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2010 41st Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, June 11, 2010 to Monday, June 14, 2010

Event #22: $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $948,600
  • Entries: 1,054
  • Remaining: 0
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06/14/10 07:35:04 PM PST
Congratulations to Vanessa Hellebuyck, Event #22 Champion ($192,132)

The 2010 World Series of Poker Ladies Championship has come to an end with Vanessa Hellebuyck emerging victorious over a field of 1,054. What started three days ago among controversy between the genders has come to a joyous end after an exciting final table.

La Sengphet, who was the chip leader during the early stages of the tournament, was eliminated in seventh place. Meanwhile, Timmi Derosa patiently made her way to the final three where she made a big all in that put Hellebuyck in the tank for several minutes. Derosa's tournament came to an end when Hellebuyck made the correct call and took down the massive pot.

Sidsel Boesen entered the final table as the chip leader but stumbled early. She was able to rebuild and managed to make it heads up against Hellebuyck, although at a 5-1 chip disadvantage.

It took only seven hands for Hellebuyck to eliminate Boesen when her pocket fives faded the ten and nine of diamonds. The Amazon Room echoed with the cheers of Hellebuyck's supporters as the final card came down.

Congratulations to Vanessa Hellebuyck, Event #22 Champion!

06/14/10 07:18:53 PM PST
Sidsel Boesen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($118,897)

On the seventh hand of heads-up play, Sidsel Boesen announced she was raising all in from the small blind/button for her last 358,000, and Vanessa Hellebuyck quickly called.



The crowd stood as one in anticipation of what could be the finish. The flop came    , meaning Hellebuyck's fives were still good, but Boesen had picked up a gutshot draw to go with her hopes for a ten or nine. The turn was the  , and Hellebuyck's cheering section let out another yell.

Then came the river -- the  ! Hellebuyck has won!

06/14/10 07:14:08 PM PST
Boesen on the Brink

The next two hands of heads-up play went a lot like the first three. First Hellebuyck raised to 60,000 from the button, and Boesen folded. Then Boesen raised from the button, Hellebuyck said she was all in, and Boesen folded.

Boesen did get a walk on the next hand, but it is looking like we'll be seeing an all in very soon.

Hellebuyck -- 2,800,000

Boesen -- 362,000

06/14/10 07:10:01 PM PST
Early Pressure from Hellebuyck

On the first hand of heads-up play, Sidsel Boesen raised to 65,000 from the small blind/button, and Vanessa Hellebuyck called.

The flop came    , and Hellebuyck immediately announced she was all in. Boesen folded.

Hellebuyck took the next hand as well with a preflop raise.

Then on the third hand, Boesen limped in and Hellebuyck checked. The flop came    , Hellebuyck bet, and Boesen quickly folded.

06/14/10 07:05:29 PM PST
Chip Counts at Start of Heads-Up Play

Vanessa Hellebuyck -- 2,594,000

Sidsel Boesen -- 564,000

06/14/10 06:56:41 PM PST
Timmi Derosa Eliminated in 3rd Place ($74,389)

Sidsel Boesen folded from the button, and Timmi Derosa completed from the small blind. Vanessa Hellebuyck then raised to 100,000 from the big blind, and Derosa made the call.

The flop came    . Derosa bet 100,000, and Hellebuyck called.

The turn was the  , and this time Derosa announced she was all in for her remaining 651,000. A big moment, and big decision for Hellebuyck, who had Derosa well covered, though to lose the hand would change the complexion of this final table considerably.

While Derosa looked down silently at the felt, Hellebuyck sat back and exhaled. Finally -- after three solid minutes in the tank -- she very quietly leaned forward and said "I call."

The crowd erupted at that decision, then became even louder when the cards were revealed. Hellebruck had    for sixes, a flush draw, and gutshot. Then Derosa tabled her cards --   !

A big move, and a big call. The dealer burned a card and dealt the river -- the  . Derosa is out in third, and we're now getting ready for heads-up play!

06/14/10 06:48:20 PM PST
Sidsel Shove

Timmi Derosa had the button, and after checking her cards she announced a raise to 90,000 (3x). Vanessa Hellebuyck folded, and it was Sidsel Boesen's turn to act. (In case you were wondering, our announcer has been pronouncing her name "SEED-sul," which we assume is correct.)

The action on her, Boesen wasted no time saying she was all in for her remaining 480,000.

Derosa took a moment to consider the situation, then pushes her cards away. Derosa sits with just over 800,000 at present, while Boesen moves up to 600,000. Hellebuyck, meanwhile, is still well in front with 1.74 million.

06/14/10 06:40:30 PM PST
Check-Raise Works for Derosa

After Sidsel Boesen folded, Timmy Derosa raised to 75,000 from the small blind, and Vanessa Hellebuyck called from the BB.

