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2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker

Friday, June 22, 2012 to Sunday, June 24, 2012

Event #41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $3,000
  • Prizepool: $3,805,620
  • Entries: 1,394
  • Remaining: 0
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06/25/12 12:28:16 AM PDT
Day 3 Ends With Two Remaining; Glazier In The Lead

Jackie Glazier - looking to be the first woman to win an open even since 2008.

After ten long levels of No-Limit Hold'em action, Day 3 of Event: 41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em has come to an end with just two players remaining - Greg Ostrander and Jackie Glazier. Both players had the option to play an additional level to try and finish, however, both agreed to bag and tag and come back tomorrow. Glazier will come in as chip leader with 9,480,000, while Ostrander will come in with 3,070,000.

Day 3 began with 30 hopefuls, including several well-known pros and our Day 2 chip leader Joseph Chaplin. However, half of field was sent to the rail within three levels, including Shannon Shorr (30th), Dan Shak (28th), Scott Montgomery (17th), and Jason Koon (14th).

When it eventually got down to a single table, the remaining ten players re-located to the main stage. Here is how the table draw looked:

1Kyle Frey1,910,000
2Morten Mortensen495,000
3Darryl Ronconi1,045,000
4Roger Fontes318,000
5Greg Ostander2,645,000
6Joseph Chaplin745,000
7JP Kelly1,379,000
8Jackie Glazier1,646,000
9Paul Vas Nunes1,678,000
10Dylan Hortin890,000

It took two-and-a-half levels for the first player to bust, but when he finally did, it would be JP Kelly after running his    all in preflop into the    of Hortin and failing to improve.

Out in ninth place was Hortin, who was sent to the rail after his    fell to Vas Nunes'    when Nunes caught a pair of queens on the river for the knockout.

Next to go was Frey, who also fell victim to a Vas Nunes suckout when Frey's    was bested by Vas Nunes'    after Vas Nunes caught a flush on the turn.

Our Day 2 chip leader, Joseph Chaplin, would fall next when he found himself in an three-way all in holding the   . Ronconi would scoop the pot when he turned the   holding the    and Chaplin was eliminated.

Ronconi found himself out in sixth place after getting all in after a series of preflop raises with the    against Ostrander's   . The board bricked out for Ronconi and he was eliminated.

Fontes went out next after finding himself short-stacked and pushing all in over the top of a Glazier raise with pocket deuces. Glazier called with    and the       board counterfeited Fontes' pocket twos - eliminating him in fifth place.

Mortensen was sent home in fourth after Vas Nunes scored yet another suckout when his    spiked a pair of treys on the river after Mortensen got all in against him with   .

Our final elimination of the night occurred after Paul Vas Nunes got into a preflop raising war with Glazier. Vas Nunes called an all-in shove of Glazier and his    was bested by Glazier's    after she turned an unbeatable flush for the knockout.

Will Glazier become the first woman to win an open World Series of Poker Event since Vanessa Selbst, who took down a $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event back in 2008? Or will Ostrander come from behind and claim his first WSOP gold bracelet?

Play is set to resume tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST, where Glazier and Ostrander will play to a winner no matter what. Stay tuned right here at PokerNews to find out who will claim victory and the $742,020 prize that goes along with it!

Until then, goodnight from Vegas!

06/24/12 11:48:21 PM PDT
Change Of Plans...

Our final two combatants have had a change of heart. They both agreed to bag and tag for the night and resume play tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST.

06/24/12 11:42:13 PM PDT
Chip Counts
Jackie Glazier9,480,000-20,000
Greg Ostrander3,070,00020,000
06/24/12 11:41:44 PM PDT
Small Break

We have reached the end of our scheduled ten levels of play, however, our two remaining players have agreed to play for one more level in an attempt to end this thing.

They are both on a quick five-minute break.

06/24/12 11:39:38 PM PDT
Glazier Gets (Another) Fold From Ostrander

Jackie Glazier called from the button and Greg Ostrander raised to 305,000 from the big blind. Glazier went back over the top for 880,000 and Ostrander mucked - slipping down to 3,050,000.

Jackie Glazier9,500,000170,000
Greg Ostrander3,050,000-170,000
06/24/12 11:31:45 PM PDT
Ostrander Back Over Three Million

Jackie Glazier opened to 175,000 and Greg Ostrander called from the big blind.

Both players checked the     flop and   turn. However, Ostrander led out for 200,000 on the   river and Glazier made the call.

Ostrander flipped over    for queens and sixes and Glazier mucked.

Ostrander is back up to 3,350,000 after that one.

Jackie Glazier9,200,000-490,000
Greg Ostrander3,350,000490,000
06/24/12 11:27:11 PM PDT
Ostrander Can't Call

Jackie Glazier called from the button and Greg Ostrander checked his option from the big blind.

The flop came     and both players checked.

When the   fell on the turn, Ostrander led out for 150,000 and Glazier called.

The   completed the board and Ostrander fired 350,000 into the middle. Glazier then raised to 1 million even and Ostrander folded - conceding the pot to Glazier, who is now up to 9,690,000.

Jackie Glazier9,690,000590,000
Greg Ostrander2,860,000-590,000
06/24/12 11:21:25 PM PDT
A Few More for Glazier

Greg Ostrander opened to 165,000 and Jackie Glazier made the call.

The flop came     and Glazier led out for 250,000. Ostrander folded and Glazier scooped the pot.

