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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 to Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Event #3: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo BOUNTY

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  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Prizepool: €214,337
  • Entries: 325
  • Remaining: 0
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10/25/17 10:36:23 AM PDT
Ta Fades a Massive Sweat to Double

A raise by Luc Thong Ta was met by the all in of the player on the button and once the action was back on Ta, he verified with the dealer that it was indeed an all in before snap-calling.

Ta tabled    and his opponent only had the   . The flop of     was as dreadful as it could get, but Ta somehow faded a ton of outs with the   turn and   river to double.

"I could have busted you, but now you are back," Phil Hellmuth in the two seat said and Ta replied "I was back all the time." Right after, Kristen Bicknell arrived in the four seat with an above-average stack.

Luc Thong Ta125,00075,000
Phil Hellmuth110,00030,000
Kristen Bicknell70,00022,000
10/25/17 10:30:38 AM PDT
One for Caranica

Sam Grafton raised to 3,500 from mid-position and was called by Philipp Caranica in the big blind.

The flop came    , Caranica checked, Grafton bet 3,700, Caranica raised to 11,500. Grafton called.

The turn brought them the   on which they both checked. The   on the river completed the board, now Caranica bet 6,500 and Grafton called. Caranica showed    for a full house, fours over kings and that was enough for Grafton to muck his hand.

Philipp Caranica80,000
Sam Grafton38,000-17,000
10/25/17 10:26:55 AM PDT
Mustafov Doubles on a "Sexy Board"

Fahredin Mustafov was all in and at risk for his last 30,100 and the cutoff looked him up with the   . Mustafov held    and the standard coin flip turned into a roller coaster of emotions as the board ran out      .

"Sexy board," Mustafov added while stacking up his double.

Fahredin Mustafov65,00045,000
10/25/17 10:22:23 AM PDT
Win One; Lose One

The opponent of Korbinian Sonnenholzner bet the flop of     for 4,000 out of the big blind and the German raised to 10,100. His opponent moved all in and Sonnenholzner called with    for top two. The big blind showed    for a huge draw, but the   turn and   river blanked.

One hand later, Sonnenholzner raised to 4,800 and called a shove by a short stack from one seat over for 26,200 with the   . This time he had a coin flip versus    and saw the board run out      . If Sonnenholzner had won that second all in showdown as well, he would have closed the gap to big stack Peter Wagner on the same table.

Peter Wagner150,00010,000
Korbinian Sonnenholzner100,000
10/25/17 10:19:21 AM PDT
Updated Counts
Romain Follet100,00052,000
Dominik Desset100,00040,000
Phil Hellmuth80,00022,000
Elena Litvinyuk70,00034,000
Marek Tatar70,00070,000
Ivo Donev65,00045,000
Micky Blasi57,00037,000
Sam Grafton55,00010,000
Michael Eiler55,00035,000
Kristen Bicknell48,00024,000
Rifat Gegic40,00040,000
Max Pescatori39,00019,000
10/25/17 10:18:45 AM PDT
Racener Busts Two

John Racener

"Two seat open," the announcement of the dealer came and Rolf Galasen left the table while John Racener dragged in a big pot.

According to Racener, Galasen's raise on the button was called by the 2017 WSOP Player of the Year contender in the small blind and Antonio Merone called from the big blind. Racener checked a     flop and Merone shoved, as did Galasen. Racener happily called with pocket fours for bottom set and bested the    of Merone and the    of Galasen.

John Racener160,000140,500
Antonio Merone00
Rolf Galasen0-60,000
10/25/17 10:15:20 AM PDT
Cantu Still Alive

Brandon Cantu just doubled up with    on a       board. He now has a bit more than 20 big blinds to play with.

Brandon Cantu41,00021,000
10/25/17 10:04:53 AM PDT
Galindo Lopez Doubles

Josep Maria Galindo Lopez shoved for 12,200 from under the gun and Sam Grafton called in the cutoff. Both Ryan Hughes in the small blind and Kai Schuster in the big blind let go and the cards were tabled.

Josep Maria Galindo Lopez:   
Sam Grafton:   

The board came       and Galindo Lopez turned a straight to remain in contention.

