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2009 World Series of Poker Europe

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 to Friday, September 25, 2009

Event #3: £5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Buy-in: £5,000
  • Prizepool: £770,000
  • Entries: 154
  • Remaining: 0
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09/25/09 09:03:30 PM PDT
Congratulations to Jani Vilmunen of Finland for his victory in Event #3's £5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Freezeout.
09/25/09 09:00:29 PM PDT
Just as it looked like we were in for the long haul, we finally found our cooler hand. The action was kicked off by Jani Vilmunen, who made a familiar 120,000 preflop raise from the button. As deliberate and meticulous as ever, Howard Lederer prudently counted out segments of his stack before making it 360,000. Vilmunen made the call. Realising that this was potentially the bracelet-winning pot, the crowd drew slightly closer, their breaths held as the dealer lay a     onto the felt. At first glance, it was an action flop, and indeed it was as Lederer led for 600,000. A brief pause to deceive his opponent, and Vilmunen waved forward his hands in declaration of an all-in. Lederer nodded his head and called. Cards on their backs and what a cooler for a raised pot: Lederer flopped the straight with     ; Vilmunen flopped a bigger, much more nuttier one with     ! Lederer had the backdoor flush draw, but once the turn came the  , he was drawing dead, and could do little but rise from his seat and congratulate his triumphant opponent as an academic   left the dealer's paw. A gentle fist-pump later, and Jani Vilmunen of Finland was officially acknowledged as the winner of Event #3,
09/25/09 08:32:51 PM PDT
Seat 4: Howard Lederer -- 1,150,000 Seat 7: Jani Vilmunen -- 1,900,000
09/25/09 08:32:14 PM PDT
Howard Lederer raised preflop and Jani Vilmunen called. On the     flop, Vilmunen check-raised to take not only the pot, but also the chip lead.
09/25/09 08:12:51 PM PDT
Jani Vilmunen raised to 120,000, Lederer made it 370,000, Vilmunen folded.
09/25/09 08:03:46 PM PDT
Preflop, Jani Vilmunen made it 120,000 and Howard Lederer made the call. On the     flop, both players checked, only for Lederer to snap up the pot with a bet of 200,000 on the   turn.
09/25/09 07:49:33 PM PDT
On the first hand back, Jani Vilmunen raised to 75,000 from the button and Howard Lederer called.     flop, Lederer checked, Vilmunen continuation bet what appeared to be 120,000, Lederer called.   turn, Lederer checked, Vilmunen bet 250,000, Lederer folded. First blood to the Finn.
09/25/09 07:38:21 PM PDT
Howard Lederer and Jani Vilmunen have been called back to their seats and play will recommence shortly.
09/25/09 07:24:14 PM PDT
Players are now on a 20 minute break. When they return, they'll be battling heads-up for the bracelet.
09/25/09 07:23:33 PM PDT
Seat 4: Howard Lederer -- 1,800,000 Seat 7: Jani Vilmunen -- 1,250,000
09/25/09 07:22:46 PM PDT
In a three-way limped pot, our remaining Trojans were treated to a     flop where Jani Vilmunen fired out. Lederer side-stepped out of the way, but Aarno Kivelio had other ideas and quickly moved all in. VIlmunen made the call. Vilmunen =      Kivelio =      Turn =   River =  
09/25/09 07:15:13 PM PDT
Spicy hot preflop action now as Howard Lederer button raised to 90,000, Aarno Kivelio flat called, and Jani Vilmunen reraised to 270. Lederer folded, and after much dwellements, Kivelio laid it down too.
09/25/09 07:03:43 PM PDT
Seat 4: Howard Lederer -- 1,875,000 Seat 6: Aarno Kivelio -- 475,000 Seat 7: Jani Vilmunen -- 650,000
09/25/09 07:03:04 PM PDT
Kivelio won the next two hands uncontested, meaning he climbs back up to 450,000.
09/25/09 06:59:19 PM PDT
All in on a     flop. Jani Vilmunen =      Aarno Kivelio =      Turn =   River =   And in the space of just two hands, Kivelio has gone from chip daddy to chip... er, baby.
09/25/09 06:54:24 PM PDT
Howard Lederer and Aarno Kivelio reached a flop of    . Lederer bet 50,000 and Kivelio called.   turn, and Lederer fired again, 120,000, Kivelio called. On the   river Lederer paused momentarily before reaching for chips and sliding 250,000 across the felt. Kivelio seemed caught in between two minds. As he tanked he shimmied his cards, as if his paws wanted him to fold, but his voice said call, and Lederer tabled     . Kivelio revealed   . Lederer takes the chip lead.
09/25/09 06:39:10 PM PDT
Aarno Kivelio of Finland is your new chip leader with 1,300,000.
09/25/09 06:36:28 PM PDT
After an early slump today, Aarno Kivelio is beginning to return to his form from yesterday and has now recaptured the chip lead after taking a chunky pot off neighbour and fellow Finn Jani Vilmunen. With Vilmunen button raisng to 80,000 preflop, Kivelio made the call in the big blind and the two players saw a     flop. Kivelio bet 100,000 and Vilmunen called. On the   turn, Kivelio led again, this time for 200,000, and again, Vilmunen made the call. On the   river, Kivelio broke his trend - and robbed us of a 1-2-3 of consecutive bets - by checking, and Vilmumen checked behind. Kivelio's      was enough to pick up the pot.
09/25/09 06:23:17 PM PDT
Exciting times. We're now losing the orange 100 chips.
09/25/09 06:11:53 PM PDT
In a battle of the blinds encounter, Aarno Kivelio (small blind) and Jani Vilmunen (big blind) saw a cheap    . Both players checked. On the   turn, Kivelio led for 30,000, before firing 50,000 on the   after his fellow countryman had made the call. Vilmunen adopted a familiar stance: elbows on tables, heads resting on hands, fixed stare on his opponent... and then made the call. Kivelio tabled      for flopped trips. Vilmunen mucked his hand.