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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Thursday, June 09, 2016 to Saturday, June 11, 2016

Event #13: $1,500 Razz

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $622,350
  • Entries: 461
  • Remaining: 0
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06/13/16 06:34:17 PM PDT
Rep Porter Wins $1,500 Razz Event


Rep Porter is the newest member of poker’s highly-exclusive three gold bracelet club.

The good-natured poker pro from Woodinville, WA won the $1,500 buy-in Seven-Card Razz tournament, which was played over three days and nights at the Rio in Las Vegas, June 9-11.  Porter collected $142,624 in prize money.  This marked his third time to win a gold bracelet following previous victories in 2008 and 2011.  His previous wins came for Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em and Seven-Card Razz.  Hence, he’s one of a small number of players with multiple wins in this unique form of lowball poker.  Porter can also play other forms of poker well, too – as evidenced by his 12th-place finish in the 2013 WSOP Main Event Championship.

Porter won his victory by prevailing at one of the toughest final tables of the 2016 series, to date.  The third and final day included several notable names, none bigger than Daniel Negreanu, who ended up busting out in fourth place.  Other former gold bracelet winners who made the top eight included – Brendan Taylor., Shaun Deeb, Michael Gathy (and Porter). 

In fact, the heads-up showdown was a battle between a couple of two-time gold bracelet winners who put up a great Saturday show.  With the crowd evenly divided in terms of allegiances, the match took on a sporting atmosphere, atypical of the usual Razz crowd.  Both players were aiming for what would have been their third WSOP win.  The final moment of triumph came when Porter scooped the final pot of the tournament after a lengthy and stubborn final stand versus Michael Gathy, from Belgium, who finished as the runner up.

Porter was aided by his table top lucky charm named “Quicksilver.”  He’s brought it out during each of his three WSOP victories.  Porter explained that back in 2008 when he was about to leave him to come to the WSOP, his daughter handed him her favorite toy because she thought it might bring him good luck.  A week later, Porter won his first WSOP victory.  A few years later, Quicksilver once again delivered.  On this night, the white horse which has become a treasures keepsake was with Porter every step of the way.

This tourney attracted 461 entries which created a prize pool totaling $622,350.  The top 70 finishers collected prize money.  Registration numbers were about the same as last year’s tourney, which drew 462 entrants.

Razz is an unusual poker game in which the worst five-card hand wins.  The object of the game is to get dealt nothing – as in no pairs, nor high cards.  As Paul Newman once said in the movie Cool Hand Luke, “sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand.”

“A lot of people think Razz is a stone luck game, but I think it takes lots of skill,” Porter said.  “It feels good to win the same tournament again.  It kind of validates that you’re good at that game.”

Aside from the winner, here’s a brief report of the other top finishers who made the final table:

Second Place:  Michael Gathy, from Brussels, Belgium took $88,146 as his consolation prize.  He had the chip lead at one point during the final table.  However, Rep Porter seized the advantage as play became shorter handed and Gathy was forced to conceded defeat as Porter enjoyed a flurry of low cards, which is a favorable spot in Razz.  Gathy’s gold bracelets were won in No-Limit Hold’em events played in 2012 and 2013.

Third Place:  Alexey Makarov, from Russia, played tough but ended up going out in third place.  He earned $60,309, which was the biggest prize he’s collected at the WSOP in 9 in-the-money finishes he’s posted.

Fourth Place:  Daniel Negreanu is arguably the most famous poker player in the world at the moment.  Any public appearance by “Kid Poker” is sure to attract mobs of fans and followers.  Negreanu’s presence certainly added some electricity to what might otherwise have been a more routine tournament at the series.  However, after taking the chip lead for a time, Negreanu wasn’t able to maintain his momentum.  Negreanu, a six-time gold bracelet winner with more than $15 million in WSOP earnings added $42,030 to his cash winnings.

