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2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker

Sunday, July 01, 2012 to Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Event #54: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $2,898,900
  • Entries: 3,221
  • Remaining: 0
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07/04/12 01:36:57 PM PDT

Will Jaffe is the WSOP Gold Bracelet winner in event 54

It has taken almost 33 hours of poker to reach a winner, but finally after besting 3,220 other players Will Jaffe is your Event 54: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em winner.

Jaffe came right out the gates to start the day, managing to chip up to a strong lead. It seemed like nothing could stop Jaffe early on, but an untimely river card sling-shotted Luis Campelo back into contention. After the river dropped Campelo's crowd exploded in glee and shock.

After Campelo's miracle river card players were essentially even and the two competitors went back to grinding it out. Pots remained small with each player worried of losing a single chip, but a big hand late in the game pushed the advantage in Jaffe's favor.

Both player's respective crowds may have been the biggest attraction of the day with Campelo's Brazilian groupies creating unique and loud cheers. Compared to day 3 though the Brazilian crowd seemed a bit tamed. Jaffe's crowd stepped it up though with plenty of loud boisterous yells of excitement every time Jaffe took down a pot.

Once Campelo got low each player seemed to trade off moving all in and folding. Eventually Campelo moved all in from the button and was snap called by Jaffe from the big blind. Jaffe held   , while Campelo could only muster up   . he flop came     prompting a monsterous cheer from Jaffe's crowd. The   on the turn brought an even loud roar. The   fell on the river and Jaffe had the best of it.

Congratualtions to Will Jaffe on his first World Series of Poker bracelet, and his $500,075 pay day.

07/04/12 01:23:31 PM PDT

Luis Campelo - 2nd place

The now short stacked Luis Campelo moved all in from the button and Will Jaffe quickly made the call from the big blind.


The flop came     prompting a monsterous cheer from Jaffe's crowd. The   on the turn brought an even loud roar. The   fell on the river and Jaffe had the best of it. Campelo finishes the day in second place and takes home a $309,429.

Will Jaffe9,663,0001,863,000
Luis Campelo0-1,800,000
07/04/12 01:17:21 PM PDT
Will Jaffe7,800,000400,000
Luis Campelo1,800,000-400,000
07/04/12 01:12:55 PM PDT

Play has changed from making it 400,000 from the button every hand, to folding the button or moving all in with both players trading off the blinds and antes.

07/04/12 01:06:52 PM PDT

Luis Campelo raised it up to 400,000 from the button and Will Jaffe came along for the ride from the big blind. The flop came     prompting a check from Jaffe, and a bet of 450,000 from Campelo. Jaffe quickly made the call and we were off to the turn.

The   then made an appearance on fourth street and both players knuckled the felt for checks.

The   on the river allowed for Jaffe to bet out 825,000. Campelo made the call and Jaffe flipped over    for two pair. Campelo mucked and Jaffe took the pot.

Will Jaffe7,400,0002,100,000
Luis Campelo2,200,000-2,100,000
07/04/12 01:02:19 PM PDT

Will Jaffe just raised it to 400,000 from the button and and Luis Campelo announced raise from the big blind. Jaffe folded and Campelo took the pot.

Will Jaffe5,300,000510,000
Luis Campelo4,300,000-575,000
07/04/12 12:58:37 PM PDT

Players are now set up on the Pavilion Stage, and play has consisted of both players trading off turns raising on the button and taking down the pot.

07/04/12 12:49:00 PM PDT
Level: 33 Blinds: 100000/200000 Ante: 30000
07/04/12 12:42:40 PM PDT

The players are moving to the Pavillion stage. The heads up will be continued shortly.

07/04/12 12:37:59 PM PDT

From the button Will Jaffe raised to 320,000 and Luis Campelo called from the big blind.

The flop came down     and Campelo lead out for 300,000. Jaffe called, and both the turn, the  , and river, the  , were checked.

Jaffe showed a five, but lost against Campelo's   .

Luis Campelo4,875,000400,000
Will Jaffe4,790,000-400,000
07/04/12 12:27:46 PM PDT

Will Jaffe

Will Jaffe raised to 325,000, and Luis Campelo three-bet to 825,000. Once again Jaffe moved all in, and Campelo tanked before folding once again.

Jaffe has the chip lead once again, but the stacks are pretty even.

Will Jaffe5,190,000825,000
Luis Campelo4,475,000-825,000
07/04/12 12:25:05 PM PDT

Since Will Jaffe's shove didn't get called he's been chipping up. Luis Campelo is slowing losing chips and both stacks are pretty even once again.

Luis Campelo5,300,000-1,395,000
Will Jaffe4,365,0001,395,000
07/04/12 12:16:57 PM PDT

Will Jaffe raised to 320,000 and Luis Campelo three-bet to 820,000. Jaffe gave it some thought and moved all in for just 2,150,000. Campelo tanked for about 45 seconds, but he decided to let it go.

Jaffe has another chance at winning this thing, but he's still trailing Campelo who has a commanding chip lead.

Luis Campelo6,695,000-820,000
Will Jaffe2,970,000820,000
07/04/12 12:12:27 PM PDT
NameChip CountBig Blinds
Luis Campelo6,515,00040
Will Jaffe3,150,00019
Luis Campelo6,515,0001,015,000
Will Jaffe3,150,000-1,015,000
07/04/12 12:06:20 PM PDT

Luis Campelo reacts to doubling up

It was so close to being over. Will Jaffe was just one card away from winning his first World Series of Poker bracelet, but Luis Campelo pulled off a miracle on the river.

Will Jaffe raised to 320,000 from the small blind, and Luis Campelo moved all in for 2,750,000. Jaffe called right away.

Will Jaffe  
Luis Campelo  

The flop brought out     and Jaffe took a commanding lead. Campelo needed to catch a king or a deuce, but the turn was the   taking away some of his outs. The Brazilian needed one of the two remaining deuces in the deck, and the Amazon Room exploded when the river brought out the  .

"Vamos Luis!!" a group of around 20 Brazilians shouted from the rail cheering their friend on. The chanting and cheering continues as Campelo has taken the chip lead.

Luis Campelo5,500,0002,700,000
Will Jaffe4,165,000-2,700,000
07/04/12 11:58:24 AM PDT

Will Jaffe raised to 320,000 and Luis Campelo decided to three-bet to 775,000. Jaffe let it go, and Campelo took down the pot.

Will Jaffe6,865,000-400,000
Luis Campelo2,800,000400,000
07/04/12 11:56:34 AM PDT

Will Jaffe is playing it fast so far, and he takes down the majority of the pots. We just saw he shove after Luis Campelo had raised it up to 325,000, but the Brazilian couldn't make the call.

Jaffe has a commanding lead, and Campelo is down to 15 big blinds.

Will Jaffe7,265,0001,000,000
Luis Campelo2,400,000-1,000,000
07/04/12 11:50:45 AM PDT

On a     flop Will Jaffe checked to Luis Campelo who bet 350,000. Jaffe tanked for about 30 seconds and put out a raise to 775,000. Campelo let got of it rather quickly, and Jaffe took down the pot.

Will Jaffe6,265,000875,000
Luis Campelo3,400,000-875,000
07/04/12 11:46:07 AM PDT

It's time to crown a winner in this event! Who will it be? Will Jaffe or Luis Campelo, we will soon find out!

07/04/12 11:40:27 AM PDT
Level: 32 Blinds: 80000/160000 Ante: 20000