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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:52 PM Local Time
Day 1c of Main Event Sees Record Turnout, Second-Biggest Overall Field Ever

WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel

Since the World Series of Poker Main Event went to three starting flights in 2012, Day 1c has traditionally hosted the biggest turnout. With the July 4 weekend coinciding with Day 1c this year and larger-than-usual turnouts on Day 1a (925) and Day 1b (2,378), some wondered if Day 1c would be as massive as usual.

As it turned out, a record field showed up at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, packing the halls and the tournament areas like never before.

The 4,571 runners who came out for Day 1c made it the biggest single flight in the history of the WSOP since organizers began divvying up the field into more than one starting day. Combined with the Day 1a and Day 1b numbers, that pushed the total field to 7,874, making it the second-biggest Main Event ever, behind only 2006's 8,773 entrants. It's nearly a 10 percent increase over the 7,221 who showed up last year.

The total prize pool came out to $74,015,600, and this year's world champion will claim a first-place prize of $8.8 million.

WSOP Main Event Entries and Prize Pool Since 2000

 Day 1aDay 1bDay 1cDay 1dTotalPrize Pool
2000    512$5,120,000
2001    613$5,946,220
2002    631$5,931,000
2003    839$7,802,700
2004    2,576$24,224,400
2005    5,619$52,818,610
2006    8,773$82,512,162
2007    6,358$59,784,954

The number of surviving players wasn't immediately available, but an announcement from a tournament supervisor during the bagging process indicated about 3,500 players made it through, which would roughly match the ratio of survivors from the first two starting days.

French player Samuel Touil bagged the unofficial chip lead after five two-hour levels of play, turning his 50,000 starting stack into 352,800. That gives him the overall lead heading into Day 2.

"I think I played very well all day long," Touil said. "I got very lucky on a big hand when I four-bet shoved with six-eight of hearts on the button and flopped two pair for a pot of more than 145K. I also made a really big bluff at the beginning of the tournament. I just played my game today and my stack has never been at risk."

Samuel Touil
Samuel Touil had a banner Day 1c.

Other big stacks included Jarod Ludemann (230,100), Patrik Antonius (208,700), Loni Harwood (194,200), Tyler Patterson (166,900) and Chino Rheem (149,500).

Antonius said he was making his return to the WSOP after six years away.

"It felt very special to be back," he said. "I got in after dinner break, brought a lot of action to the table and managed to get some big hands."

"It was great to see so many poker players I have not seen in so long. I am very tired and going to rest for a while after this."

Superstars Phil Ivey (92,300) and Phil Hellmuth (63,700), as well as former Main Event champs Martin Jacobson (38,400), Jonathan Duhamel (17,500) and Joe Cada (16,500) also made it through.

Speaking of Jacobson, he'll be joined on Day 2 by fellow 888poker Ambassadors Parker Talbot, Dominik Nitsche, and Chris Moorman, among others.

Another former Main Event champ did the honors of getting the day underway, but that proved to be the high point of Chris Moneymaker's 2018 Main Event. Moneymaker was eliminated in an early level when, already short-stacked, he flopped a set of fives and got his stack in there against an overpair of tens. A ten hit on the river to send Moneymaker packing.

Andrew Moreno, Marcel Luske, Chris Vitch, Jonas Mackoff, John Racener, Vanessa Selbst and Daniel Negreanu also hit the rail. Negreanu got all his chips in the middle with jacks but took a beat when an opponent with tens hit a set.

