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2010 41st Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, June 05, 2010 to Monday, June 07, 2010

Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $337,500
  • Entries: 250
  • Remaining: 0
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06/07/10 08:52:09 PM PST
Congratulations to Yan Chen, Winner of Event #14: $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball ($92,817)

After three days of lowball poker, standing pat and smooth eights we finally have a Champion in Event #14: $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball!

250 players began this event with reigning Champion Phil Ivey and five-time lowball bracelet holder Billy Baxter the hot picks to make a deep run. Unfortunately for them, along with some great lowball tournament players, they would fall to the rail along with 183 others to leave 67 still in contention for day two.

Nick Binger was the overnight chip leader and stayed on top throughout the day as play was fast and furious with players falling left, right and center until Ted Forrest and Shunjiro Uchida became our joint bubble boys.

Sigi Stockinger (25th), Jose-Luis Velador (24th), Tommy Hang (21st), Chris Viox (18th), JC Tran (15th), Erik Seidel (14th), Chris Bjorin (13th), Scott Seiver (12th), Bryan Micon (11th) and David 'Chino' Rheem (9th) were some of the incredibly talented players that had a crack at making the final table, but inevitably fell just shy as a final seven would be formed following the elimination of Daniel Nicewander.

Binger took the chip lead into the final table as play began with three players not in their seats. Unfortunately for Alexander Kravchenko he arrived a little too early as he bit the dust drawing to a nine-eight perfect. James Bord fell next when he broke a six-high straight only to pair up as Todd Bui hit the rail in fifth place when he was unable to improve his ten-six low.

With Mike Wattel and Yan Chen well distanced on the leaderboard, play four-handed would see-saw back and forth between all the remaining players until Derric Haynie's pat nine-eight was unable to best Wattel's pat eight-six as he exited in third place. Sadly for Binger he was unable to improve on his previous WSOP final table by falling in third place drawing to a seven-wheel as two of the most experienced players on the table reached heads-up play.

Chen took a slight lead into his expected intense battle with Wattel, and after an hour of play neither could be separated as we broke for dinner. Returning with some new found energy both players exchanged three-bet after three-bet until Chen slowly started to increase his lead against Wattel who was looking to add bracelet number two to his twenty-three cashes.

Inevitably Chen would prove the victor when his pat ten-eight was too strong for Wattel's pat queen-jack as the Las Vegas native captured his first coveted gold WSOP bracelet, $92,817 in prize money and title of Event #14 Champion!

Congratulations to Yan Chen who displayed a great deal of composure and patience mixed with timely aggression and a friendly attitude to his opponents throughout Event #14 to deservingly be crowned Champion!

06/07/10 08:50:09 PM PST
Mike Wattel Eliminated in 2nd Place ($57,375); Yan Chen Wins!

Yan Chen entered the pot with a raise to 24,000 only to have Mike Wattel move all in for 98,000.

Chen took his time shuffling chips between his hands before sliding a stack in to make the call.

Both players stood pat with Wattel tabling his      , but it would be Chen's       that would be the victorious hand as Wattel hits the rail in 2nd place for a $57,375.

06/07/10 08:47:14 PM PST
All of a Sudden?

There were eight hands in a row that were either walks or raise-and-take-its. Then on the ninth hand, Mike Wattel moved all in from the button for around 80,000. "All of a sudden?" asked Chen? Wattel laughed, and Chen folded.

06/07/10 08:40:16 PM PST
Bad Draw For Wattel

Mike Wattel entered the pot with a raise to 25,000 and Yan Chen made the call from the big blind.

Both players drew one and checked the action as Chen tabled his      .

Wattel picked up his hand and spread it between both before showing his      and then his drawn  .

As Chen closes in on one million in chips - 990,000 to be exact - Wattel slips to just 135,000.

06/07/10 08:36:21 PM PST
Back to Small Ball

After some bigger action than we're used to in this heads-up match, things are getting back to normal. First Mike Wattel and Yan Chen traded walks. Then Wattel raised to 25,000, and Chen called. Both drew one, and when Chen bet 45,000, Wattel folded.

The next hand, Chen raised to 24,000, and Wattel moved all in. Chen isn't ready to play for all the chips yet, and he folded instantly.

06/07/10 08:30:40 PM PST
Wattel Claws Back

Mike Wattel opened to 25,000 and Yan Chen made the call from the big blind.

Both players drew two cards and checked.

"Pair of fours" announced Chen as Wattel quickly tabled his pair of    along with his     to take down the pot and climb back to 175,000.

Chen however still has a commanding 950,000 in chips.

06/07/10 08:27:38 PM PST
Wattel Can't Make Up Ground

Mike Wattel really, really needed to win one. He has is last T5,000 pink chips in the middle to pay his blind, leaving only orange T1,000s in his stack. Yan Chen raised to 24,000, and Wattel called in 24 orange chips. Wattel drew one, and Chen thought for a minute before discarding two. Wattel bet out 40,000. "Good bet," Chen said as he folded.

