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2015/2016 WSOP Circuit - HARRAH'S NEW ORLEANS

Friday, May 20, 2016 to Monday, May 23, 2016

Event #10: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,177,500
  • Entries: 785
  • Remaining: 0
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05/23/16 10:29:09 PM PST
David Hubbard Channels Loni Harwood En Route to Victory


While reigning WSOP National Champion and two-time bracelet winner Loni Harwood won't be taking part in the Global Casino Championship at Harrah's Cherokee later this year, she apparently can take a little credit for how this season's WSOP Circuit ended in New Orleans.

David Hubbard, who hails from Angleton, Texas, took down the last $1,650 buy-in Main Event of the this season in the Big Easy and he dedicated his win to two important ladies in his life: his youngest daughter and Harwood.

While some players like to idolize Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, or Daniel Negreanu, this father of two was proud to admit one of the players he looks up to most is Harwood.

"Loni Harwood is my favorite poker player," Hubbard explained shortly after his victory, which earned him his first Circuit ring, a seat into the Global Poker Championship, and a handsome payday of $235,500. While he credits Harwood as being part of his inspiration, he dedicated the ring itself to his daughter.

“I promised her that ring a long time ago when I started playing poker. She follows poker and likes poker. She might be the next Loni Harwood."

Hubbard's path to victory was not an easy one, especially at the final table where he began the day fifth in chips out of the final 15 players with some very experienced competitors in the field.

After a number of close calls in other Circuit tournaments though, Hubbard was not going to let this opportunity pass him by.

“My first ring, it feels really good. I’ve played a lot of tournaments and I’ve run deep a lot and I got coolered in a few of ‘em. So I got paid back in this one big time," Hubbard explained. "I’m a big crybaby. I always complain to my wife, ‘Man, this variance never evens out.’ But I guess it does. I was in a bracelet event with 70 people left. I ran kings into sixes and there was a six right in the window. I complain, ‘I guess the poker gods hate me.’ But in this tournament I ran really good.”

Hubbard is a recreational poker player whose day job is as a federal agent, but with his retirement looming in six months, the upcoming WSOP and the Global Casino Championship will not be the only poker events Hubbard decides to hop into.

"I’m gonna play a lot more poker starting in February when I retire. I’m looking forward to that. I’m gonna travel the Circuit a lot more.”

First though, he wants to go home and celebrate with the possible future Loni Harwoods of the poker world. This family man is ready to get back to his family and celebrate this momentous victory and the potential start of a post-retirement poker renaissance.

This year's final table featured a bracelet winner in David Diaz, who finished in fourth place, as well as two Circuit ring winners in Blake Barousse (9th) and David Slaughter (5th). Slaughter won his first ring not two weeks ago right here in New Orleans when he took down the opening event of this Circuit series. That finish combined with his final table showing in the Main Event gave Slaughter the title of Casino Champion and earned him a seat in the Global Casino Championship along with Hubbard.

This year's Harrah's New Orleans Main Event saw a huge boost in attendance with 785 entries compared to last year's turnout of 554 entries by almost 42 percent. Thanks to the exceptionally large turnout, the prizepool swelled to $1,177,500 and paid out the top 81 finishers.

Some of the notable names who made the money in this tournament include Ting Ho (79th), who secured an at-large bid into the Global Casino Championship with her finish, Yuval Bronshtein (77th), Josh Arieh (73rd), Rex Clinkscales (72nd), seven-time ring winner Cory Waaland (64th), bracelet winner Jonathan Hilton (61st), Vincent Moscati (58th), Tripp Kirk (50th), bracelet winner Phillip Hui (31st), Circuit legend Charles "Woody" Moore (21st), and bracelet winner Foster Hays, who bubbled the official final table in tenth place.

Here are the final table results for this year's Harrah's New Orleans Circuit Main Event:

1st: David Hubbard - $235,500
2nd: Jake Dollinger - $145,186
3rd: Riley Fuller - $107,035
4th: David Diaz - $79,776
5th: David Slaughter - $60,253
6th: Ryan Dunn - $46,099
7th: Corey Brysman - $35,714
8th: Virgil Beddingfield - $28,013
9th: Blake Barousse - $22,243

05/23/16 08:43:35 PM PST
David Hubbard Wins Harrah's New Orleans Main Event with Quads!