The players who made it through will battle it out again on Friday, 6 July, for Day 2c. They'll return to the Rio at 11am that day. In the meantime, Day 1a and Day 1b survivors will populate the venue at the same time on Thursday, 5 July. Come back to PokerNews then for more coverage of the Main Event.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:26 PM Local Time
End of Day Chip Counts
Samuel Touil352,800-1,200
Peter Forsstrom283,200
Bernhard Steiner282,000
Denilson Menezes272,000
Anthony Reategui256,50051,500
Gary Payne248,600
Ignacio Sanchez244,700
Robert Covert240,300240,300
Martin Malone237,400190,400
Fabrizzo Dagostino234,900
Anthony Marsico234,200
Jarod Ludemann230,100-49,900
Frank Flowers222,700144,700
Liang Xu220,200100,200
Vi Do218,700
Or Ben216,900
Fiodor Martino211,400
Corey Kempson210,00015,000
Lester Edoc209,100
Joseph Umdenstock208,60075,600
Jean Gaspard208,200
Patrik Antonius208,20015,200
Scott Palmer206,200
Romain Lefebvre De Rieux204,700
Farhad Jamasi200,700
David Stamm200,000
Jeremy Dresch198,000
Brendon O'Neal197,500
Sonke Jahn197,000
Tyler Stclair196,900
Loni Harwood194,2009,200
Ray Attiyah194,200
Nicholas Augustino193,0002,000
Christopher Poole190,100
Henry Tran188,900
John Newcombe188,500
Carlos Gonzalez187,500
Mike Takayama187,400
Naor Slobodskoy186,400
Jeremy Saderne186,100186,100
Augie Martinho185,000
Keith Lehr183,600-21,400
Sterling Lipscomb182,400-1,800
Gregg Merkow181,80074,800
Mihai Niste181,700
Noeung Troeung180,700
Matthew Klapstein179,000
Bradley Myers178,200
Mitchell Greenblatt178,200200
Marco Iodice176,60076,600
Nils Tolpingrud176,300176,300
Mark Davidoff175,425
Richard Robinson174,800
Omid Shahbazian173,800
Kevin Eyster173,800
Sung Yi172,900
Johannes Becker170,900
Alexey Laptev170,200
Ubaid Habib170,000
Edward Sageer169,000
Josh Bergman169,000169,000
Stephen Song168,80046,800
Antoine Labat168,500
Andrew Weisner167,300
Matthew Smith167,3003,300
Dennis Blieden167,000
Tyler Patterson166,90021,900
Dena Pearlman166,300
Samantha Abernathy165,300
todd rodgers165,1000
Chris Dasilva164,500
Shawn Buchanan164,300
Daniel Howe164,200164,200
Sean Remz163,700
Bruce Vernet163,400
Tex Barch162,10041,100
Matthew Davis162,10039,600
Krasimir Yankov161,700
Kyaw Win161,500
Adria Balaguer161,000
Viktor Berg161,000
Roland Shen161,000
Anthony Kazgandjian161,000
Brian Hou160,900
Jared Talarico160,800
Ang Lin Lin Chen An160,300
Aliaksei Boika159,80020,800
Sebastian Sikorski158,900158,900
Mandor Solyom158,700
Brettwilliam Blackwood157,800
El Khazen Fadi157,800
Ravid Garbi157,80015,800
Justin Nguyen157,600
Arturas Astrauskas156,800
Guiliano Bendinelli155,500
Ha Diep155,400
Borut Mlakar155,300
Sharukh Shaw154,700
Yuanning Wu153,900
David Olson152,800
Alexander Schallert152,300
Yotam Shmuelov152,200152,200
Jamie Cohen152,200
Jason Livingston152,100
Gediminas Garmus152,0004,000
Craig Trost151,800
James Kohl151,200
James Salmon150,800
Rick Vanbruggen150,700
Paawan Bansal150,7005,200
Karim Chatur150,500
Shahid Ali150,400
Martinez Aranzadi150,300
Justin Harvell150,200
Chino Rheem149,50095,500
Anthony Diotte149,200
Andelo Bozic148,800
John Rocaberte148,800
Chad Ryan148,7002,700
Nicholas Condo148,700
Aaron Maurer148,600
Wei Ni148,500
Collen Yamagishi148,100
Stephen Buell148,000
Cliff Josephy147,50027,500
Eoghan O'Dea147,50097,500
Maxx Dansky147,100
Joseph Miller146,800
David Gerassi146,50016,500
Robert Varkonyi146,20058,200
Barak Oz146,200
Ricardo Souza146,100
Dong Kim146,000
Eric Thompson145,900
Tim Finne145,70035,700
Emmanuel Lopez145,500
Jeffery Trudeau145,500
Ignacio Lopezdematurana145,400
Talal Aljamali145,100
Mazin Khoury145,100
Laurent Polito144,400
Jakob Miegel144,000
Amir Parvizian143,800
Timothy Sheehan143,700
Anthony Wilham143,600
Patrick Mahoney143,400
James Maxey143,400
Babak Razi143,100
Daniel McAulay143,10053,100
Albert Fu142,900
Mike Jukich142,800
Tomasz Wojciechowski142,000
Pavel Plesuv142,000
Derrick Cutler141,90011,800
Robert Welch141,700
Sunil Verma141,500
Jose Brito141,500
Robert Cowen141,400
Christopher Chaudy141,400
Dustin Nelson141,300
Mitchell Heidt141,000
Joseph Couden140,800
Jessica Dawley140,60048,600
Umang Dattani140,500
Andrew Ostapchenko140,400
Jared Koppel140,300
Todd Ivens140,2000
Martijn Gerrits140,000
Esam Goodarzy139,700
James Akenhead139,20027,200
Marco Guibert139,100-4,900
Patrick Truong139,1002,100
Gennady Menshikov138,900
Jurgen Wenigwieser138,400
Dean Marco138,300
Uri Reichenstein138,00047,000
Michael Coombs137,900
David Hoag137,700
Sundiata Devore137,300
Davis Aalvik137,100
Jeremiah Callahan137,000
Michael Swimelar136,700
Sean Lindsey136,300
Timothy Burden136,300
Vasili Firsau136,100
Adam Walton136,100
Hui Wang136,000
Ivan Galinec136,000
Mark Darner136,000
Aristeidis Moschonas135,900
Vicent Bosca Ramon135,700
Jamey Rimshnick135,700
Max Havlish135,400
Simon Mallemaci135,300
Cornelis Van Gent135,300
Ian Bott135,100
Doron Bitton135,000
Francisco Zayas134,700
Michael Verhaaf134,700
Anton Sazonau134,500
Hoang Quach134,300
Cyndy Violette134,3004,300
Derek Sudell134,200
Masato Nemoto134,200
Jonathan Lewis134,200
Devin Volta134,100
Elliot Smith134,00065,000
Anatoly Korochensky134,000
Jim Collopy133,900
Kelvin Kerber133,500
Mike Glick133,200
Eric Blair133,20040,200
Nathan Henry133,000
Gregory Tucker133,000
John Cynn133,000
Tibor Kupper133,000
Robert Russ132,900
Alexander Wadley132,800
Dean Hamrick132,62599,375
Thanh Nguyen132,500-27,500
Hung Tran132,500
Szymon Wysocki132,400
Tommy Nguyen132,300
Daniel Maor132,200
Javier Gomez132,00038,000
Tim Reilly131,90066,900
Stefan Ivanov131,8001,800
In Sun Geoum131,600
Andreas Michelmann131,400
Serge Chechin131,400
Timothee Scotti131,400
Daniel Muccio131,300
Richard Lee131,200
Peter Lockwood131,100
Christopher Weber131,000
Kenneth Goodkind131,000
Jason Sell131,000
Scott Wilson130,600
Thomas Boivin130,60080,600
Genon Clement130,600
Yueqi Zhu130,50046,500
Kyriakos Papadopouluos130,500
Sean Mcmahon130,200
Derek Schroeder130,1000
Matthew Courter129,900
Hanh Le129,700
Michael Stonehill129,700
Prince Cassell129,100
Steve Gross129,100-900
Takashi Ogura129,000
Kiryl Radzivonau129,0009,000
Shannon Shorr128,80036,800
David Nguyen128,800
Kane Lai128,500
Asi Moshe128,40045,400
Amer Torbey128,100
Michael Stokey127,800
William Overmire127,800
Xuan Liu127,60022,600
Gregory Yeager127,400
Ryan McKnight127,30071,300
Eric Rabl127,300
Matthew Sabia127,200
Ashwin Sarin127,000
Bryan Chow126,800
Roland Gonzalez126,800
Andrei Konopelko126,500
Erasmus Morfe126,400
Yuebin Guo126,400
Phillip Mighall126,300
Greg Collins126,100
Krystal Thomas126,000
Steffen Sontheimer125,9005,900
Ferenc Deak125,900
David Eilers125,700
Dominic Cullen125,500
Ronni Borg125,400
Travis Lutes125,200
Nikolai Sears125,200
Bret Wigal125,200
Stuart Elkin125,100
Fausto Valdez125,000
Andrew Peplinski124,900
Jackson White124,900
Ermo Kosk124,900
Raffi King124,800
Stephen Lateano124,700
Rees Scruggs124,4000
Jens Thomsen124,400
Stanley Leopard124,300
Hao Sun124,000
Eddie Blumenthal124,000
Samuel Devers123,325
Reginald Roberts123,300
Peter Linton123,100
Tan Nguyen123,000
Rohan Bhasin122,500
Danny Bigelow122,4000
Ben Cade122,100
Randy Lowery122,000
Houman Nikbakht121,900
James Thompson121,900
Richard Sperberg121,400
Dale Garthus121,200
Robert Slezak121,100
Ishak Noyan121,100
Ladislav Cerveny121,1001,100
Frank Ray120,900
Walter Chambers120,900
Martin Stoyanov120,900
Bryce Mcvay120,600
Alex Bilokur120,600
Damian Salas120,300
Ben Lindemulder120,100
Stanley Ko120,000
Brent Ballentine120,000
Jonathan Kyriakides120,000
Kilian Kramer120,000
Oliver Weis119,800
Julien Polge119,7007,700
Daniel Podheiser119,300
Vi Khoa Duong119,2000
Russell Watson119,100
Sean Drake119,100
Thomas Chong119,000
David Espinola118,700
Mary Sturges118,700
Marc Kleinman118,500
Raj Singh118,400
Eric Sfez118,400-36,600
Ricky Chow118,300
Daniel Choi118,200
Woqia Zhu118,100
Natalie Teh118,10053,100
Jeremy Wilck118,100
Molly Mossey118,000-2,000
Barry Fleishman118,000
James Obst117,70019,700
Uzui Li117,600
Ronnie Bardah117,500
Andrew Boccia117,500
Stephan Sieber117,300
Jon Sataoen117,200
Paulino Uemura117,100
Pejman Niyati117,000
Alan Findlay116,900
Jonathan Greenbaum116,900
Loc Nguyen116,90058,200
Viclouris Quinonez116,80065,800
Matthew Krier116,800
David Belhumeur116,700
Harry Moran116,500
Kevin Chan116,50052,200
Johann Schmitt116,40057,400
David Cook116,400-1,725
Frank Cerminara Sr.116,300
Chienhuu Vo116,200
Casey Carroll116,200
Jacqueline Burkhart116,200-6,300
Ryan Rivers116,000
Jason Bigelow116,000-2,000
Andjelko Andrejevic115,9007,900
Wayne Keller115,900
Gergely Kulcsar115,800
John Reiter115,725
Robert Kozik115,700
Alexey Samkov115,600
Ronald Reis115,600
Federico Butteroni115,50079,800
Debby Perkins115,4001,400
Jordan Lewis115,400
Joseph Caruso115,3000
Miriam Biton115,200-79,800
Jonathan Karamalikis115,200
Robert Sherwood115,200
Chuanhao Zhang115,100
Thomas Cazayous115,000
Arnold Spee115,000
Michael Souza115,00044,000
Ben Lai114,800
Timothy Dix114,800
Yevgeniy Timoshenko114,60064,600
Alan Cutler114,600
Dustin Goldklang114,500
Gabriel Nastasa114,200
SheLok Wong114,200
George Spencer114,200
Philip Hayes114,100
Ben Farrell114,000
Oihan Abarzuza114,000
Timothy Chung113,900
Steven Cho113,700
Nick Maimone113,600
Preecha Taepakdee113,500
Kenneth Stacy113,400
William Heinig113,300
Nikola Gunchev113,300
Franco Cupello113,200
Randy Holland113,100
Erik Spets113,000
Ankush Mandavia113,00018,000
Christian Pham112,800
Federico Petruzzelli112,800
Corey Emery112,700
Pei Yong Deng112,700
Thomas Miller112,600
Alberto Ortiz Such112,500
Frank Marasco112,400
Mark Bansemer112,400
Chou Chou112,200
David Hausmann112,000
Adron Countryman112,000
Danny Steinberg112,000
Eric Vallee111,900
Victor Choupeaux111,90061,900
Vivek Rughani111,800
Shane Pacheco111,600
Konstantinos Nanos111,50026,500
Isai Alejandro Coello Ledezma111,400
Mikhail Sokolovskiy111,400
Donald Forshey111,300
Jason Wheeler111,30011,300
Phillip Pickle111,200
Alexander Speckert111,20099,200
Yian Zeng111,100
Ben Jackson111,100
Don Ding111,100
Bryan Pellegrino111,025-26,975
William Chattaway110,900
Kuniyoshi Imazu110,900-9,100
Bruno Portaro110,800
Petar Kalev110,800
Jacob Kipfer110,700
Christopher Blik110,600
Gennadiy Dvosis110,600
Moshe Rosenfeld110,600
Paul Vacchio110,500
Brian Peng110,400
Dominik Panka110,40050,400
Jesse Vilchez110,300
Luis Pinho110,200
John Roveto110,200
Shawn Nguyen110,200
Paul Berger110,000
Varun Natterimangadu110,0005,000
Mario Mosbock110,000
Daniel Mizrachi109,900
Chris Tryba109,800
Kafeel Jahangir109,800
Eugene Fouksman109,700
Taylor Black109,70015,700
Anthony Bogard109,600
Pierre Nasr109,500
Jeffrey Smith109,50033,600
Andrew Ryan109,400
Curtis Daye109,400
Dominykas Mikolaitis109,400
Antonin Teisseire109,30044,300
Fawz Bennis109,200
Ana Freitas109,000
Alan Hayter108,900
Chi Chan108,700
Andrew Chen108,600
Olof Haglund108,500
Michael Amato108,000
Michael Benko108,000
Andras Koroknai107,750
Daniel Hensley107,700
Jason Good107,700
Colby Dezen107,400
Patrick Braga107,40039,400
Veselin Karakitukov107,400
Waikiat Lee107,400
Jason Deutsch107,200
Hou Vang107,100
Shane Pierce107,100
Mihails Morozovs107,000
Richard Dixon107,000
Toan Trinh106,900
Corey Burbick106,90029,900
Robert Kemp106,900
Edward Ho106,800-41,100
Shaun Odonnell106,800
Gregory Fishberg106,800
Michael Cordell106,700
Gerardo Ospina106,70013,700
Thiago Camilo106,700
David Eldridge106,60041,600
Edward Bashuk106,600
Matthew Vaughan106,600
Thomas Kubin106,500
Harley Stoffmaker106,4000
Dijan Pustoslemesek106,300
Franklin Machado106,100
Josue Aguirre105,900
Eric Tomberlin105,900
Jonathan Depa105,800
Robert Moore105,800
Patrick Moore105,700
Erik Cajelais105,50025,500
Mason Barrell105,400
Daniel Blum105,300
Dan Komem105,200
Carlos Chang105,000
Anton Wigg105,0005,000
Sondre Sagstuen105,000
Duff Charette104,900
Valentin Messina104,800
Matt Mercurio104,700
Michael Arage104,70032,400
Yoon Kim104,700
Richard Grant104,700
Ioannis Angelou Konstas104,600
Diosdado Bisco104,600
Bryant Miller104,600
Mukul Pahuja104,60011,800
Billy Pappaconstantinou104,500
Doug Booth104,500
Davidi Kitai104,20019,200
Brian Graham104,100
Benedetto Bianco104,100
Joseph Golias104,000
Dale Fullerton104,000
Sergio Grosso104,000
BJ McBrayer104,000
Robert Suer104,000
Brian Andrews103,9000
Masatoshi Fujimori103,800
Thiago Nishijima103,700
Pfizer Jordan103,600
Phachara Wongwichit103,600
Michael Rocco103,60056,600
Gary Floyd103,500