The flop came    . Derosa checked, and Hellebuyck pushed forward a bet of 120,000. Derosa then announced she was reraising all in, and Hellebuyck quickly stepped aside.

06/14/10 06:33:51 PM PST
Play Resumes, Three Remain

Players are back in their seats, and our three-handed final table has resumed.

06/14/10 06:25:39 PM PST
Take Five

Our last three players are taking a quick 5-minute break here before we move on to Level 24.

06/14/10 06:22:05 PM PST
Steady As She Goes

Aside from that one "Action Flop," we've mostly been seeing a sequence of raise-and-take it hands over the last three orbits. Hellebuyck has edged out a bit further with more than 1.7 million. Derosa is at about 900,000, and Boesen has slipped below 600,000.

Meanwhile, a short break has been called for at the end of this level, coming in just a couple of minutes.

06/14/10 06:18:56 PM PST
Action Flop

After Timmi Derosa folded on the button, Vanessa Hellebuyck called from the small blind and Sidsel Boesen checked from the big.

The flop came out     and Hellebuyck bet out 80,000. Boesen raised 110,000 more and after thinking about it, Hellebuyck reraised an additional 125,000. Boesen mucked and Hellebuyck increased her chip lead while Boeson continued to slide.

06/14/10 06:08:39 PM PST
Derosa Likes Diamonds

Sidsel Boesen opened for 55,000 from the small blind. "I call," said Timmi Derosa with a slight shrug from the big blind.

The flop came monotone --    . Boesen checked. Derosa liked the look of all those diamonds, or at least wasn't bothered by them, and unhesitatingly bet 100,000. Boesen thought a moment, then tossed her cards dealerward.

Derosa has edged ahead of Boesen into second place, but both are still well behind Vanessa Hellebuyck.

06/14/10 05:58:53 PM PST
Boesen Keeps Coming

Sidsel Boesen opened with a raise to 50,000 from the button, Timmi Derosa folded, and Vanessa Hellebuyck called from the big blind.

The flop came    . Hellebuyck promptly bet 80,000, and after a half-minute of consideration Boesen raised to 210,000. Hellebuyck tanked for a couple of minutes, then let it go. Boesen climbs close to 1.1 million, while Hellebuyck is at a little over 1.4 million.

06/14/10 05:51:44 PM PST
One for Boesen

Timmi Derosa folded from the button, and Vanessa Hellebuyck completed from the small blind. Sidsel Boesen then raised to 32,000 from the big blind, and Hellebuyck called.

The flop came    , and Hellebuyck checked. Boesen cut out a bet of 65,000, and Hellebuyck let it go.

Hellebuyck is still well out in front with more than 1.5 million, which represents almost half of the chips in play. Boesen is second with 880,000, and Derosa has 745,000.

06/14/10 05:49:22 PM PST
Hellebuyck Increases Lead

Sidsel Boesen raised to 50,000 on the button and was called by Vanessa Hellebuyck from the big blind.

The flop came     and Hellebuyck bet out 90,000. Boesen called and the two saw the   hit the turn. Hellebuyck bet out 150,000 and this time Boesen opted to fold. Hellebuyck was over 1.5 million with the win while Boesen dropped to 883,000

06/14/10 05:45:44 PM PST
Three Cheers for Three Ladies

Now that we are down to three-handed, the cheering sections for our final three players have been distinguished fairly readily. Each has a significant bank of supporters here, although in terms of decibels Vanessa Hellebuyck's section is probably leading at this point.

As is their lady, who with the big knockout hand versus Allison Whalen just now is up around the 1.4 million-chip mark.

But both Sidsel Boesen and Timmi Derosa are battling to change that. Derosa is also hoping to get her cheering section to become a little more competitive, too, having just now delivered some instructions to them to get a little more vocal.

06/14/10 05:37:12 PM PST
Allison Whalen Eliminated in 4th Place ($53,994)

Allison Whalen opened by pushing all in from the cutoff for approximately 550,000. Sidsel Boesen folded from the button, and Timmi Derosa folded from the small blind. Then Vanessa Hellebuyck quickly called.

Whalen turned over   , and Hellebuyck tabled   ! Another player wakes up in the big blind with pocket rockets!

The board came      , and Whalen shook hands with her competitors as she left.

We're down to three!

06/14/10 05:31:44 PM PST
The Final Four

Action has resumed at our now four-handed final table.

In one of the first hands back, Sidsel Boesen opened for 50,000 from the cutoff, then Timmi Derosa pushed all in over the top from the button. The blinds got out, and Boesen folded, too.

06/14/10 05:05:42 PM PST
Break Time

Our final four ladies are taking a 20-minute break.

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