Fifth Place:  Brendan Taylor, from Pasadena, CA was short-stacked during much of the final day, but still managed to inch his way up into fifth place.  He won his gold bracelet in 2011.  Taylor now has 17 cashes on his resume.  This deep run paid $29,846.

Sixth Place:  Valentin Vornicu, from San Diego, CA went out in sixth place.  He’s been grinding on the WSOP Circuit for several years and currently owns eight gold rings – one behind the all-time leader.  Vornicu has yet to win a gold bracelet, but does have nine cashes.  His take from this tournament amounted to $21,604.

Seventh Place:  Daniel Weinman, from Atlanta, GA became one of the first players to cash four times at this year’s series.  This was the first final table appearance of the four, which paid out $15,945.

Eighth Place:  Shaun Deeb, from Las Vegas, NV won last year’s $10K Pot-Limit Omaha championship.  However, he couldn’t survive an early bust out.  Deeb, in his 31st cash at the WSOP, collected $12,006.

This was the 13th event on this year’s schedule, which includes 69 gold bracelet events.

06/11/16 10:14:21 PM PDT
Rep Porter Wins $1,500 Razz ($142,624)

Event #13 winner Rep Porter

Rep Porter:     /      /  
Michael Gathy:     /      /  

Michael Gathy is the bring-in with a  . Rep Porter is showing an   and completes. Gathy reraises, Porter four-bets, and Gathy calls all-in for the remainder of his chips.

Gathy:    /  
Porter:    /  

On fourth street, Gathy gets a   and Porter a  .

Fifth brings an   for Gathy and a   for Porter, keeping Gathy out front with a made ten-nine.

Sixth street pairs Gathy with  , while Porter improves with an  .

On the final card, Gathy gets another pair  , while Porter hits a   to make a      , which just bests Gathy's       to give Porter the pot and the win. Porter win, eliminating Gathy in second place ($88,146). This is Porter's third career bracelet and second in the game of razz. Rather than celebrate, Porter, poses for photos, does his winner interview, and heads to register for the $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw event.

A full recap will be posted shortly.

Runner-up Michael Gathy

06/11/16 10:07:14 PM PDT
Rep Porter Cripples Michael Gathy

Rep Porter:     /     
Michael Gathy:     /     

Porter brings it in, Gathy completes, and Porter raises. Gathy calls.

Gathy bets on fourth and fifth streets, and Porter calls.

Gathy pairs up on sixth street, and he checks. Porter bets, and Gathy calls.

Gathy checks again on seventh street. Porter bets, and Gathy folds, leaving himself only about 80,000 chips, which is less than one big bet.

Rep Porter - 3,420,000 (34 BB)
Michael Gathy - 80,000 (< 1 BB)

06/11/16 09:57:45 PM PDT
Michael Gathy Nearly Doubles

Michael Gathy:     /      /  
Rep Porter:     /      /  

Michael Gathy is the bring-in with a   showing. Rep Porter completes with a   and Gathy calls.

On fourth street, Gathy gets a   and Porter a  . Porter bets and Gathy calls.

Fifth street brings a   for Gathy and a   for Porter. Porter bets and Gathy calls.

On sixth, Gathy gets a   and Porter a  . Gathy bets and Porter calls.

After both players receive their seventh cards, Gathy bets and is all-in. Porter folds.

Michael Gathy - 600,000 (6 BB)
Rep Porter - 2,800,000 (28 BB)

06/11/16 09:48:52 PM PDT
Rep Porter Drags a Sizable Pot

Rep Porter

Rep Porter:     /       
Michael Gathy:     /       

Gathy brings it in with a  . Porter completes with a  , and Gathy calls.

Porter bets on fourth, and fifth streets. Gathy calls both times.

Gathy checks sixth street. Porter catches a   and bets. Gathy calls again.

Gathy checks seventh street. Porter bets again, and Gathy calls.

Porter shows     for a queen low. Gathy mucks, and Porter takes the pot.