Kai Schuster65,00010,000
Sam Grafton45,0008,000
Josep Maria Galindo Lopez28,0008,000
Ryan Hughes16,300-3,700
10/25/17 10:02:32 AM PDT
Sgorrano Collects

Jerome Sgorrano

The player in the under-the-gun position had gone all in for his remaining 4,500 chips. Jerome Sgorrano, in mid-position, also shoved all in. Everyone else folded.

Jerome Sgorrano:   

The board ran out       - Sgorrano wins the pot, the bounty and the other player was eliminated.

Jerome Sgorrano30,0000
10/25/17 09:57:42 AM PDT
Sklenicka Doubles Through Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel moved all in from the button as the player in the big blind had a short stack. Michael Sklenicka in the small blind however called the shove for more than 30,000 and caught Kabrhel with the   . Sklenicka's    didn't hit anything on the board of       either, but the ace-high was good enough for a double to more than the average stack.

Martin Kabrhel120,000-15,000
Michael Sklenicka75,000
10/25/17 09:54:43 AM PDT
Registration Closed

Players that busted in the last hand of the level were still allowed to re-enter while the blinds had already moved up. Besides that, the registration has officially closed and currently shows 325 entries with 144 remaining.

10/25/17 09:50:12 AM PDT
Cohen Busts Another

Yehuda Cohen jumped up from his seat, excited, having busted yet another opponent. Carlo Savinelli said in table chat "You know the bounty is just €300 and not €3,000, right?" and the entire table except for Cohen laughed.

Arsenii Karmatckii was all in for 100 chips after the ante was pulled in and Michal Mrakes raised to 4,000. The big blinc called and check-folded the     flop. Mrakes showed    and Karmatckii turned over   . The   turn and   river improved Karmatckii and he won't be able to re-enter as the new level just kicked off.

Lawrence Whyte150,00025,000
Peter Wagner140,000140,000
Yehuda Cohen125,00025,000
Teunis Kooij100,00058,000
Bernd Gleissner100,00030,000
Mike Leah86,00064,000
Vivian Saliba70,00053,500
Roland Israelashvili65,00031,000
Luc Thong Ta50,00036,000
Jesper Hansen48,00019,000
Michal Mrakes44,000-24,000
Jerome Sgorrano35,0005,000
Kristen Bicknell24,0004,000
Barny Boatman17,000-23,000
Arsenii Karmatckii2,000-66,000
Vincent Moscati0-26,000
Sander van Wesemael00
Viliyan Petleshkov0-25,000
Christopher Back0-20,000
Kenny Hallaert0-15,000
Artan Dedusha0-17,000
Aaron Duczak0-40,000
10/25/17 09:34:01 AM PDT
A Bounty for Schuster

On the flop of    , Jordy Palma was all in and Kai Schuster moved all in over the top for 22,100. Jaroslav Peter had the biggest stack of the trio and called to put two players at risk.

Jordy Palma:   
Kai Schuster:   
Jaroslav Peter:   

Palma picked up more outs with the   turn, but the   river was a blank to eliminate the Frenchman. Right after, Josep Maria Galindo Lopez arrived with a fresh stack and other recent re-entries include James Akenhead and Brandon Cantu, while the biggest stack at the table is Benjamin Benoit.

Benjamin Benoit60,000
Kai Schuster55,00023,000
Josep Maria Galindo Lopez20,000
James Akenhead20,0000
Brandon Cantu20,0000
Jaroslav Peter17,000
Jordy Palma0
10/25/17 09:28:23 AM PDT
Foxen Finds More Chips

Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen raised to 2,200 from the under-the-gun position and was called by Gudmundur Gunnarson in the big blind.

The flop came    , Gunnarson check-called the 1,900 bet of Foxen.

The   was turned over and now Gunnarson check-called the 4,600 bet of Foxen.

The   on the river completed the board, Gunnarson checked again. Foxen looked at Gunnarson, then at the board again. Foxen stared at Gunnarson again and then decided to go all in for about 19,000. Gunnarson was now up for a decision and took some time to think. Eventually, he folded.

"What did you have?" Jack-eight?" Foxen said.

"Good read. What about you?" Gunnarson replied.

"I had queen-ten." Foxen claimed as he put his chips in a rack as the table was going to break and the players were divided over the open seats amongst the other tables.