Wattel tried to keep the momentum going and raised to 25,000 the next hand. Chen called, and each drew one. Chen fired 35,000, and Wattel didn't know what to do. He counted out a call at least ten times, shuffling the chips back together each time. Finally, he pulled the trigger and tossed them toward the middle. "Jack," Chen said, showing  . Wattel just shook his head and mucked. Wattel fell to 120,000 while Chen is up to 980,000.

06/07/10 08:20:09 PM PST
Chen Soars Ahead

Mike Wattel opened to 25,000 from the button and Yan Chen three-bet to 70,000 from the big blind.

Wattel took his time ruffling chips in one hand while sweating his hand in the other before making the call for an additional 45,000.

Both players stood pat and after nearly sixty seconds deliberating, Chen fired out a bet of 75,000.

Wattel spent the same amount of time mulling over his decision before making the call.

"Ten-six" announced Yen as he rolled over his       to best Wattel's      .

As Chen raked in the pot to climb to 920,000, Wattel slipped down to just 205,000 in chips.

06/07/10 08:16:46 PM PST
Two More for Chen

Mike Wattel raised to 25,000, and Yan Chen reraised to 70,000. Wattel folded, sending the pot to the other side of the table.

The next hand, Chen raised to 24,000, and Wattel called. Mike took two and Chen took one. Wattel checked, and Chen bet 35,000. Wattel folded another one, and Chen moved up to 770,000.

06/07/10 08:09:58 PM PST
Big One Around The Corner

Yan Chen opened the button to 24,000 and Mike Wattel raised it up to 69,000.

Chen didn't take too long in deciding upon a fold to give Wattel the pot.

"I can feel it" stated Wattel before adding, "I can feel a big one coming!"

06/07/10 08:05:12 PM PST
Chen Extends Lead

Mike Wattel entered the pot for a 25,000-chip raise from the button only to have Yan Chen three-bet to 70,000 from the big blind.

Wattel quickly folded as he slipped to 450,000 while Chen climbed to 675,000 in chips.

06/07/10 08:01:42 PM PST
One for Chen

Mike Wattel raised to 25,000 on the button, and Yan Chen called. Chen drew one, and Wattel needed two. Chen paused a moment before checking, and Wattel bet a strong 35,000. Chen said something in French to Wattel and studied him before calling with a  . That was more than enough to scoop the pot.

06/07/10 08:00:07 PM PST
Ten-Nine For Wattel

Yan Chen opened the button to 24,000 only to have Mike Wattel bump it to 69,000.

After some deliberation, Chen made the call and drew one as Wattel stood pat.

Both players checked it through to see Wattel tabled his       to take down the pot.

06/07/10 07:58:46 PM PST
Chen Returns Three-Bet

Mike Wattel opened the button to 25,000 and Yan Chen three-bet to 65,000 to force a quick fold from Wattel.

Chen must not have enjoyed being three-bet tthe last hand, and consequently decided to return the favor.

06/07/10 07:52:00 PM PST
First Hand Victory For Wattel

On the first hand back from dinner break, Yan Chen opened for a min-raise to 24,000 only to have Mike Wattel three-bet to 69,000.

Chen thought for a little before folding his hand to see Wattel take down the pot.

06/07/10 06:48:04 PM PST
Dinner Break

Mike Wattel and Yan Chen have decided to take a one-hour dinner break with the chip counts sitting as follows:

Yan Chen - 606,000

Mike Wattel - 519,000

See you all at 8:45pm PST for the continuation of this heads-up battle.

06/07/10 06:43:16 PM PST
Game Change

Mike Wattel jokingly suggested they change the game to limit triple draw. Yan Chen pounced. "Yeah, yeah." He's widely thought to be the world's best triple draw player. Wattel laughed it off, but Chen wasn't giving up so easily. He called over the floor, trying to convince them that Wattel's offer was binding. They laughed too, but Chen kept going. We're still not sure if he was serious or not.

The next hand, still no-limit single draw, Chen raised to 25,000, and Wattel called. Chen drew two to Wattel's one. Both players checked, and the   and   Chen caught to make an   were good enough to win the pot.

06/07/10 06:41:59 PM PST
King-Queen Low For Wattel

It had been a while since we had seen a draw, but finally after Mike Wattel raised the button to 20,000, Yan Chen made the call.

Wattel stood pat as Chen drew two with both players checking it down.

Wattel tabled his       to prompt a fold from Chen.

06/07/10 06:28:49 PM PST
Chen Snatches Chip Lead Back

Yan Chen bumped it up from the button to 25,000 and Mike Wattel made the call from the big blind.

Both players drew one with Wattel checking over to Chen who opted to fire out with a 40,000-chip bet.

Wattel deliberated for a minute or two before making the call.

Chen tabled his nine-seven perfect - or in other terms his       - and Wattel flashed a   before folding.

With that pot, Chen returns to where he started the heads-up battle - 620,000 in chips - as Wattel slips to 505,000.

06/07/10 06:23:01 PM PST
Matusow Getting Bored

Yan Chen and Mike Wattel were back to the walking when Mike Matusow finally decided he'd had enough. "Come on you guys, just ship it dark already!" the Mouth said.

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