Rep Porter - 2,900,000 (29 BB)
Michael Gathy - 620,000 (6 BB)

06/11/16 09:39:13 PM PDT
Level 27 Started
Level:27  Blinds:50,000/100,000  Ante:10,000
06/11/16 09:15:01 PM PDT
Abbreviated Dinner Break
The players are on a 20-minute break. There was a scheduled one-hour dinner break, but the players decided to shorten it just long enough to eat at the main stage.
06/11/16 09:13:05 PM PDT
Michael Gathy Chips Up A Little

Michael Gathy:     /      /  
Rep Porter:     /      /  

Rep Porter is the bring in and Michael Gathy completes. Porter calls. Both players pair their door cards, but that doesn't slow Gathy down. He bets. Porter calls. Both players hit wheel cards on fifth and Gathy keeps betting. Porter calls. Both players hit paint on sixth and Gathy bets again. Porter calls.

On seventh, Gathy bets once more. Porter calls and sees the    , giving Gathy a seven-six-low.

Michael Gathy - 1,100,000 (13 BB)
Rep Porter - 2,400,000 (30 BB)

06/11/16 09:03:46 PM PDT
"Green Dragon" Still Hanging Tough
The players have been trading a flurry of small pots, and the pace of play is fast. Michael Gathy's rail has been calling him the "Green Dragon," seemingly a reference to his green shirt (a similar version of which a friend is waving in the stands like a flag) and chanting it whenever they get a chance.
06/11/16 09:01:43 PM PDT
Rep Porter Takes Another One

Rep Porter:     /      /  
Michael Gathy:     /      /  

On third street, Rep Porter is the bring-in with a   showing. Michael Gathy completes with a   face up, and Porter calls.

Fourth street brings a   for both players. Gathy bets and Porter calls.

On fifth street, Porter gets an   and Gathy a  . Gathy bets and Porter calls.

On sixth, each player get a  . Gathy checks, Porter bets, and Gathy calls.

After both players receive their seventh cards, Gathy checks, Porter bets, and Gathy folds.

Rep Porter - 2,625,000 (33 BB)
Michael Gathy - 950,000 (12 BB)

06/11/16 08:50:59 PM PDT
Michael Gathy Dips and Comes Back


Michael Gathy wins two pots in a row to bring the stacks a little closer together. On the first hand, Gathy bets the worse board and makes an eight-low against the ten-low of Rep Porter.

On the next hand, Gathy bets the first two streets with his      board and Porter calls the whole way and leads when his      board takes the lead on sixth. On seventh, Porter checks and Gathy bets. Porter folds.

Michael Gathy - 1,200,000 (15 BB)
Rep Porter - 2,300,000 (29 BB)

06/11/16 08:47:12 PM PDT
Tough Heads-Up Match

Our final two competitors, (Rep Porter and Michael Gathy) both already have two WSOP bracelets.

They are battling to see which of them will be the first to three.

06/11/16 08:43:49 PM PDT
Rep Porter Still Building

Rep Porter:     /       
Michael Gathy:     /       

Gathy brings it in with a  , and Porter completes with a  . Gathy raises, and Porter calls.

Porter bets forth and fifth streets. Gathy calls both times.

Porter bets sixth street, Gathy raises, and Porter calls.

Porter checks seventh street, and Gathy bets. Porter puts in a raise, and Gathy calls to close the action.

Porter shows     for a wheel. Gathy mucks, and Porty stacks a hefty pot.

Rep Porter - 3,000,000 (37 BB)
Michael Gathy - 525,000 (6 BB)

06/11/16 08:39:57 PM PDT
Rep Porter Bets Every Street

Rep Porter:     /      /  
Michael Gathy:     /      /  

With a   face up on third street, Rep Porter bets and Michael Gathy calls, showing a  .

On fourth, Porter gets a   and Gathy a  . Porter bets and Gathy calls.

Fifth street brings a   for Porter and a   for Gathy. Porter bets again and Gathy calls.

