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2010 41st Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 to Saturday, June 26, 2010

Event #42: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $3,403,305
  • Entries: 2,521
  • Remaining: 0
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06/26/10 04:38:57 AM PST
Congratulations Dean Hamrick, Winner of Event #42: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em ($604,222)

After fifteen hours of poker and twenty-four eliminations we have finally come to a conclusion in Event #42: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em with Dean Hamrick being crowned champion!

2,521 players sat down just a few days ago for yet another exciting no-limit hold'em event of the 2010 World Series of Poker, but of course, only one can stand above them all.

Many players came and went including Fatima De Melo (213th), Maciek Gracz (206th), Steve Gross (142nd), Jeff Madsen (139th), Nam Le (114th), Arnaud Mattern (53rd), Matt Marafioti (29th) and Kevin Schaffel (26th) all falling shy of a day three berth.

Returning yesterday afternoon, twenty-five players sat down to battle down to just one, but unfortunately Mike Sowers (25th), Bernard Lee (21st) and Humberto Brenes (16th) all were unable to add a final table to their poker resume.

Action was hot and heavy as the final table began just over eight hours ago as we lost four players in the first ninety minutes as Dean Hamrick and Niccolo Caramatti traded the chip lead several times until the Italian hit the rail thanks to the rivered Broadway straight of Hamrick.

Once Ian Wiley exited in third place, Hamrick took a slight lead into heads up play, but that lead was swapped numerous times with fellow opponent Thomas O'Neal as both battled away at each other for nearly three hours until Hamrick would close the deal with a dominated ace after all the money went in preflop.

For Hamrick this victory is well worth the wait after unluckily bubbling the November Nine in 2008 only to return last year and make a deep run in a no-limit hold'em event only to finish fifth.

Not only is his first bracelet deserving, but also justification of his skill that nearly took him to the Main Event final table in 2008 after nearly all of the nine players that finished ahead of him have gone onto greater success. Throw in the fact that deep into the money, Hamrick was left with just over a small blind, but still managed to remain patient, find some timely luck and use his experience, composure and dedication to build a stack that has propelled him to the position that he is currently in.

PokerNews would like to congratulate Dean Hamrick on claiming his maiden gold WSOP bracelet along with the $604,222 first prize and finally the recognition of being a true poker player and Event #42 champion!

06/26/10 04:28:34 AM PST
Thomas O'Neal Eliminated in 2nd Place ($375,627); Dean Hamrick Wins!

Just when we were getting settled in for the long haul, so much action occurred that we almost missed it.

Dean Hamrick limped on the button and Thomas O'Neal made it 700,000. Hamrick moved all in and O'Neal snap called putting his tournament on the line. Hamrick's rail woke up, jumped to their feet, and leaned toward the table.

The cards were on their backs and Hamrick was ahead with  . O'Neal showed  .

The flop came down   pairing each player's ace. O'Neal would need a nine to stay alive.

The turn   brought no help to O'Neal.

Hamrick's railbirds held their breath, hoping that the cruel river wouldn't once again defeat their friend, as it had a few times before at this final table.

It was a cruel river, but not for Hamrick. The   fell, eliminating O'Neal from the tournament.

06/26/10 04:16:13 AM PST
Hamrick Takes Another One

It was limped to the flop of  . Then it was checked. The   turn was checked. As was the   river.

Hamrick won the pot with  .

06/26/10 04:14:39 AM PST
Hamrick Pushing

Dean Hamrick has begun getting more aggressive.

Over the past two hands he has moved all in after firstly a limp and then from the button.

Hamrick now sits on 7,545,000 as Thomas O'Neal slips to 3,800,000 in chips.

06/26/10 04:10:36 AM PST
One for Hamrick

Thomas O'Neal limped and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

The flop came down   and both players checked. They checked the   turn as well. On the   fell on the river, O'Neal checked and Hamrick bet 200,000. With a flick of a chip, O'Neal's cards went toward the muck.

06/26/10 04:04:56 AM PST
All In, Fold

Thomas O'Neal limped in and Dean Hamrick moved all in. Well that's the most action we've seen at this table in quite a bit. O'Neal folded and Hamrick took the pot.

06/26/10 03:59:04 AM PST
O'Neal Gets Out of the Way

Thomas O'Neal limped from the button and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

The flop came down  . Hamrick bet 200,000 and that was enough to get O'Neal to fold.

