the Ellen's last name, and in case you're wondering . . . yes, that is Shaun Deeb's grandmother. From what we understand, Deeb was sweet enough to buy his grandma's way into the Main Event, proving you're never too old to take a shot at poker's biggest title.

"You're all playing for second," Deeb joked when Effel asked if there was anything she'd like to add.

07/09/11 03:39:40 PM PDT
Schmid Doubles

We caught the action on the river with a board of       with a pot had already reached over 25,000. Mark Schmid, a 2011 WSOP Bracelet winner, was all in for his final 13,125 and his opponent was mulling over his decision. Eventually, he threw in the chips and Schmid tabled   . His opponent angrily showed    and mentioned that queen-ten was the only hand he was afraid of.

With that hand, Schmid has doubled to 52,000.

07/09/11 03:38:25 PM PDT
Rounded Wagering Apparatus Quantities
Shannon Shorr52,900-1,100
Shane Warne39,800-1,700
Brad Garrett39,2009,200
Jordan Morgan36,6003,600
Pramesh Bansi35,200-1,800
Tyler Bonkowski33,9002,200
Chris Moorman33,4008,900
Russell Carson33,300
Chris Bell32,8002,800
Steve Brecher32,0002,000
Humberto Brenes30,500-1,500
Eric Baldwin29,800800
Andrew Brown29,025-975
Justin Schwartz29,00010,000
Allen Kessler28,3002,800
Andrew Teng27,000
Zohair Karim25,800-1,700
Alain Roy25,600
Steven Gross24,000-6,000
Pascal Perrault22,000
David Steicke9,300-20,700
Thomas Middleton8,0001,300
07/09/11 03:38:22 PM PDT
A Trip Through the Tan Section

Not a great Level 2 thus far for Chris Moneymaker. Here are a few counts from the tables in Tan:

Pablo Santos Cobo53,0002,000
Silvio Crisari45,200-5,300
John Tabatabai43,0005,000
Sean Getzwiller37,50011,500
Andrew Robl34,0005,500
Bobbie Talbot32,5001,500
Leo Wolpert31,000-1,000
Michael Winnett25,5000
Grayson Ramage23,000500
Chris Moneymaker8,500-21,500
07/09/11 03:38:21 PM PDT
Skender Scores a Chopportunity

A player in middle position raised to 450 preflop and the hijack called before Skender re-raised to 1,300 from the big blind. The other two players called, then Skender bet 1,300 after the flop of    .

The middle position player called and the hijack folded, then Skender check-called the middle position's bet of 4,000 on the turn of the   before leading out for 11,500 on the river of the  . The middle position player went deep into the tank before making a crying call with   , but was relieved to see that Skender also held   !

Chop, choppity, chop chop chop!

Michael Skender35,0000
07/09/11 03:38:21 PM PDT
Romano Can Fold Jacks

Ray Romano can fold jacks.

Ray Romano opened to 600 from middle position and got a call from the cutoff and from the button. The flop came       and Romano led out for 800. The cutoff folded and the button raised to 2,000.

Romano thinks for a moment and then folds pocket jacks face up. The player on the button showed his cards as he was dragging the pot --    .

07/09/11 03:38:00 PM PDT
Nines Are Fine For Patterson

We picked up the action as Tyler Patterson checked to his opponent in middle position on a flop that read    ; the opponent opened for 2,100 and Patterson called before check-calling the player's bet of 4,725 on the turn of the  .

Patterson then check-called his opponent's bet of 7,200 after the river of the   and Patterson showed   . This was enough to see the opponent tap the table and muck his hand.

Tyler Patterson52,00020,600
07/09/11 03:32:30 PM PDT
She'll Say it in Braille?

The player in the hijack raised to 600 only to have the cutoff immediately re-raise to 1,650. When action got to Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck in the big blind she wanted to see how much the cutoff had in his stack and politely asked him to move his arms that were covering it, but found that he didn't speak English and didn't understand her request. A couple others at the table eventually got him to understand what she was asking and he obliged her request. After seeing how many chips he had Maridu called the 1,650 while the hijack got out of the way.

The flop came     and both players checked. When the   came on the turn Maridu tossed out a bet of 1,700 and the other player opted to fold. After the hand was over someone pointed out to Maridu that the player spoke Spanish so she quickly explained to him in Spanish what she had been asking him during the hand. It seemed Maridu just wanted to make sure he understood that she had harmless intentions in asking how many chips he had behind.

After the conversation ended another player joked, "Now you have to say it in French!" to which Maridu replied, "I'll say it in braille if I have to!" which elicited a bit of laughter from her tablemates.

Maria Mayrinck32,0003,200
07/09/11 03:32:18 PM PDT
Painter Pads His Stack

Our PokerNews field reporter picked up the action on the river between the player on the big blind and Jameson Painter in early position on a board that read      ; the big blind had checked to Painter who moved all-in for 12,725 into a 16,000 pot.

The big blind called and showed down   , but had run straight into Painter's flopped set as he held   . Painter is now up to more than 40,000 in chips.

Jameson Painter42,00019,400
07/09/11 03:31:40 PM PDT
1-2-3 Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel was stuck on about 20,000 for a while at the start of Level 2, but he's doing what he can to grab some momentum over on the main feature table.

Just now William Kassouf opened with a raise to 525 from early position and it folded to Duhamel on the button. He made it 1,375 to go, and Kassouf gave it up.

On the next hand Duhamel opened with a raise to 500 from the cutoff, and only Kassouf called from the big blind. Both checked the     flop and   turn. Kassouf checked again when the   fell on the river, Duhamel bet 650, and Kassouf let it go once more.

It was another raise-and-take hand for Duhamel the next time around as well. After that three-hand sequence, Duhamel presently sits with about 23,000.