Porter receives a   on sixth street and Gathy gets an  . Porter bets and Gathy calls.

After each player gets their final cards, Porter bets once more, but this time Gathy folds.

Rep Porter - 2,700,000 (34 BB)
Michael Gathy - 1,000,000 (13 BB)

06/11/16 08:35:32 PM PDT
Alexey Makarov Eliminated in 3rd Place ($60,309) by Michael Gathy


Michael Gathy:    /      /  
Alexey Makarov:    /      /  

Alexey Makarov is the bring in for the third hand in a row, he has been the bring in so often that the floor person makes a joke about it. Makarov brings in the   and Michael Gathy completes with the  . Makarov raises and Gathy calls. On fourth, Gathy checks and Makarov bets. Gathy calls. On fifth Makarov gets all in when he hits the  . Gathy calls and shows   . Makarov shows   . When Gathy pulls the   on seventh, he has Makarov drawing dead, as he makes the wheel and wins the pot, sending Makarovto the rail.

Michael Gathy - 1,200,000 (15 BB)
Alexey Makarov - Eliminated in third place

06/11/16 08:20:32 PM PDT
Rep Porter Wins Without Showdown

Rep Porter:     /      /  
Alexey Makarov:     /      /  

On third street, Rep Porter is the bring-in with an  . Alexey Makarov is showing a   and completes, and Porter calls.

Fourth brings a   for Porter and a   for Makarov. Makarov bets and Porter calls.

On fifth, Porter gets a second   and Makarov gets a  . Makarov bets and Porter calls once more.

On sixth street, Porter receives a   and Makarov a  . Makarov checks, Porter bets, and Makarov calls.

After receiving their final cards, Makarov checks. Porter bets and Makarov goes into the tank before he mucks his cards.

Rep Porter - 2,400,000 (30 BB)
Alexey Makarov - 200,000 (3 BB)

06/11/16 08:03:46 PM PDT
Level 26 Started
Level:26  Limits:40,000/80,000  Ante:10,000
06/11/16 07:58:56 PM PDT
Michael Gathy Wins Pot by the Slimmest of Margins

Michael Gathy:     /      /  
Rep Porter:     /      /  

Gathy completes with a  , Porter raises with a  , and Gathy calls.

Gathy bets on fifth, and sixth strees. Porter calls both times.

Gathy checks sixth street, Porter bets, and Gathy calls.

Both players check seventh street, and reveal their down cards. Gathy shows    . Porter shows    .

Gathy has      .
Porter has      .

Gathy's   barely edges out Porter's  .

Rep Porter - 1,600,000 (26 BB)
Michael Gathy - 1,120,000 (18 BB)

Players are pausing briefly for a color-up. Action will be back underway shortly.

06/11/16 07:47:31 PM PDT
Rep Porter Takes Another Pot

Rep Porter:     /      /  
Michael Gathy:     /      /  

On third street, Michael Gathy is the bring-in with a   showing. Rep Porter completes with a   face-up and Gathy calls.

Fourth street brings a   for Gathy and a   for Porter. Porter bets and Gathy calls.

Fifth gives Gathy a   and Porter a  . Porter bets again and Gathy calls.

On sixth, Gathy gets a   and Porter gets a   as well. Porter bets and Gathy calls.

Both players check their final cards. Porter tables his hole cards to reveal     for an eight-seven and his hand is good.

Rep Porter - 1,700,000 (28 BB)
Michael Gathy - 1,120,000 (19 BB)

06/11/16 07:46:54 PM PDT
First WSOP Razz Live Stream With Hole Cards

The final table of Event #13 is currently being streamed on WSOP.com. As with most cards up streams, there is a 30-minute delay.

This is the first time the WSOP has live streamed a stud variant with hole cards up. Tyler Patterson and Dylan Hortin are announcing as Rep Porter, Alexey Makarov, and Michael Gathy vie for a WSOP gold bracelet.

Porter and Gathy are both after their third bracelet, and Makarov is looking for his first.

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