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2017 48th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, July 08, 2017 to Sunday, July 23, 2017

Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $67,877,400
  • Entries: 7,221
  • Remaining: 0
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07/11/17 11:34:17 PM PST
Lawrence Bayley and Mickey Craft Bag 600K+ to Lead After Day 2ab

Day 2ab Chip Leader Lawrence Bayley

Day 2ab of the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event is in the books! After five levels of play, 1,023 players remain from the 2,219 that began on Tuesday. The fields from Days 1a and 1b remained separate, and bagging the biggest stack from each flight were Mickey Craft (608,100 from the 1a flight) and Lawrence Bayley (618,000 from the 1b flight).

Bayley had the third largest stack to begin Day 2ab and chipped up early to remain near the top of the chip counts throughout. Toward the end of the night, Bayley flopped two pair with ace-eight and was paid off to jump into the chip lead.

"I got paid when I had nice hands basically," said the Main Event first timer. "The structure is so amazing and I just look forward to idealizing my stack. I play deep a lot these days, and I just have to keep finding the right spots and make the most out of it."

Craft got his initial boost when his pocket aces held up against both pocket kings and pocket fours.

"You don't run across those hands very often in a tournament," Craft said. "That was awesome. This is my first Main Event and I got hit in the face by the deck."

Others who bagged top stacks were Sergio Castelluccio (548,500), Michael Sklenicka (540,600), Joseph Conor (511,000), Jessica Ngu (481,500), Koen Breed (480,500), and Grayson Ramage (471,000).

Ramage made a quick jump during the first level of play on Tuesday to hold the chip lead for a little while.

"It went pretty well honestly," Ramage told us after he bagged. "I was just running really well, making hands, and didn't have too many tough decisions. So, yeah, it was a pretty uneventful day honestly. I just was running really well."

With two top-100 Main Event finishes to his name, Ramage knows very well what to expect the rest of the way.

"You just gotta be patient in this tournament. The levels are so long, it's such a great structure. You really just gotta be patient, and not force anything, and that's pretty much the key."

Among the many notables who will be returning on Day 3 include Marvin Rettenmaier (359,100), Charlie Carrel (343,000), 2016 November Niner Kenny Hallaert (331,800), Cherish Andrews (330,700), Melanie Weisner (319,400), Mike Matusow (228,200), Chris Vitch (221,200), Scott Seiver (195,600), 2005 Main Event champion Joe Hachem (134,700), and 2004 Main Event champion Greg Raymer (106,400).

Not everyone was as fortunate today. Among those who were eliminated was reigning WSOP Main Event champion Qui Nguyen. Playing at the feature table, Nguyen was all in after the turn holding top pair, while opponent James Akenhead held bottom pair and a flush draw. A spade landed on the river, and Nguyen's repeat bid was over.

"Poker is cruel, but only sometimes," Nguyen said. "Even if you play well, if you don't get any luck, there's nothing you can do. Everyone needs the luck to win. Even me."

Nguyen's return to the Rio this summer proved enjoyable, as he embraced the recognition that came with being the defending champion.

"It was great when I came back here. I'm very professional; everyone wants to shake my hand and take their picture with me. It's cool. After winning here at the Rio, I didn't go out much. I enjoyed the moment with my friends and family, but I couldn't wait to get back to playing poker."

Others who failed to survive the day include 2002 Main Event champion Robert Varkonyi, 2010 Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel, Phil Laak, Gaelle Baumann, Ronnie Bardah, Ole Schemion, Brian Yoon, and Christian Harder.

The 1,023 survivors from Day 2ab will return Thursday at 11 a.m. when Day 3 begins.

However, Day 2c is still to come on Wednesday. About 3,300 players will resume their quest for Main Event glory, and cards will be in the air for those players at noon. Follow all of the action right here at PokerNews.com.

07/11/17 11:04:12 PM PST
Day 2ab Concludes; Bayley and Craft Lead

A little less than half the 2,219 Day 2ab players have bagged and tagged. Lawrence Bayley and Mickey Craft are the chip leaders with 618,000 and 608,100, respectively.

A recap of the day will be published within the hour.