Jake Dollinger moves all in for his last 1.9 million or so and David Hubbard (pictured) takes less than five seconds to say, "Okay, call."

Both players have big hands, with Dollinger holding    to Hubbard's   .

The flop falls    , giving Hubbard a set of tens and leaving Dollinger with only a gutshot straight draw.

Dollinger's hopes for survival go from slim to none when the turn brings the  , giving Hubbard quad tens. The river is the  ,which improves Dollinger to a straight, but it is too little, too late, as he will have to settle for runner-up. While it is a rough last hand, the payday isn't one to shrug at, as Dollinger will be taking home $145,186.

For the victory, Hubbard earns $235,500, the Main Event Circuit ring, and the last seat into this year's Global Casino Championship to be held later this year at Harrah's Cherokee. Of Hubbard's six Circuit cashes, four have been runs in Main Events and this is his first career Circuit Main Event final table and his first Circuit ring.

Here are the final table results for this year's Harrah's New Orleans Main Event:

1st: David Hubbard - $235,500
2nd: Jake Dollinger - $145,186
3rd: Riley Fuller - $107,035
4th: David Diaz - $79,776
5th: David Slaughter - $60,253
6th: Ryan Dunn - $46,099
7th: Corey Brysman - $35,714
8th: Virgil Beddingfield - $28,013
9th: Blake Barousse - $22,243

05/23/16 08:30:19 PM PST
Jake Dollinger Picks Up One

David Hubbard raises to 450,000 on the button and Jake Dollinger calls in the big blind. Before the flop is out, Dollinger deadpans to Hubbard, "I don't have very many chips left."

The flop falls     and both players check. The turn is the   and Dollinger checks again. Hubbard bets 300,000, then Dollinger announces he is all-in. Hubbard folds and Dollinger takes the pot.

Jake Dollinger - 2,650,000 (13 bb)
David Hubbard - 13,050,000 (65 bb)

05/23/16 08:28:11 PM PST
David Hubbard Gets Some Back

David Hubbard limps from the button, and Jake Dollinger checks his option in the big blind.

The flop comes     and both players check. The turn is the  . Dollinger leads out for 275,000, and Hubbard quickly calls.

The   falls on the river. Dollinger checks. Hubbard thinks for a minute, then announces a bet of 775,000. Dollinger quickly folds, and the dealer pushes the pot to Hubbard.

David Hubbard - 13,700,000
Jake Dollinger - 2,000,000

05/23/16 08:23:00 PM PST
Jake Dollinger Doubles Through David Hubbard

Left with just 455,000 after the previous hand and the ante, Jake Dollinger only looks at one card before moving all in. David Hubbard asks Dollinger to give him a couple of moments, presumably to organize and stack his chips.

"It's two big blinds," Dollinger tells him. "You have to call." Dollinger waits a little while longer, then asks, "Can you just, like, call?"

"Working on it, bro," Hubbard tells him. Once Hubbard's chips are basically stacked, he calls without looking at his hand. Dollinger turns over   , while Hubbard holds   . Dollinger makes aces up on the       board and takes the pot to double up.

Jake Dollinger - 1,050,000 (5 bb)
David Hubbard - 14,650,000 (73 bb)

05/23/16 08:22:45 PM PST
David Hubbard Wins a Monster, Jake Dollinger Left With Two Big Blinds

David Hubbard raises to 450,000, and Jake Dollinger calls.  Both players check the     flop.

When the turn comes the  , Dollinger bets 600,000, and Hubbard snap-calls. 

"That was fast," Dollinger says, trailing off. 

When the   comes on the river, Dollinger quickly announces, "Two million," and Hubbard nearly cuts him off to respond, "Call." 