Steven Kelly103,400
Ghattas Kortas103,100
Oliver Bosch103,100
Matthew Vetstein103,100
David Antinore103,100
Antonio Buonanno103,100
Matvey Tevlin103,000
Michael Chow103,000
Ari Goott103,000
Trevor Parks102,800
Dylan Drazen102,8000
Alessio Isaia102,800-15,200
Brandon Waller102,7000
Paul Balzano102,600
Sean Mcdonald102,400
Mike Heshmati102,400
Danit Dayan102,400
Simeon Naydenov102,40051,900
Robert Cosway102,300
John Duley102,200
Sheldon Kent102,000
Omar Saeed102,0000
Andrew Pacifico101,900
Daniel Hallet101,900
Michael Walker101,900
Rodeen Talebi101,800
Brett Levitzke101,6000
David Key101,600-26,400
Nikolaos Platis101,500
Miguel Seoane101,500
Jeff Heiberg101,300
David Diaz101,200
Nicolaas Thielman101,200
Christopher Barton101,200
Andrew Watson101,200
Alisson Piekazewicz101,100
Daniel Zangari101,100
John Smith101,000
Scot Robinson101,000
Said Michailidis101,000
Richard Pyne100,800-4,900
Garrett Lorman100,700
Adeeb Al Nazer100,700
Ernest Smith100,700
Chenbin Xu100,600
Carl Diveglia100,500
Andrew Touchette100,5009,450
Jan Bednar100,40010,400
Abbey Daniels100,3000
Gab Kim100,300
Andrew Graham100,300
Oystein Stai100,100
Lingkun Lu100,100
Chase Steely100,000
Stoyan Obreshkov100,000
Joshua Dempsey99,900
Roberto Finkelberg99,800
Andrius Chmieliauskas99,800
Jesse Haabak99,800
Brian Aleksa99,700
Christopher Fitzgerald99,700
Michael Shultz99,600
Vasile Buboi99,600
Jose Gonzalez99,600
Paul Lieu99,600
Ronald Rosenberg99,500
Klajdi Lika99,500
Daniel Wilson99,500
Michael Younan99,400
Christian Christner99,40014,400
Kamel Boukhalfa99,300
Alex Livingston99,20011,200
Maxim Panyak99,200
Matas Cimbolas99,10024,100
Jonathan Hanner99,100
Nirath Rean99,100
John Compton98,900
Nicholas Tollefson98,800
Deborah Hinton98,800
Alexandros Papadopoulos98,800
Christopher Herrin98,800
Jake Cody98,70072,700
Theo Tran98,60028,100
Jonathan Lessin98,500
Adam Furgatch98,500
Andre Krieger98,400-14,600
Lara Eisenberg98,400-4,600
Peter Kaemmerlen98,200
Clinton Cockburn98,200
Marc Carpentier98,20056,200
Clavet Mathieu98,100
David Liu98,100
Atrayon Trevino98,000
Fabio Bonatto98,000
Michael Dobbs98,000
Zachary Duce98,000
Denis Pisarev98,000
Nabil Mohamed98,000
Leonardo Drago98,000
Andrew Batkin97,800
Dario Sammartino97,70017,700
Alex Massman97,700
Tomas Novotny97,700
Elliot Stern97,600
Hugo Perez97,5002,500
Ludovic Geilich97,400-16,400
Eric Coffman97,400
Majed Abusaid97,300
Aaron Dalnoot97,300
Jean-Pierre Besancon97,300
Barry Schmiess97,200
Paul Zibits97,2000
Patrick Barba97,100
Randall Lack97,100
Herb Montalbano97,100
Matteo Leibowitz97,000
Joseph Cook97,000
Ovenson Benoit97,000
Luiz Ferreira97,000
Alex Difelice97,000
David Parkus97,000
Robin Richmond96,900
Thomas Brown96,900
John Dwyer96,800
Ian Palomo96,700
Anthony Augustino96,700
Fred Bartlett96,700
Paul Otto96,600
Scott Baumstein96,600
Cory Waaland96,500
Ryan Remington96,500
Brandon Butler96,400
Casey Long96,400-600
Konstantin Beylin96,300
Brian Saltus96,200
Vince Saiki96,100
Mitesh Patel96,000
Khamsy Bowles96,000
Ihar Soika95,900
Daniel Buzgon95,800-22,200
Romeo Samblero95,800
Samuel Bekerian95,700
Gionni Demers95,600
Jordan Polk95,600
Douglas Small95,600
Joseph Russell95,500
Jamie O'Connor95,500
Artur Rudziankov95,500
Ty Reiman95,400-44,600
James Kirvin95,400
Cher Vang95,300
Anthony Schutter95,1000
Mark Hodge95,100
Rellie Sigua95,00010,000
Kerry Bell95,000
David Zarrin95,000
Danny Noam95,000
Kenny Shei95,000
Kevin Goree94,900
George Cain94,900-40,100
Jeremy Blatt94,900
Peter Splettstoesser94,700
Dario Delpiano94,700
Raymond Trujillo94,600
John Moreau94,600
Nicholas Stowell94,500
Jan Eric Schwippert94,500
Eric Cruz94,400
Kevin Marcotte94,200
Boyan Asenov94,200
Michael Wakefield94,100
Dan Heimiller93,90033,900
Mladen Vukovic93,800
Michael Laake93,700
Avi Drori93,600
Michael Ruane93,50028,500
Jason Wandling93,400
Ang Li93,400
Joseph Crowley93,300
Damien Cayet93,300
Jebhar Patterson93,300
Natale Kuey93,200
Boris Martin93,200
John Yanni93,200-16,800
Mike Parisi93,200
Rahamim Hazanov93,200
Jordi Domenech93,200
Samuel Welbourne93,100
Michael Watkins93,100
Timothy Adams93,10035,100
Michael Maklary93,100
Marko Doljevic93,100
Jay Glass93,100
Frederic Bertrand93,000
Seth Dupre93,000
Yonatan Koko93,000
Daniel Laidlaw92,900
Ryan Gittleson92,800
Barry Greenstein92,80029,800
Alexander Zeligman92,700
Jake Bazeley92,6007,600
Bogdan Capitan92,600
Kido Pham92,500
Thomas Beckstead92,500
Ricky Guan92,500
Douglas Stewart92,400
Artur Koren92,400
Phil Ivey92,300-32,700
Michael Moncek92,300
Raymond Rice92,100
Gregory Witsch92,100
Javier Garcirreynaldos92,000
Michael Vo92,000
Adrian Attenborough91,900
Johannes Jonkers91,900
Mike Kinney91,900
Joshua McBroom91,900
Yuval Bronshtein91,900
Steven Nihei91,800
Ahmed Amin91,700
Cole Miller91,700
Louis Boutin91,700
Bradley Snider91,700
Michael Scarborough91,600
Alexander Fitzgerald91,600-6,000
Thida Lin91,500
Joshua Jackson91,400
Michael Doherty91,400
Su Jie91,400
Michael Harris91,200
Blake Battaglia91,200
Greg Szuba91,200
Faisal Al Qutub91,200
Rene Crha91,200
Philip Chun91,200
Jaideep Sajwan91,100
Jason Orrell91,000
Vassil Filipov91,000
Aaron Frei90,900
Slobodan Stanculovic90,800
Zakarya Wolgamott90,700
Nicholas Dashineau90,700
Jon Gottlieb90,600
TJ Shulman90,600
Thomas Popov90,600
Taylor McFarland90,500
Jeff Sluzinski90,50042,500
Raphael Lovey90,500
Matt Russell90,400
Michelle Chin90,400
Farid Jattin90,400
Tyler Witteman90,400
Michael Horchoff90,400
Benjamin Morgan90,400-23,600
David Benyamine90,400-19,600
Stephane Lacas90,400
Ryan Methia90,300
Thomas Ward (SCO)90,300
Pedro Correa90,30015,300
Michael Feil90,300
Alvin Yue90,200
Ying Fu90,100
Lachezar Petkov90,100
John Helmle90,10029,100
Chad Ditty90,100
Timothy Jurkiewicz90,0008,000
Mark Burgess90,000
Enrico Mosca90,000
Noel Oconnor90,000
Randy Haddox90,000
David Mzareulov90,000
Daniele Primerano90,000
Richard Quessette89,800
Brandon Vaysman89,700
Michael Rangel89,600
Vladimir Dmitriev89,500
Ashly Butler89,500
Yuval Harosh89,400
Donald Maloney89,400
Adam Bacon89,400
Kenny Shih89,400
Sean Whelan89,200
Yukiko Sumida89,200
Cliff Goldkind89,100
Andrew Hinrichsen89,000
Chris Edwards89,0000
Steven Sarmiento89,000
Kazuyuki Tanemura88,800
Juan Villegas88,800
Nadar Kakhmazov88,80035,300
Corbin White88,700
Roger Jones88,700
Daniel Jones88,700
Skender Alicka88,7002,700
Matthew Humphrey88,600
Rumen Nanev88,600
John Conkright88,500
Steve Trizis88,500
Martin Weiemann88,500
Ketan Pandya88,400
Miguel Capriles88,4000
Davor Lanini88,400
Jean Didier88,400
Andrew Christoforou88,300
Juan Vecino88,200
Kevin Killeen88,100
Fernando Pons88,1008,100
Joshua Sisak88,100
Lennert Verschelden88,000
Steven Parkin87,900
Perry Rouzes87,900
Jack Kashishian87,800
Ronald Sewell87,700
Bobby Poe87,700
James Brown87,600
Ian Simpson87,500-2,500
Ki-Yun Churchwell87,500
John Owen87,400
Denis Noykin87,300
David Tang87,300-13,700
Brian O'Donoghue87,200
Vyacheslav Stoyanov87,200
Miltiadis Kyriakides87,200
Jeffrey Yarchever87,100
Todd Lewinski87,100
Rajendra Ajmani87,100
Hoflehner Helmut87,100
Thi Nguyen87,000
Ryan Laplante87,00017,000
Keith Lutz87,000
Nuri Kural87,000
Eli Loewenthal86,900
Daniel Rohde86,900
Brett Nunziata86,700
Scott Allacher86,700
Thomas Lust86,600
Andrea Benelli86,600
Jeremy Lordge86,600
Joe McCartney86,60012,600
Thomas Taylor86,60059,600
John Juanda86,58012,580
Daniel Engels86,500
Tony Ruberto86,30054,200
Josiah Mori86,200
Ruel Minoza86,200
Nitesh Rawtani86,200
Curt Kohlberg86,100
Baruch Krieger86,100
Tony Ghaffari86,1001,600
Peter Treglia86,100
Ali Eslami86,100
Dino Cacchiotti86,100
Harrison Beach86,000
Avi Cohen86,000
Andrew Fleming86,000-20,400
Keith Ferrera86,000
Jake Toole86,000
Jerry Payne85,900
John Ross85,9000
Kenneth Hicks85,900
James Kubalanza85,900
Vojtech Ruzicka85,80085,800
Nadezhda Magnus85,800
Arne Comis85,800
David Goodman85,700
Samuel Dessaix85,700
Doug Kim85,700
Andrew Goldberg85,600
David Miscikowski85,50017,000
Terry Grimes85,500
Thomas Fitzgerald85,500
Joe Warling85,400
Ryan Lenaghan85,400
Mark Roguel85,400
Rodrigo Perez85,400
Thomas Confrey85,300
Mark Greenland85,300
Joerg Winterhoff85,300
Matthew Hicks85,2009,750
Peter Hengsakul85,200
Alec Weller85,100
Clarke Straus85,1000
Daniel Palau85,100
Larry Davis85,100
Adam Geyer85,100
David To85,000
Craig McCorkell85,000
Matthew Toren85,000
Eugene Katchalov85,00015,000
Ross Myers85,000
Frank Pasquale84,800
Adam Horowitz84,800
Johnny Skeens84,800
Walter Sato84,700
Ruslan Gazaev84,700
Sean Thomson84,700
Bryan Pimlott84,600
Ethan Foulkes84,500
Eugene Todd84,400
Yuhei Sanada84,400
Ben Hershkovich84,400
Sy Pham84,200
Edward Harris84,200
Leonardo Lisi84,200
Matthew Leecy84,100
Edward Alicea84,100
Kazuki Ikeuchi84,100
Kevin Kwan84,0000
Arturo Ortuno84,000
Joris Springael84,000
Joel Dickerson83,900
Pavlo Veksler83,900
Gregory Weber83,900
Jerrimie Pacheco83,900
Andrew Mcelroy83,800
James Trott83,800
Roberto Rodrigiezcarrera83,600
Eric Wasylenko83,600
Mark Evangelista83,500
Donald Rathwell83,500
David Larson83,50036,100
Craig Issod83,400
Cole Jackson83,400
David Novak83,400
Cody Pack83,3004,300
Tiahang Zhang83,100
Andrew Kelsall83,100
Ryan Goindoo83,000
Philip Clarke83,000
Mark Pisaeno83,0000
Fred Goff III83,000
John Paull83,000
Jeff Hakim82,900
Easton Oreman82,900
Daniel Chan82,90032,000
Ryan Hall82,9000
Jack Oneill82,900
Matous Houzvicek82,800-67,200
Andriy Lyubovetskiy82,800
John Henwood82,800
Jimmy Fedorkevich82,600
Alan Krockey82,600
Adam Koplan82,500
Rory Anderson82,500-75
Jason Mann82,500
Mark Kaganovsky82,500-42,500
Mitchell Brown82,400
Ital Levy82,200
James Striker82,200
Jason Calnan82,200
Russell Chabaud82,100
Georgios Manousos Sotiropo82,100
Pablo Mariz82,100
Owais Ahmed82,000
Brian Fite82,000
Jeremy Pozza82,000
Travis Greenawalt82,000
Peter Tarsiewicz82,000
Ralph Perry81,900
Khoi Ta81,700
Ilya Nikiforov81,600
Yong Wang81,600
Wim Bos81,600
Sylvain Loosli81,500-3,500
Fabien Perrot81,4008,000
Kaue De Souza81,400
Peter Campo81,400
Michael Monetti81,400
Jonathan Pineda81,4000
Rosetta Reed81,300
Rajiv Sakaria81,100
Dave Straus81,100
Ran Ilani81,000
Nicolau Villa Lobos81,000
James Campbell80,900
Jonathan Ulrich80,900
Shankar Pillai80,90020,900
Daniel Tang80,800
Nathaniel Palombo80,800
Michael Jen80,800
Edward Reinle80,700
Cindy Kerslake80,700
Wu Zhou80,600
Manuel Bevand80,50016,500
Clifford Pappas80,300
Frank Lin80,300
Anthony Ajlouny80,30050,300
Shawn Wheeling80,200
Elgio Gomez Barrios80,200
Kwong Ip80,100
Ted Chang80,100
Ken Jorgensen80,100
Steven Mischung80,000
Jonathan Bussieres80,000
Daniel Goldman80,000
Nicholas Rocha80,000
Bobby Zhang80,000
Alexander Condon79,900
Reto Herrmann79,900
Kelly Holderread79,800
Pavlin Karakikov79,800
Navot Golan79,800
Roland Israelashvili79,700
David Mowery79,700
Mark Oldenburg79,700
Daniel Donati79,700
Alexandre Lavigne79,600
Scott Matte79,500
Mayank Jaggi79,500
Jussi Nevanlinna79,500
Ji Zhang79,400
Barry Schwartz79,400
Troy Acton79,300
Richard Hanheide79,300-7,700
Robert Mcmillan79,200
Vincent Grignon79,2008,200
Robert Angeleri79,200
Marco Zevola79,1009,100
Adam Murphy79,100
Fatima Moreira de Melo79,02539,025
Chung Ho79,000
Salvatore Bonavena78,9009,900
Jared Eskandari78,900
Adam Reynolds78,900
Warren Sheaves78,900
Andrew Macdonald78,900
Christopher Wicher78,900
Jesse Sylvia78,9001,900
Gary Fisher78,9000
Gregory Defeo78,800
Garrett Crites78,700
Tobias Ziegler78,600
Taylor Hale78,60078,600
Mark Dumonski78,600
Jack Duong78,60016,600
Peter Eichhardt78,40030,400
Mark Sloane78,4000
Joseph Cheong78,400-27,600
Anthony Spinella78,40010,400
Eyal Maaravi78,300
Dustin Fox78,300
George McDonald78,2000
Frederick Sliter78,200
Michael Michnik78,100
Jaspal Brar78,0008,600
Rory Young78,00013,000
Joseph Alvaro78,000
Mario Van Ackeren78,000
Eduards Kudrjavcevs78,000
Yosuke Iwata78,000
Sean Troha78,000
Kahle Burns78,000-8,000
Yang Zhang77,900
Louis Laxineta77,900
Van Nguyen77,900
Ivan Fazal Karim77,900
Tara Dunn77,900
David Hixson77,900
Taylor Paur77,800
Sean Gomez77,800
Long Tran77,800
Jason Lawhun77,800-81,200
Affif Lemos Do Prado77,700
Adam Brosius77,700
Kilian Loeffler77,70077,700
Connor Berkowitz77,700-12,650
Bjorn Li77,700
Joseph Ruigomez77,600
Ariel Warszawski77,600
Kazuhito Oshima77,60022,600
Furkat Rakhimov77,600
David Fong77,600
Joedan Okun77,500
Derek Chin77,50077,500
Cord Garcia77,500
Guillermo Sanchez77,500
Brandon Setzer77,500
Scott Roberts77,5000
Richard Fifield77,400
Martin Zamani77,400
Vasil Medarov77,200
William Harrell77,200
Nikolay Fal77,2000