07/11/17 10:55:48 PM PST
An Assortment of End-of-Day Chip Counts
Lawrence Bayley618,000223,000
Mickey Craft608,10010,100
Richard Gryko564,800374,800
Scott Anderson560,000492,000
Sergio Castelluccio548,50063,500
Michael Sklenicka540,600375,900
Joseph Conor511,10010,100
Koen Breed480,800-29,200
Grayson Ramage471,00052,000
Larry Smalley469,00039,000
Rahul Byrraju467,900117,900
Jared Hamby455,600600
Scott Stewart446,800234,800
Kyle Hartree430,200-9,800
Philippe Bretan418,300297,300
Jonathan Prince417,200222,200
Joseph Palma415,100282,100
Andy Hwang413,000
Thomas Muehloecker410,000170,000
Steven van Zadelhoff408,30098,300
Harald Sammer407,6000
Gyeongbyeong Lee407,300-1,700
Sergi Reixach398,500238,800
Robin William392,600304,900
Nikita Nikolaev384,000156,000
Drew Dumanski382,300222,800
Patrick Mahoney373,800264,600
Brandon Meyers373,300157,300
Tony Ruberto371,000276,500
Ryan Leng368,00018,000
Ralph Russo363,500210,000
A Peter Okin363,400
Pim Kuipers363,10013,100
Andrew Barber362,800-5,200
Marvin Rettenmaier359,100119,100
Jeff Flannery357,3000
Ramin Hajiyev353,500201,500
Kazuma Tanaka353,400218,400
Valentin Messina350,100190,200
Nicholas Augustino350,000272,000
Benjamin Gold346,000219,200
Raj Vohra345,00020,000
Alex Goulder344,30034,300
Adam Brosius344,000246,400
Rifat Palevic343,700190,600
Valentino Konakchiev343,60043,600
Craig Trost343,500241,700
Charlie Carrel343,0002,000
Antoine Saout341,400206,400
Simon Mattsson340,900210,900
Jameson Painter340,60095,600
Gregor Waltermann337,400-77,600
Micah Smith335,00090,000
Kenny Hallaert331,800-8,200
Ankush Mandavia331,700106,700
Salim Admon331,500216,900
Cherish Andrews330,70048,700
Zi Li328,700246,400
Eric Sfez328,6008,600
Uri Reichenstein328,000-32,000
Ben Lamb327,800157,800
Nick Divella326,50034,500
Michael Hahn324,300217,000
Robert Schulz324,10094,100
Yo-Seb Rhee321,000256,800
Melanie Weisner319,40032,400
Jonathan Weinbach319,000263,300
Marc Rivera316,300172,300
Paul Sexton316,000-42,000
Jingwei Zhang315,000233,600
Connor Drinan315,000140,000
Sam Grafton314,900-20,100
John Hesp312,100249,500
Sammy Lafleur311,400115,200
Nicholas Howard310,800180,800
Delmiro Toledo309,400246,800
Justas Vaiciulionis307,000-28,000
John Esposito306,000200,000
Mikhail Korotkikh303,600182,600
Jonathan Mohl303,500178,200
Oleksii Khoroshenin303,000178,000
Krysta Delima301,600178,600
Tex Barch300,100-19,900
Pasi Sormunen299,70086,700
Roger Campbell298,30097,300
Ping Lin297,700237,800
Travis Lutes297,700183,200
Randy Lew297,400103,400
Jonathan Little297,300157,300
Yiming Li296,330205,530
Morten Mortensen295,70050,700
David Stamm295,000181,400
Michael Botwin288,100185,100
Doug Polk287,50054,500
Mark Zullo286,70088,700
Kenneth Ray286,600196,500
Greg Dyer286,100203,000
Sudhir Setia285,000232,600
Jun Obara281,90036,900
Juha Helppi280,70032,400
Mike Gorodinsky278,800-61,200
Joseph Dipascale278,6000
Jon Maclellan278,300129,400
Louis Salter271,600-12,400
Peter Treglia270,400244,500
Jamie Flynn269,300149,500
Aaron Overton269,200149,200
Roger Teska269,000153,900
Ryan D'Angelo265,700125,700
Zheng Shen265,200143,200
Felipe Davila264,50083,900
Bob Velthuis263,400-56,600
Griffin Abel262,00036,000
Michael Stembera261,700214,300
Brandon Shane261,60046,600
Aaron Mermelstein261,100156,100
Hugo Nazar260,200226,500
Franco Mancini258,000178,000
Ilkin Amirov258,000237,000
Paul Vas Nunes256,500154,500
Henric Stenholm254,00022,000
Allan Le253,70053,700
Jason Steinert253,500201,000
Jesse Vilchez252,200171,650
Jonathan Dimmig251,00011,000
David Len Ashby250,400-14,600
Mark Rabkin250,000196,300
Alessandro Borsa249,000167,400
Adnan Mohammad248,90022,900
Kao Saevang248,800182,200
Hiren Patel247,900196,300
Roman Soybelman247,100115,000
Matthew Donaldson246,600142,400
Peter Eichhardt246,100-23,900
Christian Jeppsson245,500134,700
Daniel Ott244,00083,100
Edward Nassif243,900128,100
Uselis Gediminas243,700111,600
Jack Sinclair242,90093,400
Mark Herm242,80012,800
Edmund Chan240,700157,800
John Hashem240,70097,100
Dan Larsen238,500121,800
Savvas Ioannou237,200158,800
Lukas Zaskodny237,2000
Richard Schenzdavis237,100156,800
Thomas Zanot236,60032,600
Peter Akery236,400-9,600
James Cappucci236,10056,100
Matt Glantz235,50030,500
Clinton Hubble234,800158,700
Edward Harris234,100170,500
Zachary Donovan233,70063,700
Georgios Zisimopoulos233,400123,400
Randolph Pisane233,300160,500
David Kalet232,700168,900
Peter Jetten232,60052,600
David Ormsby232,500159,000
Michael Tureniec232,20012,200
John Schray231,900180,700
Kevin Noblat231,600156,900
Michael Zelman231,300131,200
Dylan Nguyen230,60055,600
Stephen Deutsch230,600118,200
Mel Elpusan230,100149,700
Niall Farrell230,0005,000
Lovell Wilkerson229,800125,600
Fabrice Soulier229,70019,700
Rohan Dhawan229,50031,500
Steven Marx229,10079,400
Matthew Schreiber229,000177,500
Huijie Zhou228,900126,600
Jeffrey Rothstein228,500125,800
Mike Matusow228,20033,200
Joseph Beasy228,100166,500
Fedor Truntsev228,100-16,900
Paul Degiulio226,900131,600
Sumer Hecht226,600197,200
David Belhumeur226,500140,300
Rodrigo Portaleoni226,400133,700
Darren Grant225,10058,100
Barny Boatman225,000-15,000
James Sileo224,90053,500
Artem Zverkhovskyy224,900112,800
James Oconnor224,600199,500
Adam Bonham224,50087,700
Matthew Burley224,400122,900
Dan Chalifour224,100102,400
Christopher Price223,200154,200
Brando Naspetti222,700111,400
Michael Cloud222,60092,100
Alex Queen222,5000
Hoan Nguyen221,400189,300
Donald Blum221,400192,300