Dollinger turns over    for a the straight, but Hubbard has hit a flush on the river holding   

Dollinger pauses in disbelief, then says says, "Thank you for not shoving, I guess." 

David Hubbard - 15,200,000 (76 bb)
Jake Dollinger - 510,000 (2 bb)

05/23/16 08:11:16 PM PST
David Hubbard Once Again Makes Two Pair

Jake Dollinger raises to 400,000 and David Hubbard calls. The two players check the [Ah,10c,2h flop], then the turn brings the  . Hubbard bets 700,000 and Dollinger calls.

The river is the  . Hubbard bets 750,000 and Dollinger takes some time before calling.

"Two pair," Hubbard announces once again, turning over Ac,2d] for aces up. Dollinger lets out a long sigh, mucks, and Hubbard extends his chip lead to nearly 3-1.

David Hubbard - 11,850,000 (59 bb)
Jake Dollinger - 3,850,000 (19 bb)

05/23/16 08:07:43 PM PST
David Hubbard Makes Another Two Pair

David Hubbard raises to 400,000 on the button and Jake Dollinger calls. The flop comes     and Hubbard bets 400,000. Dollinger instantaneously raises to 1 million total and Hubbard calls.

The two then check the   on the turn and check again when the river brings the  .

"Two pair," Hubbard announces, turning over    for kings and eights. Dollinger mucks and Hubbard takes the pot.

David Hubbard - 10,100,000 (50 bb)
Jake Dollinger - 5,600,000 (28 bb)

05/23/16 08:05:22 PM PST
"Last Time You Did This..."

Jake Dollinger completes his small blind, and David Hubbard checks his option in the big blind.  The flop comes    .  Hubbard checks, Dollinger bets 500,000, and Hubbard snap-calls.

"Hmmm, the pot's getting big," Dollinger says while looking away from the table.

Hubbard leads for 590,000 when the turn comes the  . Dollinger calls and says, "Last time you did this you had the nuts."

Hubbard bets 500,000 when the river comes the  , and Dollinger quickly calls. 

"Two pair," Hubbard announces as he turns over   

"Nice suckout," Dollinger responds as he exposes   

David Hubbard - 8,550,000
Jake Dollinger - 7,150,000

05/23/16 07:55:18 PM PST
Riley Fuller Eliminated in 3rd Place ($107,035)

Riley Fuller - 3rd Place

 Riley Fuller pushes all in from the button for about 2,430,000. David Hubbard folds from the small blind, and Jake Dollinger quickly calls from the big blind.


The flop is    , giving Fuller the lead with a pair of jacks. But the turn is the  , giving Dollinger a better pair, and the river is the  , a complete blank.

Dollinger wins the pot, and Fuller is eliminated in third place. He earns $107,035.

Jake Dollinger - 9,300,000 (46 bb)
Riley Fuller - Eliminated

05/23/16 07:53:13 PM PST
Level 34 Started
Level:34  Blinds:100,000/200,000  Ante:30,000
05/23/16 07:52:18 PM PST
Break Time
The players are now on break.
05/23/16 07:51:11 PM PST
Jake Dollinger Takes the Chip Lead

David Hubbard completes the small blind and Jake Dollinger checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes     and both players check. The turn brings the   and Hubbard bets 210,000.

Dollinger asks, "You're gonna bet that?" He pauses for just a second before calling.

The river is the  . Hubbard bets 270,000, prompting Dollinger to ask, "Again? What are you supposed to have?" Dollinger thinks a little longer, then adds, "I can have a lot of different things."

Hubbard begins to wonder aloud what some of those things could be. "Ace-king," he suggests. "Ace-queen."

Dollinger laughs and says,"What? I checked preflop."

As Hubbard thinks a little longer, Dollinger points out this pot will determine the chip lead.

"That's always a good thing," Hubbard says. Nonetheless, after a little more deliberation, he folds, and Dollinger takes one of the last pots before break.

Jake Dollinger - 6,600,000 (41 bb)
David Hubbard - 6,500,000 (40 bb)

05/23/16 07:40:27 PM PST
David Hubbard Back Over 7 Million

Riley Fuller completes the small blind and David Hubbard checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes    , Fuller bets, and Hubbard calls.