Bleron Baraliu77,200
Damien Collins77,200
Eiji Matsumura77,100
Mans Montgomery77,100
Matthew Danchik77,100
Joseph Ricupero77,10027,100
Andrew Rubinberg77,100
Tony Le77,000
Giampaolo Cecamore76,900
Terrence Kamisato76,900
Daniel Vandyke76,900
Paul Schattauer76,800
Arunas Sapitavicius76,800
Valentino Kim76,800
Daniel Smith76,80011,600
Antonio Lievano76,800
Harold Evans76,800
Andrew Brown76,700
Thai Ha76,700
Christian Welter76,700
Christopher Cantrell76,700
Alan Widmann76,600
Adam Daniel76,600
Yu Shen76,600
Yau Shern Yen76,600
Steven Mccartney76,500
Terry Thomason76,400
Yudhishter Jaswal76,300
Jerome Mangum76,300
Juan Pardo Dominguez76,30016,300
Tuomas Veravainen76,300
Shawn Sparks76,2000
Jack Jacovou76,200
Joe Serock76,20043,800
Charles Russell76,200
Toby Boas76,100
Jason Casale76,10011,600
Dwayne Allen76,10030,625
Adam Johnson76,000
Marius Kudzmanas76,000
William Nguyen76,000
Viliyan Petleshkov76,000
Joel Frederick75,900
John Oneal75,900
Antal Mezei75,800
Marcus Stein75,800
Ashish Gupta75,800
Scott Wyler75,700
Bruna Sarkis75,700-9,300
Eric Berger75,700
Sean Marshall75,700
Allen Ayers75,600
Kliment Tarmakov75,600
Ondrej Drozd75,600
Stephen Smith75,600
Mark Sleet75,500
Oren Rosen75,500
Virgil Moppin75,500
Devin Robinson75,40012,400
Jason Gray75,400-14,600
Brandon Steven75,400
Huong Do75,4001,900
Trygve Leite75,300-9,700
Darren Kennedy75,3000
Guy Bottin75,300
Hamid Izadi75,300
Anthony Alberto75,200
Michael Terhaar75,200
Tot Opie75,100
Nils Forss75,000
Christopher Caruso75,00025,000
Peter Morris75,000
Max Lehmanski75,000
Jason Seitz75,0000
Robert Hover75,000
Vlastimil Pustina74,900
Aleksandras Rusinovas74,900
David Donoghue74,900
Luke Brereton74,900-3,100
Joseph Frampus74,800
Nicholas Ricciardi74,700
Ashley Sleeth74,70019,700
Ana Marquez74,7007,700
Larry Barbetta74,70016,450
Corey Lieblein74,500
Ajay Gnanasambanthan74,500
Daniel Marin74,400
Matthew Hamilton74,400
Daren Wooten74,400
William Misiaveg74,400
Yi Li74,400
David Siew74,300
Abhishek Yerra74,300
Brian Kim74,300
Jeffrey Landherr74,300
Suzan Samuels74,200
Prudhvi Bongarala74,200
Kristaps Bertulis74,100
Adrian Moreno74,1002,100
Steven Schwab74,000
Luis Vazquez74,000-127,800
Charles Caris74,000
Ylon Schwartz73,90032,900
Andrea Buonocore73,900
Pascal Rabany73,900
Jon Lane73,800
Vincent Ciarrocchi73,800
Christopher George73,80031,800
David Sands73,8009,300
Athanasios Polychronopoulos73,80013,800
Justin Brown73,700
Yuliyan Kolev73,700
Daniel Lee73,700
Gary Herstein73,600
Tod Shenton73,600
Gabi Hecker73,600
Francois Zayas73,600
Marcos Exterkotter73,600
Daniel Griffiths73,60015,600
Jimmy Kebe73,500
Timothy Rutherford73,500
Greg Candido73,400
Matthew Vacon73,400
Gregory Katayama73,400
Michael Weber73,400
Yunye Lu73,400
Vladimir Burstein73,300
Andre Welt73,300
Matthew Stein73,100
Ryan Messick73,1000
Amir Lehavot73,000
Martin Stoller73,000
Joel Casper73,000
Leif Force73,00047,000
Kelvin Gates73,000
Edward Franklin73,000
Daryl Black73,000
Roger Franco72,900
Jesse Yaginuma72,900
Artem Babakhanyan72,800
Tony Miles72,800
Hugh Drummond72,800
Kevin Holderread72,700
Joshua Mancuso72,700
George Adjamoglain72,700
Joseph Brumpacheco72,700
James Petzing72,600
Eric Frank72,600
Thomas Scholze72,600
John Hayes72,600
Harish Ananthapadmanabha72,600
Michael Garner72,600
Ian Sandler72,500
David Inselberg72,5008,500
Barrie Gotch72,500
Radoslav Stoyanov72,400
Matthias Declercq72,300
Paul Richardson72,300
Scott Watson72,300
Steve Wistrand72,300
Michael Fortner72,300
Feizal Satchu72,200
Martins Adeniya72,2008,200
Michael Jagroo72,200
Chad Layne72,200-11,800
Sorin Drajneanu72,200
Georgy Philippovich72,10024,100
Brandon Shack-Harris72,100-12,900
Paul Vang72,100
Patrick Eskandar72,100
Aaron Woodcock72,100
Jason Daly72,000
Yiwei Wang72,000
Luke Bancroft72,000
Michael Kamran72,000
Paul Hebert72,000
Steve Billirakis72,00012,000
Beau Winn72,000
Vincent Masino72,000
Yusuke Akiba72,000
Yale Greenfield71,900
Eric Hershler71,900
Eric Baldwin71,800-9,200
Joseph Migliore71,800
Aleksandr Orlov71,800
Vittorio Faricelli71,800
James McKinnon71,800-21,350
Kinglunalan Lau71,800
Tuan Mai71,7000
Juan Valladares71,700
Kevin Stclair71,700
Michael Bailey71,600
Timothy Stull71,600
Hunter Frey71,600-1,400
David Harnish71,600
Marle Cordeiro71,600
Douglas Hutcheson71,500
Norman Garcia71,500
Lawrence Sahr71,500
Huihan Wu71,400
Jed Hoffman71,400
Michael Tocci71,400
Paul Landers71,300
Carlos Figueroafernandez71,300
Stephen Bennette71,300
Jaime Menendez71,300
Tom Cannuli71,300-34,100
Manish Vaswani71,300
Brian Powell71,200
Neil Kershaw71,100
Mark Owens71,100
Scott Fitzhugh71,100
Dennis Wilke71,000
Nikita Luther71,000
Christopher Dandrea71,000
James Lykins71,000
Joshua Macpherson71,000
John Simon70,900
Scott Franklin70,900
Allan Andersen70,900
Cody Brinn70,900
Jacob Baumgartner70,800-53,200
Oleg Chebotarev70,800
James Romero70,8006,800
Daniel Samson70,800
Nicholas Kallenbach70,700
Mike Shin70,7009,800
Hon Cheong Lee70,600
Khamar Xaytavone70,600
Bruce Peery70,600
Andrew Brinkley70,600-2,400
Patrick Steele70,600
Randy Gordon70,500
Thomas Taubenschub70,500
Lorenc Puka70,500
Goran Mandic70,400
Tuan Nguyen70,400
Shant Marashlian70,300
Kindah Sakkal70,30011,900
Chun Yu70,300
Andrea Rocci70,300
Ben Palmer70,3003,600
Jeremy Brown70,200
Robert Dukes70,200
Timothy Barchie70,200
Matthew Wakeman70,200
Dean Potashner70,100
Andres Gonzalez70,100
Jose Tavares70,000
Jason Langianese70,000
Ryan Lee70,000
Jordan Knackstedt70,000
Yonatan Basin70,000
Al Krux70,000
Jacques Mauron69,900
Christian Soto69,900
Michael Zuckerman69,900
Noah Goodwin69,900-5,000
Paul Garcia69,800
Vladimir Revniaga69,800
Sofia Lovgren69,70035,700
Michael Corson69,6000
Billy Pilossoph69,600
Stefan Huber69,600
Hai Nguyen69,600
Christopher Baud69,600
Jeremy Eyer69,600
Ramiro Petrone69,500
Harold Mcdonald69,500
Jeremy Jagoda69,500
Yaron Zeev Malki69,500
Kevin Lorfing69,500
Justin Newton69,500
Ashley Locker69,400
Philip Yan69,400
Apoorva Goel69,400
Tristan Forge69,400
Shashank Jain69,300
Aj Bowin69,300
Sam Miller69,200
Scott Harrison69,200
Andy Black69,20069,200
Gary Friedman69,200
John Rowan69,200
Steven Tabb69,100
David Quang69,100
Gilbert Vasquez69,000
Perry Zhao68,900
Daniel Sciury68,900
James Stahl68,900
Mao Li68,800
David Yan68,80015,800
Joseph Sanders68,800
Robert Flowers68,800
Joseph Di Chiaro68,800
Rainer Kempe68,70011,700
Thomas Maguire68,700
Avdo Djokovic68,700
Jeffrey Sager68,700
Justin Moeller68,700
Andrew Yip68,600
George Kramvis68,600
Alan Mastic68,600
Shigeo Haseba68,500
Sean Jungels68,400
Sunny Chattha68,400
Peter Nigh68,400
John Dolan68,300
Jan Mach68,200
Stephanie Nguyen68,200
Kevin Gosnell68,200
Mohsin Charania68,200-10,800
Douglas Rieper68,200
Brian Mintz68,100
Puneeth Modha68,100
Alexander Saladze68,000
Siagzar Payvar68,000
Lejdin Fazlibegu68,000
Benjamin Luber68,000
Sean Prendiville68,000
Erik Gamans67,900
Brian Wilson67,900
Laith Salem67,900
Daniel James67,900
Cory Williams67,9000
Rene Plourde67,800
Nick Palma67,700
Pavols Xanthopoulos67,700
Jason Kim67,70067,700
Patrick Hocking67,700
Anthony Campagna67,700
Erol Cultu67,600
Thomas Ratkovich67,600
Neil Drake67,600
James Osborne67,600
Pierreguy Gentil67,600
Ryan Scully67,500
Roberto Tellez67,500
Christopher Wood67,400
Anthony Desai67,400
James Sparacio67,400
Aleksandr Gofman67,400
Glenn Spector67,400
Harry Lodge67,300
Seth Angel67,300
Nicholas Getzen67,300
Eric Penner67,300
John Gorsuch67,300
Andrew Michael67,300
Joshua Turner67,30017,300
Franco Spitale67,300
Corey Aronson67,300
Justin Kotula67,200
Andrew Robbins67,200
Zheng Xie67,200
Haisheng Ma67,200
Matthew Friendly67,200
Corey Caeti67,200
Jacob Corda67,100
Andrea Klein67,100
Alexander Lynskey67,100
Scott Vetter67,100
Arthur Flangas67,100
Francisco Torrecillas67,100
Justin Pechie67,100
Rudolph Dirubbo67,100
Thomas Kim67,100
Toby Mathews67,000-16,500
Neil Chriss67,000-38,000
Jose Montes67,000
Jaime Bertran Mainou66,900
Charles Seymour66,900
Huy Pham66,700
Robert Fabre66,700
Florian Strasser66,700
Sean Posner66,700
Roberto Begni66,600
Axel Hallay66,600
Stefan Schillhabel66,60011,600
Robert Boyko66,600
Kartik Ved66,500
Paul Fisher66,500
Raymond Purdy66,400
Seth Foster66,400
Michael Noori66,400-33,600
Sandeep Pulusani66,400
Michael Shan66,400
Gregory Josifovski66,300
Orli Macaneiro Junior66,200
Brett Silverman66,200
William Richmond66,200
Edward Leahy66,200
Scott Vener66,200
Ricardo Graells De Dios66,170
Benton Blakeman66,100
Michael Devinsky66,000
Nicklaus Thompson66,000
Wenlin Wang66,000
Ricardo Mateo66,000
Sean Spector66,000-7,400
Colby Robertson66,000
Michael Higginson66,000
Yehoram Houri66,0001,000
Leonardo Romeo66,000
Charles Morris66,000
Scott Hilton66,000
Elliott Peterman65,900
Debbie Inman65,80029,300
Jack Sandford65,700
Scott Eskenazi65,60042,125
Stephen Lee65,600
Bruno Politano65,500
Jonathan Somekh65,500
Ira Marcus65,400
William Hickey65,400
Nesrine Reilly65,400
Matt Szymaszek65,400
Koray Aldemir65,30023,500
Susan Kane65,300
Stephen Ekin65,300
John Zentner65,300-4,325
Chris Furbert65,300-72,700
Kostadin Golemeev65,200
Calvin Lee65,100
Alexandre Reard65,10017,100
Benjamin Mintz65,100
Bart Hanson65,10034,100
David Kaleel65,000-15,000
Adrian Salter65,000
Michael Tsai65,000
Jeff Rodriguez64,900
Brian Zeid64,900
Randy Eklund64,900
Leo Fernandez64,800-16,200
Allen Lu64,700
Mikael Guenni64,6009,600
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin64,600
Santtu Leinonen64,600
Santa Cafiero64,600
Jianing Tang64,500
Dennis Rubba64,400
Carole Agostini64,400
Robert Damelian64,300
Alberto Bari64,300
Khang Luu64,200
Pete Chen64,200
Matthew Kolibas64,20039,200
Daniel Kitzis64,100
Joseph Thomas64,100
Greg Weston64,000
Tommy Townsend64,000
Stephen Wanamaker63,900
Andrew Moser63,800
Marc Evanier63,800
Garrett Beckman63,800
Mark Gordon63,800
Won Lee63,800
Balram Bhandari63,8001,800
Phil Hellmuth63,700-5,300
Eric Schoen63,700
Colin Robinson63,600
Jiri Horak63,500
Nageswaran Sarangapani63,500
Mark Ader63,500750
Joao Studart63,500-19,500
Benjamin Keiley63,500
Darrell Hopkins63,500-4,000
Grant Foster63,5000
Christopher Tham63,500
Michael Clark63,4000
Raminder Singh63,400
Liv Boeree63,400-16,600
Fabrizio Nolano63,400
Dean Digiacomo63,300
Kevin Wang63,300
Angela Prada-Moed63,300
Tyler Gentry63,300
Raja Chirumamilla63,300
Kyle Shappelle63,300
Russell Whitehead63,200
Nishant Sharma63,200
Peter Smurfit63,200
Scott Foglietta63,200
Raphael Wimmer63,100
Aleks Dimitrov63,100
Mateus Rosenburg63,000
Gary Cook63,000
Sasha Sabbaghian63,000
Neal Liptak63,000
Edgar Moreno63,000
Perati Muhamet62,900
Simon Boss62,900
Saya Ono62,900
Sonu Sharma62,800
Joseph Gegan62,7003,600
Matthew Flower62,700
Tu Huynh62,700
Craig Rubinstein62,6000
Keith Block62,600
James Gregg62,600
Joshua Ferrer62,500
Mansoor Ahmadzai62,500
Julian Wohlgemuth62,500
Gregory Milliron62,400
Michael Frere62,400
Alfred Wyckoff62,40014,900
Rene Charland62,300
Howard Mash62,300
Yordan Petrov62,300
Austin Wentling62,300
Yosuke Sekiya62,200-11,800
Paul Guichard62,200
Aaron Duczak62,200
Billy Cartlidge62,200
Robert Buky62,200
Gustavo Mastelotto62,200
Fabio Sousa62,200
Jose Puente62,200
Jordan Batt62,100-1,900
Larry Jaffee62,100
Joel Neuman62,100
Ryan Smith (CAN)62,100
Kevin Rines62,0000
James Rea62,000
Ba Dinh62,000
Antti Halme62,000
Edward Hansen62,000
Tony Gargano62,0000
Lucas Fauth62,000
Egor Gerasunchuk62,000
Alexander Balcerzak62,000
Marcos Da Silva62,000
Paul Sokoloff61,900
Michael Loncar61,900
Jean Auberval61,900
John Colon61,900
Tommy Kivela61,900
Jonathan Hilton61,800
Nicholas Baris61,800
Freek Scholten61,800
Xi Yang61,800
Viet Vo61,700
Reard Aurelie61,700
William Berman61,700
Farhad Sinaei61,500
Pierre Merlin61,500
Joseph Teanotoga61,500
Roberto Buda61,500
Victor Dong61,400
Aaron Tudor61,400
Stephen Lichtenberger61,400
Zachariah Marchiondo61,300
Behnam Esfahanizadeh61,300
Micky Blasi61,300
Bob Bounahra61,300
Bill Germanis61,300
Michael Dellabarca61,200
Arianna Son61,200
Clifford Jacobson61,200
Ryan Pignatelli61,100
David Stonehouse61,100
Ankit Ahuja61,100
Jonathan Cronin61,100
Farzad Bonyadi61,000-29,000
Bradley Howard61,000
Willie Smith60,900
Vincent Chung60,900
John Trudewind60,900
Narimaan Ahmadi60,900
David Petrus60,900
Victor Vacher60,800
Anthony Utnage60,800
Harvey Vandeven60,800
Ben Hamnett60,700
Keith Donovan60,700
Benjamin Sen Jee60,600
Alessandro Massa60,600
Jeffrey Turton60,600
Sergei Stazhkov60,500
Tanya Kirk60,500
Samuel Vonkennel60,500
Marc Miller60,500