Christopher Vitch221,20018,200
Joe McGowan221,000152,700
Chris Hunichen220,600-6,400
Jeremy Wien219,000203,900
Charles Tabor219,00095,000
Don Nguyen217,80060,000
Javier Perez Estevez217,800
Gal Erlichman216,600127,700
Ayaz Mahmood216,50041,500
Jonnie Kedj216,1000
Eric Berman215,800149,800
Shawn Daniels214,200126,100
Robert Disandro213,500127,800
Eyal Maaravi213,100120,200
Julien Jolivet212,700149,900
Jordan Morgan212,70047,700
Michal Lubas212,20059,200
Istvan Toro211,500177,100
John Dobson210,500115,000
Kenneth Rawlinson210,30096,900
Jose Ortiz210,30045,000
Scott Roberts210,0005,900
Andy Frankenberger210,0009,000
Rami Mornel209,600103,300
Johannes Becker209,30044,300
James Juvancic208,800138,000
Koji Kinugasa208,800121,400
Richard Leger208,700158,900
Martin Tonnesen208,50040,500
Ian Steinman208,20016,900
Juan Nieto208,000123,400
Max Pescatori207,6000
Thomas Heine207,10059,000
William Brock206,500188,700
Bradley Howard206,40078,200
Amir Isaiah206,300109,700
Naoya Kihara205,100-11,900
Praveen Bagalkotkar204,60092,400
Chip Jett204,200101,600
Noel Eicher204,200138,300
Gordon Campbell204,000153,200
John Eckerd203,500110,700
Peter Gangi202,900128,800
Steve Billirakis202,800132,200
Zinan Xu202,30096,300
Timothy Acker202,100100
Sam Chartier201,80092,100
Danny Wong201,00011,000
Brian Altman200,100130,100
Cesar Garcia200,00056,500
Mark Weil200,000160,000
Abraham Faroni199,70025,800
Robert Georato199,500127,000
Jeffrey Miller199,40031,700
Rob Macdonell199,10087,800
Timothy Burt197,500-27,500
Gregory Roberts196,600104,500
Kory Kilpatrick196,40081,400
Garrett Garvin196,300129,600
David Nelsen195,100136,800
He Huang194,600172,500
Albert Vorbe193,80096,400
Chong Cheng193,600131,700
Jonathan Gaviao193,500147,300
Craig Cleek193,100106,100
Dario Delpiano193,100122,300
Curtis Heron192,9000
Jarred Graham192,600153,100
Jerry Payne192,4000
Johan Soner192,400101,400
Ivan Zhechev192,300131,200
Daniel Maor192,200140,100
Sean Lindsey191,90036,900
Matthew Shafman191,200119,500
Francesco Sergi191,000122,700
Caleb Furth190,20052,200
Sigurd Eskeland190,00094,800
Carolyn Tulloch190,0005,000
William Gibbons189,90047,000
William Dempsey189,40056,100
Lyle Berman189,30097,300
Chris George (NY)189,00035,000
Nachman Berlin189,000-16,000
Jeffrey Tebben188,90077,900
Steven Sobel188,80099,500
Michael Connors188,600124,000
Kane Lai188,4000
Michael Song188,300-1,700
Brian England188,20093,300
James Dempsey188,000-1,500
Mitchell Greenblatt187,8000
Candelaria Vaca187,700115,700
Robert Gianquitti187,60027,600
Venkat Chivukula185,90092,000
Akshit Madan185,500138,100
LaDarren Banks185,400151,900
Richard Dubini185,100-31,900
Laurie Hilton185,100132,900
John Lapalomento184,700146,500
Aleksandr Gofman184,30069,500
Louis Linard183,90028,800
Sergon Toma183,700160,200
Rogen Chhabra183,5000
Brandon Vise183,30031,300
Steven Tamboline183,000130,200
Xiaqiang Chen182,100106,100
Stoyan Obreshkov181,700142,100
Andrew Kelsall180,50025,000
Elio Fox179,20060,800
Vera Kelleher178,900124,800
Yong An178,70098,500
Jack King178,30096,100
Joseph Cinquemani177,20097,500
Joshua Marvin176,600116,800
Greg Haasbeek176,200151,200
Ismael Bojang175,900-59,100
Juan Villa175,80096,400
Joao Simao175,70039,700
Jose Galindo175,700120,600
Daniel Engels174,900130,900
Rachid Ben Cherif174,300-15,600
Bryan Piccioli173,600-103,400
Raul Martinez Requena173,50078,700
Travis Ormond173,50043,700
Vivian Saliba172,800131,300
Timothy Nuter172,30078,400
Andrew Magbual171,600-3,400
Paul Leckey171,000108,000
Stephen Wan170,50047,100
Dean Murphy170,000111,700
Alan Percal169,400143,900
Quang Ngo169,00039,700
Brian Wood168,800142,600
Eoghan O'Dea168,60038,600
Yiannis Liperis168,500130,000
Vladas Tamasauskas167,70076,900
Tom Middleton167,300110,200
Andrew Seidman167,20087,900
Dennis Sorensen167,10019,000
Chahn Jung166,800151,500
Steven Stout166,6000
Eliseu Cunha166,40041,900
Mike Schneider (MN)166,10076,100
Zhang Liping165,800119,200
Celestino Guadalupe165,6008,300
Jost Beifuhs165,40045,200
Peter Vitantonio165,10069,600
Todd Witteles165,1004,100
Arthur Scheiner164,600105,400
David Streb164,10081,300
Bryan Ngo164,00079,800
Andrew Yeh163,400125,400
Anthony Bogard163,20088,800
Kyle Loman162,7000
Luke Marsh162,50023,300
Jeffrey Mahoney162,10061,100
Stephen Pavlickek161,700
Glenn Miller161,30094,100
Ian O'Hara161,200-39,800
James Calvo161,20038,900
Raminder Singh160,800-43,200
Furkan Ucgun160,200
George Mattia160,10050,100
Jonas Mackoff160,000129,400
Dobromir Nikov159,400113,000
David Miscikowski158,900142,900
Aviad Regav158,300-16,700
Scott Dehm158,00082,000
Alex Conklin156,800-200
Jake Schwartz156,40043,400
Paul Pirrone156,10075,400
Mathew Frankland155,0000
Jeffrey Colpitts154,40091,900
James Weatherman154,40084,600
David Eldridge154,000-53,000
Kevin Song153,70078,700
Yueqi Zhu153,50073,500
Philippe Habib153,400102,600
Chris Dombrowski153,00048,100
Anthony Utnage152,900-30,100
Vazgen Ohanian152,70043,900
Noah Schwartz152,70012,700
Ahmed Abdella152,60066,800
Harold Lilie152,20042,200
Richard Head152,200
Chi Zhang152,100-97,900
Antonio Copo152,000112,400
Jack Maskill151,10082,600
Aaron Massey150,90030,900
Daniel Cooke150,60066,700
Nikita Luther150,500120,500
Eric Kepper150,200-18,400
Michael Nia150,00025,000
John Krpan150,00045,000
Billy Baxter149,80025,800
Shyam Ravindran149,50074,900
Nick Schwarmann149,200-12,800
Lloyd Mandel148,900-24,600
Hou Vang148,80065,100
Todd Whitaker148,7009,800
Kenneth Adams148,600113,200
Anthony Pagan147,80070,000
