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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 to Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Event #3: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo BOUNTY

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  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Prizepool: €214,337
  • Entries: 325
  • Remaining: 0
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10/25/17 07:42:03 AM PDT
Ship It to Sgorrano

Scott Stewart and Zhivko Sotirov have been eliminated, the latter sending over his stack of around 13,000 to Jerome Sgorrano in the small blind. Sotirov got it in with the    and was dominated by Sgorrano with   .

The     flop made things worse, and it was all over after the   turn to render the   river as a formality.

Jerome Sgorrano49,000-1,000
Zhivko Sotirov00
Scott Stewart0-20,000
10/25/17 07:36:21 AM PDT
Whyte Leads the Charge

Lawrence Whyte already had four times the starting stack before the players were sent into the first break and he just added some more chips. In a bigger pot of around 12,000 to the flop of    , he bet 7,500 and his sole remaining opponent Ricardo Chauriye sent his cards into the muck.

Below are further assorted counts.

Lawrence Whyte90,000
Sam Grafton37,00017,500
Teunis Kooij34,000
Kai Schuster32,0006,000
Ricardo Chauriye23,0003,000
Pascal Pflock0
Thomer Pidun0-28,000
10/25/17 07:36:04 AM PDT
Quevedo Shows the Bluff

Salvatore Camarda raised to 1,200 from the cutoff and was called by Carlo Savinelli, on the button, and Federico Quevedo, in the big blind. They all checked through the     on the flop. The turn brought them the  , Camarda bet 2,500 out of turn and had to take it back. Quevedo then proceeded by betting 3,500. Camarda took some time to think and then decided to call. So did Savinelli.

The   on the river completed the board, Quevedo bet 6,000. Camarda folded, Savinelli also folded but showed his    for the missed flush draw. The dealer pushed the pot to Quevedo and then Quevedo decided to show his hand too which was    for the missed straight draw.

"I did have a pair!" he said with a smile.

Federico Quevedo68,00020,000
Salvatore Camarda33,000-22,000
Carlo Savinelli24,00024,000
10/25/17 07:27:47 AM PDT
Auer Rising

According to Barny Boatman he took an early hit in a three-way all in after a ten-high flop with two diamonds. A short stack had    for top pair, Boatman the    for the nut flush draw and Auer held    for the inferior flush draw and gutshot. Auer got there with the straight and has kept most of those chips since.

Jeff Cormier and Fahredin Mustafov busted with the latter joining again via re-entry while Sergej Barbarez claimed a bounty in the second hand he played. Last but not least, Ryan Hughes' roller coaster ride has brought him back to the starting stack, to the rail and back via re-entry.

Robert Auer50,00050,000
Sergej Barbarez42,00022,000
Barny Boatman40,0001,000
Ryan Hughes20,000-12,000
Fahredin Mustafov20,0004,000
Jeff Cormier0-20,000
10/25/17 07:04:00 AM PDT
Break Time

The players have just gone for their first 20-minute break of the day. Currently, there are 259 entries registered. Registration is open for about another two hours.

10/25/17 07:02:28 AM PDT
A Chopped Bounty and a Double Seat Open

Andrej Desset

A short stack moved all in for 3,200 from early position and Minh Hoang called before Marek Tatar moved all in for more. Andrej Desset moved in over the top and Hoang folded.

Short Stack:   
Marek Tatar:   
Andrej Desset:   

The     flop gave Desset the nut flush, and the   turn and   river awarded two bounties to the Slovakian in the same hand.

Yehuda Cohen also had two opponents at risk with    versus    and   . The shortest stack ended up being chopped for his last 12,650 as the board ran out      . Since the third player in the hand had 13,400, Cohen had to settle for half of the bounty instead of the full €300.

Yehuda Cohen60,0004,000
Andrej Desset50,00030,000
Minh Hoang26,000-9,000
Marek Tatar0-20,000
10/25/17 07:00:00 AM PDT
Gleissner Doubles Up

The flop read     and Bernd Gleissner was all in for around 12,350 and was called by Yehuda Cohen.

Bernd Gleissner:   
Yehuda Cohen:   

Gleissner had top pair with the tens and Cohen had the middle pair with the eights. The turn brought them the   and the river completed the board with the  .

"Yes!" Cohen shouted out thinking he had hit two pair but then he saw that Gleissner now had hit a straight and would take the double up.

Yehuda Cohen56,00056,000
Bernd Gleissner26,00026,000
10/25/17 06:53:14 AM PDT
Ruzicka Eliminated for Now

Vojtech Ruzicka was all in and at risk with pocket sixes and Romain Follet looked him up with the   . The board ran out       and Ruzicka headed to the rail. Artan Dedusha's stack has taken a hit on the same table while Follet sits with more than double stack.

The early chip leader appears to be Martin Kabrhel, who already knocked out three opponents.

Martin Kabrhel80,00034,000
Romain Follet48,00028,000
Aneris Adomkevicius45,000
Erik Cajelais42,00022,000
Minh Hoang35,00035,000
Alex Foxen30,00010,000
Scott Stewart20,00020,000
Ali Sameeian20,000-5,000
John Racener19,500-500
Artan Dedusha17,000-23,000
Phil Hellmuth15,000-5,000
Marek Blasko15,00015,000
Maxim Lykov10,000-10,000
Vojtech Ruzicka0-5,000
10/25/17 06:43:18 AM PDT
Fernandez versus Mustafov

The flop on the table was     and Fahredin Mustafov, in the big blind, Francisco Fernandez, in the under-the-gun position, and the two other players all checked.