The turn is the  . Fuller bets 280,000 and, once again, Hubbard calls.

The river is the   and Fuller checks. Hubbard bets 310,000 and Fuller calls. Hubbard tables    for top pair, Fuller mucks, and Hubbard puts a little more distance between himself and Jake Dollinger.

David Hubbard - 7,125,000 (44 bb)
Riley Fuller - 2,475,000 (15 bb)

05/23/16 07:16:36 PM PST
David Diaz Eliminated in 4th Place ($79,776)

David Diaz - 4th Place

David Diaz moves all in from the button. Jake Dollinger is in the small blind, and he asks for an exact count. The dealer breaks down Diaz's stack, and he has 755,000. Dollinger thinks for minute, then announces, "Call."


The flop comes    , giving Dollinger an open-ended straight draw to go with his overcards. And the turn is the  , giving Dollinger a Broadway straight to secure the pot for him. The meaningless rivers is the  .

David Diaz finishes in fourth place, earning $79,776.

Jake Dollinger - 6,100,000 (38 bb)
David Diaz - Eliminated

05/23/16 07:12:46 PM PST
Jake Dollinger Doubles Through David Diaz

First to act is Jake Dollinger who raises to 320,000. Action folds to David Diaz in the big blind who goes into the tank.  After nearly two minutes, he announces that he is all in. Dollinger snap-calls and turns over   . Diaz slowly turns over   

The board runs out      .  The dealer counts out Dollinger's 2,415,000 in chips and passes them over to Diaz.  Diaz is now left with just five big blinds. 

Jake Dollinger - 4,970,000 (31 bb)
David Diaz - 850,000 (5 bb)

05/23/16 07:08:35 PM PST
Riley Fuller Shoves on Jake Dollinger Again

Jake Dollinger raises to 320,000 from under the gun and Riley Fuller moves all in on the button, having Dollinger's remaining 2.5 million or so covered. Dollinger folds and asks, "Why do you always shove on me? Why not on anyone else ever?"

Riley Fuller - 3,760,000 (31 bb)
Jake Dollinger - 2,535,000 (21 bb)

05/23/16 06:42:18 PM PST
Level 33 Started
Level:33  Blinds:80/160,000  Ante:20,000
05/23/16 06:39:33 PM PST
David Hubbard vs. David Diaz

David Hubbard raises to 260,000 out of the small blind and David Diaz calls in the big blind. The flop comes     and Hubbard bets 225,000. Diaz calls.

The turn is the  . Hubbard bets 300,000 and Diaz calls.

The river is the  . Hubbard bets 325,000 and Diaz takes a while to think. At one point, he slides a million chips a little bit to the left of the rest of his stack, begins slowly counting out an additional 200,000 or 300,000, sets it top of the million, and puts his hands on it, but does not move it in any direction. He then takes 325,000 out of the pile and just calls.

"One pair," Hubbard announces as he turns over    for top pair. Diaz simply shakes his head to indicate he does not have one pair, then mucks his hand.

"At least I saved some money there," he tells Hubbard. I was really thinking about raising to 1.4 million."

David Hubbard - 5,750,000 (48 bb)
David Diaz - 2,660,000 (22 bb)

05/23/16 06:17:46 PM PST
Jake Dollinger Knows King-High is Good

Riley Fuller raises to 240,000 from under the gun and Jake Dollinger calls in the big blind. The flop comes     and Dollinger checks. Fuller bets 200,000 and Dollinger calls. Both players check the   on the turn, then the river brings the  . Dollinger bets 425,000 and Fuller thinks for a good minute before calling.

Dollinger tables just    for eight-high, then Fuller turns over    for king-high which is the winning hand. After the hand, David Diaz and David Hubbard discuss what has just transpired and Hubbard says, "I did not know king-high was good."

"I did," Dollinger chimes in.

Riley Fuller - 4,420,000 (37 bb)
Jake Dollinger - 2,250,000 (19 bb)

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