Jesper Hoog147,60019,900
Adam Hsu147,6007,600
Maik Dehmlow147,60065,700
Brett Maistri147,60075,100
Jesse Martin147,40069,400
Timothy Adams145,700700
Simon Boss144,50088,400
Jordan Siegel144,2000
Jeffrey Galloway143,60096,300
Benjamin Heath143,60021,600
Dave Stefanski143,400-76,600
Jason Funke143,00056,000
Austin Buchanan142,70024,900
Daniele Molatore142,60078,100
Mario Diliberto142,40031,800
Michael Hada142,40070,800
Adriano Di Fatta142,30090,000
Alan Widmann142,100-57,900
Kelly Johnson142,00023,400
Carmelo Romeo141,90048,100
Erik Stuart141,300112,600
Michael Rossitto141,000-34,500
Karen Sarkisyan140,600
Corey Hochman140,30047,400
Frank Crivello140,000-70,000
Brian Harrell140,00017,700
Andrew Lichtenberger139,90010,900
Andrea Vezzani139,90065,500
Joseph Weinberger139,500-500
Hoang Pham139,50050,500
Troy Kiyabu139,10030,000
Matthew Schwarmann138,60046,400
Thomas Barnard138,300-11,700
Eemil Tuominen138,20082,100
Jean Ledoux138,20087,800
Eric Rappaport138,10064,600
Mark Adkins137,70079,900
Amanda Baker137,000-85,000
Rob Tepper136,70023,200
Binh Hoang136,30028,200
Jeremy Smith136,200109,200
Manuel Sadornil136,00068,000
Tyng Low135,90049,000
Wissam Abraham135,90067,600
David Stewart135,500-14,700
Bundhit Intachai135,40061,900
Andrew Grombacher135,20054,300
Ronald Mack135,10039,100
Daniel Harmetz135,00020,000
Ronald Sullivan134,70063,500
Joseph Chiara134,700-9,300
Joe Hachem134,700-39,300
Jeff Frerichs134,00026,000
Cornelius Tiebout133,20010,700
Barry Greenstein133,200-33,800
Clayton Garland133,00075,700
Nick Schulman133,00045,800
Aleksejs Ponakovs132,80038,900
Fernando Halac132,800-24,100
Richard Farrar132,50024,800
Ben Farrell132,00088,500
Clinton Keown132,00029,100
Andrew Graham132,00077,800
Wouter Beumers131,70089,400
Duane Graff131,60076,900
Steve Brecher131,50022,500
Todor Plaseski131,30029,500
Adrian Mateos131,20063,100
Richard Sperberg131,10099,300
Rajeev Atriwal130,90092,800
Brian Gudim130,800-9,200
Shane Abbott130,70041,900
Seth Berger130,600-36,400
Kenneth Milam130,10088,600
Aaron Jones129,800-200
Kavin Shah129,60036,700
Fracois Tosques129,50079,400
Mike Gao129,300105,000
Lloyd Garrison128,900
Michael Blackmore128,60072,900
Robert Van Houghton Jr128,30019,800
Mandeep Sah127,500-31,200
Matthew Silberzweig127,00048,200
Adam Horowitz126,8006,800
Kevin Sherrill126,50038,000
David Augustine126,40069,700
Bryan Rowland125,90043,800
Huidong Gu125,90024,400
James James125,50073,800
Patrick Nordgren125,40077,200
Corey Wright125,40094,000
Robert Geith125,30048,400
Brian Horwitz125,10025,800
Duy Ho125,000-42,000
Sebastian Dornbracht124,40039,800
Rumen Nanev124,300-3,700
Charles Pacheco123,90018,600
Stefan Ivanov123,800-50,400
Tommy Hoard123,80053,400
Richard White123,60054,000
Jacob Bazeley123,300-103,500
Mark Rifkin123,10037,300
Hamza Firdawcy123,00090,700
Gabriel Andrade123,00028,000
Curtis Colicher122,90025,300
Jonathan Dwek122,100-21,900
Daniel Rudd121,80079,200
Taylor Paur121,50047,500
Igor Zektser120,800-13,200
Alex Foxen120,700-20,500
Jesus Maceira Gonzalez120,60046,000
Matt Jarvis120,60037,500
Daniel Blum120,0005,000
Enrico Mosca120,00026,400
Kyung Cha120,00087,900
Nicholas Bond119,800-37,200
Michael Benvenuti118,900900
Michael Hauptman118,20022,200
Timothy Jurkiewicz117,800103,100
Andrew Liporace117,60029,100
Amir Parvizian117,50026,700
Garrett Jones117,40030,300
Elaine Rawn117,30062,000
Duc Nguyen117,20054,700
Richard Tinsley116,60064,200
Christopher Savage116,50071,400
Jason Sell116,00060,500
Vladimir Fomine115,80052,400
Chris Johnson115,500-44,000
Glen Chadwick115,10053,300
Stephen Brown115,00030,200
Sergio Martiaguilar115,00052,400
Anatoly Filatov115,000-54,000
Justin Truesdell114,50074,900
Yordan Petrov114,100-58,300
Lee Watkinson114,00045,000
Tom Peterson113,90033,300
Kevin Andriamahefa113,7007,700
Jack Duong113,60055,300
Romain Lefebvre De Rieux113,50019,500
Hugh Merlino113,5007,500
Vincenzo Maio112,700101,300
Zurab Beradze112,700-11,500
Daniel DiPasquale112,50073,200
Hendrik Latz112,50065,500
David Rozas112,40079,600
Jacob Willett112,1002,100
Rob Ellerman111,40036,000
Raffi King111,40012,300
Mark Katz110,60058,500
Brian Pinkus110,200-24,800
Anthony Nguyen109,90012,600
Thomas Garst109,70035,200
Angelo Cusinato109,70077,000
Maxwell Brown109,40025,400
Scott Weidema109,40011,600
Endre Sagstuen109,40060,600
Davis Adams109,40066,000
Stephen Bierman109,30047,300
Benjamin Scholl108,900-18,100
Martin Deangelo108,90066,500
Dustin Nelson108,600-27,400
Luigi Knoppers108,50012,200
Barry Shulman108,400-16,600
Christopher Leslie108,300-57,600
Benjamin Kermani108,20064,600
Brett Feder108,20035,200
Robert Sura107,50055,100
Mark Vanderloo107,20057,400
Justin Pechie106,7000
Johnny Steven106,7000
Greg Raymer106,40015,900
Robert March106,00070,100
Scott Seiver105,600-146,400
Francesco Difiore105,50069,100
Sergei Kislinskii105,300-21,500
Charles Carragher105,00068,400
Matthew Niner104,90056,400
Daniel Ferszt104,80074,900
Albert Ng104,70082,500
Matthew Hopkins104,70042,000
Yisheng Cheng104,600-109,800
Benjamin Eilers104,6008,200
Nick Tsoukalas104,30062,600
Brian Tate104,10029,200
Omar Saeed104,0000
Donnacha O'Dea104,00062,500
Michael Humphries103,900-10,600
David Tucker103,900-19,900
Kenneth Kavowras103,50014,100
Edward Fritts103,300-45,500
Noah Bronstein103,000-1,500
Bruno Kreuschdesouza102,800-4,300
Cordovan Burrington102,30067,600
Alexander Krisak102,2002,400
Tigran Avagyan102,000-25,000
Richard Seymour102,00012,000