07/09/11 03:31:21 PM PDT
Shak Busts Billirakis

We're not sure of all the details, but we do know that Dan Shak flopped a set of eights in a three-way pot, which ended in the elimination of Steve Billirakis, who held   . Shak is up to 50,000.

Steve Billirakis0-30,000
07/09/11 03:30:57 PM PDT
All White Long...
Julien Brecard62,50012,500
Arnaud Mattern48,70018,700
Shane Schleger42,000
Daniel Negreanu35,4005,400
Christina Lindley35,0005,000
Liz Lieu33,0003,000
Thithi Tran31,650
JP Kelly29,700-300
Erik Seidel28,5007,900
Daniel Harrington28,400100
Lauren Kling27,400-2,600
James Akenhead27,300-2,700
Peter Feldman26,300
Darryll Fish26,100
Ali Eslami19,000-1,025
Chris Tryba17,300-12,700
07/09/11 03:27:18 PM PDT
Counts from the Orange Section
Bernard Lee52,0000
Dan Shak50,00020,000
Scotty Nguyen44,500-2,500
Matthias de Meulder43,00013,000
Adam Junglen42,0006,000
Marco Traniello41,50011,500
Todd Witteles34,7004,700
Blair Rodman33,5003,500
Mikhail Shalamov33,0003,000
Marcel Luske31,5001,500
Bobby Baldwin31,2001,200
Vitaly Lunkin31,0000
Juan Maceiras31,0001,000
Philip Gordon31,000-11,000
Shaun Deeb26,300-2,700
Victoria Coren26,000-4,000
Gavin Smith24,0004,000
Ted Forrest23,0009,000
Heather Sue Mercer20,500
Davidi Kitai8,000-22,000
07/09/11 03:27:05 PM PDT
Bryan's Still Huang-ing Around

Bryan Huang

It hasn't been the best of starts for Singapore's Bryan Huang, who's down to less than 22,000 after a recent hand on table 279.

The player in the UTG +1 position raised to 500 before the flop and the action folded to the cutoff who called, only to see Huang re-raise to 1,375 from the button. The UTG +1 player folded but the cutoff called, then led out for 2,000 after the flop of    .

Huang called and then both players checked down both the turn of the   and the river   before the cutoff showed   , which was enough to see Huang send his hand into the muck.

Diwei Huang21,300-9,000
07/09/11 03:25:59 PM PDT
Bre-card Rack

Julien Brecard appeared to be playing a three-bet pot in position against the big blind, calling a bet of 2,600 on a     flop. The big blind fired another bet of 4,000 on the   turn but the Frenchman casually made it 10,000 to go, his opponent making the call with only 14,000 behind.

The river was the   and the big blind checked as Brecard set him all in, but there was no quick call or fold, instead the big blind tanked for several minutes before finally folding.

Julien Brecard50,00020,000
07/09/11 03:23:08 PM PDT
Garrett Dines With Kings

Brad Garrett

We just stopped by Brad Garrett's table to check on his chip stack, and we found him opening the pot to 600 as he and his table talked about the picture of Puggy Pearson over on the far side of the wall. "I think that's Bo Derek," Garrett said as he flicked the raise into the pot. "Looks like she's got a hot dog in her mouth."

Garrett found calls from Max Cohn (in position) and the big blind, and the three of them went off to a       flop. It checked around, and Garrett made a delayed continuation bet of 1,000 after the   turn. Cohn raised it up to 3,000, the big blind folded, and Garrett quickly called. "Naw, I don't think that's Puggy Pearson. I'm pretty sure it's Bo Derek."

The river was the  , and Garrett checked. Cohn checked behind, and he gets a gold star for the day. Garrett rolled over     for quads! "Boy, I was hopin' you'd bet that," he stated the obvious. "You weren't calling a bet, though, right?"

Cohn didn't miss a beat, giving the rub right back to the comedian: "What? With the jackass hands you've been playing?!"

Garrett is doing well for himself so far, back up to about 39,600 with that pot.

07/09/11 03:20:08 PM PDT
Skender Gets Baker

The action on table 285 folded around to Amanda Baker who raised to 475 from the hijack position before Michael Skender three-bet it to 1,125 from the cutoff. The others got out of the way and Baker called, then she checked after the dealer spread the flop of    .

Skender opened for 1,200, but Baker then check-raised to 3,700. Skender thought about it for about 45 seconds but still elected to call, then he fired out 8,000 after Baker checked to him again after the turn of the  . Baker laid her hand down.

Michael Skender35,0005,000
Amanda Baker23,000600
07/09/11 03:19:33 PM PDT
The Sharks Are Out

From middle position, Jordan Morgan opened the pot with a raise to 400. Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes and his shark were on the button and raised to 1,200. It folded back to Morgan and he made the call.

The flop was     and Morgan checked. Brenes bet 2,000 which was enough to Morgan off his hand and put him back above starting stack with 30,500.

07/09/11 03:15:13 PM PDT
Buddiga Bumps Up His Stack

With over 16,000 in the pot already and the board reading       it seems we missed all the betting excitement as Praytush Buddiga and the player in the hijack both checked. Buddiga showed the    for two pair and the other player mucked his hand.

Buddiga was up to around 40,000 after the hand.

Pratyush Buddiga40,00010,000
07/09/11 03:13:43 PM PDT
The Main Event, 25 Years in a Row

Wendeen Eolis might be a name some people are unfamiliar with, but the New Yorker was the first ever woman to cash in the main event in 1986, some 25 years ago. Since then, she's played every year in the main event since then, with six cashes since then - the most recent being in a $1,500 back in 2009. She's here once more playing in the white section of Pavilion, hoping to improve on her best finish of 25th place in this event.