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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, June 15, 2018 to Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Event #33: $50,000 Poker Players Championship

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 18  |  Blinds: 40000/80000  |  Ante: 0
  • Buy-in: $50,000
  • Prizepool: $4,176,000
  • Entries: 87
  • Remaining: 12
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06/18/18 02:19:21 AM PST (about 7 minutes ago)
End of Day Chip Counts (full)
Michael Mizrachi4,232,00082,000
Mike Leah3,134,000-66,000
Aaron Katz2,480,000-70,000
Phil Ivey2,146,00086,000
Benny Glaser1,967,000-198,000
Dan Smith1,816,000-184,000
John Hennigan1,458,00098,000
Greg Mueller1,439,000-11,000
Brian Rast1,167,000307,000
Chris Vitch1,160,0000
Shaun Deeb533,00018,000
Jean-Robert Bellande213,0000
06/18/18 02:15:54 AM PST (about 10 minutes ago)
Vitch Dents Bellande on the Final Hand of the Night

Stud Hi-Lo

Chris Vitch:    /      /  
Jean-Robert Bellande:    /      /  

Jean-Robert Bellande completed on third street and Chris Vitch defended his bring in. They both checked on fourth street and Vitch bet the rest of the way. Bellande called him down, but mucked when Vitch tabled     for trip deuces.

Chris Vitch1,160,000310,000
Jean-Robert Bellande213,000-377,000
06/18/18 02:14:52 AM PST (about 11 minutes ago)
Big Scoop For Leah

Stud Hi-Lo

Brian Rast was the bring in with the   and Greg Mueller completed with the  . Mike Leah made it two bets with the   before Shaun Deeb made it three bets with the  . Both Mueller and Leah called making three-way action.

Greg Mueller:   /    / 
Mike Leah:   /    / 
Shaun Deeb:   /    — Folded on fifth

Deeb led out on fourth and he was called by both players. On sixth, Leah took over the betting lead and he bet. Deeb folded after some thought, but Mueller continued.

On fifth sixth street, Leah bet again and Mueller just called. Leah bet again on seventh and Mueller just called again. Leah turned up his     for two pair and Mueller muttered something about Leah catching the case jack before mucking.

Mike Leah3,200,000780,000
Greg Mueller1,450,000-600,000
Shaun Deeb515,000-318,000
06/18/18 02:05:44 AM PST (about 20 minutes ago)
Vitch Wins Off Smith

Limit Hold'em

From the cutoff, Dan Smith opened to 80,000 and Chris Vitch called in the big blind.

The flop landed     and Vitch checked to Smith who bet 40,000. Vitch check-raised to 80,000, and Smith called as the turn landed the  .

Vitch bet 80,000, and Smith called as the   completed the board on the river.

Vitch bet 80,000, Smith raised to 160,000, and Vitch called.

Smith tabled his   , but it would be Vitch's    that would ensure him the pot.

Dan Smith2,000,000-400,000
Chris Vitch850,000540,000
06/18/18 02:03:35 AM PST (about 23 minutes ago)
Ace-High Win for Smith

Limit Hold'em

Dan Smith opened the button to 80,000 and Jean-Robert Bellande three-bet the small blind to 120,000. Smith called, and the flop landed    .

Bellande bet and Smith called as the   landed on the turn and the same betting sequence was repeated.

Both players then checked the   on the river, and after Bellande announced an ace, Smith revealed his    and Bellande mucked.

Dan Smith2,400,000650,000
Jean-Robert Bellande590,000-470,000
06/18/18 01:50:59 AM PST (about 35 minutes ago)
Final 12 Re-Draw
Table 4311Mike LeahCanada2,420,000
Table 4312Shaun DeebUnited States833,000
Table 4313Michael MizrachiUnited States4,150,000
Table 4314Brian RastUnited States860,000
Table 4315Benny GlaserUnited Kingdom2,165,000
Table 4316Greg MuellerCanada2,050,000
Table 4391Chris VitchUnited States310,000
Table 4392Aaron KatzUnited States2,550,000
Table 4393Phil IveyUnited States2,060,000
Table 4394Dan SmithUnited States1,750,000
Table 4395Jean-Robert BellandeUnited States1,060,000
Table 4396John HenniganUnited States1,360,000
Michael Mizrachi4,150,000-150,000
Aaron Katz2,550,000270,000
Mike Leah2,420,000220,000
Benny Glaser2,165,000-5,000
Phil Ivey2,060,000325,000
Greg Mueller2,050,0000
Dan Smith1,750,000-345,000
John Hennigan1,360,00040,000
Jean-Robert Bellande1,060,0000
Brian Rast860,000-50,000
Shaun Deeb833,000-337,000
Chris Vitch310,000-140,000
06/18/18 01:49:54 AM PST (about 36 minutes ago)
Randy Ohel Eliminated in 13th Place ($72,500)

Randy Ohel

No-Limit Hold'em

Randy Ohel opened to 50,000 from the cutoff, Benny Glaser called from the button and Greg Mueller called from the big blind.