Bradley Hinson101,70041,700
Josh Arieh101,40030,400
Tyler Patterson101,400-23,600
Nick Cipiti101,00067,500
Michael Ferry100,70061,600
Danielle Andersen100,40016,400
Ziv Bachar100,10034,100
James Hodges100,10025,300
Knute Lentz100,00033,600
Schuyler Thornton99,90041,900
Marek Ohnisko99,90011,300
Clyde Gaskins99,600-54,300
Eric Wasylenko99,600-1,600
Luke Spano99,5009,500
Jeffrey Reimer99,50033,900
Michael Hamm99,00032,900
Brandon Newsome99,000-26,000
Nima Salehizadeh98,70022,100
Mark Dietz98,500
Christoph Vogelsang98,300-126,700
Jim Willerson98,00031,000
Frank Digiorgio97,70039,000
John Armbrust97,600-53,400
Michael Kamenjarin97,4006,400
Davide Suriano97,300-23,700
Nicholas Aranda97,00031,900
Donald Forshey96,700-16,200
Matthew Wakeman96,700300
Philippe Dauteuil96,500-4,800
Lawrence Curcio96,400-17,100
Michael Andrews96,20056,300
Don Himpele96,1002,100
Robert Kraft95,10041,600
Gregg Milhaupt95,00058,200
Ben Fitzgerald94,9009,900
Scott Lazar94,700-35,300
Thomas Blizniak94,60011,800
Yanki Koppel94,50058,600
Todd Hansen94,20073,800
Mair Malka94,200-19,800
Jason Brin94,100-75,900
Robert Slater94,10015,200
Glenn Cozen94,10044,900
Benjamin Nicolas94,000-31,000
Jacobo Fernandez93,800-2,600
David Weinstein93,60071,600
James Miller92,80075,900
Dave Straus92,80045,900
Joseph Shalgi92,20043,900
Jeff Shulman92,20037,200
Warren Maxwell92,100-59,200
Shlomo Bigulim92,000
Diego Sanchez91,600-25,700
Stuart Lieblein91,10019,000
Balram Bhandari90,80050,700
Marcelo Drumm90,40065,900
Paul Mannoni90,300-14,700
David Seeman90,100-14,000
Ryan Arguello90,100-57,200
Jules Dickerson90,00024,800
John Delrossi90,00063,400
Jian Chen89,700-500
Hon Cheong Lee89,60034,100
Patrik Korsar89,600-75,500
Charles Seymour89,300-16,000
Chad Lactaoen89,100-26,400
Nabil Mohamed89,100
Jeffrey Adolfino88,700-25,300
Nan Li88,60030,800
Richard Barabino88,600-61,400
David Hipperson88,50039,500
Aaron Clark88,50013,000
Wayne Connors88,10037,000
Todd Westhafer87,900-61,500
Daniel Deveau87,90073,300
Rami Boukai87,90053,900
Norman Michalek87,900-15,000
Sean Marshall87,900-12,100
Raymond Ezzie87,1000
Terry Nichols86,400-35,600
Kevin Buck86,1004,900
Boris Kolev86,100-41,300
Mikhail Petrov85,90043,200
James Barron85,90058,400
Ronald Giles85,90035,200
Charalampos Lappas85,70010,700
Andrew Halseth85,600-3,100
David Swift85,30043,100
Christopher Meyers85,30010,300
Michael Arage85,100-5,100
Justin Conley85,000-50,000
Matthew Ashton84,500-25,500
Tonio Roder84,30027,000
Steve Rosen84,30024,300
Judith Burkholder84,20027,900
Vitaly Lunkin84,000-83,000
Benoit Jean [Jean Benoit]84,00036,800
Blaise Hom84,000-12,400
Tony Gregg83,200-36,800
Eric Kurtzman83,000-7,000
Houman Nikbakht82,100-13,400
David Malka82,10053,700
Thomas Dean81,800
William Jennings81,60029,200
Marius Johansen81,10047,100
Roger Folkema81,00048,800
Brad Sailor80,80055,100
Chaz Curtiss80,7007,400
Alistair Hill80,60043,200
Davin Anderson80,30050,300
James Risch80,20031,200
Kohei Nakai80,100-12,600
Jeffrey Leonard80,000-40,500
David Gutfreund80,00019,800
Dean Potashner79,90043,900
Jerry Giroir79,50027,800
Matt Lushim79,500
John Macnaughton79,400-15,600
Albert Daher79,200-55,800
Jinghan Yan79,200-20,200
Mariano Cafagna79,10046,300
Doanh Le79,00012,800
Gary Gwartney78,90020,000
Thomas Hammers78,90047,600
Jacob Haller78,800-30,400
Jack Ellwood78,4002,400
Mark Hodge78,100-21,900
Aj Taillon78,0003,000
Jon Friedberg77,400-47,600
Roy Bell77,20018,500
Emanuel Seal76,90019,300
Leonardo Mendoza76,40029,600
Yaniv Peretz76,100-30,300
Matt Davenport76,100-83,900
James Crosby75,70050,900
Ryan Mackinnon75,30018,600
Kristian Wiermyhr74,60011,600
James Akenhead74,50022,000
Duff Charette74,300-15,600
Yunye Lu74,20054,400
Joseph Heinzmann74,200-22,400
Mikhail Semin73,9005,900
Evan Krentzman73,800-27,200
Jason Roberts73,80028,100
Bastian Fischer73,60022,500
Mark Arum73,5000
John Grue73,30026,600
John Strzemp73,300-800
Omer Smidt73,00047,300
alan brodsky72,8000
Scott Abrams72,700-1,800
Mike Watson72,600-7,400
Liv Boeree72,50045,500
Michael Walsh71,3001,500
Rafael Gonzalez71,2000
Michael Marrocco71,1001,700
Arne Kern71,000-5,000
Gang Wang70,500-39,500
Richard Kimball70,400-24,500
Jeffrey Finkelstein70,000-46,200
Troy Kasson70,000400
Tracy Nguyen69,900-600
William Spiegel69,50041,300
Brian Egan69,40011,700
Reed Hensel69,400-20
Paul Duval69,300-15,500
Tara Snow69,2006,100
Armin Mette69,000-7,000
Derek Clifton68,900-22,200
Bridges Roe68,800-13,100
Stephen Moreschi68,600-14,100
Andrzej Rogowski68,400-28,200
Satchit Kapur68,000-31,000
Jamie Shaevel68,000-53,000
Terrence Chan68,000-36,500
Philip Rigby67,00032,800
Ted Weinstock67,00013,400
David Huang66,900-15,100
Scott McKernan66,8000
John Bonora66,40036,400
Eugene Yanayt66,40013,800
Thu Le66,200-11,900
Yi Guo66,200-3,500
Mikko Turtiainen65,700-43,100
Hunter Cichy65,500-49,500
Thomas Mercier65,50033,100
Susie Zhao65,200-17,000
Edmund Sexton65,20016,100
Alan Wentz65,100-38,500
Viacheslav Fentisov64,900-64,100
Edward Mallon64,800-7,700
Carlos Hey64,800-53,000
Chris Richardson64,600-16,600
Jean-Pascal Savard64,40017,700
David Ritter64,4003,800
Zorlu Er64,40014,200
Tom Braband64,000-18,900
Benoit Albiges63,900-50,100
Justin Oliver63,9000
George Rakitzis63,900-62,800
Jake Abdalla63,80019,800
Tommy Vu63,700-16,600
Robert Minion63,400-7,900
Trent Leavitt63,200-26,800
Rommel Berges63,000-5,000
Mark Kornfeld63,000-50,900
Pratyush Buddiga62,70017,700
Alen Omeralovic62,6009,300
Ronald Stanley62,500-8,100