The   on the turn made Mustafov check again, Fernandez bet 2,500, the player in mid-position folded, the player on the cutoff called. The decision was now back on Mustafov who raised to 8,000 but now Fernandez shoved, the other player and Mustafov folded.

Francisco Fernandez34,000
Fahredin Mustafov16,000-18,000
10/25/17 06:42:23 AM PDT
The Table of Death

Table 90 has already lost at least four players, and the stacks of Rolf Galasen, Federico Quevedo and Salvatore Camarda moved up significantly. Galasen confirmed that he cracked pocket aces twice in three-bet pots, the latter of which belonged to Petr Targa. Galasen had    and flopped trips sixes.

Rolf Galasen68,00048,000
Salvatore Camarda55,00010,000
Federico Quevedo48,000
Petr Targa0
10/25/17 06:34:11 AM PDT
Updated Counts

Marc MacDonnell

Marc MacDonnell45,00045,000
Salvatore Camarda45,00045,000
Barny Boatman39,00019,000
Fahredin Mustafov34,00014,000
Roberto Romanello32,00012,000
Vincent Moscati26,00026,000
Josef Snejberg22,00022,000
Kristen Bicknell20,00020,000
Chris Ferguson17,000-3,000
Vivian Saliba16,500-3,500
Michal Mrakes13,000-7,000
Joseph Di Rosa Rojas12,00012,000
David Urban8,000-11,800
10/25/17 06:30:31 AM PDT
Leah Gets a Fold

The flop read     and Mike Leah bet 1,400 from early position to be called by the player on the button. The turn brought them the  , Leah continued with a bet of 3,400 and now his opponent folded.

Mike Leah22,000
10/25/17 06:29:48 AM PDT
Dedusha Doubles Through Ruzicka

On the four-way turn of     , Aylar Lie faced a bet of 1,900 by the big blind and called from under the gun before Thomas Pettersson in the small blind folded. Lie also called another bet of 3,275 on the   river and mucked when she was shown    for trips tens by the big blind.

At the same time one table over, Artan Dedusha got his stack of 19,900 in preflop with   . He faced Vojtech Ruzicka with the    and got there on a board of      .

Artan Dedusha40,000
Thomas Pettersson24,000
Aylar Lie12,000
Vojtech Ruzicka5,000
10/25/17 06:27:56 AM PDT
Kabrhel Steaming Ahead

Martin Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel had already collected a bounty earlier today and now he checked blind from mid-position when the flop was being dealt:    . His opponent, in late position, bet 2,200 and Kabrhel called.

Kabrhel checked blind again before the   was dealt on the turn.

The river completed the board with the  , now Kabrhel bet 5,00 and his opponent folded.

Martin Kabrhel46,00026,000
10/25/17 06:16:18 AM PDT
Re-Entry for Blasi and Racener

John Racener

Micky Blasi was among the first players to bust and just re-entered and John Racener will be back shortly as well. Racener got it in with pocket nines and Elena Litvinyuk called with the    to see the board run out      .

Elena Litvinyuk36,000
Micky Blasi20,000
John Racener20,0006,000
10/25/17 06:08:13 AM PDT
A Bounty for Baldelli

Plenty of chips were already in the middle until the river of a board       and Petr Vlcek tossed in his bounty chip and last 5,000 chips. Fabien Baldelli called and Vlcek showed   , which Baldelli had beat with the   .

"Wee a bounty," the Frenchman cheered and faces Christian Arstad, Michael Magalashvili and Camilla Reventlow on his table.

Fabien Baldelli31,00031,000
Michael Magalashvili26,00026,000
Christian Arstad24,0004,000
Camilla Reventlow17,00017,000
Petr Vlcek00
10/25/17 06:01:00 AM PDT
Hughes Takes from Ta

Until the river of a board      , there were already 9,000 in the middle and Luc Thong Ta checked from early position. Ryan Hughes bet 5,700 and Ta eventually called, then mucked when Hughes turned over the   .

Hughes chipped up early on, as did Roland Israelashvili, Aaron Duczak, and Walter Treccarichi.

Aaron Duczak40,000500
Roland Israelashvili34,00016,000
Ryan Hughes32,00012,000
Walter Treccarichi30,000
Luc Thong Ta14,000
10/25/17 05:58:30 AM PDT
My Stack App Activated


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10/25/17 05:52:13 AM PDT
Armino Takes from Racener

Leonardo Armino raised to 500 and John Racener three-bet to 1,500 from one seat over, Armino called. On the     flop, the Dutchman checked and Racener continued for 1,200 to pick up a call by Armino.

Both players then ended up checking the   turn and   river, and Armino turned over    to win the pot. Oliver Heidel sat down at the same table that very moment while Michal Mrakes and Jeff Cormier are one table over.

Leonardo Armino23,500
Oliver Heidel20,000
Jeff Cormier20,000
Michal Mrakes20,000
John Racener14,000-6,000
10/25/17 05:49:19 AM PDT
More Names to Follow
Phil Hellmuth20,00020,000
Fabian Gumz20,00020,000
Erik Cajelais20,00020,000
Ismael Bojang20,00020,000
Mario Perati20,00020,000
Ryan Leng20,00020,000