Jackie Glazier9,100,000210,000
Greg Ostrander3,450,000-210,000
06/24/12 11:16:25 PM PDT
Ostrander Takes Some Back from Glazier

Jackie Glazier opened to 175,000 and Greg Ostrander made the call from the big blind.

Both players checked the     flop and the turn brought a  .

This time, Ostrander led out for 150,000 and Glazier called.

The   completed the board and Ostrander fired again - this time for 450,000. Glazier gave up her hand and Ostrander scooped the pot.

Jackie Glazier8,700,000-330,000
Greg Ostrander3,850,000330,000
06/24/12 11:10:34 PM PDT
Glazier Shoves Over the Top of Ostrander

Greg Ostrander opened to 160,000 and Jackie Glazier made the call to see a flop, which came    .

Glazier checked to Ostrander, who bet 225,000. Glazier then check-raised to 500,000 and Ostrander four-bet to 1,525,000. Undeterred, Glazier moved all in.

"Wow," Ostrander kept muttering to himself, clearly at odds-end with his decision. After tanking for some time, Ostrander slid his hand into the muck.

Ostrander later told Glazier that he mucked two red queens.

Jackie Glazier8,910,0001,620,000
Greg Ostrander3,640,000-1,620,000
06/24/12 11:01:52 PM PDT
Glazier Gets Some From Ostrander

Greg Ostrander opened to 95,000 and action was on Jackie Glazier, who three-bet to 405,000 from the big blind. Ostrander made the call to see a flop, which came    .

Glazier continued her aggression and fired 525,000 into the middle. Ostrander gave it up and Glazier scooped the pot.

Jackie Glazier7,290,000295,000
Greg Ostrander5,260,000-295,000
06/24/12 10:58:07 PM PDT
Ostrander Draws First Blood

Jackie Glazier opened to 190,000 from the button and Ostrander made the call.

The flop came     and both players checked.

Both player checked again the on   turn, however, Ostrander would lead out for 300,000 on the   river and Glazier called.

Ostrander flipped over    and Glazier mucked.

Jackie Glazier6,995,000-500,000
Greg Ostrander5,555,000500,000
06/24/12 10:50:58 PM PDT
Lets Get it On!

Our final two combatants have resumed play. Lets crown us a champion!

06/24/12 10:49:02 PM PDT
Heads-Up Chip Counts

Our final two players are on a short break before resuming heads-up play.

Jackie Glazier will enter battle with 7,495,000 million versus the 5,055,000 of Greg Ostrander.

Jackie Glazier7,495,0000
Greg Ostrander5,055,000205,000
06/24/12 10:46:30 PM PDT
Paul Vas Nunes Eliminated in 3rd Place ($290,407)

Paul Vas Nunes 3rd place

Jackie Glazier opened to 170,000 from the small blind and Paul Vas Nunes three-bet to 475,000 from the big blind. Glazier moved all in and Vas Nunes called to put himself at risk.

Vas Nunes:   

The     flop gave Glazier a flush draw and sure enough, a   landed on the turn - sending Glazier's rail into a frenzy. A meaningless   landed on the river and Glazier sent Vas Nunes to the rail with a flush.

Jackie Glazier7,495,0006,418,000
Paul Vas Nunes00
06/24/12 10:40:20 PM PDT
Vas Nunes Doubles Through Ostrander

It was folded over to Paul Vas Nunes in the small blind, who opened to 205,000. Greg Ostrander three-bet to 560,000 and Vas Nunes moved all in for his last 1,925,000. Ostrander made the call to put Vas Nunes at risk.

Vas Nunes:   

The flop came     and before the turn was dealt, a member of Ostrander's rail called for a three, which would be of no help to Ostrander. Some other members of the rail laughed at the comment and Ostrander sarcastically said, "I've got the best rail here!"

Amusingly   did come on the turn, but kept Ostrander behind. The   river sealed the deal and Vas Nunes doubled through to 3,880,000.

Ostrander is down to 4,850,000.

Greg Ostrander4,850,000-1,950,000
Paul Vas Nunes3,880,0001,280,000
06/24/12 10:33:40 PM PDT
Level 30 started
Level: 30 Blinds: 40000/80000 Ante: 10000
06/24/12 10:33:08 PM PDT
Vas Nunes Gets Some Back

Greg Ostrander raised to 150,000 and found one caller in Paul Vas Nunes.

Both player proceeded to check down the     flop,   turn and   river.

Vas Nunes tabled    and Ostrander mucked.

Vas Nunes chipped up to 2.6 million and Ostrander slipped to 6.8 million.

Greg Ostrander6,800,000-400,000
Paul Vas Nunes2,600,000400,000
06/24/12 10:28:55 PM PDT
Ostrander Increases His Lead

Paul Vas Nunes opened to 130,000 from the button and Greg Ostrander three-bet to 375,000 from the small blind. Jackie Glazier folded the big and Ostrander made the call.

The flop came     and both players checked.

The   fell on the turn and Ostrander checked again. Vas Nunes would check no more and fired 350,000 into the middle. Ostrander called and the river brought the  . Both players again checked.

Ostrander tabled    for jacks and nines and Vas Nunes mucked without showing.

Ostrander is up to 7.2 million while Vas Nunes is down to 2.2 million.

Greg Ostrander7,200,000700,000
Paul Vas Nunes2,200,000-455,000
06/24/12 10:14:45 PM PDT
Chip Counts!
Greg Ostrander6,500,0000
Jackie Glazier3,400,000-50,000
Paul Vas Nunes2,655,000-145,000
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