Jeffrey Turton62,4001,400
Okada Ken62,100-16,600
Kirill Ivanov61,900-59,500
Bahar Musa61,70036,200
Noam Freedman61,600-48,400
Tim Reilly61,00027,300
Chiraag Thanki60,90052,000
Justin Gavri60,60019,800
Robert Piltz60,30011,700
Stefan Huber60,000-44,400
Sherry Hammers59,80018,300
Bryn Kenney59,60019,600
Ryan Jones59,5005,000
Jesus Martinez59,500-71,000
Richard Robinson59,50032,200
Jacob Beck59,40025,400
Alex Bonner59,400-34,100
Jeffrey Kostolni59,00011,900
Antonio Scalzi58,700-30,900
Clifton Temm Ii58,40038,800
Steven Fuhrman58,2000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko58,000-11,000
Andrew Ostapchenko57,900-57,900
Chris Bolek57,800-24,200
Sergio Fernadez57,400
Nicholas Constantin56,80020,400
Vincent Liu56,800-52,100
Gereon Sowa56,60022,500
Jason Zarlenga56,50011,000
Elia Ahmadian56,500-63,500
Arnaud Mattern56,300-38,700
Dan Wirgau55,8006,600
Jonathan Nicol55,200-5,900
Mike Ruter55,100-40,800
Michael Klatt55,1009,100
Kin Wong55,0003,000
Ryan Koenig54,90013,100
Christopher Lane54,800-46,100
Robert Cain54,700-35,500
Victor Seborowski54,300-5,900
Vincent Rubianes54,200-62,800
Wenlong Jin54,00019,400
Jonathan Krela54,0005,900
Maxim Lykov53,900-21,100
Joey To53,800-46,700
Gabe Paul53,500-39,800
David Arkle53,300-79,800
Christopher Hood53,000-30,800
Sriram Nandepu52,80024,200
Michael Noor52,80037,900
Jyri Merivirta52,600-30,400
Shiguang Zeng52,400-12,200
Ryan Johnson52,400-21,600
Joy Jennings52,40013,900
Adalberto Elias52,400-47,600
Daniel Thomas52,300-122,700
Jacob Rothstein52,300-64,400
Paul Evans52,10018,600
Dirk Gerritse51,900-33,800
Tyler Cornell51,800-20,300
Aaron Been51,700-63,600
Christopher Brendler51,600-32,525
Anthony Kazgandjian51,500-58,500
Joseph Deforca51,500-8,800
Erik Vandenberg51,100-28,500
Michel Abecassis51,000-34,600
Roman Shaposhnikov50,70028,300
Rich Rice50,500-18,000
Jeremy Ausmus50,500-134,500
Tobias Hariefeld50,00025,400
Matthew Brooks50,00032,300
Usman Siddique49,300-25,700
Jason Lester49,300-70,700
Ryan Hall49,30049,300
Paul Vang49,000-59,400
Ryan Sullivan49,00038,700
Timur Margolin48,700-121,000
Daniel Slater48,600-27,400
Simon Berg48,50016,000
Faraz Jaka48,400-26,600
Christopher Czabaranek48,20020,300
Dapreesch Scates48,10021,000
Brent Thompson48,00020,400
Robert Stan47,800-2,600
Rafi Elharar47,800-4,800
Darin Feinstein47,100-23,700
Natalia Breviglieri46,900-31,100
Gregory Benac46,8005,900
Alexander Lynskey46,3002,300
Michael Noori46,200-29,000
James Koenig45,900-40,200
Tony Phan45,900-22,100
Chris DeMaci45,900-24,100
Matt Salsberg45,700-49,300
Joseph Liberta45,500-19,500
Aymon Hata44,800-105,200
Tomas Jozonis44,700-87,300
Blair Rodman44,500-52,500
Noah Merritt44,400-40,200
Chad Hancock44,200-18,200
Dana Nathani Cowles44,100-49,600
Romain Arki43,800-3,300
Mark Caplan43,800
Samuel Lubeck43,80023,100
Matthew Blinder43,60025,000
Johann Kroker42,800-87,100
Alexander Dietrich42,500-700
David Byer42,300-28,700
Jason Leifer42,000-100,500
Athanasios Polychronopoulos41,700-73,300
Erik Seidel40,900-54,100
Sam Greenwood40,600-52,400
Hugh Thomas Cross40,500-14,400
Kazuya Ogino40,2004,100
Billy Sharrak40,100-28,900
Jeffrey Yanchek40,000-20,700
Rory Rees-Brennan40,000-1,000
Atrayon Trevino39,700-38,300
Mark Virva39,4000
Carlos Garcia38,900-43,500
Mason Vieth38,700-138,800
Bryan Baird38,400-111,100
David Boggon37,900-57,300
Derek Chang37,800-29,800
Marc Convey37,8007,800
Kenny Tran37,700-47,300
Brent Hanks37,400-17,600
David Urban37,300-1,000
Oleg Chebotarev37,10018,700
Noam Fliegelman36,800-65,700
Phia Xiong36,50014,400
Kunal Patel36,300-12,700
John Beauprez36,000-2,000
Tobias Ziegler35,700-226,300
Nathan Cummings35,6009,300
Leo Wolpert35,500-34,500
Fatima Nanji35,400-44,600
Steven Fox35,3001,900
Shyamchandar Srinivasan35,300-42,700
Gjergj Sinishtaj35,000-98,000
Michael Messick34,700-57,700
Yossi Eluz34,70018,500
Alexandre Amiel34,500-49,100
Michael Monaco34,400-10,300
Michael Caruso34,300-41,000
N/A Turner33,800
Quang Tran33,000-112,000
Park Yu Cheung32,6005,100
Joshua Mullins32,000-200
Hoflehner Helmut31,900-4,300
Joel Deutsch31,40019,300
Juno Kim30,700-27,300
Steven Rash30,500-25,300
Fadi Barakeh30,400-42,800
Royce Matheson30,4000
Vito Lagani30,20014,400
Troy Burkholder30,000-3,400
John Short29,900-47,400
Tom McEvoy29,6004,400
Michael Partipilo28,70022,800
Richard Chun28,200-34,600
Adi Aizin28,100-2,400
Michael Rieck27,600-8,500
Manuel Mutke27,000-2,500
Dhani Suleman26,900-16,100
Terik Brown26,6005,600
Weizhou Zha26,600-89,000
Ben Marsh25,70015,100
Gregory Kahl25,200-11,600
Glenn Pitsenbarger25,100-5,700
Paul Siem25,0000
Daniel Huseman24,300-39,600
Curtis Waggoner24,200-17,900
Martin Carnero24,200-33,900
Eric Semel24,000-22,000
Michele Gonzales23,900-21,700
Michael Palmer23,300-13,500
Anthony Apicelia23,300-109,300
Erik Christensen22,200-23,900
Keren Jackson22,000-75,200
Giuseppe Pantaleo21,800-33,200
Scott Leong21,800-76,400
Nikunj Gandhi21,700-64,800
Roberto Leosmaldonado21,600-21,600
Yegor Moroz20,400-27,600
Brad Albrinck20,300-104,600
Bill Phillips20,200-24,800
Ryan Feldman20,100-67,200
Jeff Lisandro18,900-76,100
Michael Moore18,300-45,900
Chris Odle18,000-115,200
Cary Katz17,0000
William Gottman16,600-30,400
Pierre Neuville15,600-114,400
Paul Baksi14,900-20,000
Hassan Mechammil14,200-37,900
Mark Owens13,800-29,800
David Rachel9,000-87,700
Napoleon Marquez6,100-114,900
Rodney Hogan1-97,799
Liam He1-95,699
Nicholas Cassavetes1-60,899
07/11/17 10:30:43 PM PST
Lee Takes a Big One To Push Past 400,000