06/26/10 03:56:09 AM PST
One for Hamrick

Thomas O'Neal limped in and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

O'Neal fired out 200,000 following a Hamrick check on the     flop as Hamrick made the call.

Both players checked the   and   on the turn and river to see O'Neal table his   .

Hamrick tabled his    and collected the pot with his middle-pair.

06/26/10 03:53:19 AM PST
Rivered Flush

Dean Hamrick limped from the button and Thomas O'Neal checked.

The flop brought the   and the  . It was checked to Hamrick who bet 200,000. O'Neal called and the turn brought the  . Both players checked.

The   hit the river and both players checked again.

O'Neal tabled   for two pair, but that wasn't enough; Hamrick rivered a flush with  .

06/26/10 03:49:40 AM PST
Ah Crap!

Thomas O'Neal limped in from the button and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

The board of       was checked through to the river to see Hamrick fire out 200,000.

O'Neal made the call and tabled his   , but was bested by Hamrick's    for rivered trips.

"Ah, crap!" announced O'Neal after seeing Hamrick's hand.

06/26/10 03:43:42 AM PST
Plenty of Action!

Limp. Check. Flop. Check. Bet. Fold.

That is the summary of the last fourteen hands . . . or thereabouts!

06/26/10 03:42:40 AM PST
Jack High Wins

Thomas O'Neal limped from the button and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

The flop came down  . Both players checked to the turn.

It was the   that fell and O'Neal checked. Hamrick also checked and the river brought the  .

Both players checked again and O'Neal said, "Nine high," as he tabled his cards. But that was no good, as Hamrick took the pot with jack high.

06/26/10 03:36:37 AM PST
O'Neal Turned the Winner

Dean Hamrick opened for 400,000 and Thomas O'Neal made the call.

The flop came down   and both players checked.

The   fell on the turn and both players again checked.

On the   river, O'Neal check-called Hamrick's bet of 500,000 and won the pot with   against the   of Hamrick.

06/26/10 03:28:55 AM PST
O'Neal Takes It On River

Thomas O'Neal opened to 320,000 from the button and Dean Hamrick made the call.

Both players checked the     flop to see the   land on the turn and Hamrick led out for 340,000.

O'Neal made the call, and after the   landed on the river and Hamrick checked, a bet of 500,000 was enough to collect the pot and see O'Neal climb to 6,980,000 in chips.

06/26/10 03:28:06 AM PST
Nap Time For Cada

"Can we get some pillows to the secondary feature table," announced the Tournament Director.


The 2009 WSOP Champion is having a little nap here at the final table and is using the shoulders of his friends to get comfy.

06/26/10 03:19:59 AM PST
Check, Check, Check

It was limped to the flop of   and both Thomas O'Neal and Dean Hamrick checked.

They checked the   on the turn too.

The   fell on the river, and yep, you guessed it, they both checked again.

O'Neal won the pot with queen-high.

06/26/10 03:15:31 AM PST
Hamrick Turns a Set

Dean Hamrick opened for 320,000 and Thomas O'Neal called.

The flop came down   and both players checked.

The   fell on the turn and O'Neal checked. Hamrick bet 325,000 and O'Neal called.

The river brought the   and O'Neal check-called Hamrick's bet of 850,000.

Hamrick showed   for a turned set to take the pot.

06/26/10 03:06:51 AM PST
Walk It Round

Dean Hamrick sat there staring at Thomas O'Neal before folding his button to give O'Neal a walk.

On the very next hand O'Neal returned the favor.

It may be a long night folks!

06/26/10 03:01:47 AM PST
Limp, Check, Bet, Fold

Thomas O'Neal limped on the button and Dean Hamrick checked his option.

The flop came down   and both players checked.

The   fell on the turn and Hamrick bet 205000. O'Neal flicked his cards toward the dealer with an orange (T5,000) chip.

06/26/10 03:00:58 AM PST
Hamrick Forced To Fold River

Dean Hamrick opened to 320,000 from the button and Thomas O'Neal made the call to see a     flop fall and checks follow from both players.

When the turn landed the  , O'Neal checked and Hamrick fired out 340,000 only to have O'Neal check-raise all in for 1,000,000.

Hamrick made the call and when the river landed the  , O'Neal moved all in to put Hamrick to a decision for roughly his last 3,300,000 in chips.

Deliberating for nearly three minutes, Hamrick eventually found a fold as he saw the pot pushed to O'Neal to send him to over 7,800,000 in chips.

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