Harsukhpaul Sangha60,500
Alan Jacobs60,500
Scott Murphy60,500
Robert Powell60,400
Roman Shaposhnikov60,400
Robert Bedford60,300
Daniel Neilson60,300
Aditya Agarwal60,300-27,700
Dimitrios Farmakoulis60,300
Roger Stewart60,300
Richard Alsup60,200
Christopher Staats60,200
Louis Lee60,200
Andy Philachack60,200200
Diogo Veiga60,200
Bradley Watson60,100
Ralph Wong60,100
Ilkin Amirov60,000
Jonathan Gray60,00033,000
Franco Mancini60,000
Christopher Doan60,000
Kirk Wagenbach60,000
Floyd Bangerter59,900
Thanh Ho59,900
Gabriel Kaplan59,900
Michael Dunn59,800
Pedro Cabeca59,800
Christopher Usude59,800
James Chen59,80040,300
Anthony Biggers59,800
Adrian Aguilar59,700
Torrey Korsog59,700
Giovani Torre59,600
Thomas Macdonald59,600
Joseph Drory59,600
Alexander Wilkinson59,500
Albert Winchester59,500
Adnan Mohammad59,500
Christopher Mcnally59,300
Daniel Pickering59,300
Daria Feshchenko59,30012,300
Marton Czuczor59,30011,600
Samy Charni59,300
Josh Prager59,300
Chris Moorman59,200-5,800
Craig Strobel59,200
Vincent Maglio59,100
Emmett Davis59,100
Nathanael Kogel59,100
Kevin Clarkson59,100
Vincent Lahalle59,100
Dimitar Danchev59,100
Gary Blackwood59,100
Andrew Kaplan59,000
Yiqing Huang59,000
Jie Shi59,000
Richard Alati59,0007,000
Richard Langdon58,900
Mark Zajdner58,900
Kevin Miller58,900
Geremi Wicinski58,900
Robert Polanyi58,800
Julian Menhardt58,800
Darren Grant58,800
Cheryl Sloane58,800
Chris Bach58,700
Brian Battistone58,700
Joshua Millet58,700
Leonard Kramer58,700
LaDarren Banks58,500
Ryan Hamman58,500-1,500
Kai Lanser58,400
Steve Mason58,300
Joseph Wertz58,300
Michael Wong58,200
Charles Zis58,200
Flaminio Malaguti58,100
Jonathan Greene58,100
Martial Blangenwitsch58,000
Tony Cousineau58,0007,000
Martin Pedersen58,000
Henry Zou58,000
Mark Vankeirsbilck58,000
Brian Neugeboren57,900
Charles Lampe57,900
Sandra Knopow57,900
Benjamin Kramer57,900
Jack Mann57,900
Rubin Chappell57,800
Naseem Salem57,700
Brian Ray57,700
Pete Males57,500
Kyle Merron57,500
Ryan Daniel57,500
Jason Baer57,500
James Lillis57,500
James Duke57,400
Tom Gottlieb57,400
Haral Tsivicos57,400
Jianbo Jiang57,400
Henry Mlekoday57,300
Elizabeth Montizanti57,200
Paul Volpe57,20057,200
Allen Chou57,200
Hiroki Nawa57,200
Walan Kite57,100
William Spiegel57,000
Mark Scacewater57,000
Benjamin Lamprecht57,000
Sean Winter57,000
Evan Jarvis57,000
Damien Steel57,000
Sarkis Karapetian56,900
Dwight Chatham56,9000
Victor Teixeira56,800
Michael Barnes56,800
George Peckham56,800
Kostantinos Gennaios56,800
Pedro Madeira56,800
Shayna Bott56,800
Getty Mattingsley56,700
Mihai Manole56,700
Diglio Crescenzo56,700
Stephan Schiessl56,700
Kevin Jonna56,700
Rupom Pal56,700
Daniel Demicki56,700
John Griffin56,600
Richard Locke56,600
Carson Ha56,600
Denis Mcdonald56,600
Mark Epstein56,600
Sterling Savill56,560
Jari Hurri56,500
Howard Inafuku56,500
Milan Randelovic56,500
Krzysztof Stybaniewicz56,50018,000
Manuel Blaschke56,400
Emin Babayev56,400
Timo Kamphues56,400
Brady Hinnegan56,400
Nicolas Pons56,400
Nicholas Zautra56,300
Michael Winn56,300
Jonathan Currle56,300
Socrates Apergis56,300
Jason James56,300
Gerald Siemienas56,300
Jon Kyte56,2009,200
Carolyn Tulloch56,100
Tigran Abgaryan56,100
Thomas Larson56,100
Salvatore Salzano56,100
Josh Mitchell56,100
Hendrik Latz56,100
Rony Halimi56,100
Dovid Lakein56,000
Brett Murray56,000
Benjamin Leblond56,00010,600
Jeff Sarwer55,900
Darryl Ronconi55,9000
Phung Ngo55,900
Matias Ruzzi55,900
Premnath Kasinath55,900
Kilo Krahn55,700
Abdul Al Magableh55,600
Luis Rodriguez Cruz55,600
Ashton Griffin55,6009,200
Mark Smith55,500
Moshe Gabay55,500
Srikanth Koneru55,500
Marti Roca de Torres55,400-4,600
Scott Lawson55,400
Ryan Belz55,400-14,950
Patricia Barsantichou55,300
Dana Muse55,300
Julius Roque55,300
Taylor von Kriegenbergh55,300
Mark McGovern55,100
Michael Blanovsky55,100
Justin Trivisano55,100
Jeanne Penuel55,100
Paul Leckey55,000
Tabatha Hilliard55,000
Robert Merulla55,000
Paul Hofer55,000
David Heginbotham55,0000
Quentin Roussey54,90038,900
Edouard Echinard54,8005,225
Leo Kaplin54,800
Michael Messick54,800
Samy Boujmala54,700
Jeremy Joseph54,6005,600
Jack Roser54,600
Dong Ji54,600
Joshua Ray54,600
Jerry Wong54,500
Manh Nguyen54,400
Joe Hanrahan54,300
Michael Neuberger54,300
Zackary Koerper54,300
Tyreem Williams54,200
Bryan Kim54,200
Minh Nguyen54,200
Scott Mccollum54,200
Rebecca Campbell54,100
Hayden Glassman54,100
Mateusz Rypulak54,100
Noah Vaillancourt54,100
Benjamin Ludlow54,100-4,900
Chad Deberry54,000
Cody Wiegmann54,000
Gary Gelman54,000
Scott Moses54,000
Damian Artt54,000
John Gallagher54,000-40,100
Lisa La54,000
Amir Ali Etemad Saeid54,000
Akash Malik54,000
Ryan Hong54,000
Alex Queen54,00023,000
Matthew Lubawski53,900
Rao Yan53,900
Bryan Lapham53,900-12,100
Tyler Martin53,900
Eric Bonin53,800
Chelsea Proctor53,800
John Ciavirella53,800
Paulo Colaiacovo53,800
Shaotong Chang53,800
Johann Ibanez53,700
Benjamin Strumpf53,700
Dwayne Buth53,700
Ashton Clayton53,700
William Kopp53,600
Matt Vengrin53,600
Dean Hutchison53,600
Gang Xiong53,600
Lumni Zhuta53,590
Sol Bergren53,500
Jason Atwood53,500-2,800
Matt Savage53,500-21,500
Chris Chong53,500
Charles Hopkins53,500
Anthony Ibrahim53,400
Raymond Walton53,400
Cory Albertson53,400-22,100
Rajappa Chidambaram53,400
Cooper Wanty53,400
Trevor Savage53,300
Mastoshi Kato53,300
Tobias Peters53,3000
Farrokh Aghaeepour53,200
Matt Wilkins53,200
Humberto Brenes53,20023,200
Charles Chrysostomou53,200
Gary Bolden53,200
Steve Yea53,200
Jesse Whittemore53,200
Brian Allen53,100-1,900
Thorben Vellrath53,100-9,900
Markus Hausberger53,100
Timothy Domboski53,100
Nicholas Markou53,100
Asher Conniff53,10016,500
Devon Ballard53,000
Ronald Beers53,000
Igor Rabinovich52,900
Toan Phan52,900
Will Berry52,90020,300
Elizabeth Tedder52,800
Alfonso Mora52,800
Charles Mitchell52,800
Ryan Hohner52,700-106,300
Michael Tran52,700
Julien Ponche52,700
Ernie Hou52,700
Guilherme Pita52,600
Yoon Cheon52,600
Richard Bennett52,600
Susannah Altman52,600
Jeffrey Moore52,600
Alessio Peciarolo52,600
Kevin Choe52,500
Paul Newey52,500-5,500
Xiong Zhao52,500
Scott Schlemmer52,500
Jack Allen52,300
Nicholas Katsapas52,300
Jonathan Concepcion52,300-17,700
Mikita Badziakouski52,200-22,800
Arsenii Karmatakii52,200
Robert Kaggerud52,200
Andrew Rose52,200
William Firebaugh52,100
Brian Wood52,100
Cole Chait52,000
Henry Gingerich52,000
Maria Lampropulos52,000-15,000
Andre Rouse52,000
Joshua Tam52,000
Fred Lopez51,900
Kimberly Mcclymont51,900-4,100
Allen Bennett51,900
Jenny Kang51,900
Alberto Rodriguez51,900
Shane Delaney51,900
Shane Abbott51,900
Cong Pham51,800
Lovell Wilkerson51,800
Omer Rotman51,800-47,800
David Klein51,700
Olav Prinzvonsachsen51,600
Mike Deis51,600
John Andress51,600
Raymond Ho51,600
Oshri Lahmani51,500
Jun Saito51,500
Michael Berdine51,500
Matas Cikinas51,500
Vishal Maini51,500
Matthew Pnini51,500
Gene Quinn51,500
Joel Blaeser51,400
Thomas Wachowski51,400
Chad Mizner51,400-3,500
Jennifer Oster51,400-27,600
Ian Johns51,400
Metin Oruc51,400
Scott Einiger51,400
Gege Gocaj51,400
Michael Martin51,300
Charles La Boissonniere51,300
Daniel Parncutt51,300
Orion Fliessbach51,200
Scott Kaichi51,200
Alexander Wong51,200
Bryce Yockey51,200
Aaron Smith51,200-3,800
Javier Llorente51,10016,100
Renata Colache51,100
Freddy Caisson51,100
Benjamin Thomas51,100
Kristy Arnett51,100-11,900
Ivan Luca51,000-27,000
Ronnie Lamb51,000
Stevan Chew51,000
Andre Barrett51,000
Kelly Kim51,000
Roman Rogovskyi51,000
John Ohradzansky50,900
John Dollinger50,900
Dean Freedlander50,800
George Pappas50,800
Quang Ngo50,800
Daniel Alaei50,800-23,200
Marius Gierse50,800
Christos Xanthopoulos50,800
Albert Ng50,800
Bob Shao50,700
Chad Butterfield50,700
Marc Adler50,700
Natalie Hof50,700-5,000
Collin Grubaugh50,700
Daniel Treptow50,700
Edward Landenbaum50,700
Gert Zumkehr50,700
Michael Forca50,600
Mario Oliveira50,500
Oleksii Kravchuk50,500
Aaron Lasater50,500
Abraham Araya50,400
Cody Heiden50,400
Raz Alon50,400
Dmitrii Kamalov50,300
Robert Tinnion50,300
Bertrand Grospellier50,300200
Jeffrey King50,300
Derrick Cavaco50,200
Robert Willis50,100
Ryan Hagerty50,100
William Kassouf50,100-26,900
Geoffrey Fricke50,000
Michael Wolf50,000
Alexander Farahi50,000
Martin Sejer50,000
Eddie Ochana50,000
Frederik Salari49,900
Daniel Schochet49,900
Eugene Du Plessis49,900
Ryan Phan49,900
Joseph Marek49,800
Dylan Thomassie49,800
Brett Richey49,800
Claude Ngangacodru49,700
David Einhorn49,7000
Herman Weenink49,700
Jesse Hampton49,700
Thomas Zanot49,600
Heinz Schluter49,600
Rotem Chen49,500
Michael Crystal49,500
Derek Wolters49,500
Ami Barer49,400-2,600
Michael Seymour49,400
John Templeton49,400
Jesse Rivera49,400
Sam Stein49,300
Dohyung Kim49,300
Keith Jeske49,300
John Brinkman49,300
Niall Murray49,200
Robert Peacock49,200
Jesse McVicker49,200
Anthony Mazzone49,200
Todd Sladek49,200
David Gee49,100
Roderick Hooker49,100
Matthew Woodward49,000
Jonas Wexler49,000
Louise Francoeur49,000
Federico Quevedo49,0006,000
Christopher Canan48,900
Anthony Moyer48,900
Nick Guagenti48,900
Omar Zazay48,800
Jason Ritchie48,800
Christopher Thompson48,800
Kenneth Bryant48,700
Kevin Mcminniman48,700
Vijay Ramani48,700
Julia Mcbride48,600
Robert Koss48,500
Alex Jacob48,500
Brian Yee48,400
Brian Gorman48,400
Corey Wright48,400
Manuel Martinez48,400
Yiannis Liperis48,300
Bill Phillips48,300
Yury Shapiro48,300
Lawrence Pileggi48,300
Edward Liu48,200
Michael Binger48,200
Michael Moore48,200-52,900
Xizhe Yuan48,200
Andreas Kniep48,10026,100
Zachary Walker48,100
Mitch Garshofsky48,100
Clayton Hamm48,1000
Ryan Daut48,100
Marcus Newbury48,100
Luke Bindon48,100
Cornel Cimpan48,000
Yew Kan48,000
Tom Franklin48,000
Dakota Burnett48,000
Keith Tilston48,000
Melissa Gillett47,900
Stan Jablonski47,900
JJ De La Garza47,900
Jose Nadal47,900
William Lewandowski47,900
Yehuda Cohen47,800
Guillaume Dupuy47,800
Paul Saharsky47,700
Sasha Liu47,700
Daniel Koschok47,700
George Wedemeyer47,600
Nissim Gozlan47,600
Nicholas Banker47,600
Salavatore Pugliese47,500
Simon Burns47,500
Baptiste Chavaillaz47,500
Kwang-Sung Lee47,500
Gary Otake47,400
Filipp Khavin47,400
David Peyser47,400
Terry Schumacher47,400
John Briere47,400
Chin Nguyen47,400
Andrew Whitaker47,300
Matt Salsberg47,2004,200
Sadan Turker47,200
Bob Bright47,200
Dana Davidson47,200
Brian Kay47,100
Mark Mitzel47,100
Philip Tom47,100
Shon Yamashita47,100
Alfred Poon47,100
Punal Patel47,100
Rodney Hobbs47,000-93,000
Nicholas Miller47,000
Matt Lushin47,000
Claas Segebrecht47,000-28,000
Christoph Lovett46,900
Yossef Levi46,900
Aj Taillon46,900
Daniel Roitman46,900
Paul Jain46,800
Yusuke Kakiuchi46,800
Amir Tawfik46,800
Crystal Utley46,800
Justin Keener46,800-22,300
Roberto Betbese46,800
Martin Kozlov46,800
David Remer46,700
Grayson Ramage46,700-13,300
Darin Oreman46,700
Ognyan Dimov46,600-13,400
Amir Kaikhah46,600-13,400
Eracles Panayiotou46,600
Gary Hurst46,600
Robert Cheung46,500
Ralph Bratcher46,500
Mickael Boulalavong46,500
Jeffrey Hurley46,500
Taha Maruf46,400
Lloyd Fletcher46,400
Hieu Dang46,400
Craig Blight46,400
Mark Marasco46,300
Nikhil Gera46,300
Alexandre Saulnier46,30020,300
Jason Trezak46,200
David Plastik46,2000
Stephen Forde46,200
Sean Baik46,200
Myanmar Kaung46,200
Michael Kamenjarin46,200
Nguyet Dao46,100
Zachary Straus46,000
Guillaume Debon46,000
Frank La Pietra46,000
David Levine46,000
Jose Rodriguez46,000
Sergey Altbregin46,000
Sasidhar Bobba45,900
Giovanni Pupo45,900
Christian Arntson45,900
Hrand Valijani45,900
Anthony Maio45,800
Andres Garcia45,800
Kevin Kelly45,800
Charles Harder45,700
Louis Vial45,700
Griffin Benger45,675-1,325
Sang Lee45,600
Christopher Roth45,600
Andrew Berg45,500
Wade Walker45,500
Monika Zukowicz45,50045,500
Philip Long45,500
William Katona45,500-15,000
Peter Cross45,400
Joshua Blatchford45,400
Nicholas Ronyecz45,400
Nancy Johnson45,400
David Laka45,400-7,600
Steven Mcnally45,300
Dana Kellstrom45,300
Tatjana Zizic45,300
Eric Buchman45,300
Florian Ribouchon45,300
Virgil Beddingfield45,200
JP Kelly45,200
Sriharsha Doddapaneni45,200
Hiroyuki Noda45,200-29,800
Dietrich Fast45,100-31,400
Alex Jim45,100
Jason Young45,10023,500
Charles Micalizzi45,100
Raviinder Vinayak45,000
Charles Earl45,000
Benjamin Miner45,000
Veron Lammers44,900
Brett Shaffer44,900
Jeffrey Hong44,900
John Hashem44,900
William Luciano44,900-2,100
Robert Henderson44,800
Michael Melone44,800
Andrew King44,800
Matthew Gordon44,700
Fadi Hamad44,700
Kou Vang44,700
Steve Yagudaev44,700
