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2009 World Series of Poker Europe

Friday, September 18, 2009 to Monday, September 21, 2009

Event #1: £1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Buy-in: £1,000
  • Prizepool: £608,000
  • Entries: 608
  • Remaining: 0
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09/21/09 03:51:19 PM PDT
It was a pretty crazy roller coaster of a final table for young JP Kelly. He started the heads up with roughly a 1:3 chip deficit, and had won and lost the chip lead already by the time the chips went in with almost even stacks. Nevertheless Kelly never lost his cool, and ultimately came out on top of 608 runners to pick up his second bit of bling of the year after winning the $1,500 Pot Limit Hold'em title at this year's WSOP in Vegas. Not only that, he picks up the additional honour of being the first ever British winner of a WSOPE bracelet. As the crowd disperses and suddenly becomes much more interested in the other tournament going on today, and the media lose interest in the winner and start taking photos of each other with the bracelet instead, a deservedly pleased Kelly heads for the bar. Well played, sir, well played.
09/21/09 03:40:20 PM PDT
Our heads-upsers saw a       flop and JP Kelly bet out. Fabien Dunlop raised. Kelly moved all in. Dunlop called. All of this very quickly. Kelly:     for a flush draw Dunlop:     for, er, a smaller flush draw Turn:   River:   The stacks were counted, and Dunlop was still in -- with just 19,000 chips. That's just over one big blind. Yikes. So, all in next hand... Dunlop:     Kelly:     Board:           Well, that didn't do it. Dunlop doubled up to a mere 38,000, but was still in. So, all in the next hand as well... Dunlop:     Kelly:     Board:           And that's it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.
09/21/09 03:28:02 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop raised his button and JP Kelly called. A flop:       Kelly bet out 45,000, and Dunlop insta-folded. No, not really! Dunlop announced all in to Kelly's bet, and a very swift call from Kelly ensued as he turned over     for the nuts. Dunlop's     was in pretty poor shape, and when redraws and the like failed to appear on the   turn and   river, Kelly doubled right back up. Stacks are even once more.
09/21/09 03:21:28 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop raised his button and JP Kelly flatted in the big blind. Flop:       It was at this point that all hell broke loose. Kelly checked, and Dunlop bet. Kelly now check-raised -- and Dunlop moved all in. Call. Kelly: sneakiest of the sneaky     Dunlop: somewhat behind with     Turn: ... ... ...  There was a sigh from the rail. River:   Dunlop regained his former massive chip lead with 1.3 million in chips. Kelly meanwhile remained thoroughly composed as he handed most of his stack over to Dunlop and dropped to around 500,000.
09/21/09 03:16:09 PM PDT
JP Kelly limped in on the button, and Fabien Dunlop checked his option. A flop:       Dunlop bet out 25,000, and Kelly smooth-called. Interesting. Turn:   Dunlop now made it 75,000 to go, and again, Kelly flatted. Curiouser and curiouser. River:   Now Dunlop checked to Kelly, who after a few moments' contemplation bet 120,000. Dunlop quietly announced call -- actually he announced it twice because he was so quiet the first time that the dealer didn't hear him -- but then mucked when Kelly turned over a sneakily played pair of pocket queens. Dunlop drops to 650,000.
09/21/09 03:03:40 PM PDT
Our heads-upsers saw an       flop which Fabien Dunlop checked. JP Kelly bet a minimum 16,000 from the button, and Dunlop called. Both players checked the   turn and   flop, after which Dunlop turned over     for, er, nothing more than jack-high. Nevertheless, Kelly couldn't beat it and Dunlop picked up a few chips.
09/21/09 02:59:36 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop raised his button to 31,000, and this time JP Kelly made it 90,000. Dunlop said his two favourite words ("all in", for the slower among our readers), and Kelly made the call. Kelly:     Dunlop:     Flop:       "OOOHHHH!!!" said the crowd at the rail. Turn:   River:   A full double up for Kelly means that the stacks are almost exactly even. Kelly is suddenly looking that little bit more likely to win a second bracelet to add to the one he picked up in Vegas this summer...