Jun Obara and Gyeongbyeong Lee were involved in a big pot going to the river on a board of      . With already over 130,000 chips in the pot, Lee led out, betting 30,000. Obara dropped into the tank and thinking through the hand. It took him nearly two minutes but eventually he decided to call.

Lee showed    and it was good as Obara mucked.

"Did you have ace-jack?" Lee asked after the hand. A frustrated Obara said nothing while Lee collected the pot and pushed past 400,000 chips.

Gyeongbyeong Lee409,00092,000
Jun Obara245,00079,300
07/11/17 10:28:21 PM PST
Slow-Play Backfires in Favor of Donaldson

After five players invested 4,200 apiece and checked through the     flop, the small blind moved all in after the   turn to force two quick folds. Matthew Donaldson on the cutoff however asked for the amount and called once it was determined to be for 31,600. After the button folded, the cards were turned over.

Small blind:   
Matthew Donaldson:   

The   on the river was a blank and Donaldson's set of eights scooped the pot.

Matthew Donaldson240,000135,800
07/11/17 10:27:46 PM PST
Lights, Camera, Schulman

Nick Schulman is being scouted by the production team and on this hand he raised to 3,200. Christopher Vitch called and the cameras came running. Aviad Regav called on the button and Andrew Kelsall called from the big blind.

The flop was all hearts,     and Kelsall checked. Schulman bet 7,200 and Regav was the lone caller.

The turn was the   and Schulman checked. Regav bet 15,000 and Schulman raised to 39,000. Regav went all in and Schulman folded.

After the hand was over, the camera crew went back into their waiting positions. Vitch was making a comment about how playstyles might change based on the presence of the cameras. Regav was already involved in the next hand, raising to 4,000. Kelsall was in the small blind and three-bet to 11,300.

"Wait. The cameras are gone?" Kelsall said after the raise.

Regav called and the flop came    . Kelsall bet 9,500 and Regav folded.

Kelsall flashed   .

"I got all excited, I thought the cameras were still here."

Christopher Vitch203,000-20,000
Aviad Regav175,00087,800
Andrew Kelsall155,5007,500
Nick Schulman87,200-46,800
07/11/17 10:26:01 PM PST
Six More Hands

The tournament director has just announced a total of 6 more hands are to be played today. As soon as the 6th hand is done, the bagging and tagging begins. We'll be back with assorted end-of-day chip counts and an extensive recap of today's action.

07/11/17 10:22:58 PM PST
Hartree Wins Flip to Bust One

Stefan Lehner moved all in from the cutoff and the action folded to big stack Kyle Hartree in the big blind. He asked for a count and called Lehner's shove for 30,100.

Stefan Lehner:   
Kyle Hartree:   

The board came       and Hartree spiked an ace on the turn to send Lehner packing.