Steven Firestone44,600
Xiaoyan Wang44,500
Aaron Johnson44,500
Pim Gieles44,500
Jeffrey Alder44,500
Bill Wood44,400
Alan Carty44,400
Enrico Rudelitz44,400
Christopher Smolko44,300
Michael Jarrell44,200
Justin Geronsin44,200
Kristijan Husko44,200
Erick Lindgren44,100-65,900
Allen Kennedy44,100
James Sullivan44,100
Michael Cordes44,100
Zuhdi Mansour44,100
David Rouley44,000
Todd Brunson44,000-11,000
Barbara Enright44,000
Vladislav Donchev44,000
Tim Marsters44,000
Joshua Steiner43,900
John Rotter43,900
Muskan Sethi43,8009,100
Randi Singer43,800
Nikolay Yosifov43,700
Michael Lavenburg43,700
John Tech43,600
Bobby Oboodi43,600-20,600
Christopher Flint43,600
Marc Montgomery43,600
David Mallet43,600
Mario Martinez43,600
Ofir Mor43,500
Gilbert Diaz43,500
Vinny Pahuja43,50028,000
Mosley Dominique43,500
Hamid Mezhoud43,400
Benjamin Winsor43,400
Volodymyr Drokin43,400
Frank Callucci43,300-10,800
Jason Eisele43,300
David Tannenholz43,300
Eric Saunders43,300
Nika Futterman43,200
Alan Feiner43,200
Pluria Marshall43,200
Derek Staib43,200
Michael Mcghee43,100
Mark Amabile43,100
Mike Sliger43,100
Thomas Ross43,100
Eric Mizrachi42,900-5,100
Adam Burriss42,900
Achille Samaran42,900
Jason Hartwig42,900
Meikat Siu42,900
Jason Dreibelbis42,800
Adam Goldberg42,800
Greg Himmelbrand42,700
Alexander Ignatov42,700
James Burns42,6000
Benjamin Eilers42,600
Thuy Kawano42,500-34,000
Fahredin Mustafov42,500
Anthony Profeta42,400
Nathan Crookshank42,400
Oleksii Ievchenko42,400
Jerri Thomas42,300
Thomas Winstone42,300
Ivan Zhechev42,300
Alexandru Masek42,300
Bryan Pacific42,300
Luigi Esposito42,200
Tom Middleton42,200
Matthieu Lamagnere42,200
Marcello Campbell42,200
Jeremy Ansher42,200
Mike Shariati42,100
Cody Rich42,1000
David Jackson42,100
Yousef Suleiman42,030
Jason Baxley42,000
Kaddu Luyombya42,000
Fernando Islas42,000
Juan Pastor42,000
Charles Hanson42,000
Audrius Stakelis41,900
Joseph Landers41,900
Christopher Atkinson41,900
David Butkus41,900
Mark Gardner41,800
Gansukh Sandagsuren41,800
Roman Yitzhaki41,800
Andrew Belmonti41,600
David Lee41,600
Brian Anderson41,500
Manuel Saavedra Nunez41,500
Joseph Marchal41,400
Doris Gresik41,400
Anthony Guerrera41,400
Nicholas Carrillo41,300
Jeff Gross41,3001,300
Mark Flagel41,300
Sean Tyburski41,300
William O'Neal41,300
Tom Koral41,300
David Chocheles41,200-10,800
Sean Small41,200
Jason Les41,200
Jeffery Esterling41,200
Darren Mcgraw41,200
Angelina Rich41,100
Joel Kop41,000
Joseph Liberta41,000
Barry Leventhal41,000
Gabriel Neto41,000
John Dennehey41,000
Terry Fleischer41,000
Linglin Zeng41,000-35,000
Stephen Ma41,000
Robbie Calhoun41,000
Joseph Nadeau40,900
Rod Fani40,900
Mark Newhouse40,900
Randy Gil40,800
Roman Korenev40,800
Mark Beard40,800
Bart Luyckx40,700
Tobias Hariefeld40,700
Chris Bell40,700
Michael Perch40,600
Michel Bouskila40,600
Roman Berson40,600
John Hill40,600
Zackary Estes40,600
Grzegorz Wyraz40,6000
Thom Werthmann40,500
Lyle Remer40,500
Anthony Ortega40,500
Richard Machnik40,500
Sean Shah40,500
Melad Marji40,400
Ronnie Brown40,400
Jody Howe40,300
Patrick Olsen40,300
Mitchell Cogert40,300
Yorane Kerignard40,300
Steven Markowitz40,2005,700
Amauri Grutka40,200
Alexander Kuzmin40,200
Jonathan Abdellatif40,200-54,800
Aleksandr Shevelev40,200
Raffi Boyadjian40,200
Richard Murnick40,100
Philip Apps40,100
Sean Gibson40,100-1,400
Nataliya Yakovleva40,000
Daniel Peche40,000
Nick Schulman40,00040,000
Roy Thung40,000
Samir Bhatia40,000
Matthew Lambrecht39,900
Stefan Grunewald39,900
Raul Manzanares39,900
Koichiro Ogawa39,900
Robert Pound39,900
Todor Plaseski39,800
Ying Chan39,800
Illya Trincher39,700
Mohammad Shahid39,600
Patrick Sacrispeyre39,600
Martin Mills39,500
Saige Ciarletta39,500
Endrit Geci39,500
Matthew Levine39,500
Daniel Vue39,400
Brett Bader39,400
Paul Lampl39,400
Derek Word39,300
John Misirian39,300
William Jacobini39,300
Andrew Sanft39,300
Talon White39,200
Antonio Venneri39,200
Jeremy Kottler39,200
Alec Lenander39,100
Joni Jouhkimainen39,100
Mike Wattel39,00018,800
Paul Pirrone39,0000
John Song39,000
Matthew Reed39,000
Andrew Florsheim38,900
Garrett Garvin38,800
Kane Kalas38,800-19,500
Vladislav Mezheritsky38,800-20,200
Rajesh Saini38,800
Sean Rice38,700
Rizziero Osso38,600
Stephen Chimelski38,600
Julie Cornelius38,600-11,400
Shawn Stroke38,600
Clayton Jiang38,500
Antonio Ferreira38,500
John Dombroski38,500
John Bolton38,500
Martin Jacobson38,400400
Sampson Simmons38,400
Jeremy Boston38,400
Young Sik Eum38,300
Anthony Calabrese38,300
Denis Gnidash38,300
Maurizio Saieva38,200
Anthony Harb38,200
Mark Mazza38,200
Randy Hanley38,200
Kuniharu Uchida38,200
Adam Krosser38,200
Justin Greenberg38,100
David Konsky38,100
Sinisa Stajic38,100
Dan Grolemund38,100
Arie Ori Miller38,000
Steven Wolansky38,000-5,300
Gary Sewell38,000
Jerry Robinson38,000
Samel Ross38,000
Mike Lancaster37,900
Eric Pratt37,900
Jonathan Schuman37,900
Felipe Leme37,900
Mohammad Farah37,800
Daniel Lau37,800
Russell Carson37,800
David Scatchard37,800
Nikunj Gandhi37,700
Ross Atkin37,700
Brett Elder37,700
Juan Manzano37,700
Martins Kleins37,600
Dan Brown37,600
Fredrick Mowatt37,600
Tszho Yuan37,500
Andrew Wilson37,500
Lawrence Obrien37,500
Leo Wolpert37,500
Dzmitry Urbanovich37,500-7,000
Glen Nguyen37,400
Cameron Couch37,400
Glenn Scheck37,400
Dean Baranowski37,300
Michael Bashir37,300
Frank Dilorenzo37,300
Denis Cyr37,300
Chi Zhang37,300
Bryan Berryman37,300
Andrew Neeme37,300
Alexander Bretherton37,200
Joseph Hertzog37,100
Carlos Lucero37,100
Jason Loehrs37,000
Robert Shangguan37,000
Andrew Rosen37,000
Andres Norbe Korn37,000
Matthew Su36,900
Kristian Wiermyhr36,900
Terry Shortland36,900
Eder Murata36,900
Johnny Steven36,9000
Tuu Ho36,900
Victor Jacuzzi36,800
Daniel Natividad36,800
Terry Sandifar36,800
Alistair Hill36,800-4,200
Jeff Dumas36,800-36,200
Paul Yu36,800
Clinton Jenkins36,800
Marcelo Menusso36,700
Peter Ziemak36,700
Hidde Aldenkamp36,700
Christopher Mitchell36,690
Matthew Jablonsky36,600
Gregory Thomas36,600
Ivan Zarate36,500
Timothy Ulmer36,5009,500
Francis Collins36,500
Rory Brown36,500
Gan Siong36,400
Kevin Gerhart36,400-40,400
Paul Saso36,300
Sergio Larrain36,300
Shinichi Mayuzumi36,200
Tanios Abi-Yaghi36,200
Benjamin Pollak36,2007,200
Nenad Cvetkovic36,200
Robert Ash36,100
Randal Sklar36,100-11,900
Colin Moffatt36,100
Lynn Bowersox36,100
Marco Traniello36,100
Raymond Muzyka36,000
John Lee36,000400
Daniel Hirleman36,000
Shibin Zhang36,000
Randal Brown36,000
Joel Frank36,000
Daniele Guidetti35,900
Daniel Retallick35,900
John Spadavecchia35,800
Kenneth Daciolas35,800
Eric Kitain35,800
Geoffrey Ferrer35,800
Dean Schultz35,700
Christopher Chabris35,700
David Nardella35,600
James Gilbert35,600
Gregory Guth35,600
Mark Wright35,500
Landen Lucas35,500-80,500
Ivaylo Sivinov35,500
Jeffery Mack35,500
Claudiu Marin35,500
Michael Kirkpatrick35,500
Fernando Brito35,300
Russell Thomas35,300-9,700
Pakinai Lisawad35,300
Dustin Centanni35,200
Itzhak Weltfreid35,200
Hyon Kim35,200
Jeremy Menard35,200-9,800
Gary Bentley35,200
Jared Palmer35,200
Joshua Rothberg35,100
Wilhelm Isaak35,100
Jennifer Shahade35,000-2,000
Brian Valentine35,000
Laurence Grondin35,0000
Andrey Zaichenko34,900-5,100
Scott Wallace34,900
Matt Bond34,90021,900
Jens De Jong34,900
Duke Vu34,900
Andrea Vinci34,800
Shunsuke Sasaki34,800
Donald Delancy34,800
Nipun Java34,800-22,700
Douglas Messner34,800
Michael Fallas34,800
Rafael Zuzic34,700
Jeffery Battaglia34,700
Ken Huynh34,700
Wataru Nippa34,700
Ante Kutlesa34,600
Mitchell Johnson34,600-34,600
Silma Macalou34,600
Alemu Makonen34,500
Seth Gilson34,500
Vincent Guerra34,500
Ben Achraf34,500
Mark Gunterman34,400
Casey Yontz34,400
John Wolff34,400
Edwin Pairavi34,300
Miguel Cieri34,300
Vitaliy Neyman34,300
Taylor Wilson34,200
Jiang Qian34,200
Jason Emanuel34,200
Brian Nerney34,100
Parimal Parmar34,100
Tony Sinishtaj34,100-8,900
Expedito Neto34,000
Joshua Goodman33,900
Paul Siminerio33,900
Jody Evans33,900
Yong Li33,800
Sixiao Li33,800-32,200
Igor Pihela33,800
Christopher Larrea33,800
Reginald Hampton33,800
Antonio Della Sciucca33,700
Ryan Martin33,700
Bradley Smith33,7007,700
Pasquale Vinci33,600
Joshua Atkinson33,600
Tim Converse33,600
John Kramer33,600
Scott Bohlman33,500-6,000
Garth Pabst33,500
Sidney Williams33,500
Matthew Ahmed33,500
William Benson33,400
Kacper Pyzara33,400
Lee Flemming33,400
Andre Lapchuk33,400
Vlad Darie33,300-12,700
Ryohei Oya33,300
Troy Hannweber33,200
Anthony Defazio33,200
Dean Blatt33,200
Jeffrey Evans33,100
Alexandre Peschel33,100
Cornel Roman33,000
Paul Byrne33,000
Sebastian Kos32,900
Scott Hirsch32,900
Rickey Lee32,900
Mark Ioli32,800-17,200
Greg Koutelidakis32,800
Kyle Frey32,700
Norson Saho32,700
Wilsondior Tolon32,700
Orod Ashegh32,600
Yarron Bendor32,600
Joshua Jones32,500
Kathy Liebert32,500-500
Henri Hinds32,500-35,300
Jason Riesenberg32,500
Hung Le32,400
Beverly Lange32,400
Edward Hislop32,400
Byron Kaverman32,400
Benjamin Cooper32,400
Lior Orel32,400
Henry Oehler32,300
Sean Legendre32,200
Charles Mast32,200
Jamey Kramer32,200-31,625
Stephen Kuehl32,200
Jeremy Pekarek32,100
Ethan Eramian32,100
Roger Dickerman32,100
Samuel Taylor32,100
Jesper Hoog32,100
Ranno Sootla32,000
Donald Veltman32,000
Michael Sklenicka32,000
Jesse Chinni32,000-45,500
Tom McCormick31,900
Ben Keeline31,9001,775
Joseph Curlee31,900
Joshua Ladines31,900
Brandon Eisen31,900
Anna Antimony31,800
Yi Guo31,800
Georgios Karavokyris31,800
Clint Jeffery31,800
Florian Lohnert31,800
Jacob Perry31,800
Tom Hu31,700
Felipe Quijano31,700
Maksym Lavrov31,700
Vadim Shlez31,700
Suk Wan31,600
Michael Moreno31,600
Michael Schwartz31,600
Jordan Cristos31,600
Nancy Birnbaum31,500-34,300
Yuexin Wang31,500
Alexander Elias31,500
Nam Le31,400-23,600
Mark Kornfeld31,400
Samuel Blankenship31,400
Joris Ruijs31,400
Sandeep Vasudevan31,300
Grady Suneson31,300
Matthew Rightnour31,300
Jimmy Tran31,300
Kory Stark31,200
Gary Abrahams31,200
Vuong Do31,200
George Watson31,200
Vincent Wolravb31,200
Gregory Kary31,200
Andrew Yamamoto31,100
Joey Weissman31,000-59,000
Daniel Barriocanal31,000
Carl Nordin31,000
Matthew Shepsky31,000
Anthony Hu30,900
Jeremy Maher30,900
Michael Lydon30,800
Yuan Ting30,800
Nelson Wong30,800
Michael Rafferty30,800
Whitney Bell30,800
Lauren Kling30,800
A Paleatsos30,800
Mike Leah30,700-20,300
Paul Berende30,600
Paul Chauderson30,600
Phong Nguyen (WA)30,600
Stuart Taylor30,600-9,400
Philip Eisman30,500
Kai Cai30,400
Russell Powers30,400
Yuta Noguchi30,400
Jeff Berwick30,400
Dylan Wilkerson30,300-1,200
Joseph Altman30,300
Christopher Lane30,300
James Fenn30,300
Mrityunjay Jha30,200
Miguel Solano30,200
Andrew Smith30,200
Jeffrey Miller30,200
Esther Fedorkevich30,200
William Jaskola30,200
Michael Lavoie30,200
Adrienne Culpepper30,200
George Lampert30,100
Andrew Dakoski30,000
Jorge Arriola30,000-28,650
Glen Bickerstaff30,000
Ricardo Fasanaro30,000
Hakim Zoufi30,000
Suresh Prabhu30,000
Edwin Baktanian30,000
Filippos Stavrakis30,000
Duncan Keen30,000
casey keith30,000-7,000
Jason Johnson30,000-18,500
Oleksandr Trokhymenko29,900
Thomas Woolen29,900
Daniel Smiljkovic29,900
Colin Kim29,800
John Gulino29,800
Chii Sun29,700
Michael Dwyer29,700
Mark Edwards29,700
Matthew Ramshaw29,700-30,250
John Mooney29,600
Pascal Hartmann29,600-27,400
Artan Dedusha29,600-20,400
Fabian Scherle29,600
Gus Hansen29,500-12,500
Nicholas Cushman29,400
Yanki Koppel29,400
Geoffrey Rasmussen29,400
Daniel Kozakevich29,400
Daniel Ospina29,400
Russell Serion29,300
Joshua Mullins29,200
Ronald Schultz29,200
Ben Castle29,2000
Daniel Castoria29,100
Mathew Frankland29,100
Rodney Ramalho29,100
Jack Sinclair29,00010,300
Tony Ma29,000
Srinivasa Godavarthy29,000
Farukh Tach29,000
Kenna James29,000-51,000
Gerald Peltola29,000
Marklouis Bokano29,000
Daniel Zack28,900
Joseph Michael28,800
Takashi Matsushita28,800
Kenneth Henderson28,800
Jason Kinder28,800
Vikram Palanisamy28,700
William Kampf28,700
Steven Silverman28,700
Ira Friedman28,700
Michael Hill28,700
James Schenk28,600
Veerab Zakarian28,600
Mark Bryan28,500
Sai Sirandas28,500
Damien Le Goff28,500-2,500
Daniel Moravec28,500
Adrian Soriano28,500
Shawn Sheikhan28,400-12,600
Joseph Clark28,400
Davide Pedretti28,400
Stephen Jarrett28,400
Miguel Jose28,400
Sameer Aljanedi28,400
Brandon Vise28,300
Richard Dromzee28,300
Dominik Nitsche28,300-17,700
Laurynas Levinskas28,300
Matthias Tikerpe28,300
Jordan Scott28,300
Ryan Johnson28,200
Mike McDonald28,200-5,800
Miles Kang28,200