The flop came down    , Mueller led out for 80,000, Ohel raised all in for about 300,000, Glaser folded and Mueller called with   . Ohel was ahead with   .

The   turn kept Ohel ahead, but the   river gave Mueller two pair to eliminate Ohel in 13th place.

Greg Mueller2,050,000308,000
Randy Ohel0-377,000
06/18/18 01:48:50 AM PST (about 37 minutes ago)
Bellande Shoves on Glaser

No-Limit Hold'em

Benny Glaser raised to 75,000 from the small blind and Jean-Robert Bellande called from the big blind.

They checked to the turn of a      board where Glaser bet 75,000. Bellande called, the   river fell and Glaser bet 130,000. Bellande shoved for about 600,000 and Glaser folded.

Benny Glaser2,170,000-250,000
Jean-Robert Bellande1,060,00010,000
06/18/18 01:45:04 AM PST (about 41 minutes ago)
Rast Nearly Doubles Through Deeb


Brian Rast:   /    / 
Shaun Deeb:   /    / 

Picking up the action on fourth street, Rast put out a bet and Shaun Deeb called.

Rast continued to bet on fifth street where Deeb called again. Deeb called another bet on sixth street.

Rast didn't let off the gas on seventh street where he bet again, leaving himself with just about 40,000 behind. Deeb called the final bet. Rast showed down his     for just a pair of aces but it was good to take down the pot.

Shaun Deeb1,170,000-96,000
Brian Rast910,000340,000
06/18/18 01:42:47 AM PST (about 43 minutes ago)
Ohel Doubles Through Hennigan

No-Limit Hold'em

Jean-Robert Bellande opened the cutoff to 40,000 and John Hennigan called in the small blind. Randy Ohel shoved for 156,000 total from the big blind and Bellande folded, but Hennigan called.


The board ran out       and Ohel double to nearly 380,000 in chips.

John Hennigan1,320,000270,000
Randy Ohel377,000212,000
06/18/18 01:39:28 AM PST (about 47 minutes ago)
Ivey vs. Rast

No-Limit Hold'em

Phil Ivey limped the small blind and Brian Rast checked in the big blind.

The flop landed     and Ivey checked to Rast who bet 30,000. Ivey called, and then checked the   on the turn.

Rast bet 70,000, and Ivey called again before both players checked the   on the river.

Ivey tabled his   , and Rast mucked.

Phil Ivey1,735,000-90,000
Brian Rast570,000-476,000
06/18/18 01:37:52 AM PST (about 48 minutes ago)
Katz Takes From Leah


Aaron Katz:    /      /  
MIke Leah:    /      /  

Aaron Katz completed, Mike Leah raised and Katz attempted to call, but threw in more than half of a raise. It was ruled a reraise, Leah reraised, and Katz called.

Leah maintained the on-board lead on fourth and bet, Katz called and bet when he took the on-board lead on fifth. Leah called, Katz bet on sixth, Leah raised, and Katz called.

On seventh street Katz led out, Leah called and Katz flipped over     for a seven-six. Leah mucked, giving Katz the pot.

Aaron Katz2,280,000650,000
Mike Leah2,200,000-670,000
06/18/18 01:36:17 AM PST (about 50 minutes ago)
Ohel Continues to Slide while Glaser Moves Over Two Million

Benny Glaser

2-7 Triple Draw

Jean-Robert Bellande raised and Randy Ohel called before Benny Glaser made it three bets in the big blind. Bellande and Ohel both called.

On the first draw, Ohel took two while Glaser stood pat and Bellande took two. Ohel checked. Glaser bet. Bellande made it two bets, and Ohel and Glaser both called.

On the second draw, Ohel took one while both of his opponents stood pat. Action then checked to Bellande who bet and both opponents called.

Ohel took one again on the final draw while Glaser and Bellande stood pat. All three players checked. Ohel showed his   indicating an ace low while Glaser fanned his      . Bellande took a hard look at Glaser's cards then mucked his hand and Ohel mucked as well, so Glaser raked in the big pot.

Benny Glaser2,420,000448,000
Jean-Robert Bellande1,050,000-767,000
Randy Ohel165,000-285,000
06/18/18 01:31:43 AM PST (about 54 minutes ago)
More and More For Johnny World

2-7 Triple Draw

Randy Ohel raised and was called by Jean-Robert Bellande and John Hennigan. All three players took two cards.

On the second round of betting, Hennigan led out and Ohel called. Bellande called as well. Hennigan then stood pat while Ohel took one and Bellande took two.

Hennigan bet. Ohel raised. Bellande quickly folded and Hennigan called. Both players stood pat and then checked. Hennigan showed his       and it was good for him to take down the pot.

John Hennigan1,050,000350,000
Randy Ohel450,000-325,000
06/18/18 01:25:22 AM PST (about 1 hour and 1 minute ago)
Hennigan Scoops a Triple

Stud Hi-Lo

Catching the action on fifth street, John Hennigan bet, Randy Ohel called, and Jean-Robert Bellande check-called.

On sixth, Hennigan bet his last 68,000, and Ohel deliberated for a little before announcing a raise to 148,000. Bellande then stood up and started talking aloud about his options and what Ohel had, before eventually calling the 148,000 total.

Hennigan:    /      /  
Ohel:    /      /  
Bellande:    /      /  

On seventh, Ohel and Bellande checked. Ohel tabled his     for a seven-low while Bellande showed his     for the high.

Hennigan revealed his     for two-pair and a six-low, and he scooped the main pot to triple up.

Jean-Robert Bellande1,817,000-108,000
Randy Ohel775,000-275,000
John Hennigan700,000412,000
06/18/18 01:24:50 AM PST (about 1 hour and 1 minute ago)
Chip Counts From Table 430
Michael Mizrachi4,300,000208,000
Mike Leah2,870,000-34,000
Aaron Katz1,630,00070,000
Chris Vitch450,000-85,000
06/18/18 01:23:39 AM PST (about 1 hour and 3 minutes ago)
Glaser and Ohel Chop Up Bellande

Stud Hi-Lo

Jean-Robert Bellande:    /      /  
Randy Ohel:    /      /  
Benny Glaser:    /      /  

Picking up the action on fourth street, Benny Glaser bet with the on-board lead and both Jean-Robert Bellande and Randy Ohel called.

Ohel took the on-board lead on fifth street and checked, Glaser bet, Bellande called and Ohel check-called. Bellande took the on-board lead on sixth street with an open pair and bet. Ohel called, Glaser raised, Bellande called and Ohel called.

Seventh street was checked around and Glaser showed     for an eight-five low. Ohel showed     for aces full of kings and Bellande mucked

Benny Glaser1,972,000495,000
Jean-Robert Bellande1,925,000-375,000
Randy Ohel1,050,000345,000
06/18/18 01:12:21 AM PST (about 1 hour and 14 minutes ago)
Scoop For Ivey, Smith Can't Find a Low

Stud Hi-Lo

Phil Ivey completed with his   and Brian Rast called with his  . Dan Smith called as well with his  .

Phil Ivey:   /    / 
Dan Smith:   /    / 
Brian Rast:   /   — Folded on fourth

Action checked to Smith on fourth street and he bet, only to meet a raise from Ivey to two bets. Rast folded but Smith called.

On fifth street, Smith picked up a pair of fours and bet. Ivey raised again and Smith called. On sixth street, Smith bet and Ivey called. Both players checked on seventh street. Smith showed his     for three pair and no low, but Ivey had Smith beat with    in his hand for three of a kind to take down the pot.

Dan Smith2,095,000-721,000
Phil Ivey1,825,0001,099,000
06/18/18 01:11:24 AM PST (about 1 hour and 15 minutes ago)
Yehuda Buchalter Eliminated in 14th Place ($72,500)

Yehuda Buchalter - 14th place


Yehuda Buchalter has been eliminated in an odd hand.

Buchalter completed to 40,000, but after he did, he pulled in his third street card and covered his down cards with it. Aaron Katz folded, and believing that it was just Leah remaining against Chris Vitch's bring-in, Leah pushed out 40,000 believing he was completing.

The tournament director was called over, and it was deemed that Leah would be bound to a call of 40,000.

Buchalter bet out on fourth, and Leah called. On fifth, Leah bet 80,000, and Buchalter called all in for 55,000.

Buchalter:    /    
Leah:    /    

Leah had taken the lead, and on sixth street, he caught the   to render Buchalter drawing dead as Buchalter found the  .

Buchalter flipped over his meaningless   on seventh, and Leah revealed his   to improve him to a full house.

Buchalter headed to the rail in 14th place in the 2018 Poker Players Championship for a $72,500 payday.

Mike Leah2,904,00064,000
Yehuda Buchalter0-320,000
06/18/18 01:03:05 AM PST (about 1 hour and 23 minutes ago)
Mike Gorodinsky Runs Kings into Aces; Bubbles in 15th Place

Mike Gorodinsky

No-Limit Hold'em

Mike Gorodinsky raised all in for 443,000 from under the gun and Mike Leah called instantly from the small blind. As they had to wait for the other tables to finish before turning their hands over, Leah acknowledged that he had aces and Gorodinsky said he had kings.

When the other tables finished, Leah did, in fact, turn over   . Gorodinsky was in rough shape with   .

As the rest of the field gathered to watch, the flop came down     to give both players a set. Down to one out, Gorodinsky stood from his seat and watched the   turn and   river complete board, ending his tournament on the bubble in 15th place.

Mike Gorodinsky
Mike Gorodinsky
Mike Leah2,840,000470,000
Mike Gorodinsky0-578,000

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