Kyle Hartree440,000101,000
Stefan Lehner0-69,800
07/11/17 10:22:14 PM PST
Mateos Folds the River

With about 17,000 chips in the pot and the completed board reading      , the big blind checked to Adrian Mateos in the cutoff and he bet 5,300. The big blind jammed for what looked like 32,800, and after some thought, Mateos folded and the big blind took the pot.

Adrian Mateos68,100-40,900
07/11/17 10:20:14 PM PST
Jessica Ngu Sends One to the Rail

With the board reading         and around 70,000 in the middle, the player in the big blind bet 35,000. Jessica Ngu was in middle position and put out a stack of 85,000, putting her opponent to a decision for his remaining 45,000 chips. Her opponent thought for a little while and called.

Ngu tabled    for kings full of queens, and her opponent showed    for a smaller full house before making his exit. Ngu is now over 400,000 chips as the end of Day 2B nears.

Jessica Ngu460,000100,000
07/11/17 10:18:34 PM PST
Aces for George

On a board reading      with around 40,000 in the middle, Chris George bet out 35,000 into two players.

The first player would call before the third player would fold and reveal after the hand he folded   .

The river landed the   and both George and his opponent checked.

George tabled his    and his opponent mucked. George is now over the 200,000-chip mark.

Chris George210,00073,500
07/11/17 10:17:25 PM PST
2002 WSOP Main Event champion Robert Varkonyi Eliminated by Kenny Hallaert

Robert Varkonyi

2002 Main Event winner Robert Varkonyi has been eliminated from the tournament by Kenny Hallaert. It was Varkonyi who started the action by limping in under the gun. Hallaert raised to 6.500 on the button, Varkonyi limp-shoved for around 35.000, and Hallaert called.

Robert Varkonyi:   
Kenny Hallaert:   

The board ran out       and Hallaert's ace-queen held up to send Varkonyi to the rail.

Kenny Hallaert340,000116,500
Robert Varkonyi0-65,000
07/11/17 10:11:02 PM PST
Raymer Loses a Little

With about 10,000 chips already in the middle on a flop of    , Greg Raymer was on the button and heads-up against a player in early position. Raymer's opponent checked and Raymer checked behind.

The turn brought the   and the early-position player checked. Raymer bet 3,000, and after brief consideration, his opponent called.

The river was the   and both players checked. The early-position player tabled    for a pair of tens and Raymer mucked.

Greg Raymer90,500-12,500
07/11/17 10:10:02 PM PST
Updated Counts from Amazon Gold as Play Winds Down
Grayson Ramage419,000-26,000
Andrew Barber368,00092,500
Ryan Leng350,000-12,600
Jonathan Dimmig240,00036,000
Timothy Burt225,000127,000
Christopher Vitch223,00048,000
Nick Schulman134,000-4,500
Andrew Lichtenberger129,000-71,000
Benjamin Heath122,00012,000
Adrian Mateos109,000-28,200
07/11/17 10:06:40 PM PST
Liv Boeree Makes a Straight to Stay Alive

Liv Boeree

The cameras were rushing over to catch up on the action at Liv Boeree's table as she had her remaining 9,500 all in from the big blind and the player in the cutoff had her at risk. The board read         and the hands had already been tabled.

Boeree's    was good, as she made a runner-runner straight. Her opponent matched the 9,500 and Boeree collected the double up to stay alive.

Liv Boeree27,00011,400
07/11/17 09:58:39 PM PST
Saliba Slips

The player in the hijack raised to 4,500, the button called, and Vivian Saliba three-bet to 15,000 from the small blind. The original raiser folded, and the button called.

The flop came    , and Saliba checked. The button bet 12,000, and Saliba called. The turn brought the  , and Saliba checked again. The button shoved for about 55,000, putting Saliba to a decision for her stack. She went into the tank for several minutes before the clock was called.

Saliba still hadn't acted when the 10-second countdown began, and when it ended, her hand was declared dead. Her opponent took the pot.

Vivian Saliba41,500-30,500
07/11/17 09:58:07 PM PST
Two For Raj Vohra

Rah Vohra raised to 3,500 from middle position, the rest of the table folded, and Vohra collected the blinds and antes.

The following hand, Vohra opened to 3,700 from early position and the player in the big blind called. The flop came down    , and Vohra took it with a continuation bet.

Raj Vohra325,00010,000
07/11/17 09:55:31 PM PST
Craft Drops Some

Catching the action with the board reading       and roughly 25,000 in the pot, Mickey Craft bet out 17,000. He found a call from one player and a fold from another, and when Craft was shown his opponent's   , he mucked and dropped to below 600,000 in chips.

Mickey Craft598,000-25,000
07/11/17 09:53:24 PM PST
Heath Takes a Hit; Stover Fighting; Konakchiev Has It

Elena Stover just moved all in for slightly more than 10 big blinds and scooped the blinds and antes.

One table over, Ben Heath raised and called the shove of a short stack for 16,100 with   . The player at risk showed    and had a big sweat after the     flop, but both the   turn and   river failed to improve Heath.

Then, a raise by Giuseppe Pantaleo was called by three opponents, including Valentino Konakchiev on the button. On the     flop, the action checked to Konakiev, and he bet 6,500. One after the other, his opponents folded, and Konakiev flashed    for top set as he took the pot. "Oh, you had it this time," another player at the table remarked, and Konakiev is the dominating chip leader at his table.

Valentino Konakchiev300,00060,000
Benjamin Heath110,000-40,000
Giuseppe Pantaleo55,000-235,000
Elena Stover23,000-93,000
07/11/17 09:52:09 PM PST
Updated Counts from Amazon Gold

Joseph Conor has been maintaining his half-million-chip stack throughout the second half of Day 2ab. Charlie Carrel and Melanie Weisner have been continuously increasing their stacks throughout the day, as well, and both have put themselves in a good position heading toward Day 3.

On the other hand, Liv Boeree and Tim Reilly are looking to double-up before the day ends.

Joseph Conor501,000-29,000
Charlie Carrel341,000181,000
Kyle Hartree339,000-16,000
Melanie Weisner287,00017,000
Scott Seiver252,00024,000
Jacob Bazeley226,8004,800
James Dempsey189,500109,500
Chris Johnson159,50036,600
Dan Colman142,500-39,500
Nick Schulman138,500-16,500
Terrence Chan104,50012,500
Greg Raymer103,000-43,000
Eric Wasylenko101,20048,200
Tim Reilly33,7004,700
Liv Boeree15,600-20,400

Major Series of Putting 2017