Rafael Farah28,200
Stephen Wan28,200
Linda Huber28,200
Jennifer Hage28,100-8,900
Phillip Sears28,100
Scott Zakheim28,100
Ali Paydar28,100
Chris Brand28,000
Thomas Eaglestaff28,000
Thissa Desilva28,000
Rodrigo Rishmague28,000
Nils Bardsley28,000
Elia Ahmadian27,900-7,975
Jarrod Thatcher27,900
Arash Alavitehrani27,900
Joseph Weinberger27,900
Josias Santos27,800
Jack Peterson27,800-200
Jarred Solomon27,700
Allen Kessler27,700-2,300
Benjamin Mccoy27,700
Leonel Contreras27,600
Fabiano Kovalski27,600
Tylor Rogers27,500
Julian Hahn27,500
Irina Batorevich27,400
Slaven Popov27,400
David Rosen27,400
Gerald Fehr27,400-58,600
Stuart Rutter27,300
Terry Rabideau27,200
Ratharam Sivagnanam27,100
Kyle Ho27,100
David Algarra27,100-14,900
Alexander Allison27,000
Sean Demild27,000
A Peter Okin27,000
Matt Dante26,900
Victor Figueroa26,800
Daniel Oconnell26,800500
Rohit Hukmani26,800
Danny Illingworth26,700
Christopher Perez26,600
Robert Como26,600
Li Fu26,500
Adam Cappon26,500
Daniel Harmetz26,500
Daniel Holmedahl26,500
Gary Dolenga26,400
Ronnie Pease26,400
Kevin Campbell26,300-26,700
Timothy Vukson26,200
Adel Naoun26,200
Tarjei Forus26,200
Michael Zulker26,200
Harry Sablotny26,100
Michael Delvecchio III26,100
Kevin Xu26,100
Beau Ryan26,100-6,150
Jason Marshman26,100
Ivan Uzunov26,000
Lloyd Aalvik26,000
Brandon Caputo26,000
Leonaldo Marques26,000
Sai Chiu26,000
David Labriola25,900
Sami Elsaden25,900
Charles Presley25,900
Billy Cashwell25,900
Logan Kingsburyvogt25,800
Au Ngo25,800
Richard Whitebrook25,800-28,200
Alexander Umansky25,800
Thuy Thi Bich Beltran25,700
Ronald Pickrel25,600
Christopher Dowling25,600
Viktor Mechev25,600
Erik Christensen25,600
Vytautas Semaska25,600
Stefan Therman25,500
Francesco Difiore25,500
Quan Tran25,500-23,500
Jun Funabashi25,500
Jussi Mattila25,500
John Allan Hinds25,500
Ken Aldridge25,500
Rafael Ferreira25,500
Jason Jung25,400
Kevin Calenzo25,40015,600
Mike Niggel25,400
John Scholten25,300
Nolan King25,200
David Bauso25,200
Sean Loring25,200
William Wolf25,200
Markku Koplimma25,200
Jayakrishnan Nair25,100
Jonathan Krela25,100
Robert Spano25,100
Ivan Demidov25,000
Benoit Jean25,000-39,000
Philip Gabrielson25,000
Kenny Ho25,000
Adam Asbury25,000
Robert Cote25,000
Philip Consolo24,900
Lawrence Pettit24,900
Scott Hill24,900
Dominic Coombe24,900
Jeffrey Cvetezar24,800
Jonathan Dwek24,800-30,200
Shi Qiu24,800
Harry Thomas Jr.24,800
Judy Leblanc24,700
Christopher Price24,700
Robert Kunelius24,700
Luke Chung24,600
Keith Conklin24,500
John Mariano24,500
Lucas Picking24,400
David Frazee24,400
Shiqiao Liu24,400
Grant Lang24,400
George Rusdal24,300
Mark Jameson24,200
Jorge Deoliveiralopez24,200
Tellez Luis24,200
Gueorgui Gantchev24,200
Dan Healey24,200
Yulian Bogdanov24,200
Luke Haward24,200
Jimmy Lee24,200
John Wasnock24,100-2,400
Harald Lais24,100
Bruno Desimoni24,000
Nir Levy24,000
Jesse Cohen24,000-200
Phong Nguyen24,000
Konosuke Sakurada24,000
Kevin Mckenzie23,925
Cate Hall23,900-3,100
Hector Gimenez23,800
Stefany Herbert23,800
Richard Lowe23,800
Michael Scoma23,800
Ali Abduljabbar23,700
Tim West23,700
Jody Fayant23,700
Samuel Bernstein23,700
Daniel Eichhorn23,700
David Woo23,700
George White23,700-5,800
Ryan Drossel23,600
Jeffrey Kherraj23,600
Rebecca Kerl23,600
Emmy Xue23,600
Toko Luu23,600
Al Adler23,600
Davis Masteiko23,600
Manig Loeser23,600-25,200
Cy Williams23,600
David Kuxhausen23,600
Jonathan Patrick23,500
Dimitrios Anastasakis23,500
Roger Mason23,500
Linyang Song23,500
Michael Fletcher23,500
Robert Paddock23,500
Randall Brooks23,500100
Michael Lemanski23,500
Loic Ledref23,400
Oliver Heidel23,400
Gregoire Fichter23,300
Timothy Rodgers23,300
Earl Barron23,300-15,800
Chris Lindh23,300
Alexander Deutsch23,300
Alexander Lakhov23,2003,100
Kia Hooshmand23,200
Glen Chadwick23,200
Peter Shonk23,200
Stefan Vagner23,200
Per Oyvind Voie23,100
Dane Canelas-Miller23,100
David Lascar23,100
Gary Solomons23,000
Tamas Lendvai23,000
Christopher Backhouse23,000
Michael Bochansky22,900
Senovio Ramirez III22,900-20,950
Carolyn Wilson22,800
William Holmes22,800
Cedric Seguin22,700
Bruce Kramer22,700
Michael Lau22,700
Lewis Gallo22,600
Mark Johnson22,600
Justin Lapka22,600
Collin Moshman22,600
Ziao Guo22,500
Roman Lanzerstorfer22,500
Rodger Johnson22,500
Bahar Musa22,500
Vytautas Laurinaitis22,400
Joseph Pergola22,400
Stavros Kalfas22,400
Takuya Suzuki22,400
Ayesha Carmody22,300
Hillery Kerby22,200
Florian Dohnert22,200
Javier Icaza22,100
Aleksandr Shevliakov22,100
Michael Gilmore22,100
Johan Renborn22,000
Jonas Hagstrom22,000
Louis Werman22,000-18,000
Kevin Joyce21,700
Travis Endersby21,700
Eric Prichard21,700
Lorenzo Lavis21,700-34,300
David Singer21,700-7,100
Paul Knebel21,600
Didrik Mantor21,600
Yang Hai21,600
Huykhiem Nguyen21,500
Eli Frenkel21,500
Grayson Nichols21,500
Robert Schiffbauer21,500
Raymond Chan21,500
Lander Lijo21,500
Orlando Romero21,5009,500
Matthew Ezrol21,400
Gary Muglach21,400
Eyal Eshkar21,350
Ha Duong21,300
Martin Stausholm21,300
Masayuki Hakoda21,300
Czeslaw Szerszen21,300
Philip Grana21,200
Jamie Kerstetter21,100-23,900
Spencer Champlin21,100-23,700
David Shaw21,000
Darrell Moore21,000
Joe Kuether21,000
David Patterson21,000
Pontus Anderberg20,900-16,700
Chahn Jung20,700
Joe Dwek20,700
Arthur Voskanyan20,600
Kyle Cartwright20,600-23,400
Andrey Pateychuk20,600
Erick Landwehr20,600
Florens Feenstra20,600
John Macdonald20,500
Eric Eng20,500
Deepak Bhatti20,500
Alexander Carmosino20,500
Francois Goulet20,500
Ravi Raghavan20,400
Stephen Burt20,300
Arthur Tanimoto20,300
Adam Westell20,300
Stephen Schumacher20,300
William Higgins20,300
Joseph Trezzo20,3000
Samuel Gilbert20,200
Thomas Haarstad20,100
Iaron Lightbourne20,000
Levan Karamanishvili20,000
Raja Sekhar20,000
Jackob Datashvili20,000
Adrian Mateos19,900-6,100
Craig Longardner19,800
Kevin McColgan19,800
Adam Swan19,800
Octavian Neacsu19,800
Isaac Baron19,700-55,300
Joshua Schimmel19,700
Manuel Javier19,700
Salvatore Dicarlo Jr19,700
Rudy Vannucci19,700
Kjell Ove Dyb19,700
Oliver Ferrero19,600
Venkata Chinta19,500
Jared Rubin19,500
Elilton Gouveia19,500
Arturo Alaniz19,400
Rajaee Wazwaz19,400
Dusty Kallal19,400
Parker Talbot19,300-700
Tom West19,200
Mikhaily Alkhazov19,200
John Richards19,200
Kazuma Kambayashi19,100
Tjaart Steyn19,100
Erik Ladanyi19,100
Leonardo Armino19,100
Michael Dollins19,000
Horacio Chaves Cortes19,000
Ping Liu19,000-4,000
Aaron Jones19,000-38,000
Matthew Mazzeo19,000
Brent Francia18,900
Samuel Bailor18,900-17,600
Roni Khoshaba18,900
Bernard Guigon18,800
Christopher Lastiwka18,800
Michael Kuciski18,700
Liam He18,700
Ionut Lucian Colciar18,700
Christian Bonn18,600
Nathan Bjerno18,600-17,400
Michael Kuryllo18,600-31,400
Scott Seamon18,4000
Joe Patrick18,400
Zachary King18,300
David Novosel18,300
John Westfall18,100
Vegard Andreassen18,100
Simon Taberham18,100
Vladas Tamasauskas18,000
Scottie Ricketts18,000
Jamie McCarrel17,900
Justin Brach17,900
Patrik Ciklamini17,900
Doris Charlebois17,900
Albert Riccobono17,900
John Roth17,800
Gregory Goldberg17,800
Edwin Lau17,800
Raad Farida17,700
Michael Taylor17,700
Donald Thompson17,700
Antonio Garza17,600
Joshua Schiffman17,600
Cy Church17,600
Ryan Greggor17,600
Andrew Merrick17,600-3,900
Olivier Jarny17,500
Michel Gaffari17,500
Matthew Myers17,500
Jonathan Duhamel17,500-10,500
Benjamin Barrows17,500
Mike Vanier17,4008,400
Tetsuya Enoki17,400
Konstantin Puchkov17,200-9,000
Lawrence Ma17,200
Michal Schuh17,200
Ethan Schapira17,200
Aleksei Smirnov17,100
Sheik Mohamed17,100
Jacob Ferro17,000
Claudio Baptista17,000-55,000
Matt Stout16,900-33,100
Siamak Nejad16,825
Charles Wilt16,800
Jiayu Ruan16,800
David Williams16,800-33,200
Benny Glaser16,700-5,800
Julien Perouse16,700
David Berman16,700
Ronald Giles16,600
Andres Risquez16,600
Yaaqov Bardugo16,500
Ronak Chinai16,500
Justin Dunn16,500
Joe Cada16,500-3,500
Nicholas Manganaro16,400-75
Joshua Greenberg16,400
Chad Siu16,300
Erhart Edquist16,300
Eric Grosberger16,300
Karen Goncalves16,300
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos16,300
Jiqiang Tong16,300
Wang Lee16,200
Martin Finger16,200-21,200
Zhe Gao16,200
Stephen Naquin16,200
Kenneth Baime16,200
Jovan Sudar16,100
Michael Terrell16,100
David Peters16,100-900
Nahrain Tamero16,100
Massimiliano Rosi16,000
Michael Collins16,000
Connor Drinan16,000-54,000
Shaun Mcbride16,000
Christopher Manousaridis16,000
Ronit Chamami15,900
Tommy Hoard15,900
Collin Whyte15,900
Johan Guilbert15,900
Paul Pritchett15,9000
Guy Bowles15,900
Fredrick Mclam15,800
Jie Liu15,800
Fabrice Casano15,800
Joshua Gottesman15,700
Gregory Roberts15,600
Yiming Liu15,500
Jason Vanstrom15,500
Andrew Dennis15,500
Peter Debest15,300-31,700
Paul Smith15,300
Nicholas Smith15,200
Dave Orvis15,200
Walter Soho15,200
Seth Maretz15,200
Steven Jenkins15,200
Daniel Iachan15,200
Jeffrey Kim15,000
Jean Ferreira15,000
Peter Sterns14,900
Charbel Azzi14,800
Steven Watts14,500-12,500
Seyed Jafari14,400
Luc Anton Lucaj14,400
Amal Bounahra14,300
Jeffrey Kornblum14,300
Anibal Santiago14,300
Mark Larsen14,300
Nicolai Morris14,300
Matthew Rolfe14,200
Keith Johnson14,100
Robert Nguyen14,000
Justin Kindred13,900
Renan Bruschi13,800
Dallas Rivera13,800
Clayton Saliba13,700-50,800
Jefferson Pinow13,700
William Brock13,600
Ismael Bojang13,600-17,600
Ricky Tang13,500
David Tuthill13,500-43,500
Justin Werner13,500
Omer Savir13,500
Paul Santangelo13,400
Anthony Hice13,400
Alex Chan13,300
Marc Levy13,200-87,400
Joshua Horton13,200
Brian Warren13,000
Richard Ware13,000
Frank Bland12,900
Marc Goldman12,90012,900
Jasven Saigal12,800
Tony Toscano12,800
Dilip Das12,700
Wenrao Zhang12,700
Jong Jin12,700
Shane Warne12,700
Aubyn Shettle12,600
Andriy Yaremiy12,60012,600
Amir Marmar12,500
Alexander Gambino12,400
Daniel Corbett12,400
Robert Dietz12,300
Adam Goldstein12,300
Ki Nam12,300
Joseph Palma12,300
Ronald Shatilla12,200
Michael Kane12,000
Juan Garivaldi12,000
Simon Chahine11,900
Brian Kirschner11,900
Brady Bullard11,900
Benoit Galland11,900-41,700
Michael Pickett11,800
David Dibernardi11,800
Michael Ziemba11,800
Lindsay Sperling11,800
Cherish Andrews11,700-4,500
Mark Cannon11,600
Brendan Sheehan11,500
Nicolas Manion11,500
Adrian Scarpa11,500-24,500
Trushang Desai11,400
Ori Hasson11,300
Anthony Baker11,200
Patric Mattsson11,000
Oscar Trestini11,000
Joshua Shaw10,900
Michael Evers10,900
Patrice Forteleoni10,800
Rafael Yaraliyev10,700
Robert McLaughlin10,600
Perica Josic10,600
Andrea Tropea10,600-2,200
Alessandro Migliuolo10,500-65,525
Paul Dewald10,500
Stian Boge Rasmussen10,400
Jeffrey Fielder10,400
Sarkis Keshishian10,300
Jack Salter10,300-47,700
Leandro Guedes10,300
Brannon Sawyer10,300
Benjamin Lazer10,200
Jeremy Stein10,200
David Molleja10,100
Sean Smith10,040
Neng Lee10,000
Dennis Phillips10,000
Fran├žois Pirault10,000-1,000
Iris Angeleri10,000
Javier Fernandez9,900
Carmen Fung9,900
David Simon9,800
Victor Valadao9,800
Raphael Wieczorek9,700
Alan Snow9,700-4,300
Ardavan Yazdi9,700
Kami Hudson9,500
Wayne Lewis9,500
Gary Margolis9,500
John Curley9,300
Kammar Andries9,300
Christoph Vogelsang9,300-10,700
Michael Partipilo9,200
Benjamin Grise9,200
Rodrigo Farias9,200
Shayne Bender9,100
Thomas Desroches9,100
Jose Garcia9,000
David Lhonore8,900
Michael Jayroe8,800
Sardor Gaziev8,800
Albertus Stegeman8,700
Marcos Rodriguez8,700
Thomas Blake8,600
Abhinav Iyer8,600
Keith Murrell8,600
Kenneth Morrison8,600
Aaron Alameda8,500
Lytle Allen8,400
Mark Robertson8,300
Mykel Comroe8,200
Daniel Spargur8,100
Larry Mcnair8,000
Gerald Trass7,700
Justo Avalos7,700
Derek Kwan7,700
Mitchell Watson7,600
Jason Rivkin7,600-3,725
Nick Yunis7,500-3,500
Ramin Kaikhah7,400
Derek Alley7,400-7,600
Fredrick Andersson7,300
Thomas Rasberry7,100
Jason Balaban6,900
Thomas Magee6,900
Mario De La Puente6,800
Hamid Nourafchan6,700
Corentin Hillon6,700
Stuart Marshak6,600
Fedor Truntsev6,300
Andrew Hills6,200
Leszek Markowski6,100
Dusti Smith6,000
Tom Schneider6,000
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick5,700
Dave Stefanski5,600-3,400
Adel Jo5,400
Lawrence Rieder5,300
Michael Walsh4,700
Aaron Mermelstein4,500-62,700
Gerasimos Spanos4,400
Jeffrey Boyer3,700
Shai Zurr3,700
Derrick Young2,800
Kristopher Tate2,100
Ali Alawadhi1,700
Alexandre Novaes1,600
Erle Mankin200
Steven Uccio1
Michael Gilbert1
Ramzi Karam1
Dennis Stamper1
Paul Vas Nunes1
David Botcowsky1
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:07 PM Local Time
Ryan Takes One Off Hansen