09/21/09 02:50:15 PM PDT
JP Kelly raised to 30,000 -- but Fabien Dunlop did his favourite thing and moved in, prompting a swift and painless fold from Kelly.
09/21/09 02:48:37 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop -- 1,365,000 JP Kelly -- 498,000
09/21/09 02:48:26 PM PDT
We knew Adnan Alshamah meant business when his opening raise from the button was to a hefty 70,000, around half his stack. JP Kelly folded his small blind, but Fabien Dunlop in the big blind announced all in. A nod from Alshamah indicated the obvious call, and they were on their backs. Alshamah:     Dunlop:     Board: a rather exciting           Ladies and gentlemen, we are heads up in this ultra-mega-fast final. Imminent bracelet-winnerhood beckons one of our two finalists...
09/21/09 02:39:33 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop folded his button, and Adnan Alshamah merely made up the small blind. JP Kelly merely checked his option, and they saw a       flop. Alshamah bet out 28,000 and Kelly wasn't in the slightest bit interested; he folded without any fuss, and Alshamah picked up some much-needed blinds and antes.
09/21/09 02:30:14 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop -- 1,150,000 Adnan Alshamah -- 190,000 JP Kelly -- 490,000
09/21/09 02:26:51 PM PDT
JP Kelly raised his button, and Richard Allen announced all in from the big blind. Call. Kelly:     Allen: behind with     Board: an ace-less           With a handshake, Richard Allen finished in fourth place, while Kelly found himself back in serious contention with around 500,000 in chips.
09/21/09 02:21:09 PM PDT
Most unusual at this point in this particular tournament -- Adnan Alshamah just limped in on the button, and JP Kelly made up the small blind. But Fabien Dunlop was having none of it and promptly announced all in to cover them both. Both Alshamah and Kelly folded faster than an origami master who;s had too many espressos. ALl back to normal then.
09/21/09 02:15:37 PM PDT
JP Kelly picked up a chunky pot when his     bluff turned into second pair on the river of a king-high board to put him up to 430,000. His opponent Adnan Alshamah chuckled as he dropped back down to 270,000 or so. Now reasonably chipped up, a couple hands later Kelly reraised from the small blind to a 35,000 raise from Richard Allen under the gun. Kelly made it 90,000, and Allen, too short really to just flat-call, gave it some thought before folding     face up -- clearly in his opinion not good enough to gamble for his tournament life with.
09/21/09 02:05:23 PM PDT
Fabien Dunlop raised under the gun, and when Adnan Alshamah shoved for 164,000 from the big blind, the call barely made a dent in Dunlop's stack. "OK, let's see some cards," in the words of the new announcer who has now replaced out friends Steve From Birmingham. Dunlop:     Alshamah:     Board:           to give Alshamah the broadway straight. With some clearly delighted but not excessive clapping and fist-pumping from Alshamah, he doubled up to 350,000 and is now in second place, chip-wise. Dunlop remains over the million mark.
09/21/09 02:00:06 PM PDT
Official short stack Adnan Alshamah open-shoved first hand back from break, but there were no takers. In fact, play since the break has largely consisted of pots being taken down by simple prelop raises.
09/21/09 01:54:46 PM PDT
Chip counts are as follows. Fabien Dunlop extended his lead even further just before the break, and now has almost two thirds of the chips in play. Fabien Dunlop -- 1,200,000 JP Kelly -- 330,000 Adnan Alshamah -- 180,000 Richard Allen -- 225,000
09/21/09 01:51:24 PM PDT
Presumably now busted from the round-of-each event, Neil Channing, Jeff Kimber and Karl Mahrenholz have now appeared at ringside to support their buddy JP Kelly. Play will resume shortly.
09/21/09 01:33:25 PM PDT
Two hours of play, five players busted. Let's see if we can keep this up when play resumes.