Alex Foxen37,0007,000
Gudmundur Gunnarsson14,600
10/25/17 09:23:50 AM PDT
Aylar Lie Eliminated

Aylar Lie

Aylar Lie moved all in for 18,200 from early position and Viktor Kovachev also moved all in from two seats over to force out everyone else.

Aylar Lie:   
Viktor Kovachev:   

The board came       and Lie left the table with a "hard to beat aces," then grabbed her dog and went for a walk.

Viktor Kovachev80,000
Aylar Lie0-12,000
10/25/17 09:15:56 AM PDT
Updated Counts
Andrej Desset85,00035,000
Michal Mrakes68,00055,000
Arsenii Karmatckii68,00048,000
Dominik Desset60,00040,000
Federico Quevedo60,000-8,000
Rolf Galasen60,000-8,000
Phil Hellmuth58,00043,000
Fabrice Halleux34,00034,000
Sebastian Langrock30,0006,000
Salvatore Camarda29,00029,000
Jesper Hansen29,0009,000
Viliyan Petleshkov25,00025,000
Michael Magalashvili24,000-2,000
Alexander Lakhov24,00024,000
Jan Bednar22,0002,000
Chris Ferguson22,0005,000
Carlo Savinelli22,000-2,000
Jerry Odeen17,000-3,000
10/25/17 09:10:00 AM PDT
Big Pot for Kabrhel

Jan Mach bet the river of a board       for 3,500 in the small blind and Teunis Kooij shoved for 29,000 in the big blind. Mach eventually folded and the Dutchman raked in the pot.

Among the chip leaders towards the end of the registration period are Yehuda Cohen, Marc MacDonnell, Larwrence Whyte and Martin Kabrhel.

Cohen collected yet another bounty after winning a flip with    against the    of Tony Lefort, the board came      .

Kabrhel got into a three-bet pot with Jerome Sgorrano and continued for 7,000 on the     flop. Sgorrano check-called and checked again from the cutoff on the   turn, then reluctantly called a bet worth 16,600 by Kabrhel. The   fell on the river and both started some table chat. Sgorrano checked and Kabrhel's bet of 50,000 forced a fold.

Martin Kabrhel135,00030,000
Lawrence Whyte125,00035,000
Yehuda Cohen100,00036,000
Marc MacDonnell90,00045,000
Bernd Gleissner70,00032,000
Teunis Kooij42,0008,000
Jerome Sgorrano30,0001,000
Jan Mach22,000
Tony Lefort0
10/25/17 08:56:03 AM PDT
A Double Up For Oghabian

Milad Oghabian was all in for his remaining 7,900 with      on the board already. He was called by the player in the small blind.

Milad Oghabian:   
Small Blind:   

Oghabian had a set of queens and his opponent had top pair with the aces. The   on the river didn't really matter much as Oghabian had him drawing dead and he doubled up.

Milad Oghabian27,000
10/25/17 08:55:39 AM PDT
Ramos Runs Up Stack

Joining the action on the      turn, Felipe Ramos in the big blind bet 2,500 and was called by Francisco Fernandez on the button. The   fell on the river and Ramos bet 10,000. "Really?" Fernandez asked and added "I have a seven, seven four suited," before mucking the   face up.

"What is this table?" Fernandez asked after that, having spotted the newly arrived Martin Kabrhel with his monster stack.

Michael Eiler arrived with a new ticket in hand as re-entry while Salvatore Camarda went from zero to hero one table over.

Martin Kabrhel105,00025,000
Felipe Ramos82,00062,000
Francisco Fernandez48,00014,000
Michael Eiler20,0002,000
Salvatore Camarda0-33,000
10/25/17 08:51:50 AM PDT
Cohen Cruising

Kenny Hallaert raised to 1,500 from early position and was called by Yehuda Cohen in the cutoff. Bernd Gleissner, on the button, raised to 4,500. Both Hallaert and Cohen called.

They all checked through the     on the flop and the   on the turn. The   completed the board on the river, Hallaert checked, Cohen bet 9,100. Gleissner looked at his cards again and folded. So did Hallaert. Cohen showed    for the bluff and started stacking the chips he just earned.

Yehuda Cohen64,0004,000
Bernd Gleissner38,00012,000
Kenny Hallaert15,000