A late position opponent opened to 1,300, Chad Ryan called from the hijack, an opponent on the button called, and Gus Hansen called from the big blind.

The flop came down    , all players checked and the turn came down the  . Again all of the players checked and the   fell on the river.

Hansen fired out a bet of 6,000, action folded to Ryan who made the call and the button opponent folded. Ryan then turned over    for a rivered set and Hansen mucked his hand.

Chad Ryan146,00023,000
Gus Hansen42,000-9,100
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:04 PM Local Time
Peters Keeps Chipping Down

David Peters bet 1,150 and only the player on the button made the call.

The flop came     and Peters check-called a bet for 2,500. The turn was the   and the same action happened after a tank from Peters, this time for 3,000.

The river fell a   and both players checked. Peters tossed his hand into the muck when his opponent showed    for a pair of queens.

David Peters17,000-11,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:58 PM Local Time
Sick End for Lee

A short-stacked Preston Lee was all in for his last 14,125 on a     and was called in two places. On the   turn, one of the players check-called a bet of 10,000 but he folded on the   river to a 22,000 bet.

Lee showed   , which would be the last hand he'd play in the Main Event as his opponent tabled    for the rivered higher set.

"Oh my God!" several people at the table yelled.

"That was sick," Lee said, seemingly in good spirits.

"Fours are cursed bro," another tablemate comforted Lee as he headed out of Miranda.

Preston Lee00
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:52 PM Local Time
Roca de Torres Wins a Small Pot

Marti Roca de Torres raised from the under the gun position and the only player that called was the one in the big blind. The flop came     and Both checked.

The also checked on the   turn, but when the   river came down Roca de Torres couldn't help himself to put in a little 1,625 bet. His opponent called him and Roca de Torres'    was the best hand and he took down the pot.

Marti Roca de Torres60,0009,500
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:43 PM Local Time
More Chip Counts
Samuel Touil354,00024,000
Ankush Mandavia95,00019,000
Leo Fernandez81,00031,000
Luke Brereton78,000-5,000
Adrian Moreno72,0009,000
Ryan Laplante70,000-35,000
Phil Hellmuth69,00069,000
Salvatore Bonavena69,000-8,000
Anthony Spinella68,0000
Ana Marquez67,00013,000
Jason Casele66,00066,000
Yehoram Houri65,00027,000
Matt Salsberg43,00014,500
Stuart Taylor40,00013,000
Jennifer Shahade37,0001,000
Laurence Grondin35,0007,000
Adrian Mateos26,000-39,000
Katie Lindsay25,000-27,000
Fran├žois Pirault11,000-14,000
Nick Yunis11,000-3,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:39 PM Local Time
Ludemann Drags A Big One Off Beckley

Jarod Ludemann

As Day 1 of the 2018 WSOP Main Event drew to a close, 2015 Main Event runner-up Josh Beckley and Jarod Ludemann locked horns in a three-bet pot. It was Ludemann who had raised to 1,500 in middle position, Beckley made it 5,100 on the button and Ludemann called.

The flop was     and Ludemann check-called 9,700 from Beckley. The   on the turn prompted a second barrel from Beckley worth 17,500. Once again, Ludemann check-called the bet.

The river was the   and Ludemann checked a third time. Beckley cut out a small bet what appeared to be 12,800 and Ludemann snap-called it off.

Josh Beckley:   
Jacob Ludemann:   

Beckley's pair of sixes was no good and Ludemann scooped up the sizable pot.

Jarod Ludemann280,00060,000
Josh Beckley52,000-63,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:37 PM Local Time
Four-Bet Pot for Cerveny

Ladislav Cerveny was seen three-betting out of the big blind, making it 5,100. The original aggressor, however, countered with a 14,200 four-bet on the button. Cerveny called and they saw the     hit the felt.

No bets were made and the   appeared on the turn. Cerveny led out 11,200 and his opponent laid his hand down.

"You've been three-betting all day," he sighed.

Ladislav Cerveny120,00062,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:36 PM Local Time
Salter Nearly Triples Up

Three players checked a board of      with 11,000 in the pot and the blinds checked to the player under the gun on the   river. He piled for 12,075 and the small blind was in there with a quick call. Jack Salter shoved from the big blind for 5,375 more and the small blind called that as well.

The player under the gun showed    for top pair but he was smashed the whole way by the    of the small blind. Salter had everyone beat though, with    for a straight.

Jack Salter58,00036,500
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:34 PM Local Time
Ramage Doubles with River Tank Call

Masatoshi Arai raised to 1,500 from the under the gun position and it folded all the way around to big blind Grayson Ramage. Ramage decided on a call and they went heads-up to the flop.

The flop was     and both Arai and Ramage checked their option. The   was added to the board and Ramage checked to Arai. Arai put in a bet of 1,500 and Ramage raised to 5,500. Arai made the call after looking how much Ramage had behind.

The   completed the board and Ramage lead out with a bet of 10,500, having only 6,000 behind. Arai took his time and moved all in. He covered Ramage and now he was the one making a decision about whether or not to risk his tournament life.

Ramage called after a couple minutes and showed    which was enough to beat Arai's   .

Grayson Ramage60,0003,000
Masatoshi Arai31,000-19,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:32 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts From Amazon Tan
Fernando Pons80,00017,000
Frank Flowers78,000
Timothy Adams58,00010,000
Taus Lilius56,000-39,000
Richard Alati52,000-5,000
Mike Del Vecchio51,0009,000
Marti Roca de Torres50,500-14,500
Allen Kessler30,000-13,000
Humberto Brenes30,000-26,000
Steven Watts27,000-16,000
Alan Snow14,000-21,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:30 PM Local Time
Pho Tran Eliminated

Three players got to the turn on the      board and it checked to Pho Tran, who moved all in for about 20,000. Adel Naoun called and with the action on the player in middle position he moved all in for 38,725.

Naoun folded his    face up and the hands were shown. Tran turned over    for top pair and a flush draw and the player in middle position showed    for a full house. Tran would need a jack on the river to survive but the   completed the board and Tran was eliminated.

Pho Tran00
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:30 PM Local Time
Hansen Takes Over on the River

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen opened to 1,100 from late position, an opponent in the cutoff three-bet to 3,500 and Hansen made the call. The flop came down     and Hansen check-called a bet of 2,700 from his opponent.

The   hit the turn, both players checked and the river came down the  . Hansen then reached into his stack and threw in a bet of 11,100. His opponent took several minutes off thought before deciding to make the fold and Hansen picked up yet another pot on a heavy river bet.

Gus Hansen51,100-2,400
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:25 PM Local Time
Harwood Loses a Small One

Loni Harwood opened to 1,200 from the hijack and only the player in the small blind made the call.

The flop appeared     and Harwood's opponent check-called her continuation bet for 1,500. The turn   and the river   brought no betting action and Harwood mucked her cards when her opponent tabled   .

Loni Harwood185,000-15,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:24 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Patrik Antonius193,000-33,000
Sam Abernathy168,00049,500
Taylor Black94,00030,000
Eric Baldwin81,00030,000
Jaspal Brar69,40025,200
Pontus Anderberg37,600-24,900
Muskan Sethi34,70022,300
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:13 PM Local Time
Sinclair Sinking

Jack Sinclair opened in the cutoff and then called a three-bet to 3,500 from Benjamin Morgan on his left. The flop came     and Sinclair checked and instantly folded to a bet from Morgan.

Sinclair is down to about a third of the starting stack and has some work to do if he wants to bag an average stack tonight.

Benjamin Morgan114,000-19,000
Jack Sinclair18,700-29,300
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:13 PM Local Time
Iodice Flops the Goods

Steffen Sontheimer was in the cutoff, three-betting to 4,200 over a 1,300-raise from middle position. A player in the small blind cold-called before Marco Iodice cold four-bet to 13,400 out of the big blind. Sontheimer matched the price and so did the small blind so they went three-way to the flop with over 40,000 in the middle of the table.

The dealer spread out the     and the small blind instantly front-shoved his last 18,325. Iodice asked for a count and then reshoved, prompting a fast fold from Sontheimer.

The showdown was rather surprising with the small blind showing    while Iodice turned up    for a king-high flush. The   turn sealed it for Iodice and the   completed the board.

Steffen Sontheimer120,00025,000
Marco Iodice100,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:12 PM Local Time
Mezheritsky Doubles Through Kitai; Aces Versus Kings

Davidi Kitai raised to 1,125 from early position and was three-bet by Damian Le Goff to 3,500. The action folded around to Vladislav Mezheritsky who four-bet to 8,000. Kitai five-bet 27,525, enough to put Mezheritsky all in. Le Goff got out the way, and Mezheritsky called.

Vladislav Mezheritsky:   
Davidi Kitai:   


Kitai received the bad news that he was behind and the board was no help to him. Mezheritsky moved up to 59,000 and Kitai dropped down to 85,000.

Davidi Kitai85,000-57,000
Vladislav Mezheritsky59,0007,000
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 10:11 PM Local Time
Boeree Finds a Double Up

Liv Boeree

Anthony Reategui opened to 2,500 and it was called by the hijack button. Liv Boeree thought about her move for a minute and raised it to 9,500. Reategui quickly folded and the hijack pushed all in, putting Boeree's tournament at risk for her last 27,875 chips. Boeree snap-called and it created the following showdown:

Liv Boeree:   
Her opponent:   

It was a typical flip situation but the board       improved Boeree's hand into a full house and gave her the double up.

Anthony Reategui205,000205,000
Liv Boeree80,00060,000