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2009 40th Annual World Series of Poker

Saturday, May 30, 2009 to Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Event #4: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $5,410,800
  • Entries: 6,012
  • Remaining: 0
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06/03/09 08:12:44 PM PDT
Steve Sung managed to navigate his way through one of the biggest fields in history, ducking and diving all the way to his first bracelet. He started second in chips at the final table but a bad early couple of hours saw him drop down to one of the short stacks. However, he managed to recover and in the space of an hour become the chip leader, taking a couple of big pots from Dan Heimiller before squeezing everyone else out of contention. It's Sung's first bracelet, but after watching this final table, you're left with a feeling that it might not be his last.
06/03/09 07:50:58 PM PDT
Steve Sung raises to 500,000 and Vilandos reraises an additional 1,700,000, Sung moves all-in and Vilandos calls! Sung:     Vilandos:               Sung had Vilandos easily covered and officially wins the tournament with the largest ever field outside the WSOP Main Event.
06/03/09 07:43:22 PM PDT
And we're back. Steve Sung spent a couple of minutes just concentrating sitting in a seat quietly next to the press area like a boxer waiting to fight.
06/03/09 07:32:34 PM PDT
We're on a five minute break.
06/03/09 07:24:56 PM PDT
At the moment, it's Sung doing all the betting and providing the aggression attempting to chip away at his older opponent. Vilandos is much more happy to play defensive and check-call, occasionally making big shoves, perhaps thinking he can make Sung fold many hands unless he has a monster. The question is will Sung find a hand one of the times that Vilandos makes a big push, or will Sung bluff into the Greek player's hands?
06/03/09 07:15:32 PM PDT
Vilandos limps for 160,000. Sung raises an additional 550,000 and Vilandos moves all in for about 7.5 million more. Sung folds. Vilandos has gained some ground. Steve Sung -- 10,000,0000 Pete Vilandos -- 8,100,000
06/03/09 07:11:58 PM PDT
Sung min-raises to 320,000, Vilandos quickly calls. The flop is       and both players check. The   comes on the turn and Vilandos checks again, Sung responds with a bet of 550,000 and Vilandos calls. The river is the   and Pete checks as Steve checks behind. Pete shows    , it's good.
06/03/09 07:06:41 PM PDT
The players are now heads up after 6,010 players have been knocked out. Steve Sung -- 12,400,000 Pete Vilandos -- 5,600,000
06/03/09 07:01:43 PM PDT
James Matz limps in the small blind, Steve Sung raises an additional 400,000 more. Matz makes the call.       Matz bets 475,000 and Sung raises to 1,100,000. Matz quickly moves all in. Sung calls. Matz shows     against Sung's    . The turn is the   and Matz is still ahead but the river is the   and James Matz III is out in third.
06/03/09 06:50:50 PM PDT
Steve Sung raises to 420,000 and Pete Vilandos makes the call in the small blind. Matz folds. The flop is       and both players check. The turn is the   and Pete checks again, this time Sung bets 500,000 and Pete moves all in. Sung folds and Pete shouts to his fans, "7-high, 7-high..." Sung keeps saying, "You don't have it..."
06/03/09 06:37:48 PM PDT
Early hand for James Matz III as he button raises to 475,000 to take down the pot.
06/03/09 06:31:06 PM PDT
James Matz III is sitting here but the other two aren't. We're ready to kick off.
06/03/09 06:30:11 PM PDT
James Matz III -- 3,650,000 Steve Sung -- 8,745,000 Pete Vilandos -- 5,930,000
06/03/09 05:11:42 PM PDT
Steve Sung raises to 300,000 from the button. James Matz III calls in big blind. The flop is      , Matz leads for 450,000 and Sung tanks for about a minute before he decides to fold. We're now on a 1 hour dinner break.
06/03/09 04:56:19 PM PDT
James Matz has been pushing a lot in the last few hands to get himself over the 3 million mark. The last hand saw him push against Steve Sung's button raise only for Pete Vilandos to call for the clock after a very short amount of time. The clock call was refused and after a couple more minutes, Sung folded anyway.
06/03/09 04:43:17 PM PDT
Larry Sidebotham moves all in from the button for 925,000, James Matz III calls in the small blind and Steve Sung folds. Sidebotham:     Matz:     The flop is       and Sidebotham's outs are already reduced. The turn is the   and the river is the   and we're down to just three players.
06/03/09 04:36:08 PM PDT
Steve Sung raises once again only to find Pete Vilandos reraising all in for about 2.4 million. Sung quickly calls. Sung:     Vilandos:     The flop comes       and immediately the Larry Sidebotham fanclub call for a jack, wanting their man to ladder again. The turn is the   and the Vilandos fans call for deuces while most of the others call for an ace, king, jack or ten. The river is the   and Vilandos doubles to 4.8 million. Sung loses his first big pot in a while.
06/03/09 04:25:56 PM PDT
After that last hand, Steve Sung moved his stacks over and is still stacking the chips...
06/03/09 04:20:54 PM PDT
Nathan Mullen moves all-in for 1,580,000. Steve Sung makes the call from the button. Larry Sidebotham asks if he calls and is eliminated, who would go out first. When told he's the shorter stack, he folds. Mullen:     Sung:     The flop is       and Nathan's fans erupt while the vocal friends of Sidebotham call for a ten. The turn   changes nothing but the   appears on the river to knock out Mullen. Sung has about 60% of the chips in play, can he be stopped?
06/03/09 04:14:04 PM PDT
Steve Sung has huge chips now and